Brookdale Alamo Heights - San Antonio, TX

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  • Minimum Age of Accepted Residents
  • Activities Onsite
  • Devotional Services Available
  • Indoor Common Areas
  • Meals Provided
  • Aging in Place
  • Nurses on Staff
  • Podiatrist Available
  • Physical Therapy Available
  • Occupational Therapy Available
  • Speech Therapy Available
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Outdoor Common Areas
  • Beauty & Barber Services
  • Pets Allowed
  • No Smoking Allowed in Private Areas Indoors
  • No Smoking Allowed in Public Areas Indoors
  • Hospice Available
  • Respite Available
  • Resident Parking Available
  • Male Residents Accepted
  • Female Residents Only
  • Doctor on Call
  • Nurse on Call
  • Homecare Onsite
  • Dentist Available

Customer Reviews

Look elsewhere.

My mother has been living there for five years. At this point, all I want to do is get her out. When my mother could do everything herself, it was a decent place to live. Once you have to rely on the staff, you get subquality care. They don't know what they are doing. They give the wrong medications (which my mother caught, thank goodness). They ignore residents for long periods of time, refuse services, etc. They are definitely understaffed. Cost is exorbitant and rises constantly. Very poor overall.

Amber Pedretti

Local Representative

We appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback and are sorry to hear Brookdale Alamo Heights is not meeting your expectations. We would welcome an opportunity to discuss with you further and encourage you to reach out to our local management team.

There idea of putting two one bedrooms together to make a two bedroom apartment was not appealing. Staff was not ready for us. Curb appearance reminds me of the old style nursing home

Amber Pedretti

Local Representative

We appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback and will share your concerns with our management team for review.

Just toured. [Name removed] was very personable and informative - we felt she was honest about facility services and pricing. Very bright, well-maintained facility; resident seemed happy, engaged and well groomed. Good use of space in studio apts and huge bathrooms. Definitely near top of our list

Don't do it

It was 2 years ago December 1st when my mother died at this facility. I haven’t been able to talk about it much less write about what happened until now.
NEVER check into a facility like this over a weekend or holiday. Better yet, do EVERYTHING you can to keep your loved one at home and out of this or any other “home”.
We checked my mother in on the Friday after Thanksgiving 2015. That holiday weekend – there were literally 2 people working per shift. Of the 2 people – there was one skilled nurse and one caregiver that changed bedding etc. for ALL of the patients & that place stays occupied. The skilled nurse dispensed meds to all of the patients which during normal working hours - there is a full-time person that does nothing but dispense drugs. I’m not sure how many skilled nurses work during a normal shift, nor do I know how many other caregivers are there. All I know is there were only 2 people there. The skilled nurse was busy dispensing medications to all of the patients. I stayed with her for several hours each day over that weekend. I went in on Monday morning and she was sitting in a wheelchair in front of the desk where the staff has to use computers etc. Her head was down on her chest & she was OUT. Unconscious. I don’t know how she could even breath. When I asked them what was going on, was told “they were “watching” her.” She had rheumatoid arthritis for years and had a stroke which caused aphasia before going in. This is a woman who could barely sit for half an hour without being in pain & they had her propped up in that chair head on her chest. I rolled her back down to her bed and got her in it. Shortly after I got her settled, a contract person came in to draw blood. She could not get a drop out of her. She was dehydrated & had low blood pressure. The contractor went back to the desk & I followed while she told a person at that desk. They put her on fluids via IV. I had to leave and my sister went to see her later that evening after I left. She was still “out of it & restless”. She died later that night. They found her at about 2:00 am and she was “unresponsive”. Wouldn’t a skilled nurse be able to tell that someone is on their deathbed? And maybe tell their loved ones? I don’t know if they called a doctor, it was too late regardless.
These places are just a “holding pen” for old people until they die. My mothers’ “roommate” was in a wheelchair next to her bed with her head down on the bed. I asked if she needed help, she asked me to get someone. She had been waiting for help changing her wet bed. There were people hollering down the hall asking for help. It was horrible. I can’t even think about my mothers’ “comfort” before she died. It was the worst experience I’ve ever had or been around. It haunts me every day.
I urge you to do everything you can to avoid these places. They are pure hell.

You wouldn’t believe how the hospital treated her before that. I’m not a medical professional, but pray to god you never have to go into care if you don’t have an advocate with you.

