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Customer Reviews

A new home for Wilbur

My Father in Law's age, multiple health issues and distance from us required that a difficult decision had to be made. Together we decided he needed to be closer to us. After visiting several local assisted living facilities, we choose the Ventura Townhouse. Deciding factors included, closeness to family, a large diverse population, an attentive staff, expansive, well lite lobby and dining areas, large outside grounds for walking, easy to follow facility layout, beautiful views of the nearby ocean and affordable, well appointed apartments. He moved into a studio apt in the on [date removed]. We brought some furniture, framed pictures and other personal items from his home in Riverside county.
He, along with his daughter and myself, have made two more trips down make doctors appointments and retrieve additional personal items. Each trip has helped to ease his transition away from the home that he had shared with his wife, who passed away in 2013, for 21 of their 63 years together. He is to return next week for what will be his last visit to his PCP. We are in the process of selecting a new PCP in Ventura.
This was the first trip that he requested that he get back right away, because he is taking an excursion with a tour group from the Towne House to visit poppy fields near Lancaster, Next week he is to go to the Chumash Casino. He has made friends, enjoys meal time very much and seems genuinely happy for the first time in months.

Toured the facility on [date removed]. We noted that the lobby was open and bright, with lots of windows providing natural light and lots of comfortable seating. The garden area was well tended and offered extensive walking paths and seating options. The rooms are well laid-out and offer a full kitchen, with a mini-fridge and gas range. The tower rooms also all have a small balcony, with room for a couple of chairs and some plants. The upper floors, and the common areas on the top floor, have fantastic view of the ocean, Channel Islands, or Ventura hills.

The facility has nurses available until 6:00 PM seven days a week, with Certified Nursing Assistants and Medical Technicians available on site after hours. The facility also provides a twice-daily "health check" for each resident, where they make sure the resident is healthy and active.

I'll note that some of the floors could use fresh paint, and some of the carpets are showing wear. But they also have fresh flowers (orchids in particular) all around, and overall this feels like a lively, inviting place to live.

I love this place

The Ventura Townhouse memory care has an attentive caring and supportive staff.
My moms studio cottage is in a quaint setting. Her front door opens to the outdoors and her surroundings have many plants and trees which give it a home feel. I visit often and always feel welcome. When we walk around the property we are surrounded by tall pine trees and much lush green surroundings. The food is very good. Her laundry and room get cleaned daily.

Happy Living at Ventura Townhouse

We toured 5 facilities including The Townhouse. This was by far the best facility overall. A most loving place...staff are tremendous. The young dining room servers are wonderful. Food is consistently good and the dining room looks like a fine dining establishment. My husband and I live in a garden villa and we have a little dog! We are very happy here.

The grounds are beautiful, the view is spectacular. Eloquent dinning room with a better then average menu selection. The activities and special events are sure to please most people. A nice option of apartment sizes with plenty of storage space.

Review of Ventura Townehouse - Ventura, CA

My mom has lived in the Ventura Townhouse now for 10 months and we couldn’t be happier! We love the staff and all the help my mom receives. Everyone is so kind and patient and always have a smile to share! When I visit daily, it’s like coming over to my family! Thank you VTH.

I toured this community

I went on a tour here and the staff was nice. The tour administrator had our hopes up about being here and she never called or followed up with us. This building was really old looking. They have not had any updating to it and it looks old but very clean. You could see the ocean from here and that is what dad wanted. I didn't really care for the memory unit. I would recommend this community for someone without memory issues.

The Best Place to Live!

I am very happy living here at the Ventura Townehouse. Great prices-even though they are listed wrong here, it's more reasonable. Management is great, Marketing Director, [Removed] is extremely helpful and honest and caring. The staff is helpful. They will do anything for you!

I put this place on the top of my list, I can for sure see my Mom living here and happy.

