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  • Doctor on Call
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • In-House Therapy Providers
  • Wound Care Physician
  • Anytime Dining
  • Gluten Free
  • Dialysis Offsite
  • Housekeeping provided
  • Laundry Service / Dry Cleaning
  • Multilingual Staff
  • IV/Infusion Therapies
  • Massage Therapy
  • Outpatient therapy
  • Resident Parking Available
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Transportation at Cost
  • Physical Therapy Available
  • Occupational Therapy Available
  • Speech Therapy
  • Availability of licensed nursing staff 24-hours per day

Customer Reviews

Best hands down

Hands down best facility we have ever used. We were concerned because of the fake reviews later to be found out written by fired employees

We went for ourselves. Great therapy. Yes call lights can be longer than at hospital but we dont have call lights at home so this is the next step

Mom did got back home fast.

health care/security concerns

It is truly hard to believe that in this day and age, the facility has no video or security cameras. It's a new facility and it seems like patients' security should be of great concern. Someone in a rehab facility is there for lifesaving care or therapy. The patient should never have to worry about his/her safety in addition to trying to improve his/her health.
Due to staffing problems, patient call lights often go unanswered for a long period of time that could result in injury.


Do not allow your loved ones to be placed at this facility. The short time I had a loved one there was heart breaking. The facility looks beautiful and seems to have everything patients need but looks are deceiving. The staff are not caring at all. The response time to get to patients is way too hours long. They insist everyone wear adult diapers as opposed to assisting with the short steps from bed to the bathroom then the staff leaves you unattended and soiled. Disgraceful. Also, medicine was unaccounted for and never found. Physical therapy was not scheduled due to not enough available time slots. The amount of patients left in the hallway unattended was sad to see. I feel like the staff was desensitized to the needs of their guests and spoke aggressively to patients. I would not wish this place on my worst enemy. They should be ashamed of the way they do business.

Great place

My mother has been here for going on 4 weeks for care and rehab. It’s been a great stay .
Every nursing home I’ve looked into is short staffed as is this one, with that said staff is very helpful and very nice.
The have even transported her to her doctors appointment. I can’t say enough about the staff. Every work place has it imperfections but these folks do a good job of keeping up with the demands. It also has 24hr visiting so I can pop in at any time, and between myself and my siblings we visit often. The director and and assistant director are also very nice and helpful.

Cantex Continuing Care Network

Local Representative

Tony, thank you so much for the positive review!

Windermere is a wonderful facility!

My mom was placed in their short term rehabilitation unit after moving from another facility and this place was exceptional! The facility is very clean, the staff was very friendly, and the therapy department was the best she's ever utilized. We have had my mom in other facilities in San Antonio that perpetrated great, but ended up being sub par, but Windermere was wonderful. I did not worry for once about her care as I was informed of her care and was very happy with the care she received. I would highly recommend this place to everyone looking for care. The rooms are very clean, all of them are individual rooms with no sharing, include a kitchenette with refrigerator and microwave. Each room has its carpet cleaned between patients and the staff went out of their way to make my mom happy and comfortable. I will tell you at times they were understaffed and were hiring more people, but we have found that in every facility, but they always did their best....Great job to the staff at Windermere as my family appreciated all the care you give mom every time she needs rehabilitation.

Inadequate staffing

Horribly understaffed. Patients in the rehab always have to eliminate their wastes on themselves as the employees are not adequately staffed to actually prevent a bathroom incident. Not impressed with new facility at all.


This is a great facility, people who come here leave very satisfied and in overall great health. The leadership is great, Although its impossible to keep everyone's needs satisfied. Residents are always stable, and that is what should matter! The administrator there is a great person and goes above and beyond to help the residents needs, he truly cares about patient care. I am really confused about what facility you all are insinuating, but not this place. Sometimes the place is understaffed but the Scheduler needs a lot of remediation although, she barely knows what shes doing, and continues scheduling just one CNA per shift!!! This place might need some improvements but not many. Great beautiful place though. Love it! CYA Peace.

PS. I'm Out, like literally.

[Removed] My Sister

We had a very bad experience in this community. I would never go back to this community. The staff was not friendly, and very inattentive to my sister. There was supposed to be a doctor onsite, but he was never there. They [Removed] me sister, and her needs overall. I would not recommend this community.

