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Customer Reviews

Very nice and clean facility for assisted living. Close to Olathe Medical. New independent living building has not been started yet. Concern about highway and ambulance noise for the new structure and lack of a view.

Had a great tour with [name removed] and [name removed]. The staff is very friendly and upbeat. The residents looked happy. The rooms were adequate in size, although the closets were quite small. The food looked appetizing, although I didn't taste it. The price is all inclusive, there is a move in fee, the cable package can be individually upgraded, the decor and ambiance of the whole place is very pleasing, there is an inner courtyard, there is more than one area to gather if families come to visit. LOVED this place, it's at the top of my list.

Being a caregiver to one of your residents was a great experience for me. [Name removed], [name removed], [name removed], [name removed], [name removed],
[name removed] (housekeeping) were all very pleasant, courteous, and
helpful to [name removed] and myself. As [name removed] was failing [name removed] kept me updated on her condition each day I arrived. This was so meaningful to me knowing [name removed]'s condition helped me so I could appropriately care for [name removed] during her last days.
[name removed] was a super activity person in the memory care area.
[name removed] and I were happy for her promotion, but we missed her interaction, positive attitude and caring nature she show each resident. All staff were always friendly, helpful and
assisted me whenever I needed it.
Thank you for the experience.
[Name removed] RN,MSN

Travanse Living

The staff at Travanse has gone above the minimum standards to ensure my father stays busy in meaningful ways and involves him in a daily, structured routine that helps with the challenges he faces. It has been a challeging year to see what my father faces with Alzheimers. It makes it a little easier when I know the staff at Travanse cares about his safety, wellbeing and happiness. The daily activities and various outings helps to bring a smile to my dad's face so he can still experience the simple joys in life and they try to tailor them to his specific needs. From the moment you walk in the front door, you are met with a smile. The staff is also very eager to meet any new requests that you may have to help out your loved one and to make the time they have with them different from others. I would highly recommend a visit to Travanse for anyone seeking an environment for their loved where they know they will be well cared for!

Very satisfied

My dad moved into Travanse Living earlier this year, and he loves it. The staff is great. They take good care of him, and treat him very kindly. They continue to go to his room to invite him to the activities, even though he's a little resistant. Several times when I was bringing someone to see him, the staff adjusted their schedule to help me get him "freshened up" for the visit. Recently, I mentioned that I needed to remember to call him when his teams are playing so he can watch the games, and they said I could call them if he didn't answer his phone, and they'd go turn on the game for him.
The nursing staff has been very helpful also, discussing his meds, and how he is doing.

Many thanks to Travance

Having a family member go to a Memory Care home is never an easy decision. Sometimes it is a must. Travance has made the transition as easy as possible. Mom is doing so much better there. She has come off Hospice care and has really started enjoying the activities there. It has helped me to rest easy knowing she is safe and comfortable. The last benefit is one of the best....I get to be a daughter again. Thank you Travance. [name removed]

Senior Living at its best!!

Thank you Travance for allowing us at Olathe Junior Service league to be a part of your wonderful facility! The atmosphere, the staff, and the residents are the best! The bingo girls and myself from day one have said we could move right in. Congratulations Travance on an amazing facility!

Answer to Prayers

My mother's dementia identified her need for a memory care placement. We learned of Travanse through the daughter of one of my mother's dear friends.

The staff is very present, competent and encouraging, with demonstrated leadership in their training and administration. They have encouraged my mother to do those tasks she was resisting, and provide both structure and attention that result in my mother being noticeably calmer since she feels secure.

The staff has also supported the reconnection of my mother and her dear friend in a way that is heartwarming. They sit and visit at a table by the window during the day, similar to their times at my mother's kitchen table. At night they visit and support one another in a way that has stilled my mother's bouts of "night frights". This placement has given the rare gift of peace of mind to my family that Mother is happy and secure, and has been an answer to our prayers.

Sent from Heaven!

Dad’s dementia had developed to a stage that his current residence was not suitable, nor were any others in our town. “He only deserves the best,” was our opinion! Because my daughter has a career in Senior/TBI Speech Therapy in the KC area, she was familiar with several Senior residences that ‘could work’ but she suggested trying TRAVANSE first. We did, and we’ve never looked back. My father was surrounded by ‘family ‘ immediately. They loved him, and treated him with the dignity and respect he deserved. It’s a difficult disease, but they’re obviously trained in dealing with patients who often need redirected, repeating, and reminding! They’re fun, patient and a true blessing to those they encounter!

Travanse was a great first step into the world of Senior Assisted Living for folks with Memory Care needs.

My Dad lived at Travanse Senior Living for a very short time. We found the staff and surroundings to be way more than we could have ever hoped. We needed to move Dad to a different facility for financial reasons, as well as medical. But the folks who tried to make it work for Dad at Travanse went well above the normal and expected. We are grateful for the love and care given to him during his 7 day stay there. Besides being a beautiful place, the workers we encountered truly cared about Dad and our family as a whole. I would not hesitate to recommend this facility to families looking for a good place for a loved one with memory care needs. I could not rate the activities highly because we really didn't have time to evaluate them. The calendar displayed looked like many options would have been available to Dad, but he wasn't able to take advantage because of his own issues.

A Breath of Fresh Air!

I visited Travanse Living at Olathe for the first time on [date removed], and was immediately impressed by the wide open layout of the facility. It was clean, bright, colorful and expansive - so different from other facilities I had visited over the past 9 months. Residents seemed to be genuinely happy in this environment and the staff was most attentive and sufficient in number to provide individual attention.

Lastly, I was impressed by the accessibility to the Travanse facility from nearby I-35 and also by the near proximity of other medical facilities.

I rate Travanse 5 Star and recommend it highly to anyone in need of the services provided therein.

The facility is nice, open, and bright

My Mom lived here for a few days until taking a fall. It was a nice facility; they’re new, so everything was super clean. It felt like a hotel with how nice, open, and bright it was. The staff was good overall and had a quick response time. They had good food, a good variety of it, and even a grill and bistro. They had a big activity room with plenty of activities available that varied every week. I recommend this place.


I've had a great experience with Travanse in the six months that my mother has been in their memory care unit. The staff is very caring. They have a lot of activities and kind of reminds me of a cruise. Also seems like a real bargain compared to other units I've looked at.

Better care needed.

I am not happy with the community for the care that is needed. They are understaffed for the residents. They do not always clean as needed. The menu is not good and needs a lot of improvements. The staff does always not keep track on her medications. We would not recommend this community for other families.

Tour for care

We were at this community for care. We liked the staff and they were caring for her needs. We liked that it was clean with a good atmosphere. The menu is appealing and they offer a lot of nice activities to the residents to stay active. We would recommend the care and the value to other families for the care of a loved one.

Converted hotel!

We really liked Traverse Living when we toured it. It is a hotel that was reconfigured to a memory care unit. The rooms have motion detectors so when the residents get up in the middle of the night the staff will know. Since it was a hotel, though, they have long hallways and I felt that my mother would have gotten lost. I was impressed with the place, but it was not the best for my mother.