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Customer Reviews

Night shift nurses

Poorly managed
Night shift nurses:
Sleeping on the job and not caring for my father
Did not change soiled bedding which resulted in severe rash
Nurses not skilled for mental disabled patients

Would not recommend this facility to anyone

What this place looks like on the outside is not what’s on the inside

I’m actually still a patient here for 2 weeks now. The patient care is not very good. The faculty is 4 years old yet uses dated equipment. There’s poor response time to the monitors. Patients could be dying and they wouldn’t know because they don’t respond to the call buttons. I’ve been waiting nearly an hour. I’m going to call on my personal phone to see if they will respond. Please think twice about putting your loved ones in this facility. If you want them to be cared for go to a different place.

Stone Gate Senior Living

Local Representative

Our Facility Administrator would like to discuss your feedback further. Please contact our administrator at [removed] or let us know if you would like us to contact you directly.

More drug testing

I think there should be random drug testing at this facility. I know of a LVN employed there who is heavily on drugs and sometimes comes to work after all night binges. If anything happens while she is at work, the nursing home facility will be help liable. When I was looking for short term rehabilitation for my grandfather, this was one of my choices. When I toured the facility and saw this particular LVN, I decided my grandfather would be better elsewhere.

Stone Gate Senior Living

Local Representative

Please be aware that Treviso Transitional Care maintains a drug-free workplace policy and utilizes employee drug-testing prior to employment and in various circumstances thereafter to ensure a drug-free workforce. Should you care to contact our Administrator, Jennifer, at [removed], and provide specifics regarding your concerns, we will investigate those concerns further. Thank you.

Devastated Daughter

My mother died after a brief stay at Treviso. On the night she died we visited her as we did daily. She was laughing and eating and seemed to be recovering from her recent surgery. We were completely unaware that the staff had failed to give her medication prescribed by her surgeon for two days prior to her death. They never notified us about this. We discovered it after reviewing her medical records (which they did not make easy to obtain). They failed to notice her distress and symptoms when she called for help shortly before she died, and she was left to die alone in her room. There was no call for an ambulance until after she died. This facility is inadequately staffed, and the staff they do have is poorly trained. This facility is a newer impressive building, but please don’t be fooled by your first impression! I will forever regret putting her in Treviso. Because of my lack of due diligence in investigating facilities, I no longer have my mom. Please don’t put your loved one in this facility.

Stone Gate Senior Living

Local Representative

Ms. Carolyn Merrill, our Facility Administrator would like to discuss your feedback further. Please contact our administrator Jennifer Wright at [removed], or let us know if you would like us to contact you directly.

Never Again

My mother has been a patient there twice before with no real complaints. But this time is a different story. I do need to say that the OT and PT team did a good job with my mother. There were a few others that seem to do a good caring job. My mother was unable to get out of her bed without assistance, she was left there without anyone checking on her for hours even if she used her buzzer. She was giving a bath one day and her oxygen was removed from her and never put back on her for about 6 hours. Once I arrived and saw her I got her nurse to do vitals on her and her O2 was 72, it is suppose to be 100. My mother is new to using O2 and did not know how to put it back on herself. Yesterday she was released to go make to her assisted living facility and was sent away with NO oxygen and NO oxygen ordered to be and her facility upon her arrival. I spoke to a couple of different people ( the ones in charge of arranging all of this ) on a couple different occasions, prior to her bing discharged. First on the day I was told she would be released in a few days and next the morning of her discharge. I was assured on all occasions that everything would and was taking care of. Once I was made aware( I was at work ) that my mother had arrived home without any oxygen, I then called three to four times to Treviso and spoke to the social worker each time. I was told that they were sending order to the oxygen place at that time, this was a couple of hours after she was release without any O2. IT took over 4 hours before O2 arrived. My mother assisted living place stepped in and called the O2 place and ask that it be delivered ASAP. And the social worker told me if my mother lips turned blue I should call 911. This will be the last time that Treviso will have the chance to care for my mother or anyone else that I care for.

Appearance means nothing

I stand with the first review, with the exception of a few staff when they have days off care drops off. Would not let any of my family stay there again

This place has lots of cosmetic attraction. However the level of care is not attractive. We have been waiting on a lift to help my grandmother get out of her wheelchair that she has been in all day. She simply needed to go to the bathroom. They have a potty chair in her room but will not let her use it. We waited for over 3 hours to get help. The poor CNA’s were waiting on the one lift that was operational. A place with this many people and they have one lift that is working. No excuse for that at all. No one has any answers when you ask a question. The workers even said this place was totally disorganized. I would not recommend this place to anyone!

Looks can be deceiving!

Well, this facility is one of the newer ones in Longview. It's clean and looks nice, but that's where the good ends. The nursing care is very poor, especially on weekends and nights. Not enough nurses for the number of residents. Takes forever for them to address issues with residents needs.
I don't recommend this facility for your loved ones.

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Local Representative

Hi, we apologize for your unsatisfactory experience with Treviso Transitional Care. If you’d like to further discuss your experience, please contact our office at [removed].