Villages Rehab & Nursing Center - Lady Lake, FL

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  • Doctor on Call
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • In-House Therapy Providers
  • Wound Care Physician
  • Anytime Dining
  • Gluten Free
  • Special Diets: Organic
  • Dialysis Offsite
  • Housekeeping provided
  • Laundry Service / Dry Cleaning
  • Multilingual Staff
  • Memory Care Services
  • Respiratory Therapist
  • IV/Infusion Therapies
  • Massage Therapy
  • Outpatient therapy
  • Resident Parking Available
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Transportation at Cost

Customer Reviews

Review for Villages Rehab and Nursing Center

The therapy was good. I had no trouble with that. The nurses were good. It was clean. The food was good. They were very good at keeping me informed, but I never heard back from the case manager.

Review for Villages Rehab and Nursing Center

Most of the nurses were good. The aides were almost all okay. The food was very good for institutional food.

Review for Villages Rehab and Nursing Center

They are trying their best to help my loved one.

Review for Villages Rehab and Nursing Center

My stay there was great and I would definitely recommend this facility. The nurses are absolutely wonderful.

Review for Villages Rehab and Nursing Center

They were very caring there when my dad needed help.

Review for Villages Rehab and Nursing Center

They did a great job. The food was not up to par.

Review for Villages Rehab and Nursing Center

I could not have had better care. If I was rich I would bring the staff home with me. This place is the best. If I have to go through something like this again this is where I would go.

Review for Villages Rehab and Nursing Center

I have had excellent care. The therapy is fine. I like the staff. I do not really like the meals.

Review for Villages Rehab and Nursing Center

The rehab has been good, but I would like to see my loved one more active when he's not in therapy. The nursing is good. The staff are very helpful. The staff seem to be friendly. I'd like to see them have meals more oriented to specialized diets, but my loved one really enjoys the food. Whenever I ask questions, they get back to me and they gave me a packet of information that's been helpful.

Review for Villages Rehab and Nursing Center

I had some unfortunate experiences. The food was not wonderful. The therapists need to be more organization for appointments. The aides did a good job, except one night nobody checked on me for 10 hours. In general the people were friendly but understaffed. There were no odors, but they did not always get the floor dry. By and large, breakfast was okay but the chicken and pork were dry and there was not enough variety of meals. A lot of rice and pasta.

Review for Villages Rehab and Nursing Center

Everything went pretty well at the facility and it was very clean.

Review for Villages Rehab and Nursing Center

The therapy was great. The aides were pretty good. Most of the meals were good.

Review for Villages Rehab and Nursing Center

I think the monitoring of the staff needs to be more hands on. They need to have a supervisor to make sure they are doing their jobs and stop the attitudes. The therapy is very good. The nurses are good, but they need more on staff. The aides turned me off.

Review for Villages Rehab and Nursing Center

My loved one's experience was good and he had good rehab. They took good care of him. They did not clean well. I think the director needs to learn how to be respectful. She was rude and canceled my arrangements for my loved one to be removed him. The physical therapy people were very good. The aides were great.

Review for Villages Rehab and Nursing Center

There was a general lack of care for the patient. Most of the non-management people do not want to work and they take a while to get help. The therapists seem to be on the ball.

Review for Villages Rehab and Nursing Center

There was a general lack of care for the patient. Most of the non-management people do not want to work and they take a while to get help. The therapists seem to be on the ball.

Review for Villages Rehab and Nursing Center

The nursing great. It was good for the first while, but I'm very upset with the director of physical therapy, who is not a nice person. I'm now trying to get my mother-in-law moved out. The treatment we received was uncalled for. I live out of state and they should give me updates but don't. When I ask questions, I get no direct answer, they just talk in circles.

Review for Villages Rehab and Nursing Center

Some of the nursing staff and aides do not do their job right. Housekeeping needs to be retrained.

Review for Villages Rehab and Nursing Center

The physical therapy program went very well. The food sucked. It was not cooked properly. When I received something such as green beans, they were raw. My room was kept way too cold for me as well.

Review for Villages Rehab and Nursing Center

There have been some issues. They have tried to fix the issues, but there are still some issues. The therapists have been really good with my dad. There are some good nurses. There are some good aides. Overall, the staff is very friendly. It could be cleaner. The meals have been pretty good and he seems to enjoy the meals. Unless I go and hunt people down they do not inform me. They did for the first couple of days, but not since then.

Review for Villages Rehab and Nursing Center

The nursing staff was not to my liking. The meds needed to be sorted out. They gave me the wrong medication. I declined a blood test and x-rays because they were not needed, in my opinion. The therapists were good. The aides were pretty good. The staff meant well, but were disorganized. The left hand did not know what the right hand was doing. The food was nothing to rave about.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center

It's nice, though his room could be a little bigger. He is now walking without a walker! The rehab staff have all been wonderful! The nurses have also been very good. Many CNAs and nurses stood out to me. They always come in and check on my loved one. They have a living room, and it would be nice to get some recliners. I asked them to get one for him, and they got one.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center

It was a good facility and I got the therapy I went there for. It was very clean. The staff were all pretty good.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center

Of all of the places I have seen I think it was pretty good. I took the tour and was very impressed. She only has a few things she does not like. The cleanliness was very good. They were very good about keeping me informed.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center

Everybody is so friendly and nice! The food is good, the place is quite clean! The head of the rehab was really great.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center

She loves it there. The girls are awesome and helpful. She does have some complaints about the food but who doesn't. When I call there they keep me informed. She likes one of the PT people very much.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center

He liked the place and enjoyed the people there. He met others there and it was positive for him. People ate together. He got to like the PT and he felt better after he left. It was very clean. When he left he hugged the staff members.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center

I think it is a good place. They are a very happy and a cordial place. I thought everybody was excellent. My husband has been in bed and at first he was able to get to the dining room and it is not their fault. He has another physical issue and they are working on this issue. The dining area was nice. The food was great and it is not as good now. The meals are dry. He does not like pork. He is not able to make good choices. His nurse had a good personality. She is fun with a good sense of humor. The CNA took good care of my husband.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center

I'm very pleased with the people! I have been to other facilities before, and this is the best one! The therapists are wonderful! His PT and ST are wonderful! The nursing staff are very caring. They did a good job. The aide always takes very good care of him! All the CNA's have been wonderful! They're very friendly! They call me and leave me notes. I have been coming every day.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center

The care is wonderful. They are very loving and accommodating. The place is clean. The food is very good. He is very happy. The are several aides, nurses, and therapists he really likes.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center

They were excellent to my loved one there. She knew everybody there and she felt confident. The meals were excellent. Communication was excellent. We liked the owner of Villages!

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center

Everyone seem to know their jobs and the food was not bad either. It worked out well. They did a good job. It was very clean. The meals were excellent. They waited on me pretty good. They told me everything I needed to know. I liked the PT and OT therapists. They were all very friendly and courteous and did a good job.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center

They take good care of him and PT is very good. Some of the aides do not like what they do. They used to put the names on the board of who the nurse and aide is but not anymore.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center

They moved quickly to get him in there. They were very attentive to set up the appointment very well that I needed. My uncle really liked the PT person. The meals are good most of the time. I got POA and they were very pleasant with me not having POA before and told me how to be the POA and process. He likes the lady who runs the PT department.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center

The therapy and facility was great. The food was good and I am a picky eater. I liked the therapists, they were exceptional. I had a very bad departure day though. We left on a Sunday and the person did not prepare the discharge papers on Friday. The lady who was in charge tried her best to get things done. They kicked us out of the room by the director of nursing.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center

I was there too previously. The people are quite nice and the rehab is very good. Everyone seems to be great. They do a good job. My wife is terribly fussy. It was not bad food. They are good. I like the PT the OT, they are quite nice. They do a good job.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center

Everybody from the aides to the nurses have been wonderful. He has had very little therapy with him not being cooperative. He liked his nurse and aide.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center

It is one of the best facilities in the area and I am happy with it. He has made a lot of progress. It is always clean. My loved one says they have great meals. They keep me up to date. There are two staff he likes but I do not know their names.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center

It is a very clean building with good service. We go in daily. Sometimes they need to remind him in on food service as well as medication. Meals are good and everyone is helpful. They could improve on keeping me informed, I'm unaware of my loved one's problems.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center

Everybody has been very pleasant. She enjoys the food and it is clean. They are always cleaning. The communication is pretty good and I am there every day. I do not feel like I have been kept in the dark.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center

She is doing better. She is very happy there and likes one of the nurses. She sounds extremely happy and she is not slurring her words. She is not confined to a bed. Everything is fine. She is really into it. If it was not cleaned she would tell me. She is not complaining about the food and she is happy. They have chocolate milk and candy. I tried calling there and she cannot pick the phone because there was no nurse available to answer the phone. The nurse has been very helpful and walks to her room and I get connected to my sister.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center

