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  • Housekeeping provided
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Customer Reviews

Best Assisted Living in Las Vegas

Excellent place for care! [Name removed] and [Name removed] are kind and helpful and offer the support you need. [Name removed], in charge of maintenance, is kind and works very hard to make sure the needs of the seniors are met. He is invaluable! [Name removed] and her support staff check on the health needs of the seniors and do an incredible job. Everyone pitches in to help and respond well to requests and communication is excellent and open and transparent. The chef is amazing! He loves to cook and it shows in his scrumptious menus that are healthy and diverse. The prices are fair for living there and what they provide. Lots of activities for seniors! They truly care and treat them just like family. The place is clean and modern and updated and rooms are good size. A beautiful place to live! We could not be happier to have placed our mother in their caring and gentle hands. The staff makes all the difference!

Terrible experience

Unfortunately, I cannot give this facility a good rating. Its affordable, beautiful and clean but my mother was there for one month and hospitalized 3 times in that month. The last time she was sent to the emergency room it was because I stopped in to visit and found her incoherent, half undressed and SOAKED in urine. Her bedding and her clothes..all the way up to her pillow. In previous occurrences, while in the hospital (the 2nd time in 2 weeks) I went to check her room before she was to be discharged from the hospital, to find her bed completely stripped and all her bedding missing apparently laundered and distributed to other residents while she was gone. It was with the discreet guidance from the staff at the hospital that I was able to find and situate her somewhere else rather than return her to the facility. I should mention that the month cost me $2800.00 just in residential fees. A low cost by comparison to other facilities but I guess you get what you pay for. I was absolutely devastated to have to move her after such a short time but there was clearly no choice. It's been two months in her new home with no upsets.

They offer wonderful services for everyday living. I was pleased and amazed with everything I saw on the tour I was given.

Love it here!

The facility is kept nice and clean

My Mom lived here briefly. The facility was great but it ultimately wasn’t the right fit for her needs.[Removed], in the medical staff, was outstanding and the rest of the staff was really good to her. The food was good and the people that worked in the dining room were helpful. They offered a few activities like poker and exercise classes; they did a good job of trying to involve her. The cleanliness overall was good and they did a good job of keeping up with everything. I would recommend them and have already done so.

Facility was nice but wasn't a good match for us

While I looking for facilities for my Father, I came across this community and it just wasn’t a good match. It was really a nice facility and the staff that I did meet was friendly and personable. The reason why I did not pick this community is that they didn’t take memory care residents. They were only for assisted living and my dad would not have fit in here. I would recommend this facility to other families.

The cleanliness is outstanding!

The people are very accommodating and excellent. They will set up a place for you and try to make it as comfortable as possible. If you were to have any issue or concern they will do their best to assist you with anything, they are really on the spot. The property itself is very attractive and has character with nice features. The most outstanding feature is their cleanliness. Everything is super clean, like almost sterilized. I believe they handle laundry twice a week, take out trash daily, and they also clean each apartment once a week. They change the bed and sheets, everything like that for you. Everything is really convenient. My father’s room is very close to the dining area which he likes a lot. The food has been good. They have about 25 items on their set menu and 2-3 entrees that vary throughout the week. It’s also limitless so if you think that it’s not enough then they will give you more. If you had visitors that wanted to join you for dinner, it’s about $8 per person. They have free popcorn too which is good. The staff is really helpful. We had offers at two other places but this one was the only place that made sure he had lunch during the tour, whether he chose them or not. They also offer a bus that will take you to doctors’ appointments if you need it; they will also take you anywhere within a 10mile radius, however if you need to go further then they can help. They do not charge extra for this. They will occasionally take them up to Walmart, the dollar store, and other different stores for shopping. Right now they’re not totally full so some of the activities are kind of limited, but I think that’s just a growing issue, and I hope they will continue to grow. They are about 1/3 full and heading in the right direction. They have enough people to have simple activities such as exercise classes, poker, and other games. They have monthly activity calendars that they put up to keep everyone updated. I would definitely recommend this place. I would want my parents there and myself when the time comes.

Perfect Location

Mom was a little nervous about going to this community but she has seemed to have settled in very nicely. She has already started doing all the activities and enjoying any social events they may have. At this current time, the community is in between chefs which make the food either hit or miss depending on who is there. The staff overall is very nice and pleasant. The community is clean and looks very well cared for. What we liked about this community is it is located in the same neighborhood as her condo is so she is familiar with the area.