Cottage type bungalows

I liked this facility very much. But, given my mom’s situation, I did not go with them because they have little separate bungalows and my mom is afraid of being alone. She likes being able to go out of her door and wander the halls. They offer different types of rooms. There are bungalows and 1 or 2 bedroom apartments that are about 6 stories up and they have a small kitchenette in them. I loved the view from the top because it overlooks the ocean. Another really great view is in the dining room. There are a lot of windows that overlook a grassy area. This community is super nice and the staff is really caring. They offer a lot of activities including taking the bus and going to outings, entertainment that comes in, ice cream socials, and even monthly birthday parties where everyone can join in. I would really recommend this facility.

The staff here moved the earth to accommodate us. Clean, friendly and vibrant environment provided for their residents. It was comforting to see happy and engaged residents in the Memory Care unit living in normal settings.

This facility was upbeat and lively. The living quarters and common areas were delightful.

Care needed for family

We were able to speak with the staff on the care that is offered here. We liked that the community is clean. The offer good care and a list of good activities. We did not feel that this county had the care that we needed. We would recommend a tour of this community.

A Good Conversation

I talked with them over the phone to see if I needed to take the next step. From what I gathered they were out of my area and not in a convenient location for family to visit and pick me up.

Too Large Of A Community

We really liked this community but I felt it was a little too large for what mom needs right now. She is still adjusting to being out of her own home and her familiar surroundings. Mom wanted independent living and this place had 1 bedroom apartments however they were not in the same building and that would have been fine if she didn't have the beginning stages of dementia. Over all the outside was lovely and the inside was very clean and the staff seemed friendly and helpful.

Comfort for dad!!

My father is doing very well since his move into Ventura. The community is extremely clean and very well maintained. They have a large variety of activities available and everyone is very nice. It has been a good experience.

Great living horrible food

I have been living at the Townhouse for 2 years. The activities are good. The transportation is fair. The place is beautiful. They are more interested in decorating than feeding their residents good food. The food is terrible. The chef is not knowledgeable enough to serve the proper food for Seniors. The menu does not cater to senior dietary needs such as heart smart or no salt or lite instead of heavy sauces.


Super friendly and lovely place. I am so pleased with Mom's move here. Big improvement from former assisted living community in Goleta. Well worth the drive from Santa Barbara.

Not what it seems!

We had a horrific experience with this community. The general manager [Removed] is totally [Removed]. All he does is say I'm sorry all the time. My loved one has been left in her clothes 4 times now and put to bed that way. Also they left her in the dining area for an hour and had her make a mess and it totally embarrassed her. The food is horrible and the salad bar has old lettuce that is brown. They also did not wipe any of the tables down. The whole reason why we picked this place is because mom loved that there was sun all day and night. Also that they seemed to be the most independent. We have since changed our mind.

Don't be so rude!

i took a tour of this community and was very disappointed in the staff and there behavior. Every time I asked a question the staff would answer in a negative way. Nothing that was discussed on the tour was pleasant or positive. The rooms were small and old. I will not be recommending this community.

This was the most versatile community in the area!!!

The staff are great and they help my wife with her medication. She is in the memory care unit and she is improving. She did have a fall the night we moved in but she is now doing better and is almost done with her rehab. The food is good and they keep the community clean.

Some things could be better although it could be worse!

I am a new resident of Ventura Townehouse and since moving in I can say that I am content with the decision. I have participated in many musical activities they have here but what I like the most is that it's all live! The upkeep of the community is at an all time high and my experience with the staff has been pleasant for the most part. The food is the bigger issue for my self personally. Since living here my cholesterol has gone up and my doctor is not happy. I have recently expressed my concern and it is being addressed so that I can enjoy the meals without having high cholesterol. Don't get me wrong the food is good just high in cholesterol. All in all the experience has been good and getting better. I'd definitely recommend!

Over 55 living

I stayed here, for the $3000 plus per month rent you got three meals per day and four bare walls, no furniture, not even toilet paper. I rented some furniture. You had to pay for TV and computer service. I was only there a few days but was not offered any refund.
I moved back to the Hilton where it was less money, furnished with TV/cable, computer and maid service everyday, free breakfast and happy hour nibbles.
I am still looking for an over 55 place to stay but am happy where I am at the moment

Review of Ventura Townehouse - Ventura, CA

good part is they have good range of care attractive rooms and the clients all seem happy. The levels of care and pricing for same is fuzzy. When checking in the price could be one set amount but then if some minor change occurred the price increases.