It is okay. My loved one still needs a lot of rehabilitation. He is very annoyed with the OT. I do not know why. One of the CNAs is really good. It is a nice and clean facility. As far as communication, they have not kept me informed on anything. The doctor is not there. I asked to have the nurse call me since I do not know what is going on with him.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center

It is hard to get in touch with people. I wanted to schedule a progress report and it was confusing with who to go to. The food is questionable. He is pretty happy, but he is making a lot progress. The urologist popped in and asked how are you feeling and did not say much. The urologist should give more information on how my husband is doing. I have had them to ask them to remove the trash. My husband socks are black on the bottom. He is fine with the meals. Breakfast and lunch is fine but dinner could be improved. I look around to ask how things are. There is zero communication unless I chase the right person down for an update. The OT therapist is very pleasant and sweet.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center

It is fine. I cannot say it is outstanding. They are doing their job and they are pleasant. The therapists are wonderful and he enjoys that. He has been very happy with the RN's. The meals are okay. We have to ask for everything. The communication could use a lot of work.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center

They were good, but after 20 days, he had a lot of facial hair and seemed like he didn't get a shower for a while. They need to probably call more often to let me know of his status.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center

My room was taken care of. If I needed something, they got it for me. I loved the people. When I went to therapy, besides having fun, I was learning. The way the occupational therapist showed me how to do the laundry, it didn't take long and I wasn't worn out. I was fine coming home. The therapists cared. The nurses made sure I had my medicine on time. They're really nice. I'm going to miss them. They do a good job with cleanliness. If I wanted extra towels, I got them. The floors were shiny. They're doing the best they can. They did pretty well. As I got better, we were more informed. The food is nasty. It tastes cheap, it's not healthy, and there's repetition. I think I had three really good ones, and that was about it. Last week, they did have a different chef. That person cooked fluffy pancakes. The omelettes were beautiful.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center

The rehab and care is great. They are always mopping, it's very clean. She is not happy with the meals. She is getting food at is too hard for her to eat. They seem to take a little too long for her to get what she needs. I would recommend it with exceptions. If the person is very ill, I would not recommend it. They are not good at informing me and they say they do not know when the doctor is coming in. The nurses will not give me any information unless they check with the doctor first and I am the POA.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center

I am pretty happy with it. It is clean. Sometimes they do not see the little things but when they see these things they take care of it. We like the head of rehab. We are happy with him.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center

He was there last year and the service has improved. The rehab therapy was excellent. We liked one of the nurses and an aide that cared for him.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center

They treat him pretty good. They are tolerant of his old mans crabby way sometimes. He has not complained about the meals. They are fine. He is eating more today. His taste buds are shot and he cannot taste much of anything. They have not called me at all.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center

Everything was fine except the food. The quality of the food was way over cooked. There were two aides we especially liked.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center

I'd recommend Villages. We had a problem with a back ache. I talked to them about this because I was upset about this. They got her on a different medication finally. It too long before they came up with some other pain medication for her. The food was good. We like the nurses, one was very capable but too busy. We liked the head nurse, she was very helpful.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center

Their communication can be improved. I had the doctors office call me today saying that they've been trying to get a hold of them to schedule an appointment for her. Overall it's been fine though. It's been one of the best ones she's been in and she's been in several. They are very friendly and nice, they are doing their job. The only meal I have seen seems to be fine, but there is always room for improvement. They contacted me, but could still improve in that.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center

I was not happy with the night time staff. It was very hard to get someone to come the room. It took 4 days to get the air conditioning fixed and I had to call to get it fixed. I requested to be moved and that did not happen. The rehab was excellent though. The PT staff members were excellent.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center

When they take her to rehab she only gets one hour and I want her to have more rehab. She needs be more active and out of bed. When they work with her they do a good job. She is not getting any OT. Some of the nurses are amazing. The cleanliness is fine. It could be kept a little cleaner. The food was good when I ate there today for lunch. My mom says it is good. I have to bother them all of the time. Their communication could be better. We like the LPN and I am writing to them about her. She is amazing going above and beyond.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center

When they take her to rehab she only gets one hour and I want her to have more rehab. She needs be more active and out of bed. When they work with her they do a good job. She is not getting any OT. Some of the nurses are amazing. The cleanliness is fine. It could be kept a little cleaner. The food was good when I ate there today for lunch. My mom says it is good. I have to bother them all of the time. Their communication could be better. We like the LPN and I am writing to them about her. She is amazing going above and beyond.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center

There seems to be a disconnect between the nurses and they changed nurses often. The nurses could not get her medications right. She could not get to the rehab because of the confusion. She would ask for pain meds several times and would wait over 7 hours for the medication. There were two nurses we had an issue with. Two of them were awesome. I would have to try and get a smile out of some of them. I tried to be nice. The food was not the greatest. We asked for a wheelchair before we left and the nurse said I had to ask social services for this and the nurse had an attitude with my asking about this. We liked the CNAs. My mother gave them both thank you cards with money in the cards for them!

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center

The rehab was excellent and the PT person. They need help in the meal area for the food. The nurses and aides area excellent and they do not have enough staff but they are excellent. We like the day nurse. We had one nurse and they should pay him triple and if he leaves they are in trouble. He had a big heart for the patients. The discharge woman would curtail the rehab person in front of people. I felt that was rude and unprofessional. Correct the staff in private.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center

They over-medicated my husband something awful. And now he has to be there longer. We have NEVER seen a doctor and could never discuss anything with him. I had to fight for everything with the staff. I had to ask them to do everything. There is need for improvement in that. They also need more staff. Physical therapy is phenomenal though! The therapists were very very good! Most nurses were good. Meals are good. Nobody kept his diet, so I had to just bring in food for him. He needs a lot of protein for his diet. And they give him very small portions.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center

I just did not think the place was as clean as it should be or the service I received was that good. The physical therapy was very good though. The nursing care was mediocre. Some staff were good and some not so good. I was not happy at all with the meals.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center

There are one or two people who are highly rated. There was one person who would not call the ambulance. I had my own CNA call an ambulance. I was given wrong information from the nurse as well. This was a life threatening situation for my mother and she was put in the hospital. The other nurse said she would talk to the director of nursing there about the issue and apologized. The rehab therapy was fine. I have not had any contact with the staff and I had my own CNAs for her. The staff are very friendly. There were one or two people who always kept me informed.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center

I have spoken to the DON and explained the problems we had. I feel it is chaotic and disorganized. She is working on these issues on the wing where he is at. The PT and OT is excellent. He does have someone different each day for consistency. I hardly see a nurse. One is very good and one is about a two score. Sometimes I see them and sometimes I do not see them. He has not been given a shower by them for three weeks that he has been there. I shower him and change his sheets. They are all friendly. He is on a limited diet and I bring in his food. The food was not edible for him. I have to ask if I want to know anything. We like the nurse and CNA.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center

They were kind. I saw a lot of hard-working people. The physical therapists really cared about the patients. I loved the way the physical therapists worked together. They just jived well. They were very conscientious, and you could just tell they loved their job. One of the aides was very good. He could help with any type of patient. He went out of his way to tell my roommate in the kindest way that he had to help her go to the bathroom. She forgot everything, and he would remind her in a kind way. The staff were very friendly. The meals were super. Every day, I would get a soup, and I would choose the vegetables and meat. It was hot. They answered my questions. I've already told some people about it the facility.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center

I thought I was treated the way I should be, and everybody was helpful and treated me great. I have no complaints whatsoever. It was clean. The food was good. They were very good at keeping me informed.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center

My mom seems to think everything is going well. The people are nice, but she does not like the roommate turning the TV on at 4 am. She does not like that they were doing a test on her at 5 am. This is too early. She is doing the rehab, and it is helping. When I have been in there, the staff seem friendly. It seems to be clean, with scuffs on the walls from the wheelchairs. The meals are good. They do not have graham crackers.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center

The facility is beautiful. The therapy is seriously helping my grandmother. The staff are all great. My grandmother surely appreciates the cleanliness. She appreciates the meals.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center

Everyone has been extremely nice and helpful. Any questions I have, I get immediate calls back and answers right away. The cleanliness is fine. Everything looks neat and clean. My mother enjoys the food, but not the pizza. The rehab made an appointment for her and did not tell me. Other than that, communication is fine.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center

Everybody is very good, and they are doing their best, especially the rehab people. We are very happy. My husband cannot eat the food they are serving. In the morning, they give him sausage and bacon, and this is a no-no, and salt on some of the food, and he is not supposed to have salt. They are all doing a good job at informing me.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center

