Travanse Living at Wheaton - Wheaton, IL

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Customer Reviews

Terrible Experience

Take heed families and friends of anyone whose loved one needs an assisted living facility. DO NOT LET THESE PEOPLE TAKE YOUR MONEY!!! The staff is a joke and the night nurses are a nightmare! The “helpers” are a hit or miss with regard to their ability and willingness to do their job and HELP, they can always be found sitting on a lounge couch on their phones and may look at you like a deer in headlights. The night shift nurses are a nightmare...slow, rude, condescending, and act like you are such a bother! Where is the “assist” in this assisted living farse?!? If your loved one is there PLEASE GO GET THEM OUT!!! It is a shame that a few a-holes can ruin what should be a comfort to you at a super difficult time with n life. BIG TlIME 👎

Very Nice new community. Rooms are very nice, one bedroom is currently $4,750 with price incentives through March 31st. Occupancy is around 42 residents at this time so maybe 50% occupied. Food looked very good. Staff (PALs)were young, possible turnover concerns. They stated there staffing is paid higher than other facilities to address those issues. The customer service advocate could not discuss levels of care pricing (tier pricing) until the evaluation was completed and the Social Worker and Nurse Practioner would complete that pricing after they meet and discussed the level of care needed. Fair but I would have liked some idea for planning. I did ask to schedule and evaluation so we can get the proper pricing for this facility.

Experienced Care Staff

I like how this place is newer, but it is not very filled up with other residents. It seems that it is very empty and it could use other people to make more of a variety. It can get fairly lonely at the capacity that it is in now. The positive side to this is that the staff has a better connection with its tenants. I like how the staff seems to be a little bit older compared to other places (30+) which, to me, they may have more experience. I was speaking to one of them and they were explaining to me how their mother is getting to that point where she needs help as well. They have staff members who can relate. When you're so young in other places, their care staff may not know how to deal with older people even though they might be trained. To me, the older they are the more experience they have being around a variety of people. Here they pay attention to the routine and get to know their patients.

Outstanding Care for a friend

We like this community. The staff is attentive and caring. I like that they keep me informed. The community is clean new and beautiful. The dining area is beautiful. the menu is appealing. I like knowing that she is getting involved with the activities and with the other residents. This community. This community is in a good area and closes for me to visit. We like everything that this community has to offer.