Beach House Assisted Living & Memory Care - Jacksonville Beach, FL

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Customer Reviews

Lay out is not done well

I was surpriced by the lack of thought that went into this community since it is relatively new. The rooms were small and there were wall units instead of central air with thermostats. It felt more like a motel than a community and I did not think it would be a very good fit for my father.

Concerned about the lack of organization!!

Since my loved one has moved into this community I have been very disappointed with how the staff has handled his medication. I am concerned about the lack of organization and the failure to distribute medicine at the right timing. Overall this place needs a lot of improvement and direction.

A Fabulous Community

My mother is doing fabulous here at this community. It is truly a wonderful community. The staff is excellent, they have been very helpful and accommodating. She is really getting involved in the community. She participates in many of the activities they offer. The food is great, they have a fabulous menu. I know she is safe and in good hands. They are providing her with great care and I would highly recommend it.

Stay Away for Now

I recommend giving this place at least 30-60 days to rectify some problem areas. They are on their fourth Director of Health Services and a third - temporary person for Community Services. The RNs and LPNs work for short periods and then leave for new opportunities. Communication among staff members and a smooth shift change is almost non-existent. Been open for over 10 months. 100 beds and less than 40 residents. Avoid Memory Care at all costs. Looking for a new place for our family.

They did a good job.

They did a good job. There is a lot of paperwork for a short respite stay, but once I figured out how to navigate all of that it was fine. They are real nice. They were nearby, and new, which we really liked. They are able to do just one day, or more. They are pretty laid back, and flexible.