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Customer Reviews

Very friendly environment. Staff usually takes time to greet you and talk. If you need more time or information ,they give it .

Residents as text always clean and helped as needed.

I think the meals could be more varied and flavorful. I'm not sure meals are always prepared on sight.

Activities are routine, but seem to be appropriate for skill level of the residents

Very nice facility. It has a welcoming feel and with a small memory care unit of 15, my mother would probably get needed attention.

care for dad

The care from the staff here is excellent. We like the cleanliness of the community. The menu needs a lot of improvements. We like the activities that are offered for him. My father likes being able to play cards. We would recommend the care and value to other looking for great care.

Poorly managed, highly unorganized

Was a resident of Bickford since [Removed]. Contract started two weeks prior so that move in could be completed. The cost of Bickford was almost $2,000 more than a solid rated competitor, but the facility was newer and my family had higher expectations, since less residence numbers and supposedly more “one on one care”.
Promises began early, but then it was quickly apparent that the staff was not organized and were not manage well. Many complaints were made in various areas, by various residents, including myself, yet changes were not made and the same excuse of “will look into it” was given. Little was ever changed.
The staff lost my original contract and my family had to sign off on a replacement.
The move in was hindered greatly since the staff could not disable the backdoor alarm and every 15 seconds the alarm went off, unless the door was closed.
To be fair, the actual nursing staff all did a great job, except for the medication ordering as will be discussed below. This comment does not include the CNA’s,. The facility had a great deal of turnover in CNA’s and people were always “in training and were unaware of what to do”, which negatively affected care ion some areas. They did, and still do have some very good people, but some “poorly skilled lazy people as well who are not weeded out or managed properly”.
The facility went many months without a maintenance person and many things were not done during this period.
The activities coordinator tried very hard to keep things lively and entertaining. She had various things to do each day, which the residents really like. She was always pleasant and did a great job managing all the personalities.
Specifically, for myself, the staff was to assist with showers, making bed, house-keeping, laundry services, medication management, transport in wheel chair to and from the dining area and to and from activities. What we found was as follows:
The bed frequently went unmade or was haphazardly made. I had to take that task on myself.
Staff came by infrequently to ask about showering and finally I had to also do all that on my own as well.
The laundry was sometimes lost or misplaced. One time a comforter was returned wet and the person just put it on my bed. Hard to imagine why anyone would do that.
The facility always seemed understaffed and it took long periods to move people who needed help getting from place to place.
The facility was also about three months without a housekeeper and many times the rooms went uncleaned during this period. It got so bad that the director actually started to clean rooms herself after all of the complaints. My family also had to clean my room as well even though that is a paid part of the contract.
The medications were quite a challenge for Bickford to transition over and the dispensing had to be taken back by my family to manage on daily basis. Bickford was left with doing the ordering, but on multiple occasions either it was not ordered timely or the pharmacy did not deliver timely. There were shortages of medication on three specific occasions. On the last one, my family had to pick me up and take me to the emergency room as my blood pressure shot up to over 165 and I was visibly shaking severely.
The most horrific part of Bickford Tinley park is the kitchen staff. Many complaints from many residents have been made on this aspect, yet nothing seems to improve. Finally, the Heath department was called and the facility cited for delinquencies. Those delinquencies however do not cover the poor quality of what is being served. The dishes are not washed properly and the residence had to rewash to use. Many time’s in the morning the utensil setups are not dispensed and residents wait so they can eat. Some servers stand around and do little while the residents are left to fend for themselves without even getting coffee. On more than one occasion, the servers were observed brushing out their hair in the kitchen. All these examples show a lack of training.
There have been many poorly made meals. Lots of examples of undercooked or overcooked items being served. One example, soup was made with clear water and some undercooked potato’s and no broth to speak of. On other occasions, the food was raw inside as if it did not defrost before cooking. Many meals go un eaten due to being improperly cooked and there is a great deal of waste. The residents cannot cut through some of the meat to eat it. All of this was passed on to the cooks and then to management. The cooks, really do not know how to actually cook food and simply claim “they follow the recipe from corporate”. If food is sent back due to being undercooked or overcooked, nothing is re made or served to the resident.
At dinner, the cooks, leave right at 5:15. Sometimes they do not make enough portions to feed the approximately 45 residents and some people had to eat just a roll with butter for dinner.
On a number of different evenings, pans of vegetables and other items sat out after the cooks left. When staff was questioned, we were told that it was left out for the staff, however it was observed being out for hours without refrigeration and not touched.
The floors in the dining area were not cleaned daily and many food particles were found under tables. The tables and chairs also do not appear to be cleaned very well even when cleaned.
The staff allowed animals in the dining area. These pets do not fall under the companion dog certification and one in particular has open skin sores on its body. Another health code violation. This same dog actually wipes it butt on the couch, chairs, and carpeting in the living area.
CNA’s seemed to have access to resident personal information. More than one CNA, who are no longer there, mentioned my financial information as far as what is in the contract paperwork. Personal financial information should not be allowed in the hands of low level staff members.
The last incident at the facility was when another resident struck me in the shoulder. This occurred in front of the new director, who took no action and claimed it did not occur, even though it was right in front of her. She also did not even write the incident in the log book. One of the nurses did follow up afterwards and logged the incident.
My family had tried to be patient on many of these items, but finally it was evident that things were not improving at all. The family provided Bickford with its 30-day notice and moved her out that same day.

