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  • Indoor Common Areas
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  • Hospice Available

Customer Reviews

Carnegie Village Independent Living

This community is very loving. The residents care for one another. The food was really good. However, they changed companies and are having issues getting up to par. [Name removed] in the diner was a huge reason we chose this facility. I hope that they do not lose her. She loves the residents like they are her own family. VERY CARING!!! This means so very much to the people who live there. The flooring is supposed to be replaced, soon. And, I am hoping that the library will not be completely ruined by the time it is fixed. It is a wonderful asset if you are a reader. Love the backyard! Watched the fireworks at Memorial Park from the balcony last weekend. It is wonderful to have a ride to the doctor, store and lots of outings available. Gives a great feeling of independence. Would like to see more amenities available. Maybe, I do not know them all, yet. Love happy hour on Fridays! Great way to socialize and sometimes fun entertainment. Overall, It is a good place that is not overpriced. I pray it stays this way or becomes better.

Very charming. They suggested that we have lunch before our tour. The ambiance, food, and service was lovely. [Name removed] was a hoot. The residents were warm and friendly. There are tons of activities and places to move about without ever leaving the premise. Very excited about moving into the cute apartment.

This is a hell hole for patients and caregivers

I placed my wife [name removed] in this place and informed them not to give her certain meds as she has bad reaction to them, [name removed] loved to walk and I got word they found her walking around in the parking lot in pj's, this is suppose to be a secure place, next I found out she had made it over to the admin, bld, again unassisted, right after those 2 times she started falling and having to be taken by ambulance to hospital emergency room, I asked for list of her current meds, the medical staff refused this and during the next 9 months she fell at least 10 times, each time required the emergency room, they finally told me they couldnt care for her anymore and to move her to another facility, gave me 30 days to find new one, and that during that 30 days they would put her on 24 hour care at my expense, found her walking around naked, her sofa soiled, she thought it was a toilet, this is just a short list of some of the things that happened in the short time she was there, this is a hell hole

Do Not Take Your Family Here!

Terrible rating. For Rehab Services - check Medicare and comparison stats first. My parent has been in Carnegie Village Rehab - terrible care by hands on nursing and medication administration. It took more than 48 hours for all of my parent's meds to be provided from "their pharmacy." Less than - welcoming - to an elderly person who just arrived from acute care to rehab. My parent stated they were "afraid" in the first 24 hours. Gee - I did not desire to leave my parent. More moves would have been - unsettling to the parent therefore - we made our presence known most every day - even with our working full time. So much for our Medicare benefits that my parents worked so hard for during their life! Bedside nursing - Stinks! PT, OT, Speech - well done! Bedside - my parent's call light is NOT answered for 28 minutes most times - or longer! I timed it - after I arrived and the parent's light was already on! How long was that??
Therefore the parent was soiled - who is cognitive (unpleasant experience by a cognitive elderly adult with dignity) - and clothes to be washed by family unless you want clothes to be combined with everyone's clothes in the laundry from the same - skilled nursing hall! NOT! What an ongoing very unwelcome to a debilitated, weak, afraid, former government employee! I would not recommend this "my poor rated" facility for rehab. I heard it was - good, NOT! The PT, OT, Speech - is not the only care a person in rehab needs - they need their medical ongoing care in a timely manner - with professional caring, courteous, compassionate staff. NOT! It would be great if all staff wore name badges - a part of their uniform so as you could take names for Admin. Excuses - "I'm new here, I lost name badge, I don't know, I faxed the med orders to our pharmacy." Where is the accountability? Spoke to Admin on numerous occasions -- same ole lack of med care - which is important to rehab in conjunction with PT, OT, Speech. I would NOT recommend this facility as a rehab program. Location for convenience is not always best. Next event we will go to Lenexa, KS where the reviews are great - and the care is compassionate for the ailing elderly. Our family has talked and taken an unguided unannounced tour with clients at the Lenexa, KS facility. We made a mistake for our parent - that we will have to live with! DO NOT UTILIZE CARNEGIE VILLAGE, BELTON, MO - FOR REHAB SERVICES! Check your options.