NOT a great place for your loved one

I chose this community for my aunt because her good friend lives there. I wanted her to be able to feel comfortable and with someone that she knew and at first it felt like it might be a good fit. I started getting bills with hidden fees and charges that they had never talked to me about. There’s a fee for assisting my aunt, they charge her a deductible for her prescriptions even though she’s supposed to be getting them for free, and they charge for monthly assessments. No one ever told me about any of this. Getting someone to care for my aunt when she needs them is also difficult. She has a bell around her neck that she uses when she needs help, and more often than not they don’t answer. It took me calling 6 times once just to get someone on the phone. She’s missed several appointments with her hair dresser because no one will help her get there. She’s blind and isn’t able to walk on her own, so someone should be helping at all times. Which brings me to this – I came to visit her one day around lunch time and her room was an absolute mess. There were feces on her bed, the floor, her towels, her nightgown, and no one had done anything to help or to even clean until I said something about it! That is disgusting and completely unsanitary. There are only a few things this place offers that are good and that’s bingo, exercise classes, and happy hours. I’m already considering finding somewhere else to take my aunt because she deserves a great resting home and this one is inadequate.

Not happy with the service

The place is understaffed. It needs more activities especially for individuals with disabilities. It needs more food service workers. Meals are rushed and again, those of us with disabilities cannot get food cut to reasonable sizes. I cannot ever eat salad. The lettuce is cut too big. First, it is cut too large. Second, I cannot get to the salad bar. Meat servings are cut too big for our dentured or weak teeth to chew. The common areas seem clean. Our rooms are not clean. The one cleaning staff member gets fifteen minutes per apartment per week. My room gets dirty in between times with accidents but no one checks. One friend died because no one checked on him when he did not show up at an activity he never missed. I had the flu and did not show up for meals for two days. People stuck their heads in. I would groan and they would leave. I don't think they care for the exorbitant amount they charge for us to live here. The sad fact is that it is hard to move.

Your loved ones will be well care for here.

Very loving environment, great staff and intimate atmosphere.

Individualized care

My mother is a resident here. I like that they offer personalized care and the staff is very attentive. I would recommend Brookdale Alamo Heights.

Friendly Residents To Meet

My friend is now liking it and finally in the room she always wanted. She has people who are helping with her medication and driving her places she needs to go. She is enjoying to get to know the residents, like her table mates. She is being more open than before. The only issue is that it is hard to get in touch with someone one at times.

Over view

My mother entered Brookdale Alamo Heights recently at the age of 90. She was able to stay in her home for a long time, but it was no longer safe for her to be alone. Brookdale has been a great place for Mom. She is very social and there are activities every day. She has gained some much needed weight as the food tastes good and looks good. Her assistance care has helped her become secure. The caregivers are kind and patient with her.
I hardly recommend Brookdale Alamo Haights.

My Aunt Is Doing Well Here

Everything has worked out very well for my aunt here at this community. It has been a lovely experience, they are caring for her very well. The community looks great, everything is nice and clean. I'am comfortable with the care they are providing her with. This is a community I would recommend.

Loved this place. So warm and welcoming. Anne Zbinden was so very helpful. Unfortunately this was just not going to be a good fit for my Dad. We were sad..Check this place out.

Happy with Everything

I am actually very happy with everything. The nursing staff is good. The only thing I would say is that we are paying for the highest level of care and I do not know if they are actually coming in every two hours every night, which is what we pay for. She has had a few falls and some incontinence. Everything else is okay though.

Alamo heights visit

Very friendly and cheerful.
Residents seemed to be happy, enjoying themselves, and actively engaged in activities
Staff was very helpful, thorough and professional
Food tasted great good size portions
Halls activity rooms very clean

Communication Could Improve

An area of improvement that Brookdale Alamo Heights could work on would be the communication from the health director down to the caregivers, regarding care for the new residents that just move in to the place.

She is happy

At Brookdale Alamo Heights friendliness is a 5+. The staff is just wonderful. My sister has special needs and they have bee wonderful taking care of her. They make sure she is comfortable. It has been great so far. She is happy there and that is a plus!

Looked like a nice place!

I toured this community while looking into care options for a loved one. The facility was well kept and clean, and all of the staff I met seemed friendly and professional. It was a little on the expensive side, however. We ended up selecting another community, but this is somewhere I would have considered as an option for my loved one.

very friendly

The friendliness of all the staff, especially the nursing staff, is really impressive. The activities that they have are really good, but they are the same each month and could certainly use a little variety. They should have a committee for activities with some of the elderly members on it. I know that they have one for food. They should have one for activities as well.

That is one area where they could improve, but on the whole we are very impressed with Brookdale Alamo Heights and would recommend them.

We love this location and the staff. If Mom and I do get to go on a trip back to Indiana, we will use this location to take care of my Father while we are gone.

Friendly and communicative staff!

