Brookdale Eden Estates - Bedford, TX

Brookdale Eden Estates - Bedford, TX has yet not published prices.

  • Minimum Age of Accepted Residents
  • Activities Onsite
  • Devotional Services Available
  • Indoor Common Areas
  • Meals Provided
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Pets Allowed
  • No Smoking Allowed in Private Areas Indoors
  • No Smoking Allowed in Public Areas Indoors
  • Hospice Available

Customer Reviews

Horrible place

Filthiest place around
Starving their residents and not feeding them properly.
Horrible medication assistance. You may or may not get meds you’ve been taking for years with some absurd reasoning! What are they doing with her medication if she’s not getting it? Good question!
Please don’t leave your loved ones here. They will end up miserable and afraid to say anything!

Amber Pedretti

Local Representative

We take your comments seriously and are committed to providing quality care and services to our residents. Our management team has been in contact with the resident's responsible party to discuss any concerns they may have.

Horrible place

Do not leave your loved ones in this horrific place. They have the worst food I’ve ever eaten, mom just quit eating due to the lack of nutrition and the fact that it’s never good food.
They are understaffed and nobody cares! Mean employees, put patients in fear mode!
If they have to have medication, please hear me, there are times, always a weekend, that they will decide she’s not having her meds today for whatever reason they can come up with.
Our elderly deserve so much more than this place can ever give under current management, staff, food, medication and assisted care!!

Amber Pedretti

Local Representative

We take your comments seriously and are committed to providing quality care and services to our residents. Our management team has been in contact with the resident's responsible party to discuss any concerns they may have.

Nice facility. This a good facility from the limited search that we have done. It may be top of our price range on rent but we are still searching.

Helping Mom age gracefully while giving us peace of mind

At Brookdale Eden Estates, our loved one can enjoy her independence to the fullest. Although we had a rocky start, it seems to be a good fit for our loved one. The staff and the residents are friendly and welcoming. There are plenty of opportunities available to socialize. The community helps maintain the level of independence our loved one is capable of . They are truthful in their advertising and the pricing is very reasonable. They do a good job of keeping it clean and well-maintained. They have a variety of activities to choose from like board game, crafts, movie nights, trips to the museums, weekly shopping trips. I would recommend this community to people who are interested in helping their loved one maintain independence as much as possible while having the flexibility to add services as needed. Brookdale is helping Mom age gracefully while giving us peace of mind.

Too Large For Us

We toured this community for my aunt, and her needs. The tour went well, and everyone was kind to my family, and I. The community was nice, but to large for my aunt, and her needs. The staff was nice, and helpful. Everyone treated us well, but we did find another community that met our needs better.

Good Experience For My Parents In This Community

It has been a good experience since my parents move to this community. They are safe, and in good hands. I'am comfortable with their to this facility. They have a good staff. They are friendly when I visit, and have been helpful when needed. I'am satisfied with this community, and I would recommend it to my friends.

Taking Good Care of My Mother

I'am comfortable with my mothers move to this community. She is recovering well, and I know she in good hands. They have a great, helpful staff in this facility. They are great with their commutation, and taking good care of my mother. They do a good job with the cleanliness around the community. Everything looks great when I visit. I was only had a short time period too make this decision, and they were very accommodating. I would recommend this community to my family, and friends. It is a nice facility.

Mom's Care and Comfort

I like the care for my mom. The staff is nice and helpful. The meals are appealing and she would like to see some improvements in the menu. They do offer a lot of activities that we hope my mom will want to participate. We would recommend the good care and the value for other families and their loved ones

This is not the place for my mom. Everyone was great. Just not for us.

Thanks You!

I have to thank [Removed] for her patience and help with me. She heard my concerns for our mother and gently directed me toward some very good options in the area of town that would work best for mother.
Thank you for the help and information. It truly helped me, at long distance, find the best choice for our mother quickly.

Comfort for dad!

My father is still adjusting since his move into Brookdale Eden Estates. It has been a big change for him. We chose Brookdale because it just felt like more a relaxed atmosphere with a lot of activities. It is very clean and everyone is friendly. All of the staff knows everyone's name. It has been a good experience so far, and we are happy with our choice.

Comfort and care

The care at this community is good. I like seeing that the staff are very caring and attentive. The menu is very good and they go out of their way to make sure that the residents are happy. The have several good activities for the residents to participate in. We would recommend this community to other families for the care and nice value for a loved one.

Would Live Here Myself

My mother is doing fabulous with her move to this community. Everything is working out very well, and we are pleased with her move here. I couldn't happier with all they have done for us, they have been great to work with. The community is so nice that I would live here myself. It has worked out very well for my family, and I would recommend this community.

