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  • Minimum Age of Accepted Residents
  • Activities Onsite
  • Devotional Services Available
  • Indoor Common Areas
  • Meals Provided
  • Aging in Place
  • Nurses on Staff
  • Podiatrist Available
  • Physical Therapy Available
  • Occupational Therapy Available
  • Speech Therapy Available
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Activities Offsite
  • Outdoor Common Areas
  • Beauty & Barber Services
  • Pets Allowed
  • No Smoking Allowed in Private Areas Indoors
  • No Smoking Allowed in Public Areas Indoors
  • Wheelchair Accessible Showers
  • Hospice Available
  • Respite Available
  • Resident Parking Available
  • Male Residents Accepted
  • Female Residents Only
  • Doctor on Call
  • Nurse on Call
  • Homecare Onsite
  • Dentist Available

Customer Reviews

Think twice

You wrote a review for The Wentworth of Las Vegas 4 days ago
1.0 star rating [date removed]
If you plan on moving your loved one to the Wentworth Las Vegas, you might want to think again.

My mother has been at the Wentworth Las Vegas for the past 4 years, over that time period we have seen 4 executive mangers come and go. Each time a new one comes on board, they try to make changes to justify their position. They started with wanting to move my mom from her private room to a shared room after many phone calls and meetings they decided to leave her in her room she had been in since day one, then the next one wanted to move her to the memory care unit when her doctor said she only had early stages of dementia and didn't need to be in memory care yet, so after a long battle they dropped that Idea. Then about 8 months ago they got another new manager and she moved my mom to the memory-care side without informing the family, so we couldn't be there, this really messed with my mothers mind and well being. If we could of been there to help with the transition it would of made the world of difference so since then my mom has been very confused always talking about her room upstairs it seem to cause her to start to feel helpless like she did something wrong, this move caused her to be very sad and depressed but by the time we found out it was too late they moved all her stuff and bed so to move her again would only confuse her worse so we decided to keep her and just increase the amount of times we visit her a week and we hired a care taker to come in the middle of the week when we are all working. By the way the person that made that rash decision is no longer with the company. Now we have a new manager and her decision is to EVICT MY 86 year old mother because they said they can't take the risk that she might want to return to her ways of wanting to go for a walk or I should use their terms to wonder outside. She is in the memory care side of the Wentworth they are locked in but they take her into the main lobby once and a while for group functions and she remembers her old ways of going for a walk and wants to go outside, this is very confusing for her but yet they say she is a wonder and a risk to the manager loosing her license so they want to kick her out.
What kind of place is this? My mother isn't the only one that wants to go for a walk or the only one suffering from memory loss. Think twice before you decide to trust the Wentworth with your loved one.... My mom keeps asking me what did I do wrong why are they throwing me out. Short answer because you became a problem for them..

Very nice tour. It is in need of updates around the inside and outside.

Shawn Torrey

Local Representative

Good morning, I hope your day is going well. My name is Shawn, and I work at the Milestone Support Center (located in Vancouver, WA). Thank you for taking the time to write this review. We are ecstatic to hear that your tour went well. We appreciate your feedback about our community. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. You can reach us by phone, Facebook or in person. Thank you again, and have a great rest of your day. Shawn - Digital Marketing

Wenthworth was good. Not so much as we are nearing one year of my mom's stay.

In the beginning, things were good. I'm not happy any more with my mothers care, room and bedding situation. Bed protector has not been put back on. No mattress pad either. Things were different under the old director. The doctor there is wonderful. He stabilized my mom's condition. She suffers from dementia with delusions and manic behavior. That has been corrected and she seems content and we are pleased with her progress. There were issues where I knew my mom had not been showered and the bedding also had an odor. So, I am looking into removing her from Wentworth, Las Vegas. I live in New Jersey and have been back and forth many times throughout the year. Like I stated, it was much better under the old director.