[name removed] the admittance coordinator was very rude to me when I wanted to place my father there at rehab. I thought she was bipolar, one minute she was happy, the next she was horrible. I then met with [name removed] and she wasn’t very professional at all. Those two people gave me a horrible experience and I would not recommend the facility to anyone. After talking to a friend I learned that I wasn’t the only one who has had a bad experience there. I would pass if you are considering this place.

We did not receive new info from them but we did re-visit here. Mom likes it and laundry is in the apartment.

Very elegant decor and residents were pleasant.The facility was clean and well taken care of. Pricey and only continental breakfast was included.

A tour

This seemed like a nice community when we visited. The people we met were nice and knowledgable. This is a larger high rise community and I just did not get the homey feeling we were looking for when we toured.

Worse care

We did not like the care from this community. the staff did not offer good care for her. The staff did not do what was ordered from the dr. Several times we were informed that is requested were not carried out. filled. We could not trust the staff to do what was needed. They did not answer the call button when my mom was needing assistance. The community was not clean and the carpets were very dirty and not clean. The staff did not keep up on cleaning. The menu was very bad and most of the meat that was offer was not good for any of the residents were able to eat what was offered. They did not respond when she needed care. I could not recommend this community for care to anyone.

Courtyard (Memory Care)

It’s rare that you come across standout talent like [Removed].
I have had the pleasure of working with [Removed] collaborating on the care needs of my Mother.
I am particularly impressed by [Removed] ability to handle even the toughest requests effortlessly, a skill that seems to come naturally to her. Memory Care in of itself can be a challenging; no matter how tense a situation, [Removed] makes sure everyone has a smile. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing [Removed] several months, during this time I am impressed with her ability to really stand out, And, of course, her personality is such a joy. She's goes above and beyond... Love her.
I am very pleased with the facility, [Removed], Peaches are all are very welcoming. Nursing staff are also very helpful.

a little bit of heaven

i moved my mom there in Aug and she loves it compared to where she was at . the staff are fantastic the care goes above and beyond for her . the food is great it is an amazing place for elder parents all top notch rehab dept and service. the rooms are great and i can see a change in her she seems a lot happier again thank you to all the staff and bless you for the service you provide to our aging loved ones

Fine facility

The facility was just fine. However, we could not choose this facility for my husband's respite stay because they were not able to accommodate him due to his specific health needs.

The memory care residents stay in their rooms...

My mom is enjoying the facility, but I am not too thrilled with her stay because the staff keep the residents in memory care in their rooms instead of giving them a chance to go out. Overall, the facility needs improvement.

Visited today and loved it. Met with [Removed] who had so much info for us. Loved the whole facility! I would give 10 stars if I could!

We toured this community for my mom. The staff was very nice and helpful. We did not want a bigger community due to my mom is more comfortable in a small atmosphere. They do offer alot of great activities.The community was well taken care of and clean. We would recommend this to other families wanting a bigger community.

Let's eat!

I like the staff here they are patient and friendly to me and my loved one. The community is always clean and neat. My loved one really likes the cafeteria that they have more so then the big dinning area. They are good about keeping us in the loop about what is going on with my loved one.

Carnegie Village assisted living

I had a good feeling right from the start visiting Carnegie Village with my mother. We had gone to about three other assisted living facilities before going to Carnegie and each one were nice but it just did not feel like home. My mother had the same feeling of home as well. The residents all seemed happy and well taken care of, and the staff at Carnegie Village all genuine and caring individuals. It is a huge adjustment for my mother but I am so grateful for the patience and caring the staff at Carnegie has shown. I recommend Carnegie Village to anyone needing to make the move to senior care for their loved one.

Not A Rehab

I thought I was going to stay at a rehab to recover from an injury to my foot but I discovered this community is for assisted living. The staff is friendly and attentive, they brought my food to my room. During my stay I had a small problem, I was not brought my meal at times. I had a physical therapist help me and I was not too happy here and I would recommend this community if they need assisted living.

So far, so good.


I just moved my mother into Carnegie Village Assisted Living. The atmosphere is bright and cheery and the staff are always eager to help. The facility is clean and mom really enjoys the artistic activities they have all the time. The director has an open door policy, he has been very helpful. Overall, I am very impressed with Carnegie. Their outfit has exceeded my expectations of assisted living!

I only toured the facility but was not impressed. The independent living side was bright and clean. However, the assisted living side had strong urine odor and not as clean. Didn't feel up to standards for the price.

