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Customer Reviews

Last place you wanna go

The physical and occupational therapy are good. Some nurses and cna are nice and compassionate while others you just hoped weren't on your hall when you saw them. The medical director is non existent. Dr.[name removed] I think. Hes my Gma doctor and doesn't do much. She got an infection since she got there and he treats it like a joke ..They don't keep the doctors, surgeons updated on anything. The call buttons are pretty much useless. An hour could go by and they won't come to the room. God forbid there's an emergency cuz hitting that call button ain't gonna help. You'll end up dieing in bed

Alden as taken the care out of healthcare

The picture of Alden Orland are old it does not look that good now the room are not clean they bring in new patients so quick and late at night their is no housekeeping staff to clean room they are very short staff because management is rude to their employees so they are quitting with short staff resident don't get proper care baths maybe once a week and wound care is taken care of by nurses but by the CNAs because when Nurses are told of wounds they refuse to take care of resident the food is not good and they never have enough they keep changing chief and they are short staff sometimes resident do not get to eat cause CNAs have up to 27 resident to take care of and they for get to feed some do not send you family member here they are all about the money they will show you the first floor and promise you a single room and then put your family member in a bad room


Therapy is wonderful - the away. Do not put your loved ones here unless you can be with them ALOT. The care is awful. Food is just adequate. I’m pretty sure even convicts get showers once a day, not at Alden. Twice a week and that’s if you are lucky. Call lights are never answered, alarms go off unchecked, TVs, beds, wheelchairs are a joke. Go somewhere else. The only reason i rated them one star is there was nothing else lower.

stay away

I called 911 to have my mother removed from their care a year ago. After reading these latest reviews, things have not changed there. Not a good place.

Don't come here

This place is HORRIBLE!! The CNA'S are NOT EXPERIENCED. They do not know what they are doing. I had three different CNA's tell me three different things. My grandmother needed to be re positioned and they never did it until I complained to management. Once I complained to management they started doing it and then stopped again. They don't clean the rooms. When a patient rings their bell It takes them 30 + minutes to come. There were so many times when my grandmother urinated on herself because it took the CNA'S so long to attend her. This is hazardous because if she was choking or in a real life crisis the CNA'S wouldn't know because they take their sweet time. My grandmother was left with no food for over 8 hours. The nurses and CNA'S do not care about their patients and their excuse is that there isn't enough workers on staff. This place is too expensive to not have the proper treatment. This place actually needs to be reported. TERRIBLE place!

Alden of Orland A sad Place for Rehab

I regret having my husband transferred by ambulance from [Removed] to Alden Estates of Orland Park. He was there less than 18 hours for post op rehab, when I took him out of there. His pain medications, antibiotics, and shot for his blood clots were never given to him with the exception of a Tylenol for pain given at my request at dinner the day of his admission. He arrived on Friday afternoon and was not going to see a Doctor until Tuesday for an evaluation, if in fact that would even happen, as no appointment time was given. Until then he was to remain in a wheelchair despite the fact that he could navigate with a walker especially with the blood clots in his legs. The very next morning I learned that he did not receive any of his medications in more than 15 hours. When I questioned the pharmacist for a printout of what had been given to him I was told he had no information showing any meds had been given. Such a disgrace. He was to receive a shot at midnight for the clots and pain meds every two hours. Too many patients and too few caretakers. I should have known right from the start this place was not satisfactory when they couldn't find his records when I first asked for his pain meds 3 hours after he was admitted!

Place Loved Ones with Caution

The lack of care given on "memory care unit" was incomprehensible!! The FACT is wasn't even under the guidelines of "memory care" was big problem. Multiple attempts within ten days to have actual CARE provided to my mother drastically failed. Lip service is not care, and sadly, the Only thing we received. If in need of a skilled facility for loved one with any dementia issues, I strongly recommend staying away. I'm on FB, would be able to provide very disturbing photo's of LACK of care my poor mother received. [removed] That's very sad.

I wouldn't allow most of the staff I encountered to watch a stuffed animal. Keep in consideration all patients at time of my moms stay were in wheelchairs-I'm still trying to figure out where many Brand New items purchased for her went when I removed her as they were gone. Her room was always closed, yet multiple items were missing.

Very sad experience. Please Don't fall for the facade of the appearance, your LO deserves Far more than appealing interior.

Never, ever go to Alden.

Do not bring your loved one here. They are phony, careless and [removed] when family members are not around. My mother was transferred from hospital, they never gave her her morphine or Xanax at the prescribed time that evening. When she asked for someone to dial the phone for her they told her the phone was broke. She was in terrible pain and having a panic attack at 80 years old and was [removed]. When I got there first thing next morning, she was missing two doses of morphine and Xanax. She was terrified. I immediately discharged her. Never, ever take a loved one to Alden.

