Arbor Oaks at Lakeland Hills - Lakeland, FL

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Customer Reviews

totally disgusted

My Mother is at this facility and we are in the process of finding a facility that is caring and shares our thoughts about her safety, personal cleanliness etc. This place is not the place. Seeing in the past any negative writings about arbor oaks has been taken off I truly believe this post has a short life span on here. Do not believe anything they say for they will make up things and say whatever it takes to get someone in here. Do you not think your love ones will be changed as needed for that will never happen. Dietary needs are not meet with the person's health in mind for they will give them salty and sugary things regardless of what their health issues might be not caring if they end up in the hospital like my Mother did. You have to pretty much stay on top of your parent's meds because you can't trust them to give what the drs has issued and they will not tell you when their meds are getting low so you can reorder. There is a high turnover of help there, especially cnas so I never know who is actually [Removed] my Mother's personal hygiene products I have brought to her. Hope someone reads this and realizes you pay a high price for your love ones not to be properly taken care of and I hope someone gets a chance to read this before they take this post off. Oh, I am a retired nurse so I am qualified in many ways to make the accusations I have made.

Nice, Safe Community for My Loved One

My loved one is doing pretty well with her move into this community. I do feel she is safe, and receiving good care. They have nice staff at this facility. They are taking good care of her, and her needs. Everything is working out pretty well, and I would recommend this community.

Arbor Oaks - Such a beautiful place.

This is a beautiful facility on the lake with such a caring and friendly staff. Delicious meals served in the gorgeous dining room. I don't think there could be a better facility in Lakeland! Love it here.