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Customer Reviews

Not the place to be if you become ill

I am writing this review due to my husband’s death. He was at Life Care Center for rehab after a stay at the hospital. I came to visit on Christmas day and it was very obvious to me ( I have no medical background ) that he needed medical attention and need to go to the hospital. The first nurse I encountered seemed rather unconcerned. A second nurse was concerned but could not and did not take direct action. After two hours of back and forth with other people who were not on site, my husband was taken to the hospital. He had a minor stroke, which later advanced to a major stroke. He did not survive. The delay at the Life Care Center did not cause his death, there was nothing that could have been done. I am outraged that medically trained people could not assess that he may have had a stroke. I am outraged that the first nurse was not concerned and would not know how to handle a medical situation.
Life Care Center of Acton is not the place to be if you become sick and need medical attention. You have been warned.

Horrible experience!

Think twice about placing your loved one here! They ignore patients calls for help. Under staffed. My mother was at life care of Acton in [Removed]. She was in the last days of her life. I was sitting on her bed with her for only a few minutes and was suddenly approached by [Removed], the director of social services. He told me that the nurses heard me swearing at my mother and that it was unacceptable and that I would have to leave the facility. Huh?? I couldn't believe what I was hearing?? He told me to go out into the hallway and proceeded to tell me that 2 nurses heard me tell my mother to get her [Removed] out of bed. He said I was being abusive to my mother and it would not be tolerated. Needless to say...i told him they were crazy and that I was shocked by their allegations. My mother was dying and I would Never say that to her. I cried all the way home for about 40 minutes. Called friends and relatives to tell them what just happened. Called upper Management to let them know how I was accused of abusing my dying mother. Turns out, after they did some investigating, they accused the a wrong person. It was someone in another room who said it to their mother! But they ASSumed it was me!! What an awful mistake. How could they accuse someone of such a horrible thing without making sure first! I left because I didn't want to cry in front of my mother that day. She passed 2 days later. I will never forgive them for making me miss out on precious time with my mother that morning. There is no excuse for such ignorance on their part! [Removed], you should be ashamed of yourself for approaching me with such a cocky, mean attitude considering the circumstances that were taking place with my mom on her death bed! You didn't believe me when I told you I didn't say that to her. But you insisted that I did!

Go elsewhere

This place is terrible. The staff stands around laughing, eating while patients are practically falling out of their wheel chairs next to the nurse station and bed alarms are going off.

My interactions with the therapists have been less than great. I feel they can't be bothered and nothing ever seems important to them.

How can patients get better when they aren't stimulated, engaged, left alone in their rooms?

Their administrative staff is shady and often come across as genuine but the time you need their assistance, you won't hear back from them and again, right hand never know what the left hand is doing.

I would never recommend someone to this facility.

Caring Staff

Life Care is a clean and well managed home with care givers who truly care about the residents. My mother has lived there for over a year. The nursing staff are always available to address any problems that arise. The aids are kind and attentive.

Great Therapists

The care there was really good. This was my mother's second round there. She had excellent therapist while she was there the first time. They took a very personal interest in her and they remembered her when she came back a few years later. They knew her condition had deteriorated and that she probably was not going to leave but they still did their best and I didn't really understand why. It was only as it went on that I understood that they did their best so that during those last few weeks she was more alert and was able to interact with my daughter.

The food was another thing entirely but the care is good.