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The place that keeps us up at night

While I was visiting, my mother hit the nurse call button, and the bulb was burnt out above her exterior room door . Luckily, I saw it, and the wonderful housekeeping guy installed a new bulb. Would she have a night of pain and misery, hitting a useless nursing call button? YES!

You would think they would install LEDs if possible (longevity), or change them out every 3-6 months. These aren't appliance bulbs.

There is an old saying "The Fish Stinks From The Head Down." In my corporate career, this observation has never failed me. GV is a cesspool of gossip, and some people who should get out of dealing with the elderly, in my opinion. Evidently, I'm no fan. We're shopping for a better option.

Hospitalist said otherwise - Should have listened

Another day, and I just got a I'm in pain phone call this morning, plus a Spanish speaking roommate keeping her up all night. This place is awful. They should match roommates better.

Walking down the hall, you see overuse (in my opinion) of psychotropics, everyone is in wheelchairs (Feds are aware of these issues in the industry and regulated it), and the place has a very medical, not palliative feel. This is a circa 1980's reality. I assume this place is no different from most, but the Hospitalist, had another place in mind. Should have listened.

The Nursing Home Act isn't a suggestion

In 1987 the Nursing Home Act (name close enough) was passed by both parties, after Reagan wanted to deregulate it. Back then, both parties worked together. Some tightening of the regulations go/went into effect 2016-2019, IIRC. Nursing homes have to supply 3 meals, have activities, follow Fed mandates, like no chemical restraints, etc,... Some still take many laws as suggestions, so states have Ombudman to review complaints.

This last week or two, our mother has been leaving haunting messages during the night on our phones. Evidently, she isn't being taken seriously at night, and is in pain. Granted, she is an "on demand" personality (demanding), but the calls are 45 min to an hour apart, between us siblings. Last 2 nights have been calmer. Not sure what to think. GV isn't our "flavor". Working on a solution, other than GV.

To be fair, the night shift "on ignore" seems to be a general NH problem according to forums I've read. The day shift has family activity and visitors, both in person and phone. The night shift is a different animal, imho.

Grand Valley is a grand headache

An example of their nonsense
Friday Night ([date removed]) the nursing staff had a B-Day party out on the patio, and patients were left without an adequate staff to care for them. I got numerous calls from my mother, and the next day, another resident confirmed it. That's not acceptable. [name removed], the Administrator ,should put them all on probation. A party should be during off hrs at a private home. No exceptions.

The staff has some nice nurses, and many are arrogant itches w/ a "b". The staff in Dietary and the Kitchen are nice, and the support staff in general is OK. Some of the Case Workers and Social Services have attitudes, and are condescending.

My sister and I are getting our mother out of there. In my humble opinion, the doc there has a paternal god complex, and is very condescending. I've heard him talk to even intelligent patients like they can't comprehend concepts. (Middle School explanations) The nurse practitioner is a great practitioner. I have a feeling she read "Being Mortal" by Atul Gawande.

They have sealed off the front door to build a ramp per OSHA, and a completion date is inexistent. The area is seedy, and parking sucks. Not a place to go after dark. The alley to get to the back doors is long. They have a back parking lot employees use.

I will say, [name removed] has been fairly good with our mother. [Name removed] is a mixed bag.

Adequate. Just.

My mom is recovering here from hip surgery. The pros: it's clean enough and so far, the food is decent. The staff is generally enthusiastic and cheerful. The cons: depressing, threadbare rooms; overburdened staff that are sometimes unnecessarily abrupt or rough with patients; very little in the way of activities aside from the soul crushing group exercises in the activity room (my mom would rather die). They seem to prefer to put a diaper on her than actually help her to the bathroom, even though she's lucid and not incontinent.

All in all, the paramedic who brought her from the hospital said this place is middle of the road. This is what [Removed] and Medicare get you. She gets the physical therapy she needs and she'll be out soon. And I'm not afraid they're going to kill her, so that's good.

Wonderful care

At Grand Valley he seems to be getting fantastic care, he had to have some ivs because he got dehydrated so he went to the hospital and then the hospital sent him here. He's stable and he's doing much better there. There's smells but they're remodling so there's a smell but there's not, it's not the urine smell. From the looks of it, they're doing an excellent job.

From the Community

At Grand Valley Health Care Center, our staff of dedicated care professionals provides personalized, targeted rehabilitative care. We offer a variety of therapeutic and skilled nursing care services, including physical, occupational, and speech therapy and subacute care. Our delicious and nutritious meals keep patients happy and healthy and our recreational and social activities program provide and comfortable, enjoyable environment for our residents.