Definitely Needs Improvement

They could improve on learning how and when to follow doctors orders for medications. They can treat these elderly people in some way that maintains their dignity instead of treating them like imbeciles that are two years old. Some of the administrators working there are really good though, I just think it is the mind-care department that is really bad.

Going great

Actually everything is going great so far.

Well run and maintained

This is a very large, spacious retirement home with a large community. It is very clean and seems to be well run and maintained. The other residents are very sociable and friendly. The food here is pretty decent too.

Two thumbs up for Ventura Townhouses

Samantha did a great job showing us around during our search for the right place for our 86 year old mother. Ventura Townhouses is a seven story facility with spacious grounds for mom to walk around outdoors among the many cottages available to residents.
She chose a seventh floor studio unit because she just doesn't want more space, and it's really nice. We had it remodeled and updated before she moved in (highly recommended) and has an amazing view of the ocean and Channel Islands.
Mom enjoys the food and meals are available all day. The daily activity list is always full of things for her to enjoy.
Ventura Townhouses is a great value.

still getting acclimated

I like Ventura Townehouse in general. I am still getting acclimated here. It seems a little slow in reaching out to new residents. I would like to see the staff improve on getting them introduced to the other residents. The food is generally pretty good but can run dry or overcooked. Overall it's a good facility.

We Liked It

Well we all really did like all of the staff members at Ventura Townhouse and we thought that the experience with them was good too. It just did not work out with them when my loved one was staying there.

My friend really likes it.

My friend really likes it. Her mood has changed a lot since she has been there. Everything is very nice. They have good food and people to socialize with at meals. It's nice, and well kept and well maintained.

very beautiful facility

Ventura Townehouse is a very beautiful facility. We were just coming in to California from Colorado and we had a very short time-frame and spent about an hour there with the director who was very kind. There was another representative that was supposed to be there but then was not at the last minute and that left a negative impression. Overall it seems like a nice place though.

everything about it is great

My mother in law is currently staying at Ventura Townehouse and things are going very well. They were super accomodating, willing to go out of their way to make it a smooth transition and help in any way possible. Everyone there was really friendly. The
food was fantastic and I really liked that they have the
freedom of being able to eat whenever they want to and order off a menu rather than have set meals. The location was great, near shopping centers and other convenient spots, unlike some of the others I looked at.
The facility is really beautiful. Everything about it has really been great and we would highly recommend them.

Nice find

Kindness, attentivness, are apparent. Upbeat atmosphere. Efficient and knowledgeable staff. Beautiful grounds. Lovely dining room with good food. Reasonable cost. We searched for a while and believed this was our best choice.

4 Stars

It could be better but the staff is friendly.

I think they are fantastic. They are right on top of it, if I submit a work order, they are right there, and sometimes without even having a work order they will help. Someone comes and cleans my place. Everyone is very friendly, and most of the residents have been other places, and they like this the best. The dining feels like a big fancy restaurant with a wide variety of food, and it's always tasty. I think they are doing very good!

Overall it's pretty good, it's mostly just the food.

So far it's pretty good. The staff is friendly, and it's clean. Nobody likes the food, I think it's just the taste, it's a little bland. I think they have to be a little bit careful with how they season the food with their clientele. She likes the activities here, there is plenty to do. Overall it's pretty good, it's mostly just the food.

really good experence

So far Ventura Townehouse seems really good. The people there are incredibly friendly, very helpful, and always willing to go out of their way to do anything they can to help.

One area for improvement would be the food. The food is not as good as could be. it would be nice to have food that was less processed, truly fresh produce as opposed to canned goods, etc.

I would keep my loved one here forever if I could.

We are very happy with Ventura Townehouse. The staff is great, and it's clean. The food is good, they try to get them engaged in activities. I would keep my loved one here forever if I could. The other residents have been very friendly. They are all very expensive, but this was a little less than some of the others we saw, and they gave us a great deal.

