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Customer Reviews

Nightmare at Fleur Heights care center.

The good news is the caring staff on the 2 to 10 and the overnight shift. Most of these people were very helpful and seemed to care about my husband.
Now the bad news, they put my husband who had dementia in with another patient. Up until his last night he was forced to be there with family and friends coming in to see him. The compassionate night staff finally put us in a private room at around 10:00 or 10:30. He passed a little after midnight. The owner's daughter (the owner is also the Dr) told me I could not stay the night because that was their rules. I played her game and said ok. I was not leaving that night. The same day that this happened I had the "social worker call me and aske me what funeral home was picking him up when he died. I had to call the funeral home to confirm this and they were horrified. This social worker than confronted me when I went to see him and asked if I had called.
These so called professionals need lessons in etiquette . The Dr. on the day before he was admitted to the hospital told me he was stable. He had pneumonia and sepsis. I had asked if labs should be done to fond out if he had an infection and maybe needed antibiotics prior to his hospital admission and they said they had been done in Dec. So they wouldn't be doing them again.
This is not a place to take your lived ones. I did because it is 5 min. From my house.
I made a fatal mistake. Be careful if you have someone who is there and make frequent visits.
I can't bring him back but maybe I can help others.

Get your family out

I had a relative who demanded to stay in the neighborhood. Over the years it was just filthy. I had hoped things had improved with new management, but they haven’t. I routinely walked into my relative’s room to find dried urine on the side table where the large water jug, which didn’t work for my relative due to mobility reasons, sat in the middle of the urine. When I complained I was told “we can’t get to everything immediately.” If the urine is dried, then they aren’t getting to it at all. The staff thinks everyone there and their relatives are poor and treat everyone like stupid dirt. My relative had stopped eating yet the doctor refused to do uranalysis or bloodwork. My relative ultimately died of infections, including septic infection. This place needs lots of surprise inspections and should really be shut down. If you have a relative there, please do everything you can to move them. I wish I could give them no stars.

At first they Cared, and now they Care Less....

My Mom transferred here because[Removed] closed down (last January 2016). We loved it at first, the food was great and so was the care. My Mom has ALZ and Mental illness and the some of same nursing and aide staff at [Removed] and even [Removed] also now worked there. They are her lifeline, familiar staff and her Adult Activity drawings that spread across the wall of her private room. She is different than the other patients as she is very smart and alert but very forgetful and sensitive like a child. Well, Fleur Hts. called me this week and said they are moving everyone on her hall to another hall where they will not have room for her art table and coloring books etc. They will not have her old familiar nurses on that side of the building either. And other changes that will not resonate well with my Mom (in her 90s). She will not understand and will be depressed and alone once again in her long life. Loneliness and alienation is familiar to someone who lived in the Great Depression. They tell me she will be fine. But I am the one who knows her best and I already know that means that "they will be fine and can handle her" but Mom will deteriorate and be in shock as I am in now. How can they Care Less.... I don't know how.....