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Customer Reviews

Western Hill NH where death meets you at the door

These people nearly killed my mom!
She was sent there without my OK, from Good Sam Hospital for rehab for a broken leg. The break was actually at the ankle but still labeled broken leg.
Mom was off all pain meds before being transferred there.
Upon arrival I was shocked at how dismal the conditions of this place were. Dim lighting, filth everywhere, tiny rooms that do Not accommodate wheel chairs, walkers etc.
The staff was nice until you questioned them or needed something, at that point their evilness reared its ugly head.
I was apparent mom was drugged from the moment of arrival and never once saw a doctor. When I asked about moms sudden confusion, inability to walk or get to the bathroom and not eating I was met with silence.
I asked what drugs she was being given and was told it was none of my business that it was what the doctor ordered who had never even laid eyes on her!
Due to it being the Christmas holiday she was stuck there until I could get her moved. In the mean time she went into full blown delirium caused by overdoses of pain killers which she did not need!
I believe WH nursing home was trying to cover their abuse when they said she need a transfusion for low sodium, knowing I would jump at the chance to get her the hell out of there, which I did. I requested it be done at Good Sam hospital. Which turned into another nightmare due to the overdose of pain meds.
Mom broke her ankle on December 19, 2015 and did not arrive home until early March 2016.
Mom was physically mishandled, fed cold disgusting food not fit for a dog, drugged and neglected. She was left lying in wet and soiled diapers, personal hygiene was non existent as was patient comfort and care.
This review is just a glimpse of of all the horrific things that go on in this place. There is just not enough room here to give you all the ugly details.
My advice Western Hills NH is a place to send your worst enemy if you want them dead in a hurry.

HORRIBLE - Keep your loved ones away!

My mother came here for rehab and only stayed one day because of how horribly she was treated. They skipped her pain meds after a Total Knee Replacement saying they were 'out', took off her compression socks and would not put them back on (can cause blood clots) and would not help her to the bathroom even though she was not supposed to be walking on her own. This place is HORRIBLE. Staff is incompetent - when I walked in, no one asked if I needed help. Heard on nurse say that someone was choking and another replied 'why does this always happen when I'm going on break' and walked slowly in the direction of the emergency. They brought my mom meds and when she asked what they were - the nurse DIDN'T EVEN KNOW. Just awful - keep your loved one out of here!
If I could give it a 0, I would.

If you have an issue with how often you need to go to the bathroom. DONT GO HERE!!

My mother spent time here for rehab. The place could use upgrade. My mother has a condition that requires her to be assisted to the bathroom every few hours. Some of the aides were nasty and questioned her why she needed to go so often. At night they would wait till she went in her depends and leave her lay in it for hours. Then when they would show up they have left her in a wet bed and wouldn't redress her from the waste down.
My mother also came there with an UTI. I asked her to be checked, she was confused and was nauseated. It took two days to check her then two more days for them to start the antibiotic. I had to stay on top of everything going on there.
Questioned everything and got daily updates.
The outcome for her was a 3 out of 5 star.
Recently my mother required to have another stay, admissions there had everything arranged and I was literally in the car with her on my way there when I got a call saying the administrator did not want her there. Her excuse was she required to go to the bathroom to often and that especially that she had to go to the bathroom more than anyone at night.. I was told the administrator said my mother required one on one care. That's crazy.
There were days I personally would push the call button and it would take over an hour for someone to show up. As for bed alarms, my mothers would go off when she would just move in the bed. It would take 10 min for someone to show up.
Don't take your loved ones there even if it is because it's close to your home or work.
Currently I'm looking for a respectable place to take her.
Hopefully I won't have to micro manage her care at a different facility.

Small One Bedroom

The room was a very small one bedroom that would not even hold the furniture that my parents had, and they don't have a lot of furniture so that was going to be too small for them. Plus it cost more than another community.

From the Community

The Western Hills Retirement Village is based in Cincinnati, Ohio. This retirement community has operated for over two decades as a western Cincinnati care provider that emphasizes the importance of independence. The facility contains approximately 23 acres of wooded property. The facility's nursing services, while thorough, give residents enough freedom to fully direct their own schedules. The Western Hills Retirement Village's independent living amenities include a library, swimming pool, chapel, beauty shop, barber shop, highly adjustable meal plan, and scheduled transportation.