Wonderful rehab place, albeit more clinical

This was another very good facility. This one was a little more clinical in the way it was set up and the way it looked, but the rooms were very nice, the layout was really good from the standpoint of the way that the building was built. The staff there were smack dab in the middle and it looked down the hall of every wing and that was one of the things I really liked. It was a place my grandmother could ahve gone for rehab, they had a basement that was filled with things and a snack bar area, a salon and an outdoor area with a pond. It was definitely more of a hospital-type feel but that's because it's more of a rehab center.
The had 20 stations of brand new, high tech equipment, 20 physical therapists in there all doing one things and one of the times we walked in when they were doing a group review and the patients they saw that day and tehy were all doing presentations on what happened and the progress they were making.

From the Community

Orland Park, IL is an affluent suburb of Chicago. Several major highways run through it, and through the Metra rail system, it is directly connected to Chicago. It has several employers, including the school and health care systems in the area. There are many places to visit in Orland Park, such as parks, sports complexes, and museums.

- Walkability score: Orland Park scores a 28 on the walkability scale.

- Average age in the zip: The average age is 46 years old.

- # of senior housing facilities in the zip: There are 17 senior facilities in Orland Park.

- Average weather info: Average temperatures range from highs of 31° F in January to 84° F in July. Lows range from 18° F in January to 66° F in July. On average, days are overcast with highest chances of rain in July through August.

- Veteran's facilities in the area: Orland Park has a Veteran's Assistance office.

Orland Park is connected to Chicago by the Metra rail lines, but it also has several other transportation options. A bus service, taxis, and ride shares are all available.

- Buses: Orland Park has its own bus service. Funded by passenger fairs, most trips are generated by the senior population. Residents can use the Pace Dial-A-Ride for specific transportation needs.

- Trains: If residents are heading to Chicago, they can catch the Metra rail at three places.

- Taxis: Orland Park has several taxi companies in the township.

- Ride shares: Ride shares are available to those living in Orland Park, IL. Uber, Dial-A-Ride, and car rentals are all available.

Orland Park, IL has been rated one of the best 100 places to live in Illinois. It has many top schools, low crime rates and a diverse population.

- Hospitals in the area: Orland Park has many hospitals and clinics. These include the University of Chicago Medicine, University of Chicago Pediatric Specialists, and many more.

- Crime rate in the zip: Overall, the crime rate in Orland Park is low, and most of the crimes are non-violent crimes.

There are many activities that seniors can enjoy in Orland Park. They range from golf to horseback riding to ice skating.

- Golf courses nearby: In Orland Park, there are several country clubs and public golf courses. If the weather is poor and residents want to visit an indoor golf course, they can visit an indoor mini-golf course called Space Golf.

- Tennis courts/clubs nearby: Tennis is a popular activity and it is offered by many fitness clubs and country clubs. For a challenge, seniors can try racquet ball at H-F Racquet &Fitness Club.

- Gyms nearby - senior friendly (aerobics): Many gyms are senior-friendly, and in Orland Park, there are several to chose from. iLoveKickboxing could be a new fitness love for residents, while Pure Barre could satisfy the need for cultivating elegance and grace.

Orland Park has many shopping and entertainment opportunities. Orland Park has two malls: Orland Square Mall and Orland Park Crossing, both of which house many restaurants and shops. From June to October, residents can find fresh produce at the Farmer's Market to supplement their regular groceries. Orland Park also has many antique shops in the downtown area.

- Clothes Shopping nearby: There are many clothes shopping opportunities in Orland Park. From JC Penney to Kohl's, there are a wide range of stores and prices to fit every need.

- Grocery stores: Orland Park has a wide variety of grocery stores, including Berkot's Super Foods and Trader Joe's.

- Restaurants: For hungry seniors, Orland Park has a variety of restaurants to satisfy every taste. Cooper's Hawk Winery features new American fare with house label wines. For the BBQ lovers The Patio has great chicken and slow cooked meats.

- Movie theaters: Orland Park has one theater: Marcus Orland Park Cinema.

- Libraries: For those who like to read, Orland Park has several public libraries in town.

- Senior friendly salons (men and women): Downtown Orland Park offers the largest selection of salons in the township. From day spas to nail salons, visit: Jeffrey LaMorte Salon and Day Spa or Magic Nail Salon.

- Attractions: Orland Park has several places of interest, including the Orland Park History Museum and many bicycle and walking paths.

Orland Park residents know that their religious needs can be met by the many places of worship in the township.

- Religious facilities nearby: With over 20 places of worship in Orland Park, seniors can find a place to find their spiritual home.