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Customer Reviews

Pre-Assessment and Home Visit

I am not here to do an overall rating at this time nor am I here to discuss cost. I'm here to post my experience with [Name removed] .

[Name removed] is passionate in her work. Before bringing my dad to Waterford on Cooper she came to my parents home to do an assessment and to speak with my dad about his transition. This visit was all about my dad. She was thorough in understanding his needs and his cognitive state. We were appreciative for her visit. Now that my dad is there she is still as warm and caring from the first day we met her. Her services exceeds expectations. Thank you [Name removed] !

Mom loves it here

The staff here is exceedingly friendly and accomodating. Very responsive to all needs. It was nice and clean. Mom is a little difficult at times and they know how to communicate with her. There is a calendar of daily activities like a crafting day, or the boy scouts came the other day to entertain them. The activities director is amazing as well as the chef he told me to let him know what my moms needs were and he'd make sure he did it right. They have a large secured enclosed courtyard. I would recommend this community.

Doing Pretty Good

My parents are doing pretty well moving here they have finally started settling in. Right now they aren't doing any of the activities or social events but are hopes are they will start. The food is good they have no complaints. The staff is very good nice and very accommodating.

Nice, clean facility in a nice neighborhood. A good place to put your loved one.

rent was 2500-2700 but care was about a grand on top of that did not take medicare

Caring Community

We are very pleased with this community, and all they have done for us. This is a very caring community. My father is doing well since his move here. They have been great with keeping us updated on information about my father. Everything is working out well, and I would highly recommend it. It is a great facility.

Great service at Waterford

My father has been at Waterford on Cooper for a year. He is 93 and has had very good Care. He doesn't always get shaved but the food is great and staff is loving and helpful to our family. The facility is nice, bright, colorful and his room is spacious, more than adequate and maid service is sufficient. We have been pleased with medical attention from the doctors, home health workers and therapists that work with staff. I have many friends who have had their love ones here and we're happy with facility.

I took a tour!

I toured The Waterford along with many other communities and the tour guide did a good job. They were able to answer all of my questions and give me good information. The facility itself was clean and seemed to be maintained well.

They are very nice!

The Waterford was a very nice community and we had a lovely tour of it. The big difference was that it was a larger community. It was a big difference and we decided to go with a smaller home with more one on one attention. It was a difficult choice.

Care and comfort

We are happy with the community for my mom. The staff is very nice and friendly, but they seem to respond slowly. The meals are appealing. I like that she is involved with the activities that are offered. I do suggest that families ask a lot of questions on the insurance billing.

My father's Care

I like the care that was received here. The staff was very nice and helpful. The community. was clean and maintained. They did have a nice variety of activities that were offered to him. The food was good and he seemed to be please with the variety I would recommend other families for the care at this community.

Friendly Staff!!

The tour guide was knowledgeable and explained everything the community offers. They are pet friendly, a beautician is on site, and meal plans are available. During my tour i noticed that everything was well organized. They offered the family a complimentary meal this was really nice. The staff met along the tour were friendly and accommodating

A new adjustment for mom

My mom has moved in and is trying hard to adjust to her new living environment. She is happy with the food that she receives and the choices are great. Alot of activities to keep her active with others. The staff is excellent and is trying to help her adjust. I would recommend this for others to have great care in a great community.

Working Out Well For Us Here

My wife and I am doing well here at this facility. It is a nice looking community, everything is nice and clean. The staff is pleasant, they are always willing to help. We have tired a few of the activities offered, and have gone on a few outings. The meals are nice, we enjoy the dining area. We are pleased with all they have done for us. Everything is working out well.

A Lovely Community With Nice People

So it has been a pleasant experience for my loved ones. My mother did fall and have to go into rehab. I do feel they are going to enjoy their experiences here at this community. Everybody has been very kind and friendly. The meals are nice, the food is good. It has been a good experience so far.

It's really nice and clean, and everything.