No Rest fir the Weary

My sister's husband died at Windemere on April 1st 2017.
His doctor still hasn't issued a death certificate so my sister can plan and use the life insurance for his funeral almost a month later. She had to raid their savings just to get him buried.The day he died my sister told the RN about my BNL not feeling well. The RN came in asked the patient a question, then laughed at my sister telling her " he's all right." My sister left to go home as she had dialysis that morning and was tired. An hour later she was informed of his death by phone. The doctor has promised the death certificate to be issued, but has not done so yet. The staff did not turn him to assist healing of a large bed sore that happened at another facility called Trisun nursing home.
Windemere is the most beautiful eye candy one could imagine, but lack of staff was reported, especially on weekends

I went to go visit my mom who was and a very bad, almost fatal car accident at this facility. When I arrived to see her she was wheeling herself to come to the door with a broken arm and a broken leg. Tears were just rolling down her face as she struggled to get to the door to greet me. I thought she was just excited to see me but that wasn't the case. As she let me in and cried in my arms she told me she had to crawl to the restroom because she pushed the call buttom for a nurse over 20 mins ago and no one ever came even tho she her the nurse Patty and other nurse laughing in front of her room. I told my mom it's ok and don't worrie about it. I said they this place could be under staff or everyone may just be really busy. I rolled her to her room and we began to talk about her accident. She told me that she was in pain and she need some meds. I then rolled her out to the nurse station where there 5 nurse standing around, half of them on there cellphones. It took about 2mins before anyone even a knowledge us. I asked the nurse [Removed] when could my mom get her pain meds and she looked at me and said "we don't have that information yet". Then I asked her what medications are my mom prescribed. She said "we have to wait for the doctor, only thing I know she is on is Ritalin". To me her saying that in it self was rude. She was a very cold, and defensive person. I then asked to speak to the head nurse and another nurse name [Removed] rolled her eyes at my mother and I. I then asked why did she roll her eyes at us and she got very loud and said "I'M NOT PAYING ANY ATTIONION TO YOU ALL". [Removed] was very aggressive and rude. I even asked her why she was yelling. Other light skin nurse was there and she was just as rude. I went back to my mother's room and she was crying because she is a cancer Survivor and has been in and out of numerous hospitals and never been treated this way by any staff. I'm not the type of person to write comments or complain but when it comes to my mom I will not tolerate disrespect. I hope someone reads this and can improves things around that establishment.

Great Service

Therapy was awesome, staff where always polite and ready to help when needed. Most of them are friendly and caring.
I was worried that the food would not be good, what a GREAT surprise, it was FANTASTIC!
I would be sure to go back again if I needed rehab.

Poor staffing

The staffing is awful. Because the census is low the staffing is low. People are left unattended because it is time to pass out trays. People are not being showered because there is not enough staff. People can not be changed when they are wet because trays have to be picked up or passed out Priorities of patient care has gone down due to lack of staff and management. lWhat could be a beautiful peaceful place for your loved one is now awful


horrible place, looks pretty, but everyone there complains about service , dinner is from 4:30 to 6, people choke on food and the nurse who might help is never around even though the state says that is a no no, people in charge of that building go home for dinner, shows you how they care, some staff feel they can debate your families healthcare ,if you get a healthcare plan SO WHAT . THERE WAS A LADY WHO DISRUPTED EVERYONE BY YELLING ALL DAY AND NIGHT, everyone is sick of not being able to sleep, and start yelling shutup out of there rooms. but staff says they are unaware of this disruption. but I was aware, along with everyone else.

Rude & Sarcastic Receptionist

Overall the facility has attended to the needs of my father. The facility, it's nurses, & it's department of therapy has been great. The only thing I didn't like throughout this time was the rude & sarcastic attitude of the receptionist named [Removed]. In my opinion she is suppose to be welcoming & helpful but isn't warming at all. She was sarcastic & rude even to some of our family members that came by to visit. She has been known to have an attitude over the phone even to callers. They need to hire someone who is fit to make everyone feel welcomed. She smiles but don't let that smile fool you! She gets 1star rating from me (terrible).

Looking Forward To Improvements

My mom is eating just fine here. The community seems to be clean. The care is not completely good. They are short staffed and it looks hard for the staff who are trying to keep up with the work load and it seems like they are taking short cuts.

From the Community

From the neighborhood flavor of our residential lanes, to the artsy charm of our in-house gift shop, meeting rooms, chapel, beauty salon, courtyards, library, cafés and spacious dining facilities, a host of options await our patients.
Cantex Continuing Care Network is committed to providing the highest level of services to promote recovery and restore independence. We are passionate about patient safety and well-being, devoted to innovation, and dedicated to values of compassion and service. We are especially proud to be a respected and critical part of the Texas medical community, trusted by physicians and hospitals to provide transitional services and skilled care for their patients. Our team of experts has worked hard to become not only a respected services provider, but a valued part of the community.
Windemere at Westover Hills was completed in April 2016. The living spaces are comfortably appointed with items designed for older adults and a television.Residents enjoy chef-prepared meals in a restaurant-style dining room. There's a beauty salon and barber shop on-site, along with a cafe and a well-stocked library. Windemere at Westover Hills provides extensive clinical care ranging from around-the-clock registered nurse availability to respiratory therapy and stroke recovery.