They're very attentive to my dad and take very good care of him. One CNA stands out to the utmost. The staff's friendliness is awesome. It's very clean. The meals are OK. The staff are very good at keeping me informed. If anything goes on with my dad, they let me know. They let me know his progress on therapy, when he's had a shower, everything. It's wonderful.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center

It was really good. My loved one liked the food, and he is very fussy. I liked how much occupational and physical therapy he had. The only issue was the placing of the sink and toilet. My loved one really liked the extracurricular activities there. In fact, he wants to go back and visit them. My loved one had therapy every day, and long sessions. The nurses were really good. The staff would immediately chat with me and shake my hand when I came in. The dining room was very nice. They had little tables with flowers set up on them. My loved one spent a lot of time in the dining room and made a lot of friends.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center

Everything that needs to happen always happens there. We were there before, and that is why we went back a second time. It is very clean. I have not heard my loved one complain about any of the food. We had a little problem the other day. No one knew where she was, and she was at the doctor's office. They could not find her. They always knew where she was in the past.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center

I loved this place and I would not go to any other place. I had a great time. I got along with the people and played bingo. Everything is very clean. They need to upgrade the food.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center

I could never say enough good things about the staff, the dedication, the cooks, everybody. They're wonderful. One of the nurses and one of the therapists are superb. The staff all are. My husband likes the meals. He likes the soups. We might have a problem with communication. We don't hear from the doctors. They see my husband, but I do not know their opinions

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center

It's beautiful, inside and out. The people are great there. Everyone is friendly, pretty much. The cleanliness is good. The communication is good.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center

I talked to the owner, and everyone all the way down the line. It's the best medical facility that I've ever been in. I would recommend it over any facility I've ever been to in last 10 years! Everything is good. I'm easy to please, but not easy to impress, and I am very impressed. The whole staff is wonderful, top to bottom.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center

The nurses and people that were taking care of everything were good. The therapy was very good. The staff was very friendly. They served too much chicken. Sometimes communication was really good, but sometimes they wouldn't tell me anything.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center

Everything done by the staff and the facility seems to be terrific. They seem to have little fairies come in to clean all of the time. I appreciate my loved one's main nurse, and if she is not there, the other nurses are fine, but not familiar with his history. They do not know he needs his pain medicine every so many hours. His CNA is marvelous. She is very soothing and understanding.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center

The occupational and physical therapists are superb. Some meals are good, and some aren't.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center

I think all in all, my loved one likes it. They put on skeleton crews for Saturday and Sunday. My loved one calls, and feels like he has to wait a long time. They have good programs there. The physical therapist is trying very hard. The facility has been very clean. They come in and sweep the floors, and seem to be changing the sheets and everything else. Some meals are fantastic. There are others that aren't. They give my loved one a choice of meals. They try very hard. I don't think they keep me informed that much. If I happen to be there, somebody will say something. Most of the time, they don't call or tell me how my loved one is doing. They should do that at least once a week, and tell me how he's done that week, what his progress is, and how long he has to go yet.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center

My loved one is doing well. The therapists are doing really well with her. The nurses are very good and a little slow. The aides have been really good. The staff are very friendly. I know them all by first name. The meals stink. My loved one cannot finish her whole plate. I have not had any contact with the administration. If I have any questions, I go to the head nurse or administrators. The head nurse has been very good with explaining my loved one's condition to me.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center

Everybody is nice and friendly. My loved one seems happy with everyone. She gets along with everyone in therapy and does her exercises. The nurses are there for her. They help her out with everything she needs. The aides are very friendly. It is very clean! My loved one says the food is good. They talk to her whenever she needs anything.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center

I think for the most part, they do a good job. There are a few slip ups. We are happy. A few of the nurses are a little wound, but overall, they are good. Some are a little more friendly and accommodating than others. I do not think anybody is that exemplary, but the staff are very accommodating and friendly. I have eaten lunch there mostly every day, and it leaves much to be desired. It is adequate. They are not really strong at keeping me informed. I have to dig for answers. I am pretty sure they have a pretty good work load.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center

My husband was very happy. The rehab was exceptional. The nurses were great, too. My husband was a little cranky, and they were wonderful. The aides were wonderful, too. The cleaning person was wonderful. My husband was woken up at night to get vitals. He was not happy with this, but I know they have to do that. He said the blanket was too thin, and I told him to ask, and they gave him a different blanket. I saw cleaning people regularly. My husband was happy with the meals. They accommodated with food. They were very good at keeping me informed. My friends said that it was a great place.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center

It is not perfect, but it is not bad. They have so many doctors, and it is confusing with the orders being changed. We have had a problem with two aides with attitudes, and they are not paid well. One aide is really great, and most of staff is really nice. They have really good food. There is a problem with communication, and they do not let me know things ahead of time. The left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. I still don't know when we are going to get out of here to plan. They said to me I need to ask them if I want to know.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center

The physical therapy people are great. They have done a great job with my wife. They have only one recliner in the room for when a spouse is staying the night. It wasn't comfortable to sleep in when I needed to stay the night with her. The nurses and aides are great. They've all been very polite and very nice. It’s cleaner here than the hospital was. The food is not too good. The people serving are good. The menu could be updated. They have only two choices for salad dressing. Foods are bland. Communication with us is good. They gave me a 20-page document explaining how things work here, and they call me. There was a mix up with the pharmacist with medications, though, so there could be better communication between the staff.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center

My loved one is getting good care, usually at my suggestion. They are not proactive. I expected more than what we are getting. The staff are all very sweet. I have suggested the doctor should be called, and they did this. They make a great effort to keep it clean. They try everything to help my loved one eat. Sometimes, I find out things after the fact.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center

I like the cleanliness of it. I think they're working hard on the patients to get them back to mobility. One of the therapists is friendly. He tells you what's going on and how the patient's doing. He answers your questions. The meals don't look very good to me, but my husband's eating them.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center

The custodial care is good. The social involvement is good. The rehab is good. Where there is a lot of concern is the medical attention. There was poor communication between the nurse and the doctor. It has been resolved. The nursing care is good but could be better. The food is good and the service is individualized but highly inefficient. Time-consuming labor-intensive serving of food. Communication is where there is a weakness.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center

I would recommend this place for rehab, but nothing else. They are late at getting medicines to my husband, and there is not enough help. They are always late when they answer call bells. The physical therapy is excellent. Although people are on the computers all the time, no one knows who does things with paperwork or administrative things. They have 20 patients to one nurse, which is ridiculous. One nurse argued with me that my husband doesn't need his medication because it's not on his file, so I have to give him his medication myself. I keep contacting them to put it on his file, but it never gets done. They serve the worst food I have ever seen. He has choices, but they are very small, and very small portions. I would love them to tell me when they diagnose him with conditions and medical issues.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center

I cannot seem to get any information from the nurses. The people passing out the food and the physical therapists are good. The nurses do not seem to be on the ball. On Sunday, someone said I would be the first to know if something happens, but that does not tell me what I want to know. They are not professional. The other staff was very nice. The nurses do not seem to know what is wrong with my sister. The aides are fine. The facility is very nice, and they seem to be doing a good job. They seem to not know anything, and when I ask, they do not know. I am not sure what they are dealing with.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center

They let my loved one fall out of bed. The food was not that good. The CNA's were rude, and some were good. The nurses were good. The therapy was very good. The people at the front desk were friendly. The head of nurses was friendly. The meals were the pits. The dining room was clean. My loved one said the best thing they had was the soup. The first time, they did not inform me, but I raised a little Cain and then they were really good. The one time he had an outside appointment, they did not call me.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center

The building was beautiful. The cleanliness was fine. The meals were fine. The staff kept me informed okay. My husband was only there for three days, and I was not happy. On the second day, the lady came to get him for physical therapy and never asked if I was going to be there. My husband had no restraints and tried to get out of his chair, and if I would not have been there, he would have fallen on his face. The second night, I was concerned with the amount of food he was eating, and I talked to the nurse about this, and she said they did not have enough help to hand-feed him. When I agreed to bring him there, I was not aware I would be responsible personally to make sure he got enough nourishment.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center

The physical therapy was absolutely wonderful. The occupational therapy was good, but if my father refused to do it, they didn't try to coax him into doing it. The nurses were good. Nobody said hi unless you spoke first, expect maybe the physical therapist. Everybody was too busy and too overworked. Nobody welcomed us the first night that my father arrived there. No one told us what was going to happen. The CNAs were the worst. Some of them cared. Most of them acted like it's just a job. I had to fight for everything there. The CNAs told me they only had two staff for 15 patients, so they said they might not be in to see my father but for every two hours. The meals were bad.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center

My loved one had terrible care there. They weren't checking her vitals. Generally, the facility just didn't seem like it was in good repair. Once they called an ambulance, they informed me.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center Lady Lake