It's really nice and clean, and everything. The room was nice. We toured five or six other places, and this is definitely a five. We haven't been there long and it's been a bumpy transition, but they have been very understanding, and worked with us through it so far.

don't go there

My mother was at Waterford before it became Waterford and then for a while afterwards. At first it was well staffed and the memory care area was wonderful. Soon after her arrival, the place sold and the care went downhill.
Many times I was the only one in the dining area helping the residents eat. When Mother needed help, I had to go find someone since no one was around. It was totally understaffed. Two caregivers for about 22 residents--and these are memory care residents who need constant care and watching.
The staff-not the caregivers in the unit- were unprofessional, rude, and basically told us to move Mother because they could not take care of her. Lots went on during Mother's last months there which I will discuss if the information is desired.
She was not properly cared for.
I would not recommend this place to anyone.


They are doing a great job. They have a wonderful staff.

I like everything

I like everything about The Waterford on Cooper. They leave us alone. They don't interfere with the way they we want to live. They keep the place clean and maintained. I am really impressed by their operation. Overall it has been a good experience. I have been several places in my lifetime, I'm an old man and have been around and this is the best place yet.

Mom and I are Happy!

Mom has been in Assisted Living at the Waterford on Cooper now for about 4 weeks. She has mild to moderate dementia and the staff have been wonderful as "reminders" for her to go to her meals and bedtime. With this extra help she has regained her weight. The beautician comes and gets Mom for her hair appointments so she doesn't have to remember. Her deluxe studio is very nice and it has a small kitchenette that makes her still feel independent. The courtyard is a pleasant safe place for her to sit and get some fresh air. This place is clean but I have found her bathroom trash gets full and seems to be missed sometimes. Overall I am happy with Waterford and mostly Mom is happy.

Not exactly what I was looking for. Nice facility but pets not allowed in memory care.

going well overall

My father is presently staying at The Waterford on Cooper. It took a lot of follow-up on my end to get my father set up there, which was a little disappointing. Other than that everything has gone pretty well.

Not Good

The facility is clean and my relative likes the food. And that is where the positive comments end. It is understaffed and the director is an expert at making excuses. Everything of value has been stolen out of the room. If you ask for assistance the aides will tell you that they can't do anything until the facility gets more money. Response times to the call button range from 30 minutes to 2 hours. In one case, the aides that answered the call did not know how to pick up a patient who had fallen. Complain about anything and retaliation is quick and expensive. The "sales pitch" includes all kinds of services but when it's time to renew the lease there are no services included in the monthly rent.

Summary review

The Waterford mislead us on a lot of things. We are very unhappy with services there in the memory care unit. It is substandard. We are giving our 30 day notice next week.

I can only speak to the memory care unit. My mother lived there for about a year. She originally went to Waterford for assisted living but it was quickly determined that she needed more supervision.
In the memory care unit, the residents are just housed. There are very few activities. The TV is on and they have pictures to color, bingo, or puzzles sitting out. If the resident is not needy, there is little interaction.
My siblings and I rarely saw my mom look clean and fresh. Although they said she was bathed regularly, we couldn't see the evidence of it. When I removed her socks to trim her toenails, her feet were not clean, any time. When she had a sore on her back, no one there noticed it until it became infected and she complained to my sibling. I believe that if she had been bathed regularly, there would be no way to have missed that.
We began noting that she wore the same clothes day after day. Using a marking system, we could see that the sheets on her bed were not changed every week.
And finally, we found an inconsistency with her medications.
When we went to the front office to address our issues, we were always given excuses, or told that we were wrong. I believe the memory care unit was an after thought and that although there are a few really nice people working there, the management of the Waterford uses their time to mask the problems they are having.
I cannot speak to the regular assisted living at the Waterford. But I do know that when we voiced our concerns, the management was not willing to admit that anything was wrong or that anything needed to be changed.
As a contrast, in her new residence, she is always clean, when there is an issue it is immediately addressed, and although Mom has few needs, the people there are consistently involved with her.

Excited then Disappointed

Loved it at first sight but that changed after a coupe of weeks. Leadership is passive and seems il prepared or unwilling to make improvements. The lice infestation in memory care was awful. Dentures have been lost here. Memory car residents don't get much activity time of any real quality. It's unfortunate that many of the staff don't appear to enjoy their job. Turnover is high and residents are not the priority. The food offerings are questionable. Fr the cost I would not expect my loved on to EVER be offered a sandwich on white bread and some hard chips. These are seniors. They need nutritious food not what's convenient for the kitchen staff. The memory care resident who pay the most don't even get the same food as the assisted living residents. It's a poorly run place. It was great but when they decided to cut corners and were bought by Capitol Senior Living things went down hill.

