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Review of Heartis Clear Lake

Excellent food, washer and dryer in every appt. Excellent air conditioning (controlled in each appt), movies 2 times a week, trips, even to a castle in Texas, visits by a kangaroo, lemurs, and kinkajou

Review of Heartis Clear Lake

The living accommodations are good. Management does not follow through with what they say they will do. Cable TV is BAD - cannot even record programs. Food has improved but love way to go. Meals need to be planned in advance by a nutritionist - yesterday: chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, corn and a rolL!! Really??! The quality of all beef is poor. Chicken wings are NOT a meal.

Review of Heartis Senior Living

Many options for shopping

A Sense of Community

Amazing community! We have been treated like family here! It was important to us to find a place where not only was it going to be a new home for my parents, but for us as well. We needed that sense of community and Heartis provides it to us every time we walk through the doors. I never worry about my loved ones because I know that they are well taken care of by kind, caring people. The food is delicious and nutritious and the place is always clean. Hiccups and issues will arise with aging parents, but I have less stress over them because of Heartis. Thank You!

Heartis is my 1st choice !! 😃👍

This place is new , clean , friendly, and convenient to medical hospitals. When I toured here the staff was very friendly. The food was great and the menu sounded delicious for the week.. They had a full monthly calendar of activities that everyone could stay busy if they wanted to. This place also has special events. Crawfish boils, bbq's , Mardi Gras decor , etc. sounds like an active place that I would enjoy. Heartis beat out all the other places I have visited. And- my neighbors mother lives here and "loves it ".

Beautiful, affordable, and active!

This is the most beautiful assisted living I have ever seen! My parents are looking at assisted livings in the case they may need it. They do not need memory care, however this is am amazing memory care with an indoor "main street". They also have a different building with gorgeous independent apartments. We had lunch several times and the food was delicious. The chef comes out and introduces herself and talks to all the residents during the meal. My parents have neighbors who has a parent living there. They and their mom are very happy and love the activities, food, and staff. We have visited during family and friends events and it's definitely a place my parents are interested in calling home when the time comes. The cost is affordable and the location is close to me and easy access.

Welcoming place to call home.

Our neighbor's mom lives here and my wife and I have visited several times. As a senior myself, I must say this is just the kind of place I would like to live if I needed assisted living. They have activities to choose from all day long. Chair volleyball is fun to watch if you don't want to play!
They also have independent apartments in another building which are very beautiful. We have been to eat lunch several times as well as attended the family and friends events. Boy, can they put on a nice spread! The food is amazing as well as the hospitality. I have never met a nicer group of kind and welcoming people. Our neighbor's mom is very happy there and her children are very happy too.

Was good at first..,

Family member has lived in Assisted Living since they first opened. Was nice then with good food and caregiving. Not the case now. Food is spotty, and they claim they have items every day like grilled cheese, hamburgers etc. along with the scheduled food. Yeah try to get one. The food staff is uncooperative. The housekeeping is weekly and poor, they never vacuum under the beds. The smart aleck maintenance guy won’t fix anything.

Some very good caregivers but the weekend people are horrible. Rude and rough. The nurses are nice but overall seem to lack experience. Activities director is friendly. The girls at the reception are wonderful.

They had a windfall when Harvey hit and this building didn’t flood when others in the area did. So it promptly filled up - and then they jacked up the rates. These people remind me of used car people. Big smiles upfront and no service after the sale.

Great customer service

I truly believe that the concierge by the name of [Name removed] deserves alot of credit for going above and beyond his job title. He's always willing to help any of us at any time and we greatly appreciate that, continue to do a great job.

Beautiful but only 4 residents

I toured this facility while looking for a place for my Mother. It’s a brand new facility and absolutely beautiful. They only have 1 staff member and 4 residents at the time. It just felt really big and empty. I’m sure when people move in it will feel warmer. They had a lot of activities like a movie theater, ice cream shop, and the men even have a shop to use tools in. I would recommend this facility to other families.

Large facility but just wasn't what we wanted

I toured this facility while looking for a place for my friend. It is a brand new facility and it looks extremely nice. When you walk into the building it is very large and it has no odor like you would come to expect. The marketing director who gave us the tour was knowledgeable and gave clear answers. However, this facility just wasn’t what my friend needed. I would recommend this community to other families.

My sister is settling in

My sister had to be placed here because of hurricane Harvey. So it was a quick decision. And it is a new building so some kinks are still being worked out. The activity director hasn't been able to hire an assistant yet so they don't have a lot of hands on activities going on. They need to beef up the activities this is important for my sister. They have a lunch out every other Wednesday. The quality of the food varies and there is no choices which my sister don't like. It is built around the courtyard so they can go out and be safe. The caregivers are on a lot of rotation so she doesn't really know them. They do have a wonderful Happy Hour daily.