Mom seems happy. She likes the food and the people.

It appears to be just fine. Mom seems happy. She likes the food and the people. They were only a little more expensive than others, though not by much. We chose it because we liked the location. It seems to have worked out really well so far.

Friendly Facility

They have just done a good job of getting her introduced to the people there. The first two days she wanted to leave, but then the next four days we couldn't get her too leave. They did a good job acclimating her to the place.

Steer clear of any Tuterra property when looking for a Place for mom!

Great place headed in the wrong direction!
Since the Tuterra Group has taken it over, the prices have all gone up and the amenities are slowly but surely dwindling. It's too bad, because this place had a lot of potential.
However, when it was taken over they switched out most all of the original staff (that was more like family to the residents than just employees) for a continually changing crew. This speaks volumes for how the management is treating them. I can only imagine.
***They no longer provide transportation for anyone who is wheelchair bound. This should be a definite consideration to newcomers!!!!
If you have to call OATS or other transportation to do your REGULAR SHOPPING, not to mention doctor appointments, hair or nail appointments, you may as well live in a opulent brand new apartment in Johnson County with twice the amenities at a third of the monthly rent!!! There is no longer an in house bank or massage therapist available.
There was live entertainment at dinner, a broad menu and family events on holidays as well as throughout the year, that's how Carnegie Village started.
It is no longer worth the money!
Yes, Carnegie Village is kept clean on the surface if you've come by for a tour. What you don't see is that the top management is blatantly rude to the residents. It really doesn't matter how clean it looks when you're dealing with bullies. More important are the hazards lurking just under the carpet! When residents have fallen due to bad flooring, and employees have been injured on the job they get bullied by the management to avoid a lawsuit. But, like Peaches says, "Try to take it to court, we have great lawyers".
Since opening, the rent and fees have gone up exponentially. It's certainly not being spent on the employees, the building is deteriorating terribly, so it's not that, they are known around town for not paying their outstanding debts for services performed.
However, the Tuterra family manages to squeeze in the two trips a year to California, and to Italy for a month. How slimy sleezy is that to take from our elders only lavish themselves? They should be ashamed.

above and beyond

Thye were just very welcoming and made my mom feel very at home there. Bev and Wendy especially went above and beyond. The residents themselves were very friendly also and mom fit right in. They're wonderful there!

Review of Carnegie Village Alzheimer's / Memory Care in Belton, MO

Out, horrible reviews and no on site care physicians

If you are dependent to have them take care of you, I wouldn't go there.

Sometimes no one would eat the food, sometimes I think they try to make too fancy of food. I did not like the management, they try to take control, completely. They would change the medication, without my permission, or even informing me. They would make her wait over an hour for pain medications. If you are dependent to have them take care of you, I wouldn't go there. They were very rough with putting her in bed. She wandered and was gone for half a day before they even noticed. I told them that we needed finger foods and they said that's they were giving her, but it was spaghetti when I saw it, that's not finger foods.

Great place!

So far we're very pleased with this community! It is a beautiful place, very bright and airy decor, with a lot of windows, and they keep the place spotless. The staff have been outstanding, they're always very helpful, and ready to answer any questions or concerns that we might have. They've got all sorts of amenities on site, like a hairdresser, or manicurist. They have plenty of activities to keep everyone active and entertained, and the activities director is awesome. She stops by every day to let Mom know what is going on and invite her to join. The food is also great, it's prepared on-site by their chefs, and has always been delicious when I've eaten there.
One thing I will note is that families should be wary about keeping any valuables here, my Mom had some rings go missing, and it may be better to let family members take care of those.

Wonderful place for my Mom

All the employees are so nice and helpful. Food is fantastic too! just wish there were more opportunities for field trips.

since no dinner or lunch me...

since no dinner or lunch meals included and price did not seem to reflect that, I believe this is out of the running. Mom was not particularly impressed. Kitchens quite lovely, esp if you do lots of cooking, but I don't think she would need anything that extensive.

Wendy Brown from Carnegie V...

Wendy Brown from Carnegie Village was absolutely fantastic. CV was our #1 choice until their nursing assessment my family's need was beyond that available at an ALF. We have since changed our search to SNFs.

A little far out of the metro area, b...

A little far out of the metro area, but a lovely facility and great prices.