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  • Homecare Onsite

Customer Reviews

Village on the Park Deterioration

My mom has lived here for 3 months and is now moving out. She has bugs and little worms in her room and the water flow when she takes a shower is a serious issue. The kitchen is minute and antiquated in all of the apartments - she had to bring your own microwave and it takes up the little bit of counter space that is available. Her apartment is very small and they showed her a larger place, which they said cost ~$5000/month, and it was truly the most disgusting apartment that we have ever seen with no rhyme nor reason to the rooms. Her new place will hang her TV for free, here they refused and she had to pay Geek Squad $100 to hang it. Also, her new place has already installed 2 cable hookups; whereas here she had to pay $100 for a cable hookup, and then another $100 for a phone hookup. They are fleecing her and will not return a prorated for the community fee of $3000 and are insisting on 60 days notice although their service to her has been abominable. Also, she says the food is slop.

Worst of all, many on the staff have shown very poor and inconsiderate behavior towards her. She was treated so abysmally during a class that she will not take any more classes there. When mentioned to management they blamed her and never even thought to apologize. When she signed up for a bus at 4:00 (confirmed by me), the bus left at 3:00 without her, and she was looking forward to the trip all day. Yet again, they blamed her and no one even apologized. I really wish that we had never brought my mom to this place, and I hear many other residents are also leaving because of the conditions. The good news is that she appreciates the medical driver and her friends there.

Tour was Nice Overall

We had a good experience during our tour of this community. It is a nice looking community. From what we saw everything was clean. The staff was polite, and informative. My questions were answered. Our tour went well overall.

This is a lovely place, with many amenities and large apartments; however, the wait time for an apartment can be years.


My mom is a very active 86 year old that recently stopped driving. Village on the Park is WONDERFUL and has exceeded all our expectations. We are so glad we found this community.

Positive Experience

This a very positive community and our experiences so far has been good. This is a good community it is nice and very clean everything looks nice. They have a very good staff here they have been very friendly and helpful. My mother is getting involved in some of the activities they do offer good activities.They serve a well balanced meal and It has been a positive experience for us and things are working out well.

Good place, bad customer relations

After trying to turn in an intent to vacate notice due to medical issues we we coerced into not doing so at the urging of the director who wanted to make it abundantly clear that if the 60 day notice was turned in and his new living arrangement was not ready he'd still have to move. This was threating to say the least thinking that there would be no place to go.
Out of fear I waited until I had a date certain and despite my loved ones absence from VOP (in a nursing home for rehab) I finally got to turn in the notice. When we moved IN it was a message of take the apt when avail. or we'll go to the next person on the list (or you can pay the rent to hold it). I was also told it took them 2 weeks to turn over an apartment. When we got ours, someone died and we were asked within 2 weeks of them vacating to take the apt or we'd loose it. Now,,, after knowing of our intent to vacate for some time(all summer), we are told we have to pay the full 60 day notice period (per the lease) and that the poor guy moving in can't move in util November because of his notice period. I'm sure when we officially gave the 60 day notice that they told the next day a 60 day out date. I think these folks play both sides. It is frustrating to be coerced in this way... To turn in the notice and then be stuck. My feeling is they were flexible with the next resident in a way not provided me when I moved in. This is poor treatment of a resident who notified VOP very early that not only would his doctor not sign off (as required) on independent living but he was in the hospital most of the summer. Shame on you VOP, if your waiting list is that strong, I'm not sure why your not consistent in the working of the list. Even if it took you a month to flip the place, you could have been more compassionate and let us out in 30 or 45 days. Again, we had been telling them all summer of the situation, I wish I knew what they had to gain by waking us on both ends. VOP is a nice place. A heavy non-refundable entry fee seems the norm and it really should cover for any I convince on you in our situation. Having lived there just a've made your fair share of profit.
coercion is not a good business practice.

