Heartland Health Care Center-Canton - Canton, MI

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Customer Reviews

Think twice before bringing a loved one here!!

If I could give negative stars I would. My father has been here for 30 hours and this place is a terrible joke! My Dad has an open wound on his foot that needs packing, his bandage wrap fell off around 1700 we told the nurse who through her hands up in the air and yelled " I'm out, I'm out", then his night time nurse came in at 1930 and asked what our concerns were, we tell her, her reply is that she has to go see her other patients before she can help. Then advises me that Michigan law requires every patient to be checked on every 2 hours and walk out of the room. After making a few very rude and uncalled for remarks, telling me to pull it together and that I need to be prepared for anything because we all gotta sit in that front row girl!!!! WTH!!!! So we wait it is now 2230 and still counting and no one has been in our room to give meds or pack his wound or even to just check on him, as per Michigan law so she says. I call the nurses station to ask for a unit manager or charge nurse and low and behold there isn't one on duty and there will not be one on duty until between 0800 and 1000 tomorrow. All this while the lpn's and the aides are out in the hallway gossiping and laughing and being as loud as can be. This place is a complete joke, the only staff members that showed any caring or compassion were the OT/PT staff. The nurses and aides are useless, and they do not care about anything but their pay checks, which they are constantly complaining about. If you love your loved ones DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT bring them to this place. The hospital liaison lied to us about the staffing, she is completely misinformed about this place, and its a shame. For people that have never been in a situation where they have to pick a rehab facility, the lies and misinformation about this facility are overwhelming, had been told the truth we never would have chosen this place. Oh, and on the tour they take you to the unit that the patients need the least amount if help where everyone is mobile, DO NOT be fooled. The private rooms are big, but the wallpaper is peeling and the walls are dirty the furniture is old and uncomfortable, very out dated - not like we were shown via tour. In the span for the 30 hours we have been here 2 emails were sent to the facility managers and nothing has been addressed. Its a total shame.

Not so great care

Understaffed and hard to get someone to care for your loved one. They always seem too busy. The private suite area in the back is much better with this but as my mother was moved back and forth from the facility to the hospital they kept giving her a roomate and she was basically ignored. I am as told 4 times most recently they would change her bandages and it was never done in my 4 hour visit. We also had issues with getting her changed and cleaned. There was also an incident with a fall which has worsened her condition. Not impressed with this facility.

Very nice community!

This community is wonderful. They did a wonderful job with my wife. She said that the food was not good, but that she liked that the community was clean and that her room was clean as well. This place is very nice.