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Nursing Homes in Toledo, Ohio

When the time comes that your aging loved one can no longer care for themselves, you will have a big decision to make. Do you take care of them yourself, or do you consider a nursing home? Although most people may wish to take care of their family members themselves, they have to consider their current responsibilities. With children, jobs, and other obligations in life, it's difficult to provide 24/7 care to an aging family member. In that case, it's better for seniors to be in a nursing home where their care is assured. The best way to avoid conflict and make sure everyone is on the same page is to have the conversation before the need arises. By finding the right nursing home, you can make the experience much more positive for your loved one, as well.

Living in Toledo

Toledo was originally part of Michigan before the Toledo War, which resulted in its incorporation to Ohio. The Michigan-Ohio War took place from 1835-1836, and it was almost completely bloodless. Both Ohio and Michigan passed legislation attempting to force the other to concede, though neither side was willing to do so. It resulted in both sides raising a militia and placing them at the border, and instituting criminal penalties for citizens who submitted to the other side's authority. Despite the proximity of the two militia forces, neither side did much more than taunt one another. Only once did their verbal skirmishes lead to shots fired, and the end did not result in any casualties. Following the incident, the U.S. government tried to help resolve it by offering Michigan statehood and the upper peninsula as part of their land if they gave up Toledo. At first, Michigan refused because it did not work out in Michigan's favor since the upper peninsula was considered Indian territory. However, due to a financial crisis, Michigan accepted the deal. Ultimately, the upper peninsula turned out rather prosperous for Michigan. Once the land dispute was settled, Toledo proved rather profitable. Ohio built the Miami and Erie Canals, which effectively connected Ohio with New York. Toledo is best known for its glass industry, which is how it got the nickname, "The Glass City," and in recent years, it has also put an emphasis on expanding art and other cultural influences.

Choosing the Right Facility

With all of the activities available in Toledo, it's easy to find a nursing home that meets your needs. You always want to keep your loved one's personal preferences in mind, but nursing homes that offer city outings and tours can be of interest to many seniors. Visit several homes, and talk to the program director about the facility's policies, and determine what level of care your loved one will receive and how often you get updates. Finally, ensure the facility you choose has plenty of amenities and activities to keep your loved one active.

Amenities and Activities

The amenities and activities available to residents of a nursing home are important. They keep the residents engaged in life by building a community for them. Many residents come to think of the other residents as a second family. A good nursing home offers a wide selection of options including restaurant-style dining, social and recreational activities, landscaped grounds, a beauty salon/barber shop, game room, wireless internet, library, laundry, and housekeeping. For those who move to homes in Toledo, there are also shopping areas, theaters, and sports venue options.

Nursing Home Payment Options

Paying for nursing home care can be expensive and stressful if families haven't planned ahead. The best way to pay for nursing home care is through proper insurance. Many policies have a time limit in place before they will pay out claims, so families should look into those details. Medicare and Medicaid are also an option, but each state has different rules for qualifying. As a last resort, families should have money in savings to help pay for nursing home costs. The average family burns through their savings for nursing home care in six months. Industry experts recommend that seniors and their families not rely solely on savings to pay for nursing home care. With proper insurance and/or Medicare, families may be able to easily afford nursing home care for their loved one.

Aging seniors already have enough to worry about. They don't need to worry about the level of care they will receive from a nursing home, too. It is important to choose a home that makes both you and your loved one comfortable, but at the same time offers the best care available. Nursing homes should be an accepting, supportive community with compassionate staff and managers. Residents should be happy and relatively healthy, depending on their individual circumstances. The best way to discover what type of nursing home you're dealing with is to visit the facility and speak to the staff and residents.