Shawn Torrey

Local Representative

Hi there Janet, my name is Shawn, and I work at the Milestone Support Center (located in Vancouver, WA). I want to say that I am sorry about the negative experience you have had with this community. I did inform the community and regional leadership team about this review. They are currently looking into the situation. If you wish to provide any additional information, please send us a private message on Facebook. Thank you, Janet, and have a great rest of your day. Shawn - Digital Marketing

Wentworth review

My wife passed away in July. We were in the process of moving to Atria Seville because of more space and better facility. I continues the move and am very happy here. The Wentworth seems to have some problems in keeping the facility looking nice, food quality and service, and maintaining adequate staff who are well trained and available when needed.

Shawn Torrey

Local Representative

Hi there, my name is Shawn, and I work at the Milestone Support Center (located in Vancouver, WA). I would first say that I am sorry to hear about the passing of your wife. I know that it must be a difficult time for you and your family. Our thoughts are with you through this time. The comments that you have made do not meet the expectations that we have set for our communities. I have gone and sent this over to our community and regional leadership team. Please send a private message to our Facebook page if you would like to provide any additional information. Thank you again and have a great rest of your day. Shawn - Digital Marketing

They didn't know I was coming but the staff put together a quick tour for me, this place is cozy and seems fun, everyone was pretty happy. Would be one of my top three picks.

Comfortable, but not the Best Fit for Us

I toured at The Wentworth while looking for a new place for my loved one. I thought that the community was comfortable, but that it lacked a certain feeling of cleanliness that I was looking for, and the set up of the facility just did not seem to flow to me. I just didn't feel that it would be the best fit for us.

Not a good facility if your loved one is combative

My Father was here for only two weeks unfortunately. When they first assessed him they knew he was combative and they still said it was okay and they could handle him. They do charge a non-refundable community fee of $3,000. After a little bit, I started to think that the assessment wasn’t real or detailed at all. When he became combative, they ended up bringing him to the hospital and said that they couldn’t handle him anymore and he was not allowed to come back. I feel like they could have done this in a more professional manner. I would not recommend this community for people who are combative. However, it is a great facility for residents who just have dementia. It is a locked down unit and they have a little outdoor are that is also locked down. The staff is very attentive here.

I met with [Removed], Dir of Sales/Mktg. She was very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. She gave me a full tour of the facility.
We are intending to move my mom to this facility as soon as her assessment is completed.

Memory care provided

I was touring different communities when I was trying to find a place for my sister and when I came here, I was impressed with the fact that they offered memory care as well. It meant that she would be able to stay there if she needed that type of care. They said that they had a multi-million dollar renovation, but it all seemed a little somber to me. Otherwise, the accommodations were acceptable.

Highly Recommend By A Friend

This community is very nice. The community has been renovated in the past few years.The community is very clean no odors very well kept. It has a great staff very nice and attentive makes you feel welcome anytime you are there. The food is very good. My friend's husband knows of women who had done quite a lot of research on this community before determining that she would be placing her husband there soon and that was the deciding factor or my friend's husband.

Outstanding Care for mom

I am very happy with the care from this community. The staff is caring and always keep me informed on her process. The community is clean and maintained. She is pleased with the variety on the menu and they offer her to get involved with the activities. We think that families would like the care from this community due to the care and the value that is offered.

Mom's Care

I am very happy with the care that my mom is received from the nice staff at this community. We like that it offers a clean environment for her to live in. The menu is appealing and she seems to enjoy living here. They have a nice list of activities. We would recommend this community for the care and good value.

Nice tour

I had a nice tour of this community. Everything went well for the most part. From what I saw the community looked nice and clean, the staff was nice, and our questions were answered. It was a nice experience, but it wasn't the right fit for my in-laws.

