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  • Minimum Age of Accepted Residents
  • Activities Onsite
  • Devotional Services Available
  • Indoor Common Areas
  • Meals Provided
  • Aging in Place
  • Nurses on Staff
  • Podiatrist Available
  • Physical Therapy Available
  • Occupational Therapy Available
  • Speech Therapy Available
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Activities Offsite
  • Outdoor Common Areas
  • Beauty & Barber Services
  • Pets Allowed
  • No Smoking Allowed in Private Areas Indoors
  • No Smoking Allowed in Public Areas Indoors
  • Wheelchair Accessible Showers
  • Hospice Available
  • Respite Available
  • Resident Parking Available
  • Male Residents Accepted
  • Female Residents Only
  • Doctor on Call
  • Homecare Onsite
  • Dentist Available

Customer Reviews

Our experience at Sunrise of Overland Park.

First thing when we had already moved [name removed] in, there was a major problem over the charges. They were much different than what we were told. The room rate was more than had been agreed upon because they had him in a more expensive room There were level of care charges we had not been aware of. The biggest thing was the fact that they were charging him for giving him his meds because he was not aware of 2 over the counter meds that [removed] had put him on the day before. He has ended up in the most expensive level of care they have which is one reason I am moving him. During this entire episode of trying to find out information I requested the people from Sunrise to leave the room so we could have a family counsel. (The Executive Director was the main problem in this.) I had to request a 2nd time. It seemed as if each day I went to see [name removed], there was another problem. The biggest problem for him was could not get the briefs ordered in his size. They never did. We furnished briefs for many days. They have given us credit on the bill for this. The food has been good, but not always what is on the menu. It does not appear that they have done a thorough cleaning of his bathroom since he has been there. We had to order a Harp for his bed because that is what they use. It was $500.00 and he would only sleep in it two nights because he could not turn over with that on the bed and his legs were aching. The biggest issue today is they will only give him a shower once a week because of the level of care his meds are.

Beautiful community. Lovely common areas and dining room. Welcoming, spotless and very contiencious maintenance team. Rooms average priced, cost of services higher than anticipated.

Choose Sunrise of Overland Park!

The staff at Sunrise of Overland Park strives for excellence. They communicate well, respond to any concerns right away, and provide what they promise.
What I appreciate most is they work together to provide an above-average living experience of those in memory care. They get to know each resident, encouraging them - and having fun with them. The price I list reflects the fact that we purchased two rooms for her, not just one.
I’m thrilled there is an excellent place for Mom not too far from me.

I toured this community

We toured this community for my Aunt and Uncle. This was not a locked facility and we were afraid my Aunt would try to leave all the time.It was nice and clean. The staff was helpful with all the questions. But we had to go elsewhere.

Toured both assisted living and memory care as they are in the same building. Memory care is on second floor in one wing of the building. Very pleasant entrance and halls were nicely decorated and light. Room sizes were the same in both buildings with a choice of three. Good size activity rooms. Residents were eating lunch in both buildings when I was there. There was a kitchen in Memory Care where residents could participate in cooking activities. The tour person brings her dog to work every day. The residents like him very much. Given activity calendar but didn't see any evidence of any art work from residents.

Care for a friend

I like this community for the care for my friend. The community is clean and she is enjoying the meals with the nice variety. The staff is always trying to get her to participate in the activities that are the offer and right now she can not participate but is wanting to. We like the care and the value that is offered for her care and would recommend this community to other families for the value and the care that is received.

Care for mom

I liked this community for my mother's care. The community is clean and maintained. The menu was outstanding and healthy. You could choose what you wanted and my mom was happy with that. My mom likes the activities that she has participated in. We could not be happier with the modern and beautiful community for her care. A upsaled community.

I took a tour!!

My tour of Sunrise of Overland Park went alright, the facility was nice and the people, for the most part, were friendly. We toured this one first, and I just did not see as much interaction between the staff and residents here as I did at Brookdale.

Fell In Love With This Place!

The meals that the community provides have been tasty and healthy my loved one eats all of her meals which has been great. Communication from the staff towards us has been fairly well. The activities are definitely one of my loved ones favorite things do engage in they keep her active. The cleanliness is outstanding i couldn't be happier.

My Father Is Doing Great Here

My father is doing wonderful here at this community. We both are pleased with all everything they have done for us. They have an excellent staff here, they are good at what they do. For the most part he is satisfied with the meals, but they could use more of a variety of food to choose from. It is a nice, clean community, everything looks well maintained.He is being cared for well and I would recommend this community. Everything is working out great.

A Good Fit For Mom

This community is a perfect fit for my mother. Everything is working very well. I do not live in the same state, but I know she is in good hands. The community is very well maintained, they do a very good with keeping the facility very clean. The staff is good, their responsive time is okay, I do feel they need a little more staff. There are nice activities offered, she recently went to a church service. The food is excellent, the meals are really nice. It is a smaller community, compared to others. I would highly recommend it.


