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Review of Roo Lan Healthcare Center

I would recommend Roo Lan! They are good and I like them. The staff are very friendly. It sometimes has an odor, though, and could be cleaner. They do not have plush carpet.

Review of Roo Lan Healthcare Center

So far everything is pretty good. I have been quite surprised! This is the best place to put her, given her health, and the people have been very attentive and very clean. The meals are good too.

Review of Roo Lan Healthcare Center

It's very good. It's a change for him, so it's difficult, but his care is excellent. The nurses are excellent. The staff are very kind. My husband cleans his plate.

Review of Roo Lan Healthcare Center

I see that my husband is getting a lot of care, a lot of nurses come in and check up on him. At first, rehab therapy started kind of slow, but now he's getting a lot of therapy and it seems to be effective. Nurses visit a lot and he has a lot of problems on his bottom and his back and they are being attentive to those needs. It is more than what they were doing at the hospital. Once, I mentioned he had an issue and they were quick to respond. If my husband calls for someone, they are in there right away. The staff all introduce themselves, even to me, and are friendly to my husband. One problem is that he is supposed to be watching his salt intake, and they don't take care of that. He doesn't usually eat sandwiches, but some days that's the only option for him. The food they give him has too much salt. I am also not hearing anything from anyone on staff about test results or care. The therapists have been the only ones to communicate feedback on my husband's health. I get nothing from the doctors.

Review of Roo Lan Healthcare Center

My loved one will eat the breakfasts, but the dinners are not very tasty at all. The portions are extremely tiny and not appetizing.

Review of Roo Lan Healthcare Center

My aunt says the therapy is good. In a previous center she did not want to participate but here they do care and help her do her rehab with empathy. Everyone is so nice! The food is great! My aunt is eating everything, the food is good, she's eating all her lunch tray. I've told others to move here because it's so good! I highly recommend Roo Lan rehab to all my friends.

Review of Roo Lan Healthcare Center

I would recommend to a friend.

My husband liked the staff. They provided meal options, but the food was lukewarm and bland.

It's excellent. Everyone there is great.

My father's health has improved since he's been there. The only issue that I have is that sometimes I go there and his diaper is wet or dirty, but as soon as I ask them to change him, they do. Every time he has a fall they call me right away no matter what time of day. They even take him to his appointments. They have some type of cleaning spray and it smells really good. The meals are not that good.

They have been excellent to mom. They have been very friendly. Both of my parents are in there for long term care and I am very pleased with the care they are receiving.

The experience is just wonderful so far! The nurses are wonderful, their care is unbelievable! The aides were also very nice. The facility looked wonderful and very clean. The staff call me whenever anything changes. They are great with that!

The people there were phenomenal. If I could buy them all a car, I would!

The nurses are wonderful! My brother is eating well and he looks really good. The staff are excellent with keeping me updated.

Roo-Lan is amazing. My dad hasn't been the easiest patient but they've gone over and beyond to make him comfortable and we appreciate all their efforts. It's very clean from what I've seen. They've been amazing at keeping me informed, I know exactly what's going on with him.

The nurses seem pretty good. It was pretty clean when I went there, although the building is old and needs some refurbishment. They definitely call me to keep me updated

I liked all of the nurses except for one, because she kept me from eating certain things. Besides her, everyone was sure to give me hugs, and they were very nice to me.

They are a 5-star place all the way! We are grateful for and pleased with treatment. Everything was fantastic, everyone knew my mother's name. They were so polite. I can not say enough good things. The place was clean and they let us eat there with her for free. They gave us updates on a regular basis. I have already recommended them to many of my family and friends, we truly had a very good experience there.

The staff has been very good during the day, but not so much in the evening. They do not seem to get my mom's pajamas on and they do not take out her teeth, they seem very short staffed or are just not doing it.

They are very caring, and they're doing a good job looking after my wife.

My dad seems to be happy and they are very nice to him. I think the therapists have done as much as they can to help him recover. Every time I come to visit, it's clean. The staff communicates very well with me

I would like to see a faster response time for nurses, and the CNAs need more training. The nurses would blow you off. They have common institutional food, very bland.

The front desk staff is very helpful. They call me both to get permission for things and to keep me informed. It's clean. It's an older building, but the carpet is new. The food is fine

There needs to be better communication among the staff.

The quality and consistency of the care was variable. There was also inconsistency with aides following the care plan. I did not see staff washing hands after toileting care, dressing, bed changes, assisting with food, and there was no hand sanitizer in the room or outside the door. They tried with the food, but the quality was...not very good.

From what I've heard, everything is going just fine.

My mother can be very difficult and the nurses and staff are able to help her. They are very patient. The cleanliness is fantastic. We went in once and my mother acted like she was still hungry and they gave her another piece of meat to make her happy. They are very good to her.

I had no complaints about the facility. They were very, very good to my husband. When I had questions, the staff would tend to them immediately. I would highly recommend this facility!

They always call me and keep me informed.

The staff are doing what they can to make all of the residents feel comfortable.

The staff is very friendly.

I would recommend Roo Lan Health Care to a loved one.

The staff is very friendly and on top of their jobs. They are very helpful with my mom.

All things considered, the overall experience was almost perfect. The facility is especially clean.

Roo Lan was outstanding!

The team at Roo Lan was great!

Rehab Therapy Services are a 5 out of 5!

The staff is very friendly.

I would recommend Roo Lan Health Care to a loved one.

From the Office

Roo Lan is family owned and has been serving the community of Lacey, Washington's families since 1971. Roo Lan boasts some of the most experienced staff in the county. Roo Lan is the only Skilled Nursing and Memory care community in the surrounding area.