Waterford on Cooper - Highly Recommended!

Our loved one has lived at Waterford for going on one year. It is a beautifully designed complex, with so many amenities and things to do. If someone is needing a social lifestyle, they will have a great time. Waterford offers cookouts, cards and games, exercise class, Bible study, themed parties, outings to retail stores and restaurants...just to name a few things on a weekly basis. We currently are paying the minimum rate, but after comparing several different communities, we can state that the cost is lower than most.

We would highly recommend this community for it's structured lifestyle and friendly staff.

They have a lice infestation ONLY in the Memory Care Unit, we had to provide bed, and the water isn't hot enough to do laundry. They lost a $1500 hearing aid. My mother has alzheimers, and half the time she doesn't have her teeth in.
The medical care is good, medications are on schedule.
I was very happy to put her in there on the first of September; everyone was nice, and very informative, and it was all good, and suddenly it was not.

Needs to improve

When we first moved our parents into the Waterford, we liked the place, location and staff, but things changed. Now this facility is extremely under staffed with the wait time for a calls to be answered as long as 30 to 45 minutes. Staff morale seems to be very low which leads to apathetic care for residents. This could be a great place, but the way it is now leaves a lot to be desired.

I would not select this place unless things change with management

Beautiful, comfortable, and homey, but could be more responsive.

Initially the staff, the director, and everyone were very attentive, and they continue to be very polite, but I have an issue with the aides not being as attentive anymore, and when I have tried to speak to someone about that and they haven't really gotten back to me. I feel like I am kind of getting the brush off. I don't feel that they listen to my concerns. I don't feel like the medical issues we are bringing up, are being taken seriously. I have eaten there and I enjoyed the food, and my loved ones clean their plates. It's very beautiful, comfortable, and homey. It's very clean, it always smells fresh and I liked the location.

Quite a few things they need to fix

We've had mixed experiences with this community, and there are a few issues that I think they really need to work on. To start, the facility feels very understaffed, I believe I heard the figure of around 15 residents per aide, which just isn't enough. The aides also don't do a great job responding to the call button necklaces. They work the system. They'll respond within the required 15 minutes to turn off the call button alarm, but then say they will "be right back" to solve the actual problem, and it can be more than half an hour before they actually come back.
They also need more activities, most of the time it seems my loved one is just sitting in the living room watching TV all day.
The last issue is with the food. Most of the time the entrees are so overcooked that Mom has trouble cutting it, let alone chewing it. The "salads" they serve are generally just iceburg lettuce with maybe a wedge of tomato, not nutritious at all.

My dad has settled in very well here....

My dad has settled in very well here. There are some nice people living there that he has met.

The staff keep a good eye on him and they don't seem to hover.

I've been pleased and he is doing very well.

The only complaint I have is that the transportation is limited, but that seems to be the case with all care facilities.

Nice place but short staff

The Waterford is a very nice place. Apartments are spacious and well maintained. Our dad was evaluated and admitted to this type B assisted living based on the need for 2 person transfer. Once he was moved in the administration told us he was taking up too much of the staff time and we needed to hire personal care. This is a type b facility but the ratio of care givers to occupants is too low. There are only 3 CNA's for 90 people based on what a CNA told me. She said we needed to petition for them to hire more staff.

Very nice community!

So far things have worked out very well for us at The Waterford! It's a very nice looking facility, and they do a great job keeping things looking clean and well kept. The staff have all been very accommodating to any requests we've had, and the nurses and care staff have all been very helpful. We really feel like we made the right decision picking this place!

Toured 6-11-14 Very impress...

Toured 6-11-14 Very impressed. Put down deposit on studio. Waiting for assessment report. Hopefully Dad has a new home.

Toured facility Appt to tou...

Toured facility Appt to tour with Mike on 4/10 at 5:15

Overall I think they're doing a good ...