The therapy has helped my loved one get stronger. The food is very good, she likes everything. Ice cream is her favorite. I've met everyone and followed her care. They call if there's anything different, they are very good at communicating with me.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center Lady Lake

It was a good experience. They were very good at keeping me informed. I would recommend better choices of food.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center Lady Lake

The people, like the nurses and aides, have been good. I have not found anyone that wasn't good and happy. They have not called me with information, but I go out there three times a day. They let me know when I'm there if my loved one is doing good and update me.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center Lady Lake

We were recommended by the hospital and my loved one is happy as a clam. The food is good, the only thing he said is that something is wrong with the TV.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center Lady Lake

Overall I’d recommend Villages! I'm a vegan so I can't rate the food that high.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center Lady Lake

Everything is almost perfect.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center Lady Lake

I liked the soup and the oatmeal that they served during breakfast. They do very well at keeping me informed.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center Lady Lake

I think it's been a great experience. They are all very nice, friendly, and concerned. If it wasn't for the therapists, my loved one probably would never move. It's cleaner than my house. I haven't heard any complaints about the food. When I've called, they've given me the information that I needed.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center Lady Lake

Everything was good. The facility seemed pretty clean to me. One of the cleanest facilities I've ever been in. My loved one didn't like the food. The pizza was so hard that she couldn't eat it, and I wouldn't feed it to my dog.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center Lady Lake

Villages is very good and I’d recommend this rehab to a friend. I haven't eaten in two days because the food is not that great.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center Lady Lake

It was a good experience overall at Villages.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center Lady Lake

There is a therapist that thinks you have to do it her way versus the others that say "do what you can do." The second shift nurse doesn't do her job properly. I've only seen a cleaning person twice in a week, but my room is clean.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center Lady Lake

The facility is very clean and the nursing staff is friendly. They are very quick at responding to my loved one's needs. The soups are good. I would say the communication is not bad, but there have been a couple times that we had to ask them about a prescription. We had to ask multiple times for them to check to see if they can get it added on

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center Lady Lake

I’d recommend Villages. The facility is kept pretty clean. The meals are fine, it's institutional food. They listen but I'm not sure that my concerns are being addressed.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center Lady Lake

My loved one was having a bunch of problems in the ward she was in, her bandages weren't changed every day as ordered and she got an infection, so they moved her to a new room. The attendants were quite rude.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center Lady Lake

I think they've got a great staff, but they're just understaffed. I'm not real impressed. I'll be glad when my loved one moves. The therapists are pushing him and keeping him busy, and I've seen improvement. The nurses are great, just not enough of them. I think they're overworked. The cleanliness is adequate. He's eating well, can't complain. I get calls and information.

Review of Villages Rehab & Nursing Center Lady Lake

Some of the nurses are very good. The bed seems old, it creaks a lot. The mattress fits the bed when it is flat, but it doesn't fit the bed when it is in the sitting position. Sometimes the therapists don't stay to see if the patient is doing what they are supposed to be, they just set a timer and go to the next patient. The place is filthy. The cafeteria has the same placemats there day after day. They clean the table, but the placemats are dirty, they put the glass face down on the dirty placemat. The soda or juice machine is rarely cleaned. The meals are terrible.

Wonderful stay

My father is staying here and they are great. They have done wonderfully. The meals are excellent.

My loved one enjoys the therapist. Also she really likes her nurse. It's clean and very nice. She complains about the food, but I think it's pretty good. I talked to the unit nurse last weekend. I had to seek them out for information, but I don't see that as a bad thing.

My mom likes it at Villages!

They listen to my loved one and work with him. He has spoken so highly of everyone at the facility. I am amazed at the cleanliness of the facility. Everything from the bathroom to his room is kept up good. He liked the steak he got during Christmas time, he just raved over it. His favorite meal is the beef tips and gravy. Everything I ask, they answer.

I'd recommend Villages!

My loved one's nurses always make sure he has what he needs. They haven't cleaned his rooms as much, but the common areas are cleaned. His bathroom and room could use a good cleaning. Desserts are his favorite. The portions are smaller, which is a good thing.

It's clean. They could do a little better with the meals. They're a little bland. They don't really keep me informed. I finally saw a doctor after being here for three weeks.

The stay at the facility was nice. My loved one really didn't have much of an appetite, but a family member did eat there with him a couple of times and said that the food was really great.

I like everything about it.

We loved them. The facility was very clean. They did a good job of keeping me informed about my loved one's care.

The friendliness and caring of the staff is great. Their dedication really stood out to me. My loved one was pretty happy with the food.

They were very dedicated and on the ball.

Everything is good so far, and everyone is very helpful. It is institutional food. They keep my loved one well informed, and then she relays it to me.

My loved one has been in a lot of rehabs, and this one is the best.

They're pretty good so far. It's very clean, and when the staff is available to the people they are very attentive, but they are spread very thin. The food is good. My loved one really enjoys the PT, it really energizes her instead of wiping her out. The nurses are very good but understaffed. One of the CNAs goes above and beyond with my mom. Even when he's not on her floor, he'll make sure to stop by at mealtime to ensure that she's getting the help she needs to eat and get someone on her floor to help her if they're not already there. I haven't had any surprises, for example, a psychiatrist was on the floor and a nurse thought it would be a good idea for him to see my mom, but she called me first to let me know and make sure it was okay.

I'd recommend Villages Rehab to a loved one.

Villages has been great. Everybody tries to satisfy you.

They were a little understaffed due to the holidays, but my loved one was pleased with the PT and the OT.

The aides are excellent. We are very pleased with the aides and the nurse care. They have neglected to provide me a copy of the medication list that they have my loved one on. When we first arrived we had to request that the bathroom be cleaned. The food there is not home cooking, but my loved one is eating okay. We went in for Christmas Eve dinner, and it was sad. They were not prepared. They weren't aware that family was showing up. The only conversations I have had were with the case worker, no one else has called me

I'd recommend this facility. As far as the food, the meat is hard to chew. The desserts are good. The meals aren't properly proportioned. The vegetable portion is very tiny.

The staff members are wonderful. They are friendly and talk to us. They are absolutely wonderful. The people in PT and OT are very friendly and nice. The nurses and CNAs are very friendly and helpful. I would suggest that they take a look at the food. Some of the food is vastly overcooked, items like burgers. They also know that I'm on particular diet, and they don't stick to it. The staff members are doing their very best to keep me informed, but I am disappointed in my doctor. I have seen the doctor one time, and that was only for about 2-3 minutes. I would like for the doctor to come in and say that things are okay, things that are not okay, or what we need to spend more time doing.

Rehab was done very well. The responses of the CNAs were very good. The room didn't seem to be cleaned that often.

The staff is very competent.

The aide made sure my loved one had everything he needed. It is very clean.

The people that work there are great to my loved one. She has been giving them a hard time, and they handle it well. The cleanliness of the facility is very good. I tried the meals, and they are delicious. The only problem I had was that the phone in her room was not working, but I told them and they fixed it, and it has been working ever since. She is supposed to go to rehab at 10 a.m., but sometimes she doesn't go until the afternoon.

It's very clean. I've eaten there several times with my loved one, and she's had a number of really good meals.

The therapy is really good, and I am pleased with it. I have not seen anything but the floor cleaned since I have been here. The meals are passable.

The therapists all say he is doing very well. They do a good job of updating me on his progress. The rehab needs more nurses per patient. One nurse has 20 patients. I am not sure that my loved one is getting his meds on schedule, like he needs.

I'd recommend this rehab. However there doesn't ever seem to be good communication. You never quite know who the nurse is or what the doctor says, but that is all facilities like this that have this problem. I think that my loved one does like the food, but she is picky.

It's nice and clean and the food is very good. My loved one is getting good rehab.

There are some really great CNAs on day shift with some of the best personalities. The front desk is great. My loved one has issues with the 3rd shift. The don't give his medications on time, they respond very slowly, and the CNAs are [Removed] to him at night. The meatloaf was really good and the pork chop over noodles was absolutely delicious. The kitchen and dining area could be cleaner, and we called about the cleanliness.

My loved one had a wonderful rehab nurse. We found the rehab kind of slow as far as the rehabilitation, the occupational rehab was slow. The doctor never saw my loved one while he was there, and he needs care. The staff would just say that the doctor looked at the charts. Some of the food was good and some of it was not. The CNAs were very good and the nurses were okay. It was like pulling teeth to getting any information. I would ask about the lab work and they wouldn't give me any information. It took them a few days to get him discharged once they decided he was ready to go, which ended up meaning he was discharged on Christmas, which was an inconvenience for us.

I don't get as much feedback as I'd like and they let my loved one escape into the parking lot in his wheelchair by himself. He's been there over a week and I have not yet met his doctor. Several days I've been there for six or more hours and nobody comes into his room.

