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  • Minimum Age of Accepted Residents
  • Activities Onsite
  • Devotional Services Available
  • Indoor Common Areas
  • Meals Provided
  • Aging in Place
  • Nurses on Staff
  • Podiatrist Available
  • Physical Therapy Available
  • Occupational Therapy Available
  • Speech Therapy Available
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Activities Offsite
  • Outdoor Common Areas
  • Beauty & Barber Services
  • Pets Allowed
  • No Smoking Allowed in Private Areas Indoors
  • No Smoking Allowed in Public Areas Indoors
  • Hospice Available
  • Respite Available
  • Resident Parking Available
  • Male Residents Accepted
  • Female Residents Only
  • Doctor on Call
  • Dentist Available

Customer Reviews

Not quite what I was looking for.

Shawn Torrey

Local Representative

Thank you for taking the time to write this review. My name is Shawn, and I work at the Milestone Support Center. We are sorry to hear that this community is not quite what you were looking for. We will always be available as a resource if you need it. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out either through Facebook message or phone. Thank you again, and have a great rest of your day. Shawn - Digital Marketing

The Wentworth at Draper

My father is staying at The Wentworth. I find that overall, the people that work there are very nice, and they do make an effort to address concerns and questions that anyone has. I do wish that they communicated better amongst themselves. The staff tends not to work very well together because they have communication issues. My father says he doesn’t like to food, but it seems find to me, and I’ve never had an issue with the cleanliness of the community. They do have activities in the community, and they’re posted each day on a board so the residents can see. They have things like games, puzzles, and live music, and my dad really enjoys the excursions they take. Overall, The Wentworth has been a good experience for my father.

Just not for Mom

I toured this community with my mom and it just wasn’t for her. There was nothing wrong with it the rooms were set up nicely and it was clean. The staff answered all my questions. But mom said it felt like a hospital she is still active and the people there were just sitting around in wheelchairs and she didn’t feel like it was the right fit and so we chose a different community.

Comfortable Care!!

I have no complaints about how things went for my loved while he had his respite stay at this community. The staff where very kind to him and made sure to answer any questions that he had in detail. He had no problems with the activities and enjoyed participating in the activities from time to time with the other residents. We will make sure to use this place next time we need a place for dad to stay.

a home for care

I toured this community for my mom's care. She did not want this community due to the same feeling of a nursing home. The community had a small odor, but it was nice besides that small issue. This is a nice community with a nice feeling. I would recommend this community for other families with a good value.

This community is fine for her needs

My sister is staying here for a short respite stay and things are going ok. I was not impressed with the respite room she was first given as it did not have a television a phone or a lot of furnishings. They did bring in a television after a few days. I do not feel they offer a lot of activities. The food seems to be a lot of carbohydrates and not a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. This community does accept medicaid.

I really liked Wentworth. It is closer to my house than the other one.

My Mom has been at Wentworth 2 months now and we are very pleased with her care. The staff is amazing and very friendly and caring. The food is excellent, and you have several choices at each meal. Within a week of checking my Mom into this facility every single staff member came and introduced themselves to me. I visit my Mom every day and the staff greets me every day. The med techs and CNA's are cheerful and always give my Mom a hug and take time to visit with her. THey are pet friendly and my Mom is thrilled she gets to have her dog with her. This is a wonderful facility, very clean, and welcoming.

The staff are nice but overworked!

Wentworth at Draper is a clean and nice community. The food is ok and mom liked to participate in some of the activities offered. My mom and I did not have a good experience in this place. I found out they were not giving her medication and did not notify anyone that she ran out of one of them over a weekend. They acted like it was not big deal that she did not receive it. I do not think there is a good CNA to patient ratio. My mom had to go into the hospital and she will not be returning to this community.

I feel like the people really care about the residents. I rarely say anything is five star, but the staff's attention has been amazing.

Some Good Things Some Bad Things

Our experience with Wentworth was a short one but it was an okay. The community did look really nice and the up keep of everything was well kept very clean. Food here was bland, but with the different diets they have to cook for that understandable. The staff wasn't to bad to deal with they was pretty good. The community was kind like a assembly line place, I wasn't to happy with the fact we had to supply a lot of her things she was gonna need such as towels and bath aid's I would think they would had supplied those things. So there was some good thing and bad things about this community.


You can tell the moment that you walk into this community that everyone that works there is there for the right reasons. You can tell that they really love and care for the residents which gives is a home feeling.

When you walk in you see staff hugging residents and taking time to really connect with them. I definitely believe that The Wentworth is a rare gem and that is because of the love and care that is given by staff.

Great facility

A transition to an assisted living facility is difficult, at best, but from the beginning I’ve felt The Wentworth to be my home. Everyone here has been thoughtful, helpful and caring.