Overall I think they're doing a good job here. It's a nice looking place, and the staff have always been very friendly and caring. They try very hard to keep it clean, but unfortunately due to the care needs of some of the residents there always seems to be an odor.
We've also had some issues with laundry mix-ups, where my loved one has had others peoples clothes placed in his closet, and a few items of his have been misplaced.
I would also like to see more in terms of the activities, I don't feel like they've got much going on.

A Safe Place for Mom

The care here was very good. When I walked in the staff would stop me and tell me what my Mother had done to make them laugh or tell me stories about the time they'd spent with her. They have this beautiful courtyard that is surrounded by the building so it's safe to go out there even at night. The staff is friendly and always keeps and eye on her. They make sure she is at every meal and bring her ice daily to her room if she wants it.

Very Homey

Waterford on Cooper is a very good facility for anyone's family member. I do not have any complaints; the staff are super good, the surroundings are cozy and clean, and my husband is quite happy there. My husband actually said that it is the best place to be if you have to be in an Alzheimer's facility; I was so happy to hear him say that! The residents are nice, and the staff are very kind and he loves the food is good! The security system to notify them if an Alzheimer patient is trying to leave is well maintained. You will feel completely comfortable that your loved one's safety is completely maintained at this facility. He had been at another place for two days, which was fine, but this topped that place because it is so homey.

The Waterford on Cooper-Great balance of good care & cost

They stay full, for good reason. If there's an opening, I suggest that you might grab it quickly. The staff has a love of Seniors, a great, detailed, complete program in all sections (Memory Care & Assisted). In my case, the Memory Care Unit-Staff was great, they learn about each person, care for them & document all progress & changes. They played with mom, took her for walks, treated her with care & got to know her. The medical, pharmacy, care-staff & activities-staff all work together, efficiently. Great place.

Very nice. I especially li...

Very nice. I especially liked the deluxe studio and free cable and phone. Price was very competitive. Waterford is on the top of my list.

Same As All The Others

I don't think any of these places are worth a damn. They're all expensive. They've got me stuck. The care is basically the same in every other place. My dad is in full memory care lock down so there aren't many activities. In my experience, everything is substandard, not just this place.

The Waterford on Cooper

They have been very helpful in getting my dad settled into the new environment. The staff is very friendly and attentive and the other residents seem to be happy, which helps with the adjustment.

Best option for the money

I viist my mom at least 3 days a week, my sister comes in on the weekends and we have absolutely no complaints about the cleanliness. Every person that I have dealt with, all of the front desk staff and even the individuals that come to the rooms have always checked if we needed anything, we even went with Dr. Higgins who is the local doctor and she comes around and visits the waterford and that has worked out wonderfully. She gets medical care as far as following up after her stroke and therapy to prevent her from regressing. I visited just about everything A Place for Mom sent us too, everything and everywhere, and in my opinion this was the best facility that we saw for what we were paying. We didn't know where the resources where but without A Place for Mom and veterans financial we wouldn't have known where to start and you don't know where to go.

Great People - I Wish There Were More of Them

I really did think I paid more than I should have. There are only 2 people there taking care of about 20 people. My husband fell quite a lot and I think had more staff been around maybe they would have checked on him more but the people that were working there were just wonderful. It wasn't their fault.

The food was good and always on time. I like the staff very much. They were very sweet and seemed to like my husband a lot. When he was dying the all came in and said goodbye and I though that was very sweet.

It was a very pleasant place. Quite frankly the memory care was very nice compared to other places I saw.

low staff turnover locked area for r...

low staff turnover locked area for residents with severe memory loss homey atmosphere apartments are small

nice facility

nice facility

From the Community

Join in on the fun at Waterford on Cooper, offering Assisted Living and Memory Care services in Arlington, Texas. Our residents take part in exciting events throughout the month, designed to bring the community together and encourage new friendships. Our goal is to enrich the lives of our residents by providing an environment that is stimulating physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. Even more comfort is found in our apartments, which strike the perfect balance between safety and coziness with welcomed amenities and sought after features. Beyond the relaxation found in our apartments, residents have plenty to look forward to with scheduled trips to nearby locations.