A little impersonal

The community is awfully big and seems to be a little impersonal. I think the staffing is a little thin for the size of the community but the staff that is there seems to be nice. My friend has said she feels a little-overwhelmed primarily due to the size of the community.
It's very clean and well maintained. They offer transportation to doctor offices and they bring my friend to her hairdresser and pick her up which is good so she can keep some sort of her normal routine.
She doesn't want to participate in any activities they offer which are out of her character and I would love to see the staff there get the residents that don't attend the activities to do so.

Wonderful facility!

My loved one's stay is going wonderfully! The facility has two levels; the bottom level is a wonderful memory care unit, while the upstairs is an assisted living unit. Both units allow freedom for residents. The staff are very attentive and take great care of her! She has plenty of opportunities to participate in activities, such as the luau party that they had recently, or the bus trip that they took last week. I also liked the fact that, though the rooms are shared, they are very large and my loved one is able to live privately.

Mom is happy!!

My mother is doing well since her move into The Wentworth. She likes the fact that everyone there is nice, she has been making a lot of new friends. She has attended the movies, done some bingo and gone to a couple of socials. She likes that everyone there is very nice and she is happy with thre lady that does her hair. The only thing that she wishes they would change is having more fish on the menu. She is not a big meat eater. Other than that, she is enjoying the atmosphere, and we are happy with our choice.

We love this place!!

My mother as recently made the move into this community and at first she had a little trouble with the transition but with time things are improving. i like that she is starting to enjoy her dinning experience and becoming more social with the other residents. I do wish the staff would do a better job at encouraging her to start getting more involved with the activities and to go on some of the trips they take.

in need of activities!!

The Wentworth of LAs Vegas is a nice place for my mother and we are happy with it. They are lacking in activities, though. They could use more consistent activities and things for the residents to do. The meals are fine, from that I have seen. The care that my mother is receiving there is good but could be more individualized.

Beautiful but a little pricey.

No one at the front desk. Not on the ball.

Great Energy!

My grandmother is doing great since her move into The Wentworth. It is a great place the staff is very passionate. All of the residents we talked to seemed very happy. The place is clean and they have a large variety of activities. The place has a positive atmosphere.

They Offered Good Things

My friend also liked this community. It had carpet and it was renovated. They did not have any availability and they were priced higher. They offered a shared unit at $1600 and she would have a roommate, this was not going to work. The smallest studio was $2200. We saw the room and she would have to past the women bed to get to the other bed. The rent included meals, house keeping, transportation, and linen services.

I Had A Visit

When I toured this community I saw that it was still new. They offered me a meal and I saw them doing some activities. There was good interaction. It was too far for the location.

Good Care

father had very good care at this community. The staff was so very nice and caring. They offered great meals and a variety. Activites were great for him when he wanted to participate. He did get moved to another community for other needs, but I would over all recommend this community highly for good care.

W review

Couldn't be happier with the facility

Nice overall!

This community is very clean inside and out. The few staff members I have met seemed nice. My grandma likes some of the food. She likes to participate in bingo. I think this community is a little expensive but I would recommend it.

Great Entertainment!!

I am very pleased with my experience at this community. The activities they provided where wonderful, they often brought in live entertainment and had a different movie showing every night. The staff really listened to my needs and suggestion on things I needed corrected and made changes. I would highly recommend this place!!

My mom's care.

My mom is very happy here. The staff is wonderful and very caring. The meals are very good and she is happy with the variety. There are great activities that are available to her. I have highly recommended this community to other families for great care.

very helpful people

The caregivers are lovely people and were good to us!!!!

Mom moved into a new wing at this older community. She was there for about 3 weeks as they just did not offer enough activities to keep her busy. They did not deliver on what was promised. I believe this has improved since she moved out. The food is lovely and they keep the community clean. I would recommend taking a look at this community.