I feel that the CNA’s take their jobs seriously and are accommodating. The Med Techs are very careful in dispensing the medication. Mike handles the business end and although he manages the entire facility, he is friendly and makes himself available to all.

The secretaries on staff are efficient and help the residents in many ways.

The nurse on staff, Loretta, and her staff are caring and do their jobs well.

I personally think the food staff does a good job with what they have; but I feel that this is an area that needs a little more help money wise. Those of us who love to eat would like fresh vegetables and meats.

I’m especially delighted with the activities directors, Monica and Kourtnee. They are caring, love their jobs, do them well and love the residents.

I would not hesitate to recommend The Wentworth to anyone who would like to live with an efficient and caring staff.

My overall opinion is that this is an exceptional facility.


I stayed at another facility prior to coming to The Wentworth and I had many problems at that facility. Since coming here it's like I've found paradise! The spirit here is a healing spirit and the staff and people here are very kind. The staff wants you to do well here and it shows in all that they do. Everyone really wants to provide a first class healing environment. I feel very much at peace here, which allows me to relax and heal. The dining room staff provides excellent meals that are very tasty and pleasing to eat and they really care about what they're doing in there. This is a critical component since food is essential to our well being. I can't believe my good fortune to find a place like this that cares so much about me.

Don't bother. Take your loved one somewhere else.

It seems to me that my loved one is often misunderstood and ignored when she can't be understood. For many staff members, English is not their first language and it shows. I constantly hear employees speaking Spanish to each other. I don't understand how you can properly care for someone if you cannot communicate with them. I have spoken to management about this, but nothing changes. I have nothing against the language or culture, but it just seems insane to hire people who don't understand me when I talk to them and it makes me wonder how they can talk to and understand the residents that live there. It seems like the building is always working short staffed. It is expensive for nursing care where ever you go, but it isn't fair to my loved one to miss out on care because there aren't enough workers. We will be moving our family member out soon because we want her to have better care.

Nice place

Our experience with Wentworth at Draper has been a good one, overall! The people here are friendly, and the facility is always clean and well kept. We're entirely satisfied with the service!

dad is happy

Very happy with the Wentworth. Very clean, great care and customer service. I'm happy with my choice. Dad enjoys the food and activities and is happy there.

Took mom on a Wendover Trip!

Very warm, clean community. Feels like home! The administrator and some of the staff even took my mom on a Wendover trip! This was something she has been saying that's she wanted to do for years...above and beyond customer service!!

Great management but issues with a staff member!

The management team at the Wentworth at Draper is great. We had a slight situation with one of the nurses, but we addressed it and hopefully its been taken care. They provide good size units for their permanent residents, which is why we had chosen the place to begin with. We ended up removing my dad for other reason and now, he is closer to home and we can visit him more frequently.

After the first night

Other than the first night, we had an overall good experience. The night of our arrival, the staff was not expecting us, they were a bit rude. The bruised her arm and scared my mother. I did bring this up to the management and they did try to take care of the problem. The rude staff are still there, but the other staff are nice and the community is clean. There was some confusion on who was taking care of her, but it got worked out. The people were trying to work with me. Mom has passed since then and I was still expected to pay for the last two weeks afterward.

Very nice place, very friendly people!

We're very pleased with how things have gone at Wentworth at Draper! Our loved one seems to be having the time of her life! Everyone here is very friendly, both the staff and the other residents, and Mom really seems to be enjoying having so many people around. she is never alone. Mom's roommate is actually quite a bit older than her, and she seems to enjoy being able to look out and be there for her roommate as well!

Stay away from this place. Honestly, I don't recommend it to anyone. My loved one was there at the Wentworth for five months. At first the administration is really nice to you and they tell you and convince you that your loved one will be treated well as a member of their family. Well, this wasn't the case. Our loved one was mistreated. We used to find her crying and we would wonder what happened but they would tell us all the time that she didn't want to cooperate and that she was difficult. Although we never had any behavior issues with her in the past at first we tried to talk to our loved one about how she should behave and explained to her their guidelines. I used to visit my loved one every day. I spent 1-2 hours each day at the Wentworth and the things I saw was not acceptable. They are under staffed and the residents don't have the care they are promised. The people who work there try to do their job the best way they can. On the other hand there other people there that if they decide they don't like your loved one, they will not help them at all or they would find any excuse not to help them. My loved one had been recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's and during the time she was at the Wentworth she was still able to do things on her own and was able to communicate. As time went by she declined a little and became incontinent. The CNA's started to complain about it. This was all new to us dealing with Alzheimer's and the stages that she was moving into. The Wentworth made it seem that her symptoms were not part of her disease. We even started to feel bad to the point that we had to clean the bathroom ourselves when our loved one had an accident. Teresa, one of the CNAs was horrible to our loved one and mistreated her numerous times and I saw her many times being rude to other residents there as well. Our loved one was moved to memory care without our consent or without letting us know of their decision. No one was in town to find out why she was being moved, the administration (Betty Anne) just called us and told us they were moving her to the memory care unit, The Stratford. They told us that at the assisted living they couldn't handle incontinence. While our loved one was in memory care she was very unhappy. During the summer it was 85 degrees inside the facility. I complaint to Mike (new director) but he didn't do anything about it. The rooms were dirty all the time with feces on the floor and toilet seat. Again we had to do the cleaning. The CNA's there were mean to our loved one except for a couple, like Judy, she was the only one who cared. Karina was so mean and heartless to my loved one. I don't know what she's working in that field. If you're wondering why we lasted seven months there, it's because we were on the waiting list on another facilities and were just waiting. BEWARE!! Don't take your loved one there. It's a HORRIBLE place!