I would recommend them only for rehab but not if the patient is sick. Therapy was awesome. They didn't do a good job to make sure my loved one was getting the proper nutrition or getting to the bathroom. They also weren't on top of her infection. The nurses weren't paying attention to her or her well-being. She kept being given foods her body couldn't tolerate.

I have a hard time getting anyone to answer my questions. My loved one wasn't doing well and I didn't get the answers I needed. I think they do a good job cleaning up.

I went in late on a Friday evening, and the last pain pills I had were around 5 p.m. that day. Around noon the next day, I told the aide I needed some pain pills. An hour later, I still hadn't gotten them. Three hours later, they came to take to me rehab and I still hadn't had any pain pills. When I said something again, an aide brought me Tylenol, instead of the pain pills I had requested. The food was inedible. They didn't change my sheets. There was stuff on the floor they just walked right by. I would not go back there. They just did the bare minimum in everything.

It has not been good. I've been having a hard time getting in touch with my loved one. I've tried for over a week to talk to someone at the nurses' desk and no one ever answers the phone. I've left my number with them four or five times and no one has ever called. If it wasn't for his neighbor I wouldn't know anything. No one is ever at the nurses' station. His caseworker has my number and I've only talked to her twice. She said that she would keep me informed and she hasn't. My loved one is so incoherent and nobody is helping him. It's [Removed] and lack of communication. If they aren't answering the phone for me then what are they doing to him?

The overall care was not good. They never told my loved one what meds he was taking. They also put medications in a paper cup and they never monitored whether he took them or not. They never showed up for therapy on time, but when he did have therapy it was good. The meals didn't taste good. He wasn't on a pureed diet, but the food that was supposed to be firm was soft and looked like slop. No one ever told me anything about his care.

I'd recommend this rehab. My loved one goes to therapy five days a week and I have noticed some improvements. The nurses weren't changing his clothes enough but now it's under control. I don't think it was their fault, just lack of communication and being on the same page with each other. Nobody comes in and checks in on him but they have been more than responsive and very accommodating. There has been dirty linens, no trash cans were emptied, and there was stuff on the floor. They give the correct meals according to his diet. He needs help cutting up his food and they are very helpful. He enjoyed the pork chop dinner. I'm up there every day, and if I do ask questions they tell me.

I would give the facility a 5/5. Everything is very neat.

They are outstanding. It’s like a spa not a rehab! If something were to ever happen to me, I would go there. They have an interest in you, they have a heart, they don't do it just for a check or job. This is the first time my loved one has been in a rehab and it's been great. Everyone in the therapy department is so nice that you don't mind doing what they ask you to do. She loves the food.

Everyone seems very anxious to help you. I recommend the place. I'm not used to this type of food though, you either get chicken or pork, and the chicken is dry and the pork is tough. They start cooking the veggies at breakfast and serve them to you at dinner.

I'd recommend Villages Rehab to a loved one!

I was very pleased with my loved one's stay there, though the food left a little bit to be desired.

This is my third or fourth time coming back, and I wouldn't come back if I thought they were bad! They provide music and activities. The food is decent. There is one nurse that helps my loved one a lot. She feeds him and right after eating and keeps him on a routine and I think if people did that, it would help him. The therapist keeps me updated, but nobody else gives me information about his health. If I ask they give me feedback but they don't break it down.

OT & PT have both been exceptional. They were good helping creating goals and hitting my goals. Their initial observations and assessments could have been better explained to/discussed with me. It would be nice if they were more consistent with when medications are given. No one told me what medication I was getting and why I was getting it except two nurses. There are two events that they have that I really like. They have an ice cream night with fresh ice cream and they have a happy hour, where one day a week, they give you a glass of wine/ a beer and snacks. Wi-Fi service and telephone service are not adequate. The facility is not very clean. They could mop the floors. The walls need painting.

I have been receiving occupational and physical therapy, it's going good. I'm able to move around more now. The nurses are excellent during the day and on weekends. The night nurses are good but not as great. The food is good and they provide great portions.

I'm satisfied with the care that my loved one is getting. Everyone is friendly. The therapist is aggressive and that's very good, I've noticed an improvement. There is a lack of communication among the staff. I have not seen or heard of them giving her a bath. They change her linens and sweep the floor. When I call and ask questions they answer.

I would recommend Villages to a friend, although it’s hard to get information. The doctor comes to see my loved one and tells her the feedback and updates, but she can't relay that information to me very well. Then when I contact them, it takes a while for them to get back to me. She says that the food is very good, she loves the breakfast

Therapy has been good. There is one nice nurse who is phenomenal. She is irreplaceable and goes above and beyond for him. They clean every day. Some of the food is good and some is not good. They made him a special meal list.

The therapist was excellent, I'd recommend Villages. However the night times were very noisy. If staff came into the room they'd be talking like it was the middle of the day, playing the radio and singing along. I haven't slept much. In the morning while we were getting breakfast, no one offered beverages, we just sat there and sat there

It's generally clean. The food is okay, but it could be better.

The social worker helped us with everything and the nurses have been very attentive. It'd be nice if they had diabetic meals.

So far so good, the only thing is that on the weekend the staff seems limited, so we have to go and help. My loved one really enjoys the meals.

The therapy and the food was really good. They have very good soups, I had a few different ones. I would like for them to communicate with me a little more. The CNA and nursing service need improvement.

Social service dept was excellent, and the doctor, too. He loved the food and the communication was wonderful. One particular CNA was really good and did good at following up with us. One of the housekeepers did a really good job, he called him his angel. The maintenance worker did everything he could to help us too. There were some things that could have been handled better, to where he would have had more of a chance. I feel like we could have gotten his strength back if that was done.

My loved one really like the pork chops and mashed potatoes.

The people are very nice and very helpful. The rehab is not going fast enough. The meals are very good. I'd like more open communication.

We have had a very good experience.

My loved one has been receiving excellent care there. The facility is nice, the people are nice, I'm very happy to have her there. They are doing a good job taking care of her. She has a wonderful tech/CNA, she takes really great care of my mom. It looks like she's living in a hotel. She is a very picky eater, so if she doesn't eat they are serving, they will offer something until they find something that she can eat. I was very impressed by that.

It's the best place I could ever ask for. It's wonderful here. The therapy is great, they are amazing. The nurses are amazing, I can't say enough good things. The aides are unbelievable. When I call, two of them come instead of just one. All the staff is so kind to everyone. Everything is wonderfully clean.

My loved one likes it there. The nursing care is good.

Everyone is wonderful and the care is excellent. The therapy is fantastic, my loved one is making great progress. He is very happy with the food.

My sister doesn't like her special diet, but I think the meals are fine.

I have been very happy with the facility. My loved one has been doing physical therapy for a couple hours a day and they've just now started on him walking. I want them to get him walking more. I have very been really pleased with his progress. The nurses and staff have been a delight to help him. It's clean. He hasn't made any complaints on the meals. As far as them keeping me informed goes, they're not so good, but if I ask they answer my questions.

They looking after my sister's daily needs. She was there once before and I was satisfied with her care. She hasn't complained about the nurses, so I assume they are attentive. The bed looks clean. Everything else looks pretty clean, too.

The rehab therapy is perfect. Everyone has been very nice and kind and caring and professional. If my husband doesn't like the first choice for meals, they will bring him something else, and if he doesn't like that they will try again.

Its a beautiful place. At first, my dad wasn't getting enough therapy. One of the nurses is really nice and on top of things, but a lot of them are too relaxed and comfortable there. I asked the nurse if my dad has received a treatment, and she responded by saying, "He didn't ask for it." He won't remember to ask for it, which makes me believe that he doesn't get treated properly. I feel like I'm a supervisor, I have to always call up there. He isn't supposed to have dairy and then someone walks in with two scoops of ice cream. For whatever reason it's not charted that he can't have dairy. He is a fall risk and I ask that he eats in the common area so he won't fall because people can see him and next thing I know he's back in his room. They just don't follow through. The social worker is really nice. It's spotless, it's a beautiful facility. I know he doesn't like the food. I haven't even spoken to his doctor at all, I don't even know who he is. I would love for him to call me. I haven't gotten any reports. I have to call.

My loved one likes it very well. Everything sounds good when I talk to him on the phone. I haven't heard him complain. He has therapy once a day, and according to him it is very good. He's a little sore but he's moving around. The nurses are keeping him clean, getting his pills on time, and are very friendly. He didn't care for the french toast because they don't have REAL maple syrup. We're from Vermont so we know what real maple syrup is. But he was able to get oatmeal instead.

Rehab is going very well. I love the variety of exercises that therapy offers. The nurse care has been very good, but there was a couple whose attitude isn't so nice. The staff there is really considerate. They are very nice girls. The facility is mostly very clean, but they don't seem to clean the floors enough. They clean the floors every other day, but I think they should clean them every day. The windowsills and curtains also get pretty dusty. The meals are very good. The pork chops and the soups that they serve are really good. They keep me informed every day, they come in and tell me how I'm doing.