Good, Safe Community, My Mother is Well

I'am comfortable with my mother's move to this community. She is doing pretty well, and seems to like it so far. She is starting to get use too the routine around the community. I know she is safe, and in good hands at here. They have a great staff, they have been very helpful, and kind. The meals are good, and there are nice activities available for the residents. This is a community I would highly recommend, it is a great facility.

I'm making friends!

I am having a great time since my move into the Brookdale Eden Estates. The place is clean and they have good meal choices. I have not joined many of the activities, but I have made new friends. One observation that I have made since living here is the dining situation. They have the dining room upstairs and everyone eats at the same time, my concern is what if there was a fire, the elevators would be shut down and all of then residents would be left to use the stairs. I think they should have a dining room on the first floor as well. Other than that, I am happy where I am at.

Pleasant Tour

I had a good tour of this community, I toured it for my father, and his needs. Everything went well. The staff was friendly, and kind to my family, and myself. The experience was a nice one. I didn't have any problems during my tour of this community.

Making friends!

Since my mother moved into the Brookdale, she is going very well. She has her little group of friends that she plays dominos and other games with. When she first moved in, she was underweight and now she is gaining weight which is very good for her, the meals at the Brookdale must be very good. We had a few glitches in the beginning with some schedules, but they seem to be getting fixed now.

Worth looking into

This community was very nice when we went on our tour. The people we met were nice. They offered daily activities. This community was a little farther away than we would have liked.

Really like it!!

They offer a lot of activities, however they do seem to be the same every week. The staff are great they check on mom often and they have gotten to know her and the family. She likes the food and they keep the community well maintained. I would recommend this community.

Not What We Were Looking For!

The Brookdale Eden Estates community was dark.
It did not have the positive atmosphere we were looking for. Also, it was in need of updating. The place looked old. It just wasn't a good fit for us at the time.

A nice tour.

Brookdale was too later and not so secure.I was happy with the care from the staff. They were always so nice and caring and were able to answer all of my questions. This community is a little small. The food appeared to be good. They offered alot of activities . I would recommend this community if you want a smaller environment.

Great, impressed with all the people there, everyone had smiles on their faces, residents and employees. The residents I spoke with were happy.

Comfort For Mom!

Meals offered in the community are good. The community is kept clean at all times. The staff is wonderful and the communication is great. Activities are offered on site for the residents. I would highly recommend this community to loved ones.

Peggy [Removed] called me and I toured the facility on Monday, August 8th. Nicely appointed, residents and staff were friendly and Peggy knew everyone and made me feel welcome. She showed me several room options and invited my parents for a meal. Unfortunately, my parents already have been there visiting a resident and Mom has decided to STAY in her home. I'm glad to know a rehab and skilled nursing facility is next door which is used by their doctor and Brookdale has intermingled independent and assisted so if they need to leave their home, there shouldn't be multiple moves.

A Wonderful Community

It has really been a wonderful experience for my friend here at this community. The community is very nice and clean. Everybody is caring and very helpful. I really appreciate all the help they have provided us with. I know he is safe and good hands. This is a community I would highly recommend.

Make sure you are getting what you pay for.

They cant seem to get my mother on their bathing schedule. She has been there almost a month and she has had 2 bathes by them. She is getting charged a fee for this service which she is not receiving.

quick to help

At Brookdale Eden Estates everyone has been so quick to help us. Anything you need they are sure to get it done. The only thing I would say is they do need a few more activities. Brookdale Eden Estates is the best bang for your buck. We are very please with this facility.

Everything has been great

This has been our first experience in putting someone in assisted living and it has been a good experience. Everything has been great. They really worked with me and my mother. At first she was going to walk home and leave. Now she calls it home.

She did fall and break her arm, but there was nothing that could have done to prevent that, and they have been great working with her and taking good care of her since. We have been very pleased.

The staff helped with my Dad's transition from his home of 54 years to assisted living.

A beautiful facility with friendly staff and residents. The one bedroom apartments are well designed. There were four lovely patio areas convenient to the residents.

They have done really well so far.

They have done really well so far. We have eaten there a few times, and the food has been really good every time. I don't have any major concerns, or anything I would like to see improved or done better.