So far so good

The staff are helpful and we have good communication with them. This community offers memory care, assisted living and the areas do interact. The food is good and they offer healthy options. They have daily activities and entertainers that come in. They have an enclosed courtyard for the residents to enjoy. They have a smaller memory care unit and I would recommend it.

Really Nice Tour

This is a very nice community, and my tour of it went well. The community appeared to be well maintained, and everything looked nice. The staff was friendly, and kind. They answered my questions. It was a nice experience overall.

A smaller community

This community offers many activities and the staff are good at encouraging my loved one to participate. The food is wonderful and they offer good portions. The staff are wonderful. They are getting to know what my loved one's needs are so they can make any modifications to make sure she is getting the best care possible. The community is clean and the best one I have seen. The community is one floor and I have already recommended it.

I Really Liked The Community

I really liked seeing the community when I had my tour with them. I got to meet really friendly people here and I thought I had a good view of what the community has to offer. The next morning I just thought a different community would be better. I didn't see much people that had high needs. Not much wheelchairs and walkers.
It was not a good fit for my parents.

Very expensive!

I loved Bickford of Tinley Park when I toured. The facility is beautiful, and the person that took us around could have been nicer. It was a good experience and we would have loved to chose this place, but it was priced higher than we could afford.

This was a beautiful and welcoming community, but at the high end of the price rangs.

Not the right fit...

The Bickford seemed like the kind of place we would need to bring in an expensive nurse for extra care type of place. It would have been more expensive and we really just wanted a place where we would know what we were paying.

Father is Well at This Community

I'am satisfied with my father move to this community. He is doing well, and they are taking good care of him, and his needs. I'am comfortable with the care he is being provided with. So far everything is working out well, and this is a community I would recommend.

Double the price!!

The Bickford was a beautiful place if it would have been a thousand dollar difference I would have still considered it but it turned out to be double! They charge per day instead of per month and for my mother's level of care that got quite expensive. Other than the pricing, the place was very nice and it would be our top choice if it wasn't for the money.

Beautifully decorated to feel like a traditional home. Friendly staff and residents.

Pleasant with this Home Care

We had a very nice experience with this home care agency. I was pleased with all they provided my mother with. This is a very nice home care agency.

A 5 star hotel!

This community seemed clean when I visited it. The staff I met were nice and they had a lot of activities. This community was a little more expensive than what we were looking for.

Happy With The Care

We are happy with the care. My mom has enjoyed and likes the activities. We have had a problem with the staff not cleaning my mom's room and informed them of the issue. My mom is not happy with the meals and there is not enough options. We have told them she can't have onion with her meals and we she still finds onions in her food.

Bickford is a 5 star community!!!

The staff at this community are always around and there to answer all our questions. Mom thinks the food is wonderful and they work with her diet needs. They offer daily activities. I would recommend this well taken care of community.

The Bickford of Tinley Park seems to be a wonderful place. From it's warm and friendly decor to the nice sized rooms and the many programs and program levels it offers it's residents. Cortney was very hospitable, warm and very informative. I am very impressed with what I saw and the way the staff interacts with the residents there. I hope to return with my mom and dad.

Bickford is beautiful but it's a bit small. I wasn't too excited to learn they had very few one bedroom apartments while the others were studio. I didn't tour a one bedroom but i did tour a studio and I'm sure my mom would feel claustrophobic. Other than that, its wonderful.