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Customer Reviews

Review of Albuquerque Grand Senior Living - Albuquerque, NM

The staff are good and they feed me well. I have a big apartment and they help me keep it clean. I like to go with them to the Casino and fishing.

Review of Albuquerque Grand Senior Living - Albuquerque, NM

This is my first did a great job making me feel at home. The staff are amazing.

Review of Albuquerque Grand Senior Living - Albuquerque, NM

Thank you for being so kind to me and my wife.

Review of Albuquerque Grand Senior Living - Albuquerque, NM

We had lunch with my mom. She loved the food. Everyone was happy to be there. Mom will be picking a big one bedroom to move into she said so she can have coffee and look at the mountains in the morning.

Review of Albuquerque Grand Senior Living - Albuquerque, NM

My mom has lived here for about 2 years now. She is quite happy in her apartment. The staff also help me with her more than they could know. They get her to her appointment and keep her active. She was a bit depressed before she could be here and have watched her come back to her happy always.

Review of Albuquerque Grand Senior Living - Albuquerque, NM

I have been here for 14 years. They are really good to me.

Review of Albuquerque Grand Senior Living - Albuquerque, NM

I have lived here for about 2 ½ years. I lived in the assisted living. They do a great job of making sure the meal what I need.

I think this is a great place to live because get all my needs here and also I live in a clean place and my own room and can walk outside anywhere in the back and I eat good food 3 times a day. I go and get food for my room.

Good place to be.

Management is responsive to resident’s needs. Great activities and transportations.
Good companionship and a wonderful neighborhood.

Great people. Great place also to my medical needs.

I have lived here for 8 months and I like it fine. The staff helps me whenever I need help. There are a few problems, sometimes with the med room but they try very hard. I am glad to be living here.

It is a nice place for my wife who has dementia. Her dad had dementia and living aunts have dementia. This place is good and affordable.
And also and another aunt also has dementia.

Not Recommended, Ever

I would not suggest the Albuquerque Grand to anyone, ever. While the staff, techs, nurses, and administrators were generally very helpful and caring, the management was incredibly unprofessional, was authoritarian to the staff, created extra drama in the workplace, and caused a huge turnover rate in employees. He would allow individuals younger that 55 to live there, which made my loved one uncomfortable, and on one occasion, we were given another resident’s medication along with my mother’s. The grounds were not well-kept and maintenance issues were not taken care of in a timely manner At one point, the lights were out on the bottom flour for days, and no one could figure out why, and at one point, my mother was left without air conditioning for several days in august. Meals were terrible. They didn’t make enough food to go around, and this led to my mother going several times to the local Seven Eleven to pick up canned goods so she could eat. I would not recommend this community unless there truly was no other alternative.

Would never allow my loved one to live here. Lousy service, indifferent staff, congested area, No activities on the day we visited, residents did not seem happy.

While we toured this lovely community there did not seem to be very much activity or involvement with the little bit of seniors I seen. Staff seemed friendly but not involved. Not a great place for active, vibrant seniors to live. Seemed more like a nursing home. There was no follow up or sense of urgency with the Marketing/Sales woman

Little difficult to get to where traffic is concerend. In an older part of town so parking is almost non exsistant. Quite cozy facility but had a weird smell throughtout the tour.

Meets most of my needs

The staff is friendly and helpful. Most of the residents are friendly and polite. The meals usually have two main choices and if neither meets your dietary needs, you can order a grilled cheese sandwich and or green salad. You need to schedule medical appointments asap as the van fills quickly. The van driver is very good and helpfuf. This is a good match for me and my needs. Laundry facilitates are on the first and second floors and it will take 2-3hours to complete, but there is usually no waiting. Rooms are cleaned, beds changed, and sheets and towels laundered every week. This is a big help for me.

Worth looking into.

I would recommend you look at this community and ask questions. My friend seems to like the food and they are adjusting well. The staff are encouraging and helpful. They offer daily activities as well as outings to stores. The community is clean and they do his laundry.

I Enjoyed The Tour

I thought they were to big. You had to walk from building to building. They have a steep ramp toward the common area. The community was too spread out for my mom. It was great to see and everyone seemed to like it there. The room was really nice. It had a big guest room with sitting areas. This was not the place for my mom.

