Genesis Senior Living Center - Des Moines, IA

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Customer Reviews

Alot to be desired

As with all facilities Genesis has it's staff that are genuine in providing care to it's residents, it also has many that are there to simply clock in/out with no regards of compassion for those they care for. Genesis is one of the lowest paying facilities in the Des Moines area which probably has alot to do with the staff that they pull in and are able to keep. Cosmetic wise the facility has alot to be desired. When I visited this facility I found some staff that appeared to be under the influence of either medication that probably was not prescribed to them driectly or some form of street drug or alcohol , not someone I'd feel safe with leaving my loved one with to be responsible for. I have seen worse facilities but I have seen so much better also. I won't be returning to this one nor will I consider employment through them as initially intended.