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Customer Reviews

Go somewhere else if you can

Only a few of the staff at this facility have a "working" knowledge of how to care for and treat with respect those who are residents or those who visit their loved ones there.
My mother was a resident there from 11-18-2013 through 01-05-2014 due to a minor stroke. She contracted a c-diff., short for clostridium difficile, after about a couple of weeks and the staff did not follow through on doctors’ orders to administer the antibiotic properly. My mom was refusing to take the medicine and was becoming dehydrated yet the staff did nothing to try to request the pills be crushed or to have an IV provided.
My mom started to become delusional due to the dehydration and I requested a psychiatric evaluation on 12-06-2013. The evaluation did not take place until 12-21-2013!!
When I finally got an IV for my mom’s dehydration ordered my mom was becoming combative and reluctant to take her medications. Meanwhile, the facility was trying to discharge my mom because she had “plateaued” on her Physical and Occupational Therapies. She plateaued because she was too weak to perform them because of her condition. I won one appeal from Medicare to delay the discharge but lost the second and she was to be discharged due to Medicare stopping payment and my Mom was to pay out of her pocket for care!
Once the IV was completed I was able to get my mom released so I could move her to a wonderful Board and Care facility, Simi Hills Home Care Center.

If you have options to go somewhere else that Victoria Care Center then please do so for the wellbeing of you and your loved one.