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Nursing Homes in Lowell, Massachusetts

Nursing homes are a touchy subject for many elderly people, and they may not be receptive to the discussion initially. However, that doesn't change the fact that as your loved one ages, they will have needs you may not be able to meet. Nursing homes are staffed with individuals specifically trained to care for seniors and their needs, and many of them have nursing licenses so they can provide medical assistance. Many families have too many responsibilities on their plate as it is, and adding the care of a loved one can push them over what they're able to handle. When the time comes that your loved one needs more assistance than you can provide, a nursing home is a great option.

Lowell became the site of the American Industrial Revolution, and many of the city's historic sites have been protected by the National Park Service. However, in recent years, the city has become a protector of the arts. Its motto is, "Art is the Handmaiden of Human Good." There are several annual events, such as Winterfest, Lowell's Film Festival, and the Lowell Folk Festival, to name a few. The city hosts several museums, theaters, and parks for artists to perform and create. Anyone who is an artist can find something for them here. Lowell is one of the best retirement communities for the creative souls, and those who live in nursing homes here will feel right at home.

Doing What's Best for Your Loved One

Despite your desire to care for a loved one, you have responsibilities, as well. As they age, it becomes harder for you to manage and cope with it all, especially if they get sick. You have to think of what's best for them, and if you can't commit to the level of care they need, then you must consider someone who can. Nursing homes provide aging seniors a social, supportive environment with other individuals in the same situation. It gives seniors a chance to live a higher quality of life than if they lived by themselves because homes provide seniors with social activities, outings, and events to keep them active and happy. Your loved one can have a comfortable life while staying at a nursing home, you just have to choose one that fits their personality and preferences.

Choosing the Right Facility

Your focus should be on finding the right facility for your loved one, and making sure you're both comfortable with the facility. First, decide what you and your loved one want in a nursing home. This may include things such as a secured facility, a varied menu that offers high quality food, options for day trips, medical care, and so on. Next, narrow down your possibilities based on those desired qualities. Once you have a few places picked out, contact them for visits. Ask questions about the home and the staff, and pay attention to the residents. It's also important to know what the nursing home's policies are, and whether you agree with them. Find out if the nursing home encourages and allows its residents the freedom to make certain decisions for themselves. One of the hardest parts of nursing home care for seniors is the fact that they lose their independence. Homes that allow residents to make their own decisions give a little of that independence back to them, and it gives seniors an opportunity to feel they are still in control of their lives, which can go a long way to smooth out the transition.

Making the Move

Moving to a nursing home is an emotional process, in large part because your loved one must downsize their belongings. The process of going through their entire life, and truly seeing what they're giving up as they get older can be difficult for seniors. Temporary depression and moodiness are not uncommon in these situations, and it's important for family members to be as supportive as possible. If the transition becomes too challenging, it may be better for seniors to have their loved ones pack up the belongings, and then hire movers to move everything. However, sometimes seniors prefer to be alone with their memories. Honoring their needs, within reason, will help them cope with the changes, and many will recover from the emotional turmoil quickly.

When you have the nursing home discussion with your loved one, it's important to keep their feelings and preferences in mind. Many feel scared and anxious at the idea of moving into a nursing home, so it's really a matter of discovering where that fear and anxiety is coming from, and addressing the concern. Many seniors find their lives fuller and more rewarding after moving into a nursing home, which suggests that your loved one could feel the same way. They key is to find a nursing home that meets your needs, and caters to your loved one's preferences. Fortunately, Lowell makes that easy to do.