ABQ Grand

This was a very good option for mom and her limited budget. The staff is friendly and accommodating. The central location is convenient. Mom is in independent living so we have no info on nursing help yet.

Our Dad's having the time of his life!

With one year under our belt with a family member living at this community, we could not be more pleased. Dad is happy, feels more at home than he did in his own home, and has enjoyed meeting new friends and becoming far more active. He's back eating 3 meals a day and enjoys everyone of them...maybe too much!

Seeing our father actviely participating in his life is exactly what we all needed. The staff at the Grand really went out of their way to make him feel welcome, and a year later its as though they are his family as much as we are! His new friends are filling his life and he looks so much better than he did when he moved in. He loves his apartment, although he's not in it much due to staying busy with friends.

In reading some of the negative reviews, all of us in our family wonder if its the same place we know?! They feel more like personal agendas than true experiences and one of them reads like a disgruntled employee. All we can say is that we are pleased, our father is happier than he has been since mom died, and we no longer worry about his well being or his days being empty. We could not trust the staff any more, they all seem to be capable and committed, and they speak highly of the owners. What's not to love?!

Thank you Albuquerque Grand! Forget the naysayers. From our experience you're all doing the right things for the right reasons and we appreciate it. More importantly - our Dad does!!!

Some Improvements Needed

There are some complaints about their cooking; they do not have a new cook, so they need to work on the food aspect. Also they need to expedite their remodeling process. Better control over the heating unit would be an improvement as well.

Just okay

This facility is just okay. They seem to be short staffed and need more help. The food is just okay. There are quite a few things that this facility needs to work on before they get a five star rating from me.

Greater than I could've imagined

I admitted my mother into the Grand on October 1. I couldn't be any happier with everything about it. It's undergoing renovation right now and when it's finished it will be even better. Her room is wonderful and the staff is superb. She loves the food most of all, which is saying a lot for my mother. I would highly recommend it to anyone.


If you have any other viable choices DO NOT place your loved ones here. In less than 3 weeks time my parent encountered major problems with medication management (put Rx eye ointment on outside of lid & told her to rub it into eye causing scratches & irritation); safety ( flooring on critical ramp torn down to raw rough cement for over 3 months); security ( outside doors & garage gate left unlocked through the night for weeks with no way for staff to see who comes & goes); staff (each person & shift has different understandings of policies & procedures & aboit the same policies over time; never return or respond to issues they say they'll get back to you about or say they'll send someone else to address), food (horrible, small portions, quickly run out of limited selections, high carb/low protein, extra charge if you order an extra piece of bread); management worst I've ever seen (bullying, argumentative manager, tasks every position with duties of other positions so they can't complete or do any of them well; & deflects from major issues raised by blaming complainant for raising issues; [removed] if we moved parent out due to fear for safety, hires incompetent personnel, reprimands staff in front of other staff, calls them stupid); maintenance (phone hookup & minor repairs not done for three weeks, work orders not completed due to other emergencies are never followed up & seem to fall off the list-even when management is made aware); emergency call alert system (not even responded to when called for help; didn't repair known defective emergency call system); ancient building & system in disrepair constantly (major plumbing breaks, air conditioning-a fan system with separate chilling system, leaving resident in easily 90 degree heat in room for days); contract is draconian, & makes resident handbook part contract which includes another 21 pages with additional charges if resident's toilet or drains stop up, etc.
just a beginning list.
[removed] Bare minimum of everything provided here, folks. With an obnoxious manager to make things worse. BE AGRAID, be very afraid.

Very nice!

Staff is great. Everything is cool. They are doing total renovation. The rooms are looking really nice.

Tony Aragon

Local Representative

Thank you for your review. It means a lot for you to have taken the time to write a comment.

Seems like a nice place!

So far things seem to be going very well at Albuquerque Grand! They're going through some renovations right now, but my loved one has settled in well and really seems to be enjoying it, it's a nice place!

Nothing wrong here

It's decent place and they treat my dad really well overall!

big relief

I would like to take a moment to tell everyone about my dad's home!! He was living at another community and his medical needs were poorly mishandled. I found this place on-line and found it thus far to be a wonderful place. The lead caregiver spent quality time with me helping set dad up with all of the items and services he needed. I was pleasantly surprised as to how spacious the apartment still was after moving his things in as well. It is nice to fell like dad is a person again and not a dollar sign. Thank you all for making us fell safe again.