I stayed at another facility prior to coming to The Wentworth and I had many problems at that facility. Since coming here it's like I've found paradise! The spirit here is a healing spirit and the staff and people here are very kind. The staff wants you to do well here and it shows in all that they do. Everyone really wants to provide a first class healing environment. I feel very much at peace here, which allows me to relax and heal. The dining room staff provides excellent meals that are very tasty and pleasing to eat and they really care about what they're doing in there. This is a critical component since food is essential to our well being. I can't believe my good fortune to find a place like this that cares so much about me.

simply amazing!

The people at Wentworth have been simply amazing! Leighan has been really incredible, super friendly, and helping us through the whole process. Loretta, the nurse, has been equally as helpful. Everyone there is super welcoming and very friendly.

Overall it was a good experience.

I went unannounced for the first visit to see how things looked with an unexpected visit. Nobody was around to show us around the community. We set a visit for the following Monday. They took us on the tour and showed us around. We went to the assisted living portion first, which was a separate building, we liked that. Next we went to look at the memory care portion which was also found in a separate building. I liked how the semi private rooms were set up. They had a wall in them separating the residents versus the typical curtain found in some places. There was a personal walk in closet and I liked that she have been able to bring in to bring her own furniture. I liked the cleanliness of the community. The value was just about average price for that kind of community. The woman who took us around was very nice and friendly and was able to answer questions. Overall it was a good experience.

Location a little too far f...

Location a little too far for mom to drive. A little worn, but beautiful & clean home, nice entry way with inviting fireplace and comfortable furniture. Residents we spoke with are happy. Too many charges according to level of care; would be priced out.

They’re a great place unless you’re elderly person has any specific health.

They’re a great place unless you’re elderly person has any specific health. We are no longer at this community. I love the new community that my mom is at. The staff was friendly though and it was clean a good value.

They were good at the beginning, but they weren't able to handle her needs.

They were good at the beginning, but they weren't able to handle her needs. The majority of the staff was wonderful. One of the employees told someone who came to help my loved one, that they didn't like her, because she was too difficult. That was so unprofessional. They don't like when we visit too frequently. I have witnessed them telling families that they can't have a camera in the rooms. I think they like when people drop their loved one off and never return or only come once a month. That's how they make us feel. Our loved one doesn't want to push the call button. They had good activities, it wasn't all bad. They were clean.

They did a really good job. I thought they were very personable.

They did a really good job. I thought they were very personable. The people were friendly and it was very clean. They did a wonderful job, for respite. The only reason we didn't go with them for long term is that they were a little more expensive.

too crowded

too crowded

Very Pleased

We have been very pleased. When we went in, everyone was so nice. We checked out another place that was nearly twice as much so the value, for what my mother could afford, was very nice.

We felt very comfortable placing her there.

I loved this place they were very att...

I loved this place they were very attentive had everything on site it was great.

From the Community

Located in historic Draper, Utah, The Wentworth at Draper is Draper's Premier Assisted Living & Memory Care Community. We are an SMC Community (Senior Management Concepts, with a 30-year history of service for Senior Care Communities in Utah). We are dedicated to serving Seniors and individuals with special needs in our Community. We offer exceptional care with an outstanding, highly trained team, in a safe, secure and supportive environment, with all the amenities of a cozy, elegant, comfortable home. We opened in 2002, with 80 apartments, studios our specialty: 1) Assisted Living - 51 apts., and, 2) Memory Care - 29 apts. Peace of mind. It's here.

Our Memory Care services are designed for Assisted Living Residents who need assistance with orientation and supervision, as well as a 24-hour secured environment, due to memory loss, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. We develop our programs and activities to provide: opportunities for lifelong learning and growth in an atmosphere of safety which is conducive to "aging in place." Our programs focus on nurturing residents to help them reach their maximum potential for personal growth, throughout their lives. Our team members are supportive and sensitive to safety, security, privacy, dignity and individual independence for our Residents. At the entrance to both of our buildings, we have posted a sign, “Through these doors pass the finest people in the world: Our Residents, Family Members, Guests, and our Associates/Team Members.”