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  • Physical Therapy Available
  • Occupational Therapy Available
  • Speech Therapy
  • Short Term Rehab
  • Activities Onsite
  • Full Schedule of Trips, Events and Activities!
  • IV Therapy
  • 24-hour Emergency Call Response
  • Wound Care Physician

Customer Reviews

Review of Edgewood Rehabilitation & Care Center

My loved one is getting good care. The rehab program is really good and they are working with her really good. I have seen a big change in her and she is improving a lot. Meals are good. There is good communication with everybody.

Review of Edgewood Rehabilitation & Care Center

They look after my grandmother to their best of their ability. She said the food it good.

Review of Edgewood Rehabilitation & Care Center

I like the atmosphere and location. Every time I had a question they answered me. It was always clean when I went there. My loved one said the meals were so-so. She had some chicken that was dry and one morning the oatmeal and coffee were cold.

Review of Edgewood Rehabilitation & Care Center

They're very attentive to my loved one's needs. They want to make sure they're serving her the best they can. They've inquired about her illnesses and issues and medications. The therapist has told me the program that they're working on. They have made note of her medications. They work with me well. I don't think the meals are that great. I have to bring her food a lot of the time. I think they need to be more individualized to the needs of the patients. Her allergy needs to be adhered to. They keep me informed pretty well. They call when there's a change or when therapy goes well. They keep me informed on how she does in her therapy and what the doctor has given them directions to do.

Review of Edgewood Rehabilitation & Care Center

They warned me in advance that they are not staffed well at night, and my mom has been sick two nights and not gotten help. I tried to check on a test result and could not get an answer. I asked the administrator, who called a nurse to help, and it took too long to get a call from the nurse. When I called to try to talk to them about something else, their voicemail was full so I couldn't leave a message.

Review of Edgewood Rehabilitation & Care Center

My mother likes her nurse. There has been a lack of communication. That could be better. She not like the food.

Review of Edgewood Rehabilitation & Care Center

My wife is impressed with the rehab. It takes too long for my wife to get help to the bathroom and that is upsetting. It can take up to 45 minutes. The floors are kept clean. Her toilet was dirty when I visited, but they did clean it up when I asked them. She is pleased that she can order what she likes to eat.

Review of Edgewood Rehabilitation & Care Center

I rushed my loved one to the hospital myself because I didn't think the staff here was doing what she needed. Otherwise, the people are really nice, and the facility is nice. It's close to home. But I'll be looking for a different facility that can take better care of her when she is out of the hospital.

Review of Edgewood Rehabilitation & Care Center

It sucks. Every time I go to see my loved one, they've kept in her wheelchair for four to five hours. It is not a good place. The nurses have been nice but not always helpful. The aides are crappy. The food is outstanding. They have kept me informed real well.

Review of Edgewood Rehabilitation & Care Center

It is the worst nursing home on the face of the the world. The nursing staff is absolutely terrible. They left my mother in a diaper because they didn't have anyone that could change her during the night. They spent hours getting her medication she needed. All of the departments, including administration, are terrible. The therapy is pathetic. I have moved my mother to another facility

Not Too Good

Clean facility. Food not so good. Staff is not interactive and does not respond to residents needs. 20 min response to panic button. Staff does not appear to use standard protocol for cleanliness.

So far, everything is great! The meals my dad has been served have been excellent.

Everyone has been very helpful. It's important to have gloves especially dealing with the bathrooms, and they don't wear gloves. The nutritionist wrote down everything I wanted.

They're attentive, if you need anything they're quick to respond. It's really clean, there's no odor when you walk in. They stick to my loved one's diet and she eats all her food. I'm there all the time and they answer all my questions.

We get good service. There have been a few little problems, but that's understandable when you have a small staff and a bunch of people buzzing you at the same time. Most of all, they have all been courteous. The therapists do a good job making sure my loved one does her rehab even when she doesn't feel like it. The facility is always clean. The bathrooms are clean, the hallways are clean. It doesn't smell like pee pee, like a lot of nursing homes do. I'm very well pleased. She doesn't like the food, the doctor makes her put it in the blender. They have been pretty good at keeping us informed about our loved one

It's very clean. My loved one said the food is not that good.

My loved one's original roommate should have been someone who speaks the same language as her. The paperwork was not prepared when we got there, and she didn't have any of her medicine, and that was brought with her when we first got to the facility. Things have been better since. The staff is very friendly. It takes a long time to get everything done. The facility is pretty clean. There is nothing major that I saw. My mom did say that they needed to work on or train better on the disorganization in the dining room. Also the staff take a while to bring her food back after they bring her the wrong order or she doesn't like something. They call me whenever there is a problem. When I'm there it is generally when people have gone home so I don't really get informed

From the Office

Edgewood Rehabilitation and Care Center offers rehabilitation therapy, long-term care, hospice, and respite care. Our qualified and caring therapists treat in the primary disciplines of physical, occupational, and speech therapy. To enhance our guest experience, we have community events, bingo/games, pet visits, birthday parties, and other enrichment/social programs. Edgewood also has salon/barber services and a restaurant style dining. Private and shared accommodations are available.