I found the process of placing my sister-in-law at the Wentworth fairly easy. I find the facility warm and friendly. It has been difficult to understand the whole effort of arranging insurance since she moved here from out of state. There was very little help from the staff. I feel they need a better orientation program. Things such as where is the laundry room, what day will her laundry be done. Failure to change the mattress pad when the bed was changed ( there was a second mattress pad with the clean sheets and pillow cases but it was not put on the bed along with the clean sheets & pillow cases). I know all this will be worked out, but it was disconcerting.

My Tour Went Well

My tour went well of the facility. Everything was nice and well maintained. The staff was very pleasant and informative. They answered all my questions. This is more of an assisted living community. My mother doesn't require much care. It is a nice community for someone if it fits their needs.

My Father Is Doing Well

My father is doing very well at here this community. They are caring for him and his needs very well. I'am satisfied with everything they have done for us. It has been a pleasant experience. It is a nice facility with kind people.

Patiently Waiting

My dad is living at this community and It is clean and well kept. The staff treat my dad well and I can only say good things. The meals could be better with more options and at times more portion size. I have found that they do not have a lot of activities. Overall most the concerns may be linked with the new wing not being available and I hope things will improve once my dad is moved into a new room.

5 stars for The Wentworth!!

The activities at The Wentworth keep my mom very social. I tried the food once it was good and I have not heard any complaints from mom. The staff are very attentive to the residents and they are good with keeping me informed of my mom's care. The community is very clean and I would recommend it to family and friends.

They rescued me

I have lived here for a year and a half. I was in a dreadful situation before and the staff here rescued me from it. I love living here because of the managements ability to resolve problems and how they make a person feel about the results. I ride a scooter, and the location is ideal because I can get to practically any shopping need and there is some very beautiful scenery. I am very happy with the upgrades they have made to the community too.

Great facility

They are working on renovations, still have things to do there. Overall it is a great facility and my mom likes it there. My sister is there a lot. I live in different state than they do. My mom and sister has not made any complaints at all about the facility

Wonderful staff

This is a small, tight knit community so The Wentworth has a family like atmosphere. The staff here is wonderful and compassionate. They are really good with the residents. I love the one on one attention that that give each individual.

Great with a few changes

I recently moved my father to Wentwork. He very much enjoys the food and the staff. There was no orientation or check in procedure for new residents. I had to ask questions to figure everything out. No introduction to the staff without seeking it out. Once the sales representative closes the deal you never see her again which is fine as long as there was an introduction to the facility and staff. There is no check in and check out procedure so anyone can walk in and out both visitors and residents without anyone knowing. That is my main concern now since anyone can come and take my Dad out without anyone asking questions. After 5pm there is no one at the desk and even when someone is there no questions are asked. If security and orientation concerns are dealt with I think it could be a great place.

things are going well

Overall we have had a very positive experience with The Wentworth of Las Vegas . Mom has not complained about anything and I know she would if there were any issues, so things seem to be going very well.

Extremely friendly and welcoming

I thought the people were extremely friendly and welcoming to my mother in law. The food is great. It's small so its homey. I would totally put her in there permanently if I could afford it. My mother in law has nothing but good things to say about it. It has been a great experience for us. She is very happy here. I would highly recommend The Wentworth of Las Vegas to anyone who can afford it. It's very nice.

Memory Care Unit

My brother has been in the Memory Care Unite for 11 months. The level of care and compassion at The Wentworth is exceptional. The amenities are great, food, actives and cleanliness. As a family we always feel welcome, the staff knows are names and director reach's out if things are needed, we feel involved and informed. Recent changes are very positive, room renovation, outings for the Memory Care residents, amazing chef and upgraded staff all lend itself to making a difficult situation a bit easier to deal with. Given the same unfortunate situation, I would highly recommend The Wentworth of Las Vegas, although it is a long drive for us, the level of care and commitment makes it all worth while.