Everything was good!

They could do better at keeping me updated.

I wish that I would have had more therapy because I would get bored. The staff was very pleasant. The meals were okay.

I don't always get the information I need or they don't know what I'm asking.

The staff care was very good! I was pleasantly surprised because the facility doesn't smell, it's very clean.

It's been great. Everyone has been delightful. They're not very good at keeping me informed about my loved one's care.

They kinda left my loved one in her room when she could have been out mingling. My loved one had no complaints about the food. No one never really told us what was going on, there wasn't an assigned person to talk to us.

I'm very happy with them. The air conditioner went out in my loved one's room and it took three days just to move her. Other than that everything was fine. Some of the nurses have been absolutely excellent. They keep everything VERY clean. Every once in a while they would give her the wrong food. They are pretty straightforward with me, though I would like for them to keep me more informed about my loved one's medication.

Therapy is wonderful. They are making sure that Papa is building a little bit of his strength up. His aide takes such good care of him, and makes sure that he shaves, eats, and is well taken care of. They are very good at keeping me informed.

I got great care and everyone did a good job. I liked the therapy. The food is good.

Sometimes my loved one likes the meals and sometimes she doesn't.

I was discharged with no medications and that was my beef. Other than that, the care was great. All the staff were as sweet as can be, except for the discharge nurse. The meals were very good.

There is an issue with the nurses in that when my mother needs to go to the restroom, she has to wait a while.

Everyone is very caring there. Everyone on the staff greets you and is friendly. There are some frustrations though. My loved one never knows when they are going to come get her for therapy. There is a set schedule, but they don't really keep to it. There is never a set time for medication. They don't keep the room or the bathroom clean and I have never seen them do the floors, but they do empty her trash and change her sheets. The food could be served hotter and in a timely fashion. You have to wait a long time to get your food. Dining isn't pleasant.

Therapy went pretty good. The nurses could have responded faster when I called. The staff were friendly and talked to me throughout the day. They changed my sheets and emptied my trash. The food wasn't that tasty. The nurses and doctors didn't communicate with me about my health.

I was able to preregister before I came here which made the processing a lot easier. I do have a suggestion, their electric hospital beds are very noisy, no matter what position it’s in. I started therapy and I go six days a week. They are very nice and patient with me. Sometimes the room is a bit crowded. The nurses have been very good. Occasionally the CNAs have been a little shorthanded and they get a little overloaded at times. Overall the facility is in good condition. The food is good.

Rehab is good and my loved one is improving. Communication could be better from the facility.

Overall there are some things that are good and some things are bad. They don't answer the call light at night. The rehab therapy is very good. I have no complaints. The therapists are very nice. The nursing staff is slow to respond. The staff cleans my room all the time, I have no problem with that. Sometimes I don't like the food, but they do offer substitutes.

The overall communication at the facility could be better. The facility is pretty clean but they could clean more. They could improve on the meals. As far as keeping us informed, we have to ask them how she is doing, but when we ask they tell us.

It was okay overall. The rehab was good. You have two people using the same bathroom, and every time I had to use it I had clean the toilet. I felt like a janitor. That was the worst. The food was pretty good. When I was being discharged, it took two days to get my medications called in.

The therapy is tough on my husband. They push him, but they are doing what they have to do. It's good. The aides should have a little knowledge of the patients to be able to handle them with care, because they can be a little rough. They don't change the sheets too often. The trash is taken care of. The food has this seasoning that has something in that my husband doesn't care for. And it comes out a little dry.

My father loves all of his nurses. They could improve on cleaning the floors, the bathroom, and the shower. The food is okay. They don't keep me informed unless I ask.

I think the CNAs do a great job. My husband doesn't really like the food that much.

I would rate my experience 5 out of 5!

I'd recommend Villages Rehab and Nursing Center.

The food could use improvement. I would recommend to a friend.

They have an hour of each therapy versus 30 minutes at other places. The people don't push my loved one beyond his capabilities, but make it fun to try and reach his abilities that he's kind of forgotten about. This was a welcome surprise and he's feeling much better. There is one grump aide, but everyone else has been marvelous and gone above and beyond. They just really extend themselves.

My loved one would probably rate it a little lower because she wants to go home, but they are doing a great job!

My loved one likes it there. And she likes meals.

I would say it's 5/5, I think my loved one would say 4 or 3. He's had some bad experiences with a CNA. I would say he has had excellent care for the most part. In my experience of being my loved one's caretaker, I have been in about just about every rehab in the area, and Villages is definitely the best.

The facility is very neat and clean.

My mom doesn't like the meals but overall I would recommend to a friend.

Some of the meals are good, others my loved one doesn't particularly care for. The staff do answer questions, but they don't give me reports.

It's all new to us, but it seems to be going alright. My mom is enjoying the soup, but she says some of the other stuff is not that good. I feel like no one really talks to me unless I talk to them.

I would recommend!

I would recommend Villages Rehab and Nursing Center to a friend.

It has been great.

The nurse is great, if it was not for her I would have taken my husband out. The CNA was terrible. There was no remote on the TV. We know they are busy and they can not always come in, my husband tried to do everything himself, but I wish they would do more. The food is terrible. We have to keep the door closed because the workers yell at each other and slam doors.

It's a nice place. Everything is pretty good. My wife enjoys the therapy and they seem to be doing a good job. The nursing staff are doing the best they can. The place is clean.

The nurses were very helpful in giving me information.

The therapy was very good. Sometimes it is hard to find the people you have to talk to, but I understand they are busy.

The facility is very short staffed.

I find it difficult that my husband does not have a set PT person every day. He has a different person every day, and he never knows when that person is coming, so he's just left sitting and waiting. He doesn't have a set schedule, and that's disconcerting to him.

Overall, the rehab is good. They certainly treat my mother well, their treatment of patients is very good. It was more as a family, we felt a little less that we were part of the discussion. The receptionist was very nice. Staff friendliness wasn't so good; some of the nurses were really difficult, many were nice but some were difficult. The food was quite fine. We had some difficulties with nursing staff in terms of getting information and being helpful, was very difficult to get information at times, which was pretty universal.

Our only complaint is that the bed was a little small for my loved one. Everything else was great! The rehab therapy services are excellent, and the nurses are fantastic.

When we first got there, it wasn't very clean or nice, but they've really beefed up everything in the past couple days. They're really cleaning the place up. And my husband said they come in every day to mop his floor. My husband also says he's not coming home, because the meals are too good at Villages.

I was very pleased with the rehab therapy. The nurses weren't giving her as much attention as she thought she needed.

I do not think they have enough staff, and they could use a lot of work on communication.

The CNAs are very attentive, we're happy with them. The therapy is absolutely exceptional. The therapists are very good.

The nursing staff is so-so. They need to listen to what the patient needs.

I am on a specific diet and there is not a single thing I can eat here, my family has to bring all of my meals. I was here for a week before I saw a doctor. I've spent a week trying to get a prescription filled for an infection which has been very uncomfortable.

They could use some work on communication.

The people that are caring for my wife are pretty good, but there's no communication. I've had to make so many phone calls. When my wife was discharged from the hospital, it was in the evening, and there were no discharge papers. The nurses at the rehab say they've not been able to get through to the surgeons, even though when I called myself I was able to get through. They weren't giving her therapy over the weekend, and I asked why not, because that's why she's there, and they claim it's because they're used to treating people with different insurance than ours, who only get therapy five days a week. I talk to the nursing staff about the therapy, and they don't know anything. One hand doesn't know what the other hand is doing. Therapy staff left my wife in a wheelchair for hours, and the nursing staff hasn't been trained sufficiently to transfer her to the bed or a chair themselves. The people that come in to change her and bathe her and give her her pills are doing fine. They're nice people. But the rest of them, it's very frustrating.

I would recommend to a friend.

They have been taking good care of my loved one.

They could improve on everything. I have to tell them to do stuff or ask for stuff for things to get done. When we checked in the TV did not work, they told her she couldn't have it. The nurses come in and say they will be right back and they do not come back for an hour.

My loved one did not get not much attention in the first few days. The bathroom especially and the cleanliness of the room was not good. They just moved her into a better room yesterday. The therapists are attentive. It took several days to get the medication right but now it's better. They are pretty good about keeping me informed. Overall I would still recommend to a friend.

The staff put my loved one in the dementia section when she doesn't need to be, which has made her very depressed. We also have an issue with the fact that her close family, her daughter and son, are not listed as primary contacts. My loved one does like the therapist. We had to get medication straightened out because they consistently had her on the wrong dosage. We were upset because we couldn't get a hold of the social worker, the staff, or anyone else to help us in this process. Her daughter even had to move her out herself, which was very frustrating for her.