Nice place, buyer beware of the specifics

Buyer beware. They say they have onsite home health care company but at first call when we need it we were told they are no longer located on-site. There is a team of caregivers working there privately who mean well but take on far too many clients. Just beware
This is probably the better of the independent facilities in terms a cleanliness and dining flexibility. This is very important and the grounds are well maintained. One of the nicer places around.
Laundry facilities are abundant and clean with seating avail. And bath rooms in the hallway are helpful to residents. A very thoughtful design.
Weekly housekeeping, not so good. Very light cleaning includes vacuuming carpet, cleaning bathroom to some degree, and washing sheets and towels. No dusting or other incidental cleanup. I always had to do a monthly cleaning of the bath, dusting, wiping soiled cabinets if needed etc. Seems it would not be that hard for a wipe or two extra if there is a soiled light switch or something like that. I would say it is light cleaning and light means really light. You'll need a caregiver to make up for that if your lived one can't. Not good or bad, just buyer beware.
Kitchen is nice but my guess is that while you'll want that stove, you'll never use it. :-). Mini fridge is a nice size and there are plenty of cabinets.
Transportation is only "scheduled". In other words, you get on the bus when the bus is scheduled to make trips on certain days to banks or grocery or big box stores. Dr. Visit rides are only on Mon and Thursday's only, so if your doc is not available on one of those 2 weekdays your out of luck. We were never able to schedule a special ride anywhere even though they offer that, theoretically, you have to go down on a certain morning and talk to the driver to see if he would have time and in general that is not going to happen. Again, most of the places work this way... But you should know it's not like your able to get a taxi type ride on occasion from here. (even for a fee) When I inquired about a recommendation for a car service I was told they did not have one to give me except to call a taxi. okay.

We have to move for purely medical reasons and the management have not been good to work with at all, which is perplexing given the waiting list and requirements to be medically fit. They press you take an apartment and pay even though you need a week or two more to make the move.. They will say take it now or you'll be next on the list for an apartment ("there is a waiting list and if you don't take it the day it is available you'll loose it"). Well, when you move out they tell just the opposite for the next client moving in. They tell you that, well, the next client can't move in just yet so you'll need to pay the full notice period which is 60 days. it takes then 2 weeks to flip and apt. and to be generous say 30 days so at lease meet a resident 1/2 way. All in all ,I see why they are not flexible with move in as they can't have people delaying and delaying. But on a medically required move out...with the same waiting list...they've been totally inflexible with the notice period. While on several tours, they said they were flexible with death and medical conditions that cause you to have to move. They also have a new lease renewal requirement that a dr sign off on your ability to live independently but they don't at all seem too interested in actually getting it.

Don't believe the salesmenship. We were also told, on our tours, that the owner would be putting an assisted living facility behind the current facility and would be breaking ground a few months after we moved in. I contacted the owner after moving in and they said nope, we are not planning that.
Buyer beware, there is not really a fitness center. When we first moved in there were 4 stationary bikes in the large community/activity room accessible if nothing else was going on in there and they were not so good working condition most of the time. Our bad, we never asked to see the fitness center when on tour. The 4 stationary bikes have been moved to a small room and this is called the fitness center now.

Just buyer beware, friendly is only friendly for certain aspects of your stay there.
If you would like to discuss our experience further, you can contact my email acct.

It's a very nice facility. I don't have any concerns.

So far it's been good. The people are friendly. She thinks the food is okay so far, but I do hear some of the residents that have been here longer, grumble from time to time. It's a very nice facility. I don't have any concerns. They don't offer care here, but you can bring care in. A lot is included, housekeeping, and some transportation, among other things.

Very satisfied

My parent has lived here for 2 years. A recent fall was responded to within minutes and an ambulance summoned while office staff was providing care. Everyone watches out for each other and I could not be happier with this place. One of the reviewers said they could not get over the hotel look of the hallways, but they are constructed with the residents safety in mind. They are wide to accommodate walkers, and many residents utilize the hallway railings to assist their balance when walking on their own.

Overall it's a great place

Out of all the communities we toured, this was relatively the best one, and the number one choice Mom wants to move to when the time comes to do so. It was very clean, and the staff was very friendly and genuine. Mom has good judgement of character, and can tell if people are putting on an act for sales purposes. The people which we interacted with, were very comfortable, and a pleasure to be with. It was a little more than what we were expecting for cost, but very comparable to other pricing options in communities we toured in the surrounding area. Home Care is offered onsite to assist with continuing care when needed. They come to the community seamlessly which was a plus when it came to making a decision. They offer more activities than mom needs, but they use the low key approach so as not to pressure residents to partake in the activities. Overall it's a great place, and mom wants to move in when the time is right to do so.

It's working out pretty well so far.

It's working out pretty well so far. Someone comes and cleans the room from time to time. She has gotten used to how meals and things work. I like the fact that they have food and snacks available from 7 to 7, all day.

Poor odor, people apparentl...