Richard and Cathy


My mom lived there for 4 month. The rate of turnover for management and employees was rediculous. They pretty much fired everyone and went through 3 managers and 2 assistant managers in that time. The staff was told not to mingle with the renters. The cafeteria was short staffed and meals could take up to 2 hours to be served. A few times the cafeteria didnt open because people didnt show up. When you try to talk to the manager he hides. The front desk will constantly tell you he's in a meeting and you go to voice mail. Calls are never returned. The cleaning staff was great and regular employees were fraustrated but friendly. My mom loved people and really like being recognized and have someone tell her a simple hello but that was being discouraged.

I have been a resident of this community for about a month now. My experience has been positive so far with the caring staff at hand. I do think of them as my team and someday will be my extended family. The housekeeper comes once a week as scheduled and does an amazing job thus far. I have had not complaints about the food. The management staff has really been there for me though my transition and helped with any questions or concerns I have had. I do appreciate all the care staff and how courteous they have been (even though I do not need them). I know when I do, I will bee well looked after.
Thanks again.

move in!

My mom is moving in soon and we were able to get in on an amazing special they are having. The money we saved was utilized in the form of a moving company so we did not have to do the brunt of the work. She has a apartment on the top floor and the best view of the mountain. The staff have also been kind enough to comp her a few meals of her choice to come and get a intend with the residents there before her move.

Lunch date

Thank you to the staff at the for a great tour and lunch! The marketing gal took time away from her busy yard sale to take my husband and myself on a tour and also feed us lunch (it was excellent). I was pleased to see the resident being active in the building. Some of the ladies at the table next to us were really excited about their bingo game they had planned after lunch. I did like that there was a full service salon and there were actually client in it. There was also a cute little general store that was run by one of the residents. She said all the proceeds when right back into the resident funds. The models had great view as well.

Thank you

I want to thank all the staff for graciously caring for my husband and myself. I know my husband can be a pain sometimes but he loves everyone of you. I am glad I have someone there for the days I am truly dead beat tired. I know I can rely on you all to care for him when I just need to go sit in the sun on the patio. It keeps me at ease knowing the cooking, cleaning and hardships of caring for a home is no longer on my shoulders.
It's funny to say it this way but as a child I always wanted to know what it was like to have a live in maid. Living here is helping to fulfill that childhood dream. I have all these amazing workers here to help with all my daily home and medical needs.
Thank you again

My mom is very happy here!!

They have great staff at this place. My mom lives on the east side in the independent part of the building but lately she has needed help with her medication. When she needed this service, Tony got the staff to start immediately. It was an amazing weight off our shoulders. I have noticed a big positive change in her mental state since this has happened. I am very thankful for all of them.

Good Job everyone

Five Years and Loving It!

My Aunt has lived here for over 5 years and loves it - and so do all of us who love her. This is a warm, caring, friendly place filled with capable, committed workers. I visit at least 3 times a week and feel like I have a real sense of the place and what consistently happens here.

Except when painting or renovations have been going on, I have never witnessed dirt or messes. In fact, I love that the owners are always fixing the place up and making it better. My Aunt is crazy about the newly redone patio and loves sitting out there with friends in the evening and, when I can, I join them!

The apartments are bright and very spacious. Even though my Aunt's is the smallest studio, she still has plenty of room and a huge walking closet. We both think the food is terrific (although my Aunt would say it is sometimes "too spicy") and it's really fresh - I eat at least once a week with her. I find it refreshing that the staff really interact with the residents - they know their names and the things going on in their lives and they always have time for them and a good laugh.

The value of Albuquerque Grand is the best in town - and we looked everywhere because cost mattered to us. We also love the location because it is convenient for all of us - and our kids at UNM can sneak in to visit as well.

Five years...and so far, so very good! I read these other reviews and wonder if they lived in the same place we know so well and appreciate so much!!

Beware! Don't Even Consider This Place

Beware! This is not a place to leave a loved one in. It's dirty, the food is substandard, and the staff are not empowered to solve any problems - such as heating and air conditioning problems that exist year round. This is one of few places who charges a DEPOSIT - a deposit that will not be returned unless the senior has the resources (family) who will fight to get it returned when moving out. We hat to take legal action and go to Sr. Legal Affairs to get my mother's deposit back - and even then, they bartered and my mother lost $200 for a spotlessly clean apartment!