Eden estates has been a great place for my mom. She is so reluctant to socialize and still is but knowing she is with others for meals instead of sitting at home alone is great and she seems to enjoy it more than she is willing to let on. I am more at ease knowing she has help around the clock even though she is in independent living. The staff will assist her then call me to let me know what has happened or that she may need assist from family or doctor. Nice to know that even though she is independent living she can still get help when needed. All the staff have been so kind.
Eden Estates was comparable in price and they are all expensive. Oh, and the food smells great! : )

very good experience

I think that the people at Brookdale Eden Estates are very friendly, and very informative. They were very up front, and what we have experienced is exactly what we were promised, which I have learned from experience does not always happen.

The one thing that I would encourage them to do is this: I know that we as a family are very involved and so we reached out a lot to them. I do think it would be good for them to follow up proactively with us.

Overall though it has been an excellent experience and one we would highly recommend.

It was great when it still fit our needs.

It's very well located and at the time it was great for our loved one. The activities were fantastic. I think there are some issues that the management just can't attend to, it has to happen at the corporate level. We were starting to worry because the building was in need of maintenance, there bugs and snakes and stuff getting into the rooms. I worried about the security there. Because of the increased difficulty of getting around, our loved one just needed a better situation.

Did not eat here. The place...

Did not eat here. The place was clean and neat. Lots of activity going on. The apartment would have been find if it had been about 200 s/f bigger. Peggy Barker was great person, enjoyed the viait.

Friendly, warm staff

The staff is very friendly - they are always asking the residents how they are doing and checking in with them. They always greet the guests with a big smile as well. My dad is younger than most residents and it took a while to adjust, but he likes his new home. We recently went to a sock hop held for the residents - the party was free for the families as well. Everyone had a great time - the residents and families alike enjoyed the music and dancing, and all the staff was there on a Saturday night as well.

Overall very good, could use more security at night

I feel that they do a very good job here overall! It's secure, clean, and the staff are all very friendly and professional. The food is also very good. I'd really like to see them improve the security of the building at night, but other than that I have no complaints.

Outstanding Facility

Very great value, very beneficial. Everything has worked out overwhelming. I think their facility is way above standard. Their service is very complimentary, so fitting with their facility, it is just outstanding.

A new hom for Mom

Great staff, good food, plenty of activities for a fairly active client base. Fair size rooms with central air rather than wall units.

Positive Experience

We had a much more positive experience here but my parents didn't live there, we just visited. The atmosphere of the dining room was nice - white table cloths and we were waited on like in a restaurant. It was restaurant style instead of cafeteria style. The sales person at Eden Estates really maintains contact with people that might be interested.

Warm and Welcoming

This was located close to my home only about 5 minutes away. They rooms are very spacious and the food is good. The staff is very friendly and helpful. It just seemed like it was the best fit for our situation. The atmosphere here was just seemed better then other communities. It is very warm and welcoming and really makes you feel comfortable. They have excellent curb appeal and very nice area where you can sit and relax. Trisha from A Place for Mom was very helpful and very nice.

Stole my Heart

I looked at 8 or 10 different communities and this one was just the right one, "My heart was stuck on Emeritus at Eden Estates". Peggy Barker was the difference maker in choosing a community for my parents. She just made everything so much easier during this difficult time. "Peggy really deserves a big raise". From the bottom to the top everything is just wonderful. Everything I ask for no matter how silly it is I get an "Absolutely" and "Of Course". I asked if I could bring some of my parent’s yard decorations to the community and they said "Absolutely". My parent brought some of there children silhouette yard decorations for the garden and a brand new patio set we had bought for them just before they moved in. It really has a like family feeling. My parents had been living in their house for 56 years and once we showed them this community they got excited and are now looking forward to this new adventure. From the moment Peggy called me "We just clicked" she understood what we needed and was very helpful. This is a very difficult situation to be in and Peggy really made it a lot easier. I chose this community before my parent had even seen it. They helped me put a binder together with brochures, pictures and just everything they offered so I could pitch it to my parents. The open communication they have is really unheard of. It is amazing how fast the staff gets back to me when I send an email.

Visited and like facility. Good possi...

Visited and like facility. Good possibility dur to long term care

2nd best of what we saw today..really...

2nd best of what we saw today..really large...a little too pricey with med mgmt.

Have talked with 2 friends who have r...

Have talked with 2 friends who have relatives here. They say it's okay but are not really excited.

Great price offered on the larger stu...

Great price offered on the larger studio apartment. quoted 1995 a month for resident only (no assisted services, just meals). Facility has many large and well designed common areas for baking, socializing and get togethers. The studio unit I was shown is not as big as a hotel suite. There was only a half wall separating the bedroom and living area. Shower tub. Rooms are a bit of a walk from the elevator. Has gardening spot in outside courtyard.