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Nursing Home Care in Des Moines, IA

The notion of needing round-the-clock care in regards with nursing home care is something that is significantly more prevalent than what you may think. This may be due to the fact that the stereotype of nursing home care equates it to that of an "old folks' home" in which elderly folks sit around and do nothing more than watch TV and play cards. Yet this sentiment is far from accurate. The truth is that these special clinics are vital assets for seniors that need to recover and recuperate in the aftermath of a surgery, an injury, or a sudden physical malady such as a stroke. This is particularly important to realize when you consider how urgently this type of care may be needed in the event of an unexpected episode. Regardless of the timeline that is needed, the nursing home care facilities in Des Moines, Iowa are on hand to provide these important rehabilitative services to golden agers whenever they are needed.

Des Moines at a Glance

Des Moines has garnered a reputation for being small, despite the fact that it's home to some 203,000 residents. This is arguably due to the fact that the city is in Iowa, which tends to be the poster child for flyover country in some circles. Yet while the population of Des Moines admittedly does not compare to some of the major metropolises that are scattered about the country, there is no denying that it is a city of terrific power and influence.

Since Des Moines is the state capital of Iowa, it is pretty obvious that the city has a major impact on the operations of the Hawkeye State. Yet it is also the city that traditionally kicks off the Presidential race, as Iowa has long been the home of the country's first Presidential caucus. This alone allows Des Moines to wield a type of influence that other cities with substantially bigger populaces simply cannot.

And even though Des Moines runs on politics and government, there is so much more that the city has to offer. The city eschews the stereotype of having nothing but endless rows of cornfields by having a distinctive metropolitan flavor, bolstered by the fact that its landscape is filled with skyscrapers that are less than 50 years old. This feature provides the city with a significantly more modern sensibility, especially when compared to similarly sized cities within this region of the country. The forward-thinking vibe is further enhanced through a 4-mile skywalk system that links a lot of the downtown area's buildings through the air, thus shielding people from the cold temperatures and snowfall that are typical in the city come wintertime.

And while Des Moines does have a palpably progressive sensibility, it has managed to do so at a rather cost-effective pace. The city still boasts a cost of living that is significantly lower in comparison to the national average. This could be of great interest to those that are looking to settle into a city that will enable them to stretch their dollars to their maximum elasticity.

A Look at Des Moines' Nursing Home Care Facilities

Occasionally known as skilled nursing, the concept of nursing home care represents the best type of care that a golden ager can receive without hospitalization. There are two aspects to this kind of service. The first aspect is associated with long-term care regarding seniors that exhibit extreme difficulty in carrying out various activities for daily living, such as bathing, eating, or dressing. The second aspect is to administer short-term care for seniors that need physical, occupational, or speech therapy in the wake of an injury or ailment. With this type of round-the-clock care, the goal is to completely rehabilitate golden agers so that they may be able to resume living on their own at full strength and capacity. In the case of both situations, the services take great lengths to conduct the care in a manner that is respectful and dignified.

Living the Recovered Life in Des Moines

The pathway to recovery in the aftermath of a surgical procedure or injury could be an intimidating one. And that is precisely why the nursing home care facilities in Des Moines matter as much as they do. By providing golden agers with a safe and comfortable place where they can work their way back to normalcy, these facilities do more than bring about a full recovery at a reasonable pace. They also provide peace of mind, which is every bit as important as the actual recovery process itself.