They've done a fantastic job so far at Brookdale Alamo Heights, I'd rate them higher than 5 if I could! I live out of state and they have been really on top of communication, which is a huge load off of my mind! They'll notify me of any sort of change in her mood or habits, and I really appreciate it. I don't get to visit often, but from what I have seen the facility itself is nice, and the staff are friendly!

Lots of Activities

They have a lot of activities. I think it’s a good choice. My loved one didn’t got to the dining room in her old community, but she does now, so the food must be okay. The parking is okay. We selected it for the floor plans and the price.

This team is amazing!

We could not have been treated
better! Everyone from our advisor
to our wonderful coordinator
Anne answered all our questions
and concerns, returned phone calls
promptly and made our transition
very easy. I love this group!

Lincoln Heights

Mother has now been in Lincoln Heights for about 5 months. Before I moved her in there I gave the director Boyd moms Long Term Care Policy (a copy) . They were checking on it and what they paid IF she went into the asst. living part, after rehab. Well she went int Asst. Living around mid Dec. close to the end and we were told many times not to worry moms LTC would pay up tp 125.00 a day and that it what it costs. Well we ended up moving her into a room that was 1000.00 a month cheaper. They rushed us in there said her deposit or the 1000.00 community fee would hold it then all of a sudden we had to rush her in there. I think it was because xmas was soon and they didnt want to mess with it. So we got her in there and for the last 2 months we keep getting these threating letters (past due) from L.H. and 150.00 late fee they had not gotten their money. Last bill $10,4??.??. Come to find out someone had misplaced her file or her policy and they L.H. never followed thru because they couldnt find the paper work when all along in person they told us they were working on it!! They asked me if mom could pay the bill and LTC would pay her back . Well as far as Im concerned they made the mistake what ever they will amit to and it is not my mother fault and no she wont pay them because then she has to go thru all sorts of stuff to get it back. My sugestion is L.H. can pay the bill and mother's LTC can pay them back. They must be doing something right now because all these forms are coming now from mom's Long Term Care. I think you all should know this also Boyd is no longer there. I was always told at work and I think it is perfect for this. Your company is only as strong as it's weakest link. Also moms not to happy with the food. The desserts are Great but the main meals most the time I would not even eat. But I do understand everyone gets used to the way they cook and you cant please everyone.

A nice community

This is a nice place, overall. It is clean, looks nice, and the staff have all been friendly. They provide a good variety of activities, and while the price is high, it seems to be competitive with others in the area.

Really bad fit for people with high care needs

I dont want to say poo poo Emeritus completely but they weren't able to handle our situation. My step dad could never get out of rehab and they basically were not taking care of him there. He was somebody that needed a lot of care, our private caregiver was the one who would notice that things would be wrong and would call the hospital, not the people at Emeritus.
For people with a lot of dementia [removed] even though I thought this was not going to be hard for mother to move in this place, so she was disoriented, she couldn't find her room and was always so lost, it was like a maze in there. For people who don't need a lot of care or aren't too bad with their memory then this would probably be alright for them but our solution has been to have him live with our caregiver and this is the first time we've finally gotten a break.

Amazing Everyday Staff

My mother-in-law moved from the assisted living here to the skilled nursing. It's one big building, just different wings and different staff. They are really good with the activities!

I haven't been really happy with the responsiveness of the doctors that are associated with the facility but I find that the young men and women who do the everyday contact with the patients are amazingly awesome! They are lovely and caring people. Sometimes my mother-in-law complains about the staff and even though we visit everyday it's hard to know which complaints to address and which ones are just her having a bad day and forgetting things.

Very nice and helpful. Send...

Very nice and helpful. Sending a nurse over to see what help dad would need and will get back with me.

Did not like, smelled

Did not like, smelled

Very nice facility.

Very nice facility.

We visited on 10/14 and really liked ...

We visited on 10/14 and really liked it. We have scheduled a visit and lunch with director.

Great place. Lots of options.

Great place. Lots of options.

She is interested. They can get ligh...

She is interested. They can get lighter color carpet.

beautiful place and area around quarry

beautiful place and area around quarry

From the Community

Brookdale Alamo Heights provides assisted living in an apartment-style setting that offers the simple pleasures - nutritious food, comfortable surroundings, and the support of a warm, caring and competent staff. Our Skilled Nursing Center emphasizes resident care and dignity in private or shared accommodations. We offer a variety of nursing care and support services including 24-hour skilled nursing care, post hospital and post surgical care, rehabilitation, restorative care, coordination of physician and pharmacy services and family counseling. A Short Stay or Respite Program for seniors who need short-term care may also be available. It is the ideal alternative for recuperating after a hospital stay, while family caregivers are on vacation or if you just want to try out assisted living. Please call for more information or to schedule a visit to find out how Brookdale at Lincoln Heights can enrich your life or the life of a loved one.