I like living here

I live in the independant living here I have a 1 bedroom apartment and with a nice balcony. The staff is friendly and helpful. They provide breakfast and either lunch or dinner the food is good sometimes and sometimes not. They do have 4 choices to choose from. Housekeeping keeps it clean and they come 1x a week to clean my apartment. They do engage me to join the daily activities. They also have a bus that will take you shopping or to a doctor's appointment. I would recommend this community.

Overall very positive

While we were trying to look at various options for my loved one, A Place for Mom has been a great help. This place seemed to be the best fit for my loved one and our family because of the convenience of the location. The staff team is very attentive, they meet their needs, they check up on her regularly, they listen to us, and I believe my loved one is doing much better after she moved in. She has been adjusting well and doing better physically and emotionally. I appreciate all the assistance from the staff from administering her medications, taking on her emotional and physical heath, helping her being social by getting her out of her room, and overall it’s very positive.

Dad is happy here

So far my dad's experience has been very good. The staff is very friendly and the building is so nice. In the beginning there were problems with the food not being what was promised. The choices were very limited and what was being served was not good. Dining staffing was very short and orders were not correct and complete. A meeting was held for the residents regarding the issue and my dad said just yesterday it had improved very much. A very nice Thanksgiving dinner was planned for the residents and family members. It was a wonderful way for the residents to feel they could invite family members to dinner, something they do not get to do much once they move into senior living facilities. At this time we are pleased with The Heartis and thank you for recommending it as a choice for us.


A real bargain. For $3,080 per month I receive $5,000 aggravation.

Many of the residents are here for the convenience of their children who obviously have written the reviews or were forced from their homes by recent Harvey flooding.

The four-story building is lovely. The electric push-button front door has never been connected, the elevators do not have hand rails along sides (provided in back to meet code) sometimes are inoperable, food often not palatable and service is disorganized and time consuming.
Residents are comparatively passive and accept the many short comings rather than striving to garner improvement.

Mom is Happy!

It has been a good move for my mom to the Heartis Clearlake. They did an excellent job of taking care of the residents when they evacuated for the hurricane. They were very organized and we were very satisfied with how they handled the emergency situation. Mom really likes it there. It has a very warm and homey atmosphere. When you walk in it is very inviting with a fireplace in the lobby and cookies and refreshments available during the day. The staff is very friendly and easy to communicate with. They are easily available by phone or email to keep us informed when we are not there. It is in a convenient location for our family members to come and visit often. My sister and I have dined with mom there and if you don't like what is offered there are other choices. My mom really likes the meals that they serve. Everything is under one roof so you can get to the different activities without having to go outside to another building. They have a weekly social hour in the evening she enjoys attending. Her room opens up to a big courtyard where the chef will BBQ for the residents. The staff is good about going to the resident's doors and inviting them to get out and participate in the activities. They have a media room for movies or football games. I would definitely recommend this community to others.

Brand new

This community offers individual apartments that you are able to customize for the resident to make it feel more like home. They have an outdoor courtyard, barbeque, and a fire pit. This community is one floor. Mom likes the food and the staff are friendly and helpful. I would recommend this community.

Mom's Comfort

I like the community for the care for my mom. The staff is always attentive and friendly. She likes the menu of the meals with the good variety to choose from. They offer my mom alot of activities and church services. We would recommend the care and the value for a loved one to be happy in this community.

Closer to home

We toured this community and it had a nice atmosphere.We like the staff who were friendly and able to answer the questions that we had on the care that is offered. We liked the menu and the cleanliness of the community. The menu and the activities would have been offered. We wanted a community closer to our home but would recommend this community to other families for the care of a loved one.

New Changes For My Wife

I have moved my wife into this community and she has good care and I get good updates. She is a comfortable as could be. They have activities organized for all the residents to participate if they want to join.

Not a bad tour

What we were able to see of this new community was nice. When we toured the independent living section was not yet open. The marketing person did seem to be talking more to me and not my loved one. I did not like this as they are the one that is going to be living there so they should have been talking to them.

Staff goes above and beyond!

My loved one's stay at Heartis is going well! It is a nice place. My loved one loves her room. The staff is very friendly and try their hardest to satisfy the needs of the residents. In fact, when my loved one's door did not work, someone was up to fix it within five minutes! They also offer a wide variety of delicious meals! Highly recommended!

I would recommend taking a look at this community

This is a brand new community. The apartments that my mother in law would have lived in were not yet completed when we visited so we were not able to see them. This community was not in a good location for her. We did meet the manager and the maintenance person and they were both nice.

Need to be more professional.

I got to take a tour of this place. I really feel that the
people were unprofessional and did not know what was going on. I did not like the location of the community because it is right off the highway and right next to a railroad. They did answer all questions, but it just
didn't feel like the right place for me.