The experience has not been very good. The nursing care is not good at all. The facility not the cleanest. The food is terrible. I would still recommend Villages Rehab and Nursing Center to a friend.

We are having some issues with the night nurses, particularly how they are speaking to my loved one. I have brought it up to the staff and hopefully they do correct it. The food is not edible. They are pretty good with calling me and giving me updates such as changes in her medication.

I have very little nice to say about this place. Outside the PT, they have many, many problems. Everybody tells you one things and does something else. Or they do nothing.

The experience has been horrible. It's nothing is like what they say online. The taste of the food is terrible and they reuse food over and over and put a different name. Breakfast is wonderful because I can get cereal out of a box

They need to work on a lot of things. Some of their nurses are not that good. There are a few good nurses. More cleaning is needed

It is always very clean when I go there.

My wife is doing extremely well here. The staff is very emphatic and nice. They are treating her very well. She is very happy with the experience. The staff is very friendly and it is easy to communicate with them. I speak with her doctor regularly to go over her progress. The food is good and much better than hospital food.

The staff is friendly and the facility is clean.

My father is staying here and they are great. They have done wonderfully. The meals are excellent.

We were impressed by the way this community was. The staff did the best that they could all the time. The people were really very nice.

They have been excellent with her. She is really improving. They have enough staff on hand and they are providing quality care.

All the folks very nice. The way they do therapy here deserves 10 out of 5 stars! The place was very clean and nicely decorated.

He's comfortable with the care and he's doing much better.

We've seen many improvements with him. He loves the meals; he wasn't eating at the hospital but is eating very well now.

He's happy with it here. He seems to be improving and the food is pretty good.

The care here is wonderful. I would recommend this place to anyone. I will be coming back here for rehabilitation after my next surgery. When I come back, I want to request my rehab therapist again!

The care she received has been very good. The staff is understanding and patient with her

I like that I can eat there with my wife for $5.00. That is a great feature. The staff is doing an excellent job with taking care of my wife.

They're taking very good care of my mother

I visit often so they let me know how she's doing.

They are very good to her. I was very impressed by how clean and nice it was.

He seems very satisfied with their service. I've had interactions with the nursing staff and they are very professional and courteous. We looked at a few other places and chose this one. I would like to keep him here after his rehabilitation has finished. They motivate him and let him know how he's doing. He loves the meals and he has choice in terms of what he can order which he likes.

The staff on hand was really good. The rehab people were really good and I improved as I was there.

It was a very good stay. I have friends who live here as well and they really like it. I wasn't up for doing the rehab but they kept me motivated. I had a metallic taste in my mouth after my surgery but the food is good. My wife ate in the cafeteria too.

A couple times she ordered something and got something else. The therapy is very good

My wife loves the food, her first day there she took a picture of it and sent it to me. She loves the therapy. She loves how nice everyone is to her

I am very impressed with this community. It is nicer and better than what I imagined a nursing home would be. The staff is nice, kind, great and helpful. The place is clean and neat all the time.

They did a great job. If I ever needed rehabilitation, I would go here. They did a very good job letting us know how things were going and trying to keep him motivated

They are doing very well with my loved one.

I think they're doing a great job. I love their employees.

He liked the food a lot.

They are doing a great job. The community appears to be clean

They are providing quality care.

The staff is friendly. They keep things clean. They accommodated her dietary needs.

There is one nurse there that did a wonderful job in particular. The food is not all that great.

The physical therapists are good and do their job in great detail. Some improvements on the housekeeping could be made with how often they come into the rooms and clean up. The food is not that tasty.

I think that this is a wonderful place. Everyone is extremely nice and helpful. They are always clean and neat.

This is the second time that we have been here. The therapy is going really good and it is the reason we came back for a second time

I thought the staff was very friendly and informative

The experience has been good so far. They have taken good care of her and the staff is friendly. We have seen an improvement so far from the therapy services. They have many staff members when I visit and they are very attentive. Everything is very nice on campus and it's a good atmosphere.

The staff is very nice and they go out of their way to help but sometimes there aren’t enough people. They have a nice sitting area outside. I was able to go out there yesterday and sit in the sun.

My husband is doing really well. We have been there before and they have improved dramatically

They're understaffed. The CNAs serve the food and take care of the residents.

My dad stayed here last year. The therapy is excellent. They are very good at letting me know what is going on. The coordinator was very helpful.

They have been very helpful.

They do a very good job with her.

They've done a good job so far. I've seen improvements in myself since going to rehabilitation therapy.

The physical therapy was the best part and I saw a lot of improvement. The aides were very nice and caring but overworked. I was supposed to have a guide book in my room and there wasn't one. Communication is the biggest area of opportunity.

Things seem to be going well so far. They seem to keep her motivated

Her progress was up and down last week but it was not because of the therapy.

The aides could be a little bit more helpful; especially when helping patients get out of bed.

The best part about being here is the aides that help me

I respect all of the nurses and staff that works here because I know it is a hard job. They promptly cleaned everything up. We were disappointed there was no Sunday therapy. I ate one meal with my loved one and I thought it was very good.

Once they got some communication things fixed; things improved to an extent. Their working with her is going well. They are very attentive with her now after I expressed some concerns. The therapists seem very happy with her progress.

I think the staff does very well of taking care of the patients. They are always smiling and friendly. When I have questions, they always answer them for me.

I think they could use more CNAs. They are working so hard and they seem to be spread a little thin. They really have a lot of compassionate staff. The occupational therapy is really good.

The physical therapy is phenomenal and it is really helping. I love that they are able to have one-on-one therapy for the whole hour. For the most part, the staff and aides are friendly. The food is really good.

I would recommend them to a friend or loved one.

I started to feel better the first time I was there. They came in a few times and cleaned my room. They could use more people especially the CNAs.

The staff is very friendly and courteous. We had a few issues the first couple of days but once these were brought to their attention, the entire experience changed for the better. The staff is great. The facility is very clean. The meals are okay but comparable to cafeteria food.

I watched her do therapy and it was very good. The aides and nurses are doing a good job. I wish they would keep better track of her nutrition

They are understaffed and the employees are overworked.

They are doing the best they can. They are really a good place and we are grateful for them. The therapy has been excellent. It takes them a little while to get to the call light.

They could improve the therapy services by communicating the plan in order to achieve goals. Better communication between staff and eager patients/ family would be an improvement.

The administration lady was lovely and kind when I went to talk to her. She made things happen on the same day. She did a great job. The food is less than desirable. There was not much communication, but now it is better.

Some of the staff seemed more dedicated than others. They really did not come in and clean my room.

They do respond quickly and they are really great. The therapy is fabulous. The meals are like cafeteria meals. They really try to help you and get the meals quickly. They have a lot of options and two entrees. If you don't like what is being served they have an alternative menu.

Most of the people are very pleasant with me. I think that the help is spread rather thin. The therapy service is good but they have a lot of people under their care and it's difficult for them to answer everyone's questions. It is very clean and housekeeping staff does an excellent job. I'd like a little more fresh fruit and vegetables available.

My father was here three years ago and the only reason I brought him back is because the therapy team is excellent. The director of therapy is outstanding. They don't offer a diabetic menu at all. They say they have an alternate menu but the food still isn't diabetic appropriate

My mother was sent here for rehab. Every time I would ask anything, no one knew any answers. This place never communicated with me.

The bed was so uncomfortable; it was two inches thick and had metal bars underneath it. The pillows they gave me were so flat I had to stack them on top of each other. When they gave me the ice pack it wasn't even frozen. They didn't change my bed linens the whole time I was there. I was told they didn't have a nursing supervisor in the evening which I find hard to be true because who is supervising the staff. The manager of physical therapy never talked to me. The social worker was supposed to have a meeting with me and never did. Never gave me a discharge.

The nurses and aides are very nice. One thing they could do is give you better mattress to sleep on. It was covered in plastic and very uncomfortable. The therapy was very good. They would come in to clean the floors

They have not been doing a good job at all. I am very unhappy and it was a stressful time for me and my husband. They could improve the therapy services by communicating the plan in order to achieve goals.

The therapy was great. There were some issues with the staff. It would take them a long time to get to the call light. When the aides came they did a good job. They were pretty clean. They did not give her the diet she needed.


Horrible place to leave a loved one that needs any kind of help to thrive. Therapy is ok and some staff are dependable. Staff does not seem to be supervised at all. Laughing, yelling and talking on cell phones more than helping patients with their needs. Food ok but nothing to talk about. First day gave me hope this place would not be like the rest, but as days went by, it just got worse. Care stinks, communication is non existing, rooms not clean, bathrooms dirty and stink. Biggest warning is watch out for your loved ones medication.....2 med errors in two days. One would not have caused any harm since it was a missed pill, but the second was big!!!! Patient was given someone else's meds. Who know what would have happened if it wasn't caught. You need to be there for your loved one at all times to assure they are cared for and most of it is done by you or not at all. These are the reason for my bad score of this facility. I do hope things change for the care and safety of other patients that don't have loved ones to watch over them.