Poor odor, people apparently had been sick or had accidents and had not been properly cleaned up afterwords. I could never eat in a place like that!

It's a good place, they keep it clean and the staff is friendly.

It's a good place, they keep it clean and the staff is friendly. It's a big place and things aren't always done as quickly as I would like. The food is good but there are days they are having something he doesn't like. I would like to see little maintenance repairs tended to a little quicker.

We were very impressed with...

We were very impressed with the environment of this facility and the large spacious apartments compared to others we have seen. We are currently wait-listed for this independent living facility.

It's an awesome place, she absolutely loves it!

It's an awesome place, she absolutely loves it! The staff is great and they have a ton of activities. It's not the least expensive but it's not the most expensive either. The food is great, we can't say a bad thing about them.

Tour of Village at the Park

I toured this facility twice, and I was impressed both times with the facility's location, grounds, amenities, senior activities, food, cleanliness, and the price. I placed a deposit on an apartment during my last visit.

I am looking forward to moving into the Village at the Park.

A Great Place with Lovely People

I loved it there. That was a great facility but it was expensive. It was in a convenient location for me and the marketing director was just delightful. I couldn't afford a one bedroom but they had a lovely studio apartment. It was just lovely and the gardens were nice. I could walk out on the patio. This was my second choice and I really wanted to go there but the price was too much. The marketing director told me I might qualify for veteran's benefits but when I looked into it I found out I am not eligible so I just couldn't afford to go there.

I really liked it though. You could eat at anytime of the day and you didn't have to sit at the same table all the time. You could sit wherever you wanted to. They had a wonderful salad bar all the time and all kinds of acitivites. They had a chapel which I really liked.

Nice Independent Living

This was independent living and it was a very nice place but my mom needs more care than they could give her - because it's independent living - so they couldn't take her.

I found the best place here

It's wonderful, the meals are good, they provide all the meals if you wish them. We're all having a little trouble getting the salt regulated, some people want more, some people want less and there are some things I don't like but you could say the same at any restaurant you go to. The variety is very nice, they rotate the menu every several weeks and they have an a la carte which you can order from any time of day if you don't like the specials. It's very nciely done and the people are very friendly and very responsive to suggestions.
There are some folks that need some assistance and the individual hires someone to get them their medicine or get them to where they need to go if there's somethign they can't provide. I do hear that they plan to add another wing on in the back for assisted living so you don't need to leave. They've got a great maintenence guy, when I was walking through my apartment I saw one little thing and he was there in mminutes to fix it.

This is a great place in a ...

This is a great place in a lovely setting; also nice to be so close to a hospital facility. The dining area was most impressive and the apt we viewed was very nice but small. Also, I just couldn't get past the 'motel' feeling of the hallways and it's distance from my healthcare providers was also a consideration. This would be my second choice.

More Healthy Food Please!

I like it here. They only thing I don't like is that they don't serve what I consider to be heathly food. I"m on a cardiac diet and they have too much in the way of rich graveys and things like that that I can't have so my meal choice is somewhat limited.

There are plenty of activities. They have moving and bingo and lots of things going on all the time.

This place is a winner. Residents can...

This place is a winner. Residents can't stop talking about how they love it there. Offers more activities and meals all day long, up to 3 meals a day.

Excellent but pricey.

Excellent but pricey.

Looks very promising.

Looks very promising.

great place

great place

Very friendly staff. This was an ama...

Very friendly staff. This was an amazing facility for people looking to retire, but didn't have any medical services on site. This was strictly independent living with an excellent cafeteria and social activities.

From the Community

Embark on the best years of your life at Village on the Park. Enjoy active senior living at its finest and discover our LOVE, FUN and WOW! Our convenient location on 528 in the heart of Friendswood is within easy reach from Dickinson, League City and NASA Bay.

Imagine a cruise ship on land, where you can live worry free and experience an exciting lifestyle including a great social calendar, 3 delicious meals a day with a variety of desserts, housekeeping, limousine service, maintenance, and 24 hour staffing. Excellence is our standard and we strive to WOW our residents, each and every day. We offer you the peace of mind knowing you would be enjoying this wonderful lifestyle within a safe, beautiful and most importantly, fun environment.

You've got a lot of living to do; why not live your life the way YOU want in a community designed just for you? From exceptional, continuous dining, to social events galore, Village on the Park can provide you with all you need to live a great life. Our residents are truly the captains of their "Cruise Ship on Land!"