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There are very few actual Certified Nursing Assistants most are caregivers who are not Certified Nursing Assistants. They lack the necessary training needed to properly care for the residents. Don't rely on the state long term care site being current look at their survey book which they are required to have at the facility. They do not use Wander Guard or any other system that would prevent a resident from eloping which is common in residents with Alzheimer's/Dementia. Staff is another issue they constantly have new staff who don't know the residents and can't seem to keep staff. You always have to re-address the same issues over and over. Taking pride in your work and using common sense would go along ways. Meals and snacks need to be consistent each and every day. Aesthetically pleasing to the eye but has nothing to do with the quality of care being offered, Don't believe everything you are told.

Happy we are here

I am glad they finally have a new staff that cares! I see them making changes for the better from the top down. I am glad I kept my loved one here because it is so close to home. I love all the activities they take her to daily!

Autumn Leaves has fallen short of care expections

Due to a recent major management change(resignations) in top management/administration and the head nurse (no replacements yet hired), the care of the residents has fallen to a very poor level in terms of hygiene and administration of necessary medications. Some residents have become ill due to improper med dosages and skin diseases due to the lack of showers being given.

If Autumn Leaves does not remedy the above problems, we will have to move our cared one elsewhere. We are certainly not getting the service value for the monthly cost we pay. Autumn Leave Corporate must remedy the above issues ASAP for the well-being of its residents.

A very unsafe facility

I rarely leave reviews, but I feel an obligation to in this circumstance. Autumn Leaves is a memory care facility, and they advertise to specialize in caring for those battling dementia. My dad suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, and he lived there until I abruptly moved him out for his own safety.

Exit-seeking is a common characteristic of Alzheimer’s, which is a reason why I selected Autumn Leaves as it is a lockdown facility. My dad routinely got out of the facility.

I confirmed with another family their dad also got out, more than once. The last time, this gentleman was located nearly 2 blocks away. Mind you, this gentleman needs a walker for mobility, and exited the facility with it.

Following this gentleman’s elopement, the building was still not secured, preventative measures were not taken, and my dad got out 2 more times (that I know of), within a span of approximately 10 days. My dad’s Alzheimer’s is severe enough he does not know my name.

The other family I referred to moved their loved one, and after I was able to confirm what I had been hearing, I immediately grabbed my dad and took him out of their care.

I don’t want to take away from some (note some) of the workers at the facility that are really good people, who know I genuinely like them. However, there has been a significant turnover in staff since the facility opened less than a year ago.

The facility is simply not safe. I could detail other concerns I had, or have heard from others, but I think the residents’ ability to abscond is enough to support my concerns and my 1/2 star review.

I cannot recommend this facility

My loved one was in Autumn Leaves for several months. I moved my mother to another facility because I each time I was at the facility I found my mom (and most other residents) parked in the tv room, with little or no help from staff. I came at different times during the day and evening, and I never once saw an activity being done with the residents.

In addition, the dining room was poorly attended. I witnessed several residents unable to feed themselves who were not recieving assistance. I felt incumbent upon myself to help those residents feed themselves. I witnessed one man eating butter, with the foil still on it, and no staff member witnessed as the room was unattended.

During my mother's stay, a gentleman fell down the hall in his bathroom trying to use the toilet and was yelling for help. After a minute or two (I thought staff would come running) I finally left my mom to check on him. He was hurt, couldn't get up and I had to go searching for help as no-one reported to assist him.

Since my mother has left I was told the facility was placed on an immediate jeopardy (a/k/a "IJ") flag for potential harm to the residents and is under state investigation.


If I could give this place is zero I would this is the worst facility I have ever seen! We had our loved one there since it first opened and we had to move him this place needs to be shut down! Please think twice before putting your loved one here!

Horrible Place

My uncle was there and we had to move him out of this place! It is absolutely horrible! This is supposed to be a memory care facility I can't tell my uncle got out numerous times and one of the guys got out and ended up two blocks down the road very dangerous place! Definitely think twice about putting your loved one here.

Autumn Leaves of Lees Summit is Awesome

Autumn Leaves of Lees Summit has been a real blessing for our family. My mother is safe, loved, and surrounded by a very caring staff. One of the major reasons we chose Autumn Leaves is that it is a memory care only facility. All the staff from administrative to kitchen to care givers are actively involved in daily care and know each resident well.
The facility is always spotlessly clean. Activities are enjoyable and at a level that the residents can enjoy. Safety is a major concern for us. All persons entering and leaving the facility must be let in/out by a staff member. All staff members are aware of each resident's requirment for mobility, support, and assistance. Each resident is treated with dignity and respect.
The staff also provides support and asssistance to family members. We are welcome any time. They always provide a status and how it is going when they see us.
This is the best decision we have made since mom has been diagnosed.