We were not satisfied here, and didn't stay long. I was not impressed.

We were not satisfied here, and didn't stay long. They didn't follow up with what they said they would provide. They were not very attentive, and didn't even really realize my loved one was there for the first few days. I was not impressed.

I love it, love it, love it!

I love it, love it, love it!
Super deluxe- just like living in a resort!
My favorite thing is all the activities and I am never bored!
So much to do that is fun. The food is top notch.
The residents are like family! The staff is very caring and will do anything for you. We have private transportation that takes us shopping and on excursions-How great it is!

Wonderful in every respect....

Wonderful in every respect. Murray loved it, as did I. This one is hard to beat!

Short but good experience

My aunt was a resident in a studio apartment at the Townehouse for 10 months. The shuttle schedule for shopping, banking and medical appointments was excellent. We were especially impressed with the wonderful variety of excursions and activities available to the residents, and my aunt took advantage of most of them. Unfortunately, she recently suddenly passed away. The Townehouse staff was extremely compassionate and helpful as I went through the painful process of clearing out her apartment and getting everything in order.

Nice Big Place. Good Food.

We moved my mom in, in early 2014. She has a few complaints. One thing I don't get, is it seems the vast majority of them whine and complain about the food. I cook restaurant quality food at home, I've eaten there 4 times and the food is great! OK it's less salty than I prefer. But these are seniors, many with vascular issues. I've heard complaints on portion size but nobody asks for second helpings. Many want to just sit there and be unhappy instead of asking. Most all-inclusive places (including cruise ships) keep the portions small to reduce waste. So ask for more, for cry'n out loud.

There's a guy in the gym who is a personal trainer and practically a physical therapist. He gets attendees moving.

They do call when she falls and it annoys her to no end. Before she was hiding it, which is partly why we moved her to assisted living. Now she's busted.

The apartments are nice. The building is old so there are tons of upgrades it needs. Like the air conditioning. Old people like it warm and the A/C is controlled by a master switch, which is either on "heat" or "A/C". It's pretty bogus; they need to keep those people cooled down even though they can't feel anything or they'll get dehydration.

There's some silly stuff there. Like three huge TV screens in the lounge, all playing the same thing, but not close enough to each other to break up one picture into a panorama. They ought to be playing different programs and let people use head sets to hear the different programs.

Their tipping policy is silly. They want you to tip once or twice a year and the tip is divided up among everybody. Huh? TIP is an acronym meaning "To Insure Proper Service". How do the crappy ones know they're crappy and the good ones know they're good? They have some lame excuse about not wanting residents to get special treatment because they're good tippers. OK, there is a solution to that. Make the tipping anonymous, but let them tip who they want.

There is an odd odor on the first floor of the big building and in the elevators. I'm not sure what it is... maybe the disinfectant they use. But the place is really clean. Super clean. Maybe they just need to replace the carpets down there.

The apartments are nice and larger than in most assisted living places. My mom has a one bedroom. They break-out the pricing by whether or not an apartment is remodeled, which floor it's on, and whether it is facing the ocean or not. The price for the fully remodeled is a bit ridiculous. In three month's rent you'll have paid for the remodeling. Not really worth it. Just decorate it nicely and move on. They'll paint it for you.

My mom is too much of a princess to bother to use the shuttle service but I've heard it's good. We're scared to death to let her drive so she spends most of her time within the premises. Nonetheless, they have lots of activities, the shuttle goes to all the churches on Sunday and makes shopping and doctor rounds daily. They have a little chapel and guest pastors who go in and do a little service frequently.

They have a huge room for "shows" and the shows and live music are very good. They also have a large room for private parties. It is very elegant and the kitchen staff will set it up however you want and even cater it.

A lot of what goes into anybody's "unhappiness" there, is their own lack of initiative and participation. In that sense, I almost wish they had some one assigned to monitor the socialization of the residents and put some pressure on them to get up, get out, and do things.

Overall it is a very nice place with beautiful grounds. It's a lot like being on a college campus. If they want to do stuff they need to take the initiative and not expect a personal engraved invitation.