The Wentworth Assisted Living/Memory Care Facility

My sister and I have been looking for an assisted living/memory care facility that would be suitable for our 87 year old mother. The Wentworth is that perfect place. Mom has been there for a little over a month, and she is very happy there. I can't say enough about the caring staff. They are kind, helpful and very patient. My mother used to live alone, and we were constantly worried about her. It is such a relief to know how well she is taken care of. The entire staff from the Director, the nurses and the care givers have been wonderful!

mom is happy and comfortable

The Wentworth of Las Vegas is a very good place. I am very happy and comfortable with having my mother there. I can't really think of much they could do to improve as they are doing an excellent job.

I am totally impressed.

We are very pleased with them. They are very caring and have a lot of staff that are very helpful and I am there at all times of the day. She has really settled in very nicely. I am totally impressed. They try to befriend the residents and help them to interact appropriately with each other, and just observe. I've seen a good variety of food. Everyone else gets specialized care for the diets, for diabetics, or soft food or whatever they need, and they have someone to watch and make sure that they get the right kind of meal. They have four people to a table so it's not overwhelming, with cloth tablecloths. They really put thought into everything. Everything is accessible for the residents, and when they move in they do shadowboxes of the things the residents like and show their personality a little bit. They don't seem to overcharge you, but you do have to provide your own toileting supplies. They have huge t.v.'s, good security and a nice safe place to sit outside. It's a very good place!

Great place but difficult to understand

Everything at the Wentworth of Las Vegas is great. Just a little difficult to communicate due to language barrier. In terms of Cleanliness, I think the general areas were kept clean and spotless, but some of the rooms may need a little more attention. General public would not see that, but the patients who live there would.

It's clean but the personal spaces could use more attention.

The community is pretty clean, but the personal space could use a little more attention, I would like to see more attention paid to the bathroom and the floor needs to be swept and mopped more often. The staff is very friendly. They were pretty comparable to other places in price. They have plenty of activities. My loved one says he doesn't like the food, and the portions are a little on the small side. We chose them based on our interaction with Sheila.

The food is sort of mediocre and blah, everything else has been great.

The food is sort of mediocre and blah, everything else has been great. She is very happy there. They are very good about communication, and letting me know if something is going on. We chose them because they have the license needed in our state to offer real assisted living.

New (horrible) managment

Used to be a great place. Entire staff I dealt with moving mom in (director, nurse, and the tour guide) are gone, along with several care staff I felt comfortable with. Not only did nobody bother to contact me but the people that replaced them seem cold and uncaring. Activities and food are still acceptable although the frequency of entertainment has decreased significantly during th past month. I see horrible caregivers and nurses (mom was once left for almost 2 days without being checked on) The staff that took over from the locked side were correcting things but it does not look hopeful now. A nurse named Carmen and another named Shelley have gone above and beyond to try to help my mom but given the way staff is treated I don't expect them to stay long. If you would like your parents to live in a safe and caring place I suggest you seek other options. I am looking for alternate options for my mom as are many other families.

Great place/warm and friendly

Brought my mom there for a tour last week. She fell and was in rehab for a couple of weeks. She is in her late 80s and she and I both realized she can't live alone anymore. Came in on a weekend day and Chris who is the marketing person there was really nice. He took a lot of time and really seemed to care. Gave us some great advice and really walked us through everything. My mom moved in and so far everything has been great. She is even starting to make some friends.

We just got him in Wednesday or Thurs...

We just got him in Wednesday or Thursday of last week. One of the main things we liked about the Wentworth was that they had an available room close to the front because he can't get up stairs too well. From what I saw, the building looked pretty good.

I believe I dealt with Danielle, and she was very helpful.

From the Community

The Wentworth of Las Vegas provides the opportunity for you to truly enjoy your retirement years. You need never worry about cooking, cleaning, getting around town, home maintenance or managing your own medications. You are able to enjoy a warm home environment while living with the added measure of comfort, independence and security.

We offer both Assisted Living and Memory Care Services to our Residents. Our rates are very competitive and offer a very friendly, home-like environment. Tours available 7 days a week by appointment.