Things are going okay but they could be better over here at Sunrise of OverLand Park. I would say that the staff here is an average staff I feel that they could be better at their job. The upper staff of management is very nice and was helpful to us but the caregivers there are only so many of them to help all the residents they need more caregivers. The activities director is a bit older then what i expected and she isn't so much worried about getting to residents up and going I would like for my mother to be able to participate in activities instead of watching T.V. all day in her wheel Chair. I would say that the food is excellent and the community looks very nice and clean.

Great Place

My Dad is here. I highly recommend this place! The staff is nice and professional . The place is clean. Food is great. My dad is happy and under great care.

Highly Recommened

My Dad is here. I highly recommend this place!

Taking good care of the residents

I think for the most part they are taking good care of the residents. They could use more staff for the Alzheimer's Unit. I feel that if they had more people around, there would be less falling (the resident's lose their footing sometimes.)

The staff tries their best, but they seem to be under staffed.

The Sunrise of Overland Park is a really nice place. I just wish there was a little more variety of the food. The food taste institutional. I think the staff tries their best, but they seem to be under staffed. Other than that, the location is wonderful. Everyone is very friendly. The value is excellent. I would definitely recommend the Sunrise of Overland Park. It has been a very good experience.

Sunrise Senior Living

Local Representative

Please know that we take all concerns seriously and would like to learn more about your experience at Sunrise. Please email Information (at) SunriseSeniorLiving (dot) com with further details so we may follow up. Thank you, Sunrise Team

Awesome experience. My mom was not the norm - she only lived 3 weeks after moving in - but the care & attention there was exceptional.

We just moved my mom here a few weeks ago. We had a few things that weren't going very well at first but staff was very easy to talk to about it and the issues have been addressed. Very happy so far.

We were very happy with Sunrise.

We were very happy with Sunrise. We loved the place. It wasn't going to work long term because they aren't able to take medicaid when the time comes. It's beautiful, and we had no complaints whatsoever, it just wasn't the best option for our parents financial situation.

Overall it's going pretty well.

Overall it's going pretty well. There seem to be a lot people with different issues, and it can be hard to find someone to socialize with. The staff and everyone is very nice. It's clean and they take good care of their residents. It's very nice, and it's decorated very nice. The activity people come and check with her, they make an effort to get her involved. We chose them because we had known someone else that had been there and had a pleasant experience. It was also in a good location for us. I liked that they evaluate them once a month so that if there is any improvement they will adjust the care level. Knowing that it's less expensive for her, the lower her care level is, turns out to be a great incentive for her to keep her health up.

Advanced Dementia

My mother is now in the advanced stages of Dementia. Currently she resides at Garden Terrace. I love that place. Her care is the best. We did have her at Sunrise before that and they were not staffed for advanced dementia. People were being neglected due to short staffing. Those that could not walk were left in their rooms except to eat. There were several people that were leaving after us from what they told us. I was horribly disappointed in Sunrise as they said they could care for my mother and that is why we moved her there. After 5 months we moved her to Garden Terrace. We moved mom because It is now all about her care. Before Sunrise we had her at Claire Bridge. They could no longer care for her and recommended Garden Terrace. Wish we had listened.

Sunrise Senior Living

Local Representative

Thank you for your review. We would like to learn more about your concerns, all of which we take seriously. Please email us at Information (at) sunriseseniorliving (dot) com . Thank you, Sunrise Team

New to Sunrise

Still getting settled in well. Had a few struggles when first moved in but seems to be going better. Many of the care staff speak quietly and with an accent, makes it harder for a hearing impaired person to hear them. Food needs to be seasoned better but nice variety. Beautiful setting - like a country home. Lots of gathering space for residents to intereact with others.

no voice

Not a place you want to place your loved ones in, especially the Reminiscent facility. Not enough TRAINED staff. Residents sit in soiled undergarments. Activities consists of sorting silverware, occasionally arranging flowers and maybe trivia and puzzles. Mostly sitting in front of a TV. Clothing comes up missing, rooms smell like a urinal. Food is substandard. They're the forgotten society. They don't complain... So no one has to listen.

Sunrise Senior Living

Local Representative

Thanks for sharing your feedback. We take your comments very seriously and we'd like to speak with you further. Please email information(at)SunriseSeniorLiving(dotcom) with your contact information so that we can reach out to you. Thanks, The Sunrise Team

Costly, mediocre to crummy service

The front desk staff do a pretty good job. But otherwise there is chronic rapid turnover of staff. Few last longer than a year. They were not successful getting my mom out of her room and integrated into the community. They ask her if she wants to go to the dining area for meals and she routinely declines, but if simply told, "It is time to go eat" she will join them. The problem is that the staff keep asking rather than telling her it is time to go. Mom rarely goes on any outings or participates in any activity. The nursing staff do not pay attention to detail and I've had to remind them repeatedly to give medications. Had to have some of her medications changed from give "as needed" to routinely given every 12 hours because they would only ask the patient if she hurt and wanted pain medication rather than evaluate her level of pain and decide. They routinely mix up her laundry. They charge >$5000 monthly and want me to bring gloves, antiseptic wipes, and Depends. Too pricey combined with crummy service by and large. Hallways and common areas usually look clean, but rooms get filthy. There are always dirty dishes in her sink.