The best in class!

This community is absolutely terrific. My father receives the very best care around. Everyone is friendly and he has made many friends. They really are great in letting him enjoy as much independence as he needs or wants, yet are always there for him when he needs it. Also, considering how beautiful the common areas are and his apartment are, on top of their excellent service makes this the best deal in town! Honestly! [Removed] the manager at the facility is beyond exceptional, as is her assistant [Removed]. If you want to experience a welcoming smile and a warm experience, do not hesitate to make this place your parents home. I can't wait to move in myself in about 10 years.

Caring people

Beautiful community with really nice people! I really liked how much they cared for the residents when I had lunch there.

Number 1 Choice So Far...

I just toured this community for my dad, and I had lunch with the other residents. The place is contemporary, very nicely done, and the staff I met seemed friendly and helpful. The food was excellent and the waiter [Removed] gave us great service. I was surprised there were so many choices to eat and it is nice that they have soup every day since my dad loves soup. The rooms were beautifully done, and they seem to have many activities to keep him occupied. They have a bus driver so that he can keep his doctor appointments. So far this is the best community we have seen. Very impressed!

Sharon Estrada

Local Representative

Thank you for considering Oakey Assisted Living, we are so glad you enjoyed your experience and hope to have the opportunity to create more memorable experiences for you in the future!

I would not recommend this community.

This is not the best community for us. The food is horrible and they do not offer any options for special diets. The housekeeping comes in once a week and she does not stay for more than five minutes. They do not offer any transportation for the residents. We moved in due to an emergency and we were not able to check into this community like we would have wanted. Every level of care costs more and it is very expensive and there is not a lot of services available.

Sharon Estrada

Local Representative

I apologize that your experience thus far has not met your expectations. At Oakey Assisted Living we strive for excellence and would like an opportunity to make it better. In regards to some of your concerns, I wanted to clarify what amenities we have available to our residents.
-Transportation is available within a 10 mile radius
-Levels of care are based on a point system and they are always determined by an assessment done by our nurse. This assessment is done prior to move-in, so all costs and concerns are discussed before a resident signs a lease. We also do a re-assessment after 30 days to see if there are any care changes that need to be made.
-Our menu is designed with input from our residents and with their best health in mind. We offer diabetic friendly meal options, special diet plans including low sodium, and not only offer 2 meal entrees per meal, but also a full alternative menu.

Again, we want your experience with us to exceed your expectations, so please speak with our Executive Director at the community to see how we can achieve that together. Thank you.

My life at Oakey

Destinations Oakey has been rebuilt and looks really good, the rooms are nice, a beautiful dining room. The employees are all very friendly and care about me. Food is good, Activities are fun!

Sharon Estrada

Local Representative

We are so happy that you are enjoying your experience at Oakey Assisted Living!

Perfect for my grandmother

Recently met with the Executive Director, Elizabeth. She is so knowledgeable and friendly. She knows so much about this community and creating an amazing environment for residents to feel at home. The safety of their residents is really important to them, which I appreciate. I really think this is going to be a perfect place for my grandmother to be. She will be close to my cousins who live nearby and be well taken care of. Because the community is newly renovated, it isn't that full. It makes me feel like my grandma will get the one on one attention she needs during the day.

Sharon Estrada

Local Representative

Thank you so much for sharing your experience at Oakey Assisted Living!

Needs lots of improvement !!

I have not been very impressed with the organization of this community. The staff have not been following through on any of the promises they had made to me upon move in. I have to constantly remind the housekeepers to clean his room on Fridays and almost watch them so it gets done. He has been having to do his own laundry because the laundry service that we pay for has not been followed through with either. There are many other promises that have been broken but overall this place needs a lot of improvement to be made.

From the Community

Whatever your needs, we're here for you with a licensed assisted living facility on the premises. Residents have as much independence as they want with the knowledge that personal care and support services are available when needed. Our senior community provides residents with the opportunity to continue their passions and experience senior living at ease.

We understand that every individual's needs are personal and unique. We will work with you on a one on one basis to ensure these requirements are addressed and appropriately met.