Good community

We didn’t really get too involved in that, but from what I could see in the gym, they looked pretty good. It’s a very good community. They take an interest in other people. The food is excellent. There is enough parking.

It was attractive looking, but it was dirty and it smelled.

It was attractive looking, but it was dirty and it smelled. I think they were getting ready to renovate, as it's an older building. I felt like the lady that took me around didn't seem to understand that an apartment to my loved one's self was not an option. The residents didn't seem to be real active, a lot of them were just sitting. I felt that the staff was indifferent to me.

may be a little high, appro...

may be a little high, approx 6.5K incl. Memory Care for mom in SHARED studio apt (not sure that would be adequate), studio apt for Dad. Price goes up to $7.6K if mom has private studio room.

They weren't quick to respond to me and didn't even know my name when I came in.

They weren't quick to respond to me and didn't even know my name when I came in. They were trying to sell me on the dining, I was not impressed with the service, and they didn't get my order right, and I was a visitor. They weren't very coordinated, even when I toured. I didn't like that there was food provided but every single room had a stove in the room, it also had an odor, and had too much of a feel of a convelescent home.

At peace

Gives us peace of mind, with dementia it is really hard for my mother to live by herself or with us but we know she is well looked after. Everyone is very caring and keep us informed constantly, so if we cannot see her and something is amiss we know right away and have our input.

The great room is light and airy and people are engaged in different activities and very seldom do we see people just sleeping in a chair. Something I found in many places when looking into care facilities.

The meals look good and they make sure that they have snacks and are eating properly. My mothers says they feed them too much and she is a pretty good eater.

Peace of MInd

My experience was nothing less than outstanding with Ventura Townehouse. Our representative was professional, knowledgeable and very pleasant. The staff was very helpful in explaining things in a way that my mom could comprehend, and they are experienced in understanding the emotions involved in this kind of life transition. They made finding a safe and pleasant living place for my mom easy and brought me peace of mind. Thank you, Ventura Townehouse!

huge property, too far to g...

huge property, too far to get around easily for my mother.

Great Facility

Basically it is really good. They had the best food - my aunt was in a nursing home and food was just awful. The grounds were really beautiful and really clean and immaculate. We've been back a few times and it's not just for show. The staff was really nice, although the memory care facilitator has changed and I've only met her once on Christmas day but she seemed really nice. They had a Christmas dinner, in the main assisted living area, but I thought it was for Christmas day but it was the Saturday before so we missed it. We went for Thanksgiving and the food was delicious, they had champagne, and the whole thing was really, really nice. The entertainment was good, it was wonderful. We also like that as long as she doesn't need a wheelchair or become incontinent, the prices at Ventura Townehouse stay the same.

A Little Outdated

Ventura Townhouse seemed like a nice facility other than that the new owner needed to put some money into it. Some of it was a little outdated, run down and need to be updated but the people and the facility seemed nice.

Memory Care is ran Chaotically

With our experience the big building of the townehouse is amazing. However, memory care is ran unprofessionally. From my experience with my family member, she had the care she needed. The care providers, though young seem to be very kindly and gentle with mom. However, I did not find it necessary to be called about every little thing. Such as "she had a shower today." Or "she had an accident but our caregiver cleaned her up." I also don't agree with the fact that, not just mom. Other seniors are talked to like children, or directed to do any activity when they don't feel like it. Some of the staff really know how to take care, and RESPECT them as who they are. One staff particularly really, helped out a lot especially when mom started to decline in early July 2013. The other staff, just seem to enjoy the seniors. But I don't think they're fit for their positions. Moms currently living in a new facility with the right amount of care. If your family member lives/wants to live there. Just list your pros and cons. It's pricey, but most services are worth it. Especially with the big building.

This Did Not Work Out

They put my father-in-law in the memory care right away. He was in the Townehouse as the guest for about a week and then he was going to stay permanently and they said he needed to go to the memory care. That was brand new so he was basically one of the first people in there. They have a lot of activities there for sure. I just felt that there was not enough communication. They told me that he needed 24 care because he had fallen and we could absolutely not afford that so that was why we moved him. There were things that weren't communicated properly. I think if they had panic buttons in the rooms it would have been better. They didn't have anything like that. Also, being in the memory care, he was not able to walk over to the main building by himself so he felt really isolated. I think he would have done better in the big building. He didn't quite needed memory care yet but they were worried.