Sunrise Senior Living

Local Representative

Thank you for your feedback. Please contact us at Information [at] SunriseSeniorLiving [dot] [com] so that we can learn more. --The Sunrise Team


How disappointing this experience was. Before I placed my love one here the sales job I got was great.....then it went from loosing his dentures to, being parked in a common area with little or no supervision,to loosing his eye glasses. Then the worst....he was alone when he passed and all signs of his failing we're ignored by the staff and hospice. I received one phone call @ 1 AM to say that he had passed. Never a follow up call or even a condolence. The only recommendation I would give is not place someone you care about at this facility.

Also they shared health information with an unauthorized individual after being told not to.

They definitely could improve their a...

They definitely could improve their activities. What they plan is all very good, but only about 50% of what they plan actually happens. They do their church outings, but the movies and the shopping outings rarely happen. Also, if only one person shows up, they cancel the activities instead of doing it with that one person. Other than that, everything is very nice. It's expensive, but worth the price. The food is one of the highlights. They take a lot of pride in their food. They have fresh ingredients and a wide variety! Also, they keep track of what the residents eat and will let you know as well!

The security of the building is great! The doors lock at night, so the residents can't wander outside, so you know the residents are safe. It also feels like home. It doesn't look like a facility, it looks more like a hotel, or a large home. There are nice gathering places and fireplaces. It also doesn't have that "smell".

The apartments are nice, and they just look like regular apartments, and not a room in a facility.

It's pet friendly, so even if you don't have a dog, you can visit with the other residents' pets. Also, there's a house dog who lives there, that serves as a protector to strangers.

Lastly, they are able to accomodate younger residents by giving them lots of things to do around the place. The people in charge are very nice and knowledgeable. It's such a relief to have my loved one in a place that I trust and is safe.

Sunrise Senior Living

Local Representative

Please know that we take all concerns seriously and would like to learn more about your experience at Sunrise. Please email Information (at) SunriseSeniorLiving (dot) com with further details so we may follow up. Thank you, Sunrise Team

A six out of five if you ask me!

They are fabulous and have been very accommodating. They get a six out of five if you ask me! The staff is friendly and they are clean. They are just wonderful! I can't think of a bad thing to say about them!

"reminisence care" - not for everybody!

My late aunt stayed in the "reminiscence" unit about a month. Be careful about putting loved ones with dementia here. It is a "one size fits all" type of care that may be good for some, but not all dementia patients. Aunt's memories and faculties were certainly failing, but she was with it enough to be aware of Alzheimer patients walking up and down the hall, trying to get into rooms, taking people's belongings, etc. -- and to be uncomfortable with it, as were we.
Dementia is a complicated, many-faceted disease. Don't be fooled by thinking nice, pretty apartments (which the patients are kept locked out of anyway) are the answer to all dementia care.
Also, they accepted an expensive delivery of her meds one day before she passed away, which could have been returned to the pharmacy (b/c they're on punch cards). They lied and said they couldn't be returned and still haven't made good on it.

Sunrise Senior Living

Local Representative

Thank you for your feedback. We would like to learn more about your concerns. Please email us at ( Information at Sunrise Senior Living dot com). - The Sunrise Team

Enjoyed this community bett...

Enjoyed this community better than the one in Lenexa. Brighter interior, smaller number of residents - 60, 20 in memory care. Still close to home. I like the floor plans available. No exercise equipment. Would like to see a bicycle. Walking trail with gazzebo. Transportation to Walmart, etc. Movies, baseball games, etc. No transportation to doctor appts, etc.

Things are going pretty good at the m...

Things are going pretty good at the moment, he's doing okay.

60 "apartments". Having "specials" ...

60 "apartments". Having "specials" Point system for "helping" people. 20 A living and 20 Terrace (those who need some memory help) and 20 locked. out when run out of money, one bedroom (Denver) on terrace club side (kindof family style)

Very nice Small at Santa Fe and Murl...

Very nice Small at Santa Fe and Murlen 40 hrs RN 8 hrs/day LPN (12-8pm) 24/7 nurse on call CMA's CNA's Meals look good from menu included.

Nice Facility. Small environment. P...

Nice Facility. Small environment. Pets on Site. Clean and organized. Security. Spacious. Apt. feeling.

Loved the apartments and the staff wa...

Loved the apartments and the staff was great.

Very nice facility. Price is in the ...

Very nice facility. Price is in the range I would expect.