The owners are in California - so the mgt. you meet with are just employees - not the owners - trying to do their jobs, while knowing that they are working for less than reputable owners - and why wouldn't they represent that everything is fine there to keep their jobs?

Albuquerque Grand should close their doors. Most seniors don't have someone to advocate for them, NM is a poor state, and our seniors end up in a place like this because they can't afford anything else.

Very small rooms. Sharing b...

Very small rooms. Sharing bathrooms is unacceptable. Used to be a college dorm. No changes. Poor pet walk accommodations.

They are terrible! Just horrible!!

They are terrible! It's an absolute [removed]! The food is substandard, the living conditions are substandard. They don't have any heating or air conditioning in the rooms. When we moved the apartment was spotless, and the community signed off on it, they said it was in excellent condition. The owners still haven't returned the deposit. They said they charge a standard cleaning fee of 400 dollars to sanitize. That it is a state law, which it is not. Just horrible!!

Nice place and seems to be looking up

Toured facility twice and met directly with manager. She was super responsive and helpful. Also, the staff who dispense medicines and the assisted living director seemed very engaged. Rooms were huge and they allow you to customize your own room. Refrigerator and huge walkin closet. They have a new activities director and overall everthing was clean - smelled clean and even though some staff have only been there about 1 year they are very friendly. We love that they have a pool table too.

I wasn't impressed. Commu...

I wasn't impressed. Community was very depressing, residents were lifeless. I would never want to visit this place again.

Wouldn't Recommend

The experience was over all a bad one. Initially the staff and management were great but they fired most of their staff and replaced managers 3 times within a 4 month period. Meals were never served in a timely manner. The normal wait time was an hour and if they're sick and need meals brought to the room there is a $7.50 charge and delivery is when everyone in the cafeteria are done being served. A couple of time the cafeteria didn't serve because of staffing issues. Keep in mind there are no cooking facilities in the rooms. Trying to talk to the manager is a joke because he hides and won't return calls. Staff are not allowed to interact with the residence and have been fired for doing so. You walk past some of them and they don't even talk to you out of fear of loosing their jobs. Unless you want to deal with all the frustration, I would go somewhere else. The housekeeping staff was great.

Steer Clear Folks

Very lousy facility. Management refuses to cooperate on certain issues, including a billing dispute. Management puts on a good show when you show interest and want to move in. Once you give them your money you see how ugly they really are. Steer clear of this place folks, do your research before you move your loved ones, and avoid this place. You'll save yourself a lot of hassle.

No no never ever!

No no never ever put your love one there. Would not even let them take care of my dogs.
A few good management employees who tried hard to fix the mess but the owners would not let them run it the right way. Owners have no clue how to run facility. Facility almost empty of residents.
Bed bugs are common issues, food is marginal, decor is old and ugly not real inviting or comfortable, no real activities especially for men. Everyone looks unhappy and bored even employees. Sad sad place.

Time Will Tell

It's changed a lot. They upped their rent right before my dad moved in and I think they lost a lot of staff. That's the issue that I perceive. They've lost a lot of residents and I think they're having some money troubles. They've stopped some activities because those people are no longer there. Either they're in a period of transition and things will improve or they are of low quality and it's too soon to tell.

On the upside, things like cleanliness and meals are fine. Just like Mussolini got the trains running on time, they get the meals out on time. They're right in the middle of town too which is good for us. I just think there is less going on than previously.

I would never put anybody in there

Some of the staff were good but most were not. They didn't keep up with the medical piece at all. The place was awful. They had cheese sandwiches every for two weeks, for lunch and dinner! I would give it a zero. Everytime I went there I would get sick. People said I was just under stress. I'm still under stress but I don't get sick anymore. I would never put anybody in there.

From the Community

Albuquerque Grand Senior Living in Albuquerque, New Mexico, offers what may be the state’s finest senior living experience.

Offering both independent and assisted living, Albuquerque Grand is dedicated to providing an active, vibrant senior lifestyle with a wide variety of activities to ensure that our guests flourish physically, emotionally,and socially…backed by a commitment to excellence in service by caring professionals at all levels.

We place a high value on hands-on, friendly care, as well as providing well-rounded, complete nutrition in an elegant dining environment. We love our guests…and we love their families.

Albuquerque Grand Senior Living…for the best years of your life.