Lots of Activity and Socialization

It was a little too hustle bustle. Everybody intermingles with everybody so you've got the active people that kind of have to wait for the wheelchair and walker traffic to go by. It was like being in Manhattan. Some people like that all sort of socializing going on all over the place. It was more like a college campus type of an atmosphere as opposed to a relaxing luxury hotel.

It was wonderful. They had chefs in the big island and the middle of the dining area that would cater to whatever you wanted to eat. It was lovely but it was head spinning. Some people love that. They thrive in it but it was just too much for my mom. She's a lot more low key.

Much Better Fit

I think the cost is a little high. We pay for a full package of services and assistance for my mother. She gets the highest level of care. The care is good - no problem with that. She's very happy with it. I've been very pleased with them, especially compared to the last place she was in and how that was run. This is a much better place and better fit for her.

Amazing Shuttle Bus Service!

For what my aunt has, it's a good value. She hasn't had to use the care much but she did have a little tummy upset and I think they took good care of her. She's not really happy with the meals and I requested that the staff speak with her almost a week ago and so far no one has. She finds that they often use ingredients that don't really agree with her like cabbage and she's had a few cold meals. This is all from her. I don't know about the food first hand.

The activities are good. I would say they have a pretty good variety. Their shuttle bus service is the best that I've found. It goes to an amazing number of places and there are two trips in the morning and one in the afternoon. They go wherever the resident needs so my aunt has access to banks, shopping, groceries, medical appointments, etc. She rarely has to pay for special transportation.

Top choice. Spacious apartm...

Top choice. Spacious apartment. Good activities. Bit on the pricey side. Get questions answered.

I Highly Recommend It!

If you need assited living, this is the place to go in Ventura. It's excellent and we've been very pleased. They have a new owner and he is a wonderful man. His intention is for the best value for the health and hapiness of his residents. I didn't feel that other places have the same attitude.

The smallest studio at Ventura Townehouse was quite large compared to other places. My mother has a beautiful, big balcony that she can sit out there and enjoy. The chef uses fresh foods every day and they hand prepare it there. Some of the residents have been there 4, 6, 10 years. I was amazed! There is one lady who's been there for 14 years. The residents say it's the best place in Ventura. I highly recommend it!

I really hope that this wil...

I really hope that this will be the place my grandparents choose! The rooms are the largest by far and it is the most updated with full kitchens and reasonably priced. It seems very professional, but since it is owned by a person rather than a corporation, I feel more confident that their pricing is fair and that they are understanding of everyone's situations.

The staff has been extremely helpful

We chose Ventura Townehouse because of it's setting and the rooms they offer. They far surpassed others we had seen, we toured about 4 other facilities. They have a great outdoor space which was important to us, and the staff is extremely helpful.

From the Community

Our retirement community provides a private secure environment for seniors who are seeking a lifestyle free from encumbrance and household worries.

From the moment you enter the Ventura TowneHouse, you’ll appreciate our enlivening approach to retirement. The lively conversations in the lounge, laughter in the library, stimulating fitness program, and a helping hand when you need it, are all part of our rich and fulfilling atmosphere.

At Ventura TowneHouse you will enjoy all the pleasures and privacy of living in a lovely tower suite with a private balcony or a charmingly spacious Garden apartment with an enclosed patio. You can choose from any one of our select studios, spacious one bedroom, or expansive two bedroom Garden apartments, all with full kitchens.

The Ventura TowneHouse is designed for the comfort, safety and security of our residents with just the right amount of individual and personal assistance when needed. Regardless of the time of day or night, our staff is here to serve your needs.

Our community is conveniently located near downtown Ventura and the Ventura Harbor. In addition, we are just a short distance from Community Memorial and Ventura County hospitals; and Ventura College.