Really good place!

Everything went great here. The staff were very respectful to me and my sister. Everyone was very helpful and nice. The community was clean and the people were happy. We really liked it here.

The Villages Rehab is wonderful, my husband has been here twice and we have been satisfied both times. No doubt in my mind, I would recommend them to anyone. They lack a bit on communication, I have not gotten to speak with my husband's doctor

My loved one has been just tickled. She has really been enjoyed her stay at Villages Nursing and Rehab. She has been receiving all the care services she needs

He’s always saying it’s going great!

It’s excellent! They did everything perfectly. We couldn't be happier.

This is the second time I have been at this rehab center. They always take good care of me. No one has really talked to me about my progress yet; I have only been here a week. If I have questions, they always answer them. The cleanliness of the place is good

The rehab therapy is wonderful; they are helping him to walk. The nurses and doctors need improvement. They do not put a patch on him and they do not use the medication that he went in with. They are allowing him to smoke, my father can hardly hear and they do not communicate with me. No one said that he was anemic and he is losing blood. I am his caregiver and no one has told me anything. The non-nursing staff members were great and super friendly. The place is immaculate. The breakfast is good but the lunch and dinner are not.

I would recommend the Villages to a friend.

They were recommended to us by someone, so yes I would recommend them as well to others. There are about two aides and one nurse that are not every good, but that's in every place.

Overall the food is good. They just don't have enough variety.

I really like the place and feel that they are doing a good job with my father. It's a learning process. I have told them that they need to tell me what is going on instead of telling my father. He doesn't always remember.

They have been very good so far with my wife and we like it here. The therapy is going well for her. [Removed] are great and they work well with my wife. The housekeeping is very good at keeping the room clean.

Both my wife and I have been feeding her. We have to chase down here meals. When I do go feed her, the staff thanks me so much. I think they are short staffed. I haven't heard a word from anyone regarding my mother's progress. The CNAs don't give me a lot of information.

He is not excited about the meals. I haven't asked to be informed, but they have let me know some details

They're doing a good job and he's happy. They're trying to help him by getting him back to where he could use his walker and use the bathroom again. The place is clean overall, but sometimes I notice something on the floor and under the bed that never moves. He’s doing much better

When I ask questions, they have answers for the most part. But not all of the time.

The nurses did a very good job taking care of my loved one. The care is very good. The male that was in the cleaning was very good. The place was always very clean. My loved one was there a few years ago, the food was almost gourmet. Recently, my daughter and I ate with him and the food was almost inedible. The roast beef was dry. As far as the care and rehab therapy they provide, I would defiantly recommend them.

The nurse make some little mistakes like one time they gave him a sleeping pill in the morning. I have to be aware that there are other patients and the nurses are busy. I feel their training could use a little tweaking. Some of the afternoon aides and nurse have an attitude, but then some are very nice. It is a very clean and pleasant environment. There is no special diet for diabetics. I have to bring my own. I haven't touched base with all of the nurses; I have to catch them when they are walking around. I see they are hurried and busy.

I was never there when he was there, but they said that it went well. Everyone in the family was really happy and so was he.

They are nice and friendly people. The nurses have way too much going on and that makes a difference in the care of the residents. When she arrived they put her in the wrong room and that made her even worse. My mom has a lot of medical issues and I am concerned that the care and the food they feed her are bad for her. The community is clean, but they can do a little better keeping Mom’s room clean. We have to sweep and clean the tables. They keep her sheets clean. The front entrance is always clean. The food is terrible and it is not heart-healthy. It just does not taste good. It is too salty. I have to micromanage them to be able to know what's going on with Mom. I have to be hands-on when I am there.

The therapy I received was very good. Some of the nurses and CPNs need more training. There were too many times I asked for something and they never showed up. I asked two different shifts for bathroom wipes and they did not bring them. When I asked the 3rd shift, they brought them in a matter of minutes

It’s been a positive experience. I would recommend Villages Nursing and Rehab to a friend

I have only been talked to once. I would like to be updated more on my wife's treatment plan.

My husband has been really pleased with the care that he has received from the therapy. I am pleased with the cleanliness. The sheets are always clean and the bed is made. They do a great job at keeping his bathroom well maintained and kept it fresh for him as well.

I love the way the facility is set up and the way the rooms are. The therapist was great and he really helped me out. He was incredible. The nurse that brought me my medicine was wonderful. The nurses are very kind and very empathetic even when people were really rude and mean to them. They are all great and they showed me the care that I needed. Everyone is super nice and friendly to everyone. The community and the room are clean. If there was a problem they took care of it for me. The food was okay. If I did not like what they offered they would offer me something else. They totally accommodated my nutritional needs. They were very good at keeping me in the loop with what was going on with me. The social services need to be a little more aware about their patients.

When my mother first went into the Villages, the care was not very good. There was an incident that was not noted and she ended up in the hospital. Now, the second time around it has been a lot better. I would recommend them depending on the situation.

The therapy helped me a lot and I liked it. Someone kept messing up my medication. It was always the same lady and I had to talk to the head nurse to find out what was going on. There was a fantastic nurse and who never messed up my medication. The food was really bad. When we finally got the food, it was not right. One time, I had to wait a half hour to get it at all. Every meal had the yellow rice that was not good at all. I did enjoy the salads that they served.

I think they were very friendly. They were very attentive and answered all my questions when they could. It’s such a huge place that when he first got there, no one told him what to do. He felt lost in the dark. The rehab therapy is okay now but he did not get stuff they said he would need. No one told him what he needed. While he was in rehab, he had a rash and told the nurse. The nurse ordered him a cream, but they misplaced it three times. They are unorganized. When he first went in, he had 6 ice bags with his room number on them and they were lost. One of his friends visited him and brought him two pieces of cake. His friend put them in the fridge and when he went back for them, they were gone.

They need to listen to the family more. They don't like to listen to what the family wants and what they have to say about the about their loved one's treatment plan.

They want to give her therapy and she can't always do it, but they do it anyway. It hurts my wife. They are bad about giving medications on time and not knowing what she was diagnosed with.

The nursing care needs improvement. The first week my husband was there, he was served rice at every meal. It did improve when I brought the issue to their attention. I always have to ask them for information. They never call me to keep me updated on how my husband is doing.

If I had to send my husband back it would not be here. The therapy was very good. He really enjoyed the physical therapy and the occupational therapy a lot. They don't wear proper attire to be able to see who works where. When you ask them for help, they are rude to you. We had things that were stolen and so now I do my husband’s laundry. The staff just stands around, talking with each other and pays no attention to the residents. They yell through halls at each other instead of going to them directly and asking. It is just very unprofessional. The head nurse was not helpful when we needed something. We told her that the CNAs were rude and nothing was done about it. They have CNAs that just sit around and they have attitudes. It is tolerable and okay for us. They never kept us informed. They always acted like it was annoying them for me to ask what was going on.

There was no progress made while she was there. She would go hours without someone checking in on her. The doctors did keep me informed, but they did not talk to my mom and explain everything they wanted to do. She did not understand the surgeries they wanted to perform on her because the lack of explanation they would give her.

The care my husband has been receiving from The Villages has not been that great. I am not happy; I put in a complaint yesterday. He is not getting the care he is supposed to get. They assured me they would put his bed down so he would not fall out of bed when he was trying to get out, and they didn't. My husband fell out of bed because of this. The therapy is good, but he came in just before the holidays and it took a long time for the therapy to start. One of the nurses was very rude. They need more help for when residents need to go to the bathroom and cannot get up by themselves. The food is terrible. One day, they brought him a huge hamburger and he could not eat it. He is a stroke victim and cannot eat it without being cut. When I complained about it, they said he needs to ask for it to be cut.

The therapy was great and it helped out me out a lot. Everyone was very friendly and helpful to me. The food was good, but there could be a little more variety. The food was kind of bland and could use more flavor. They kept me well informed with what I needed.

We love this community; it is very nice. There are good people here. The staff is friendly and they are willing to do the work. For the most part, it is kept clean.

He has been there before and got great care, so we came back. The community was nice and clean. The food was horrible and not very good tasting. There was also no variety; they did not have provisions for people that are diabetic so they had to just make due. They could have communicated with us more often

My loved one has been eating again and really seems to be enjoying the meals they offer at Villages Rehab & Nursing.

They did a great job with taking care of my loved one. The staff was very friendly and nice the whole time. The food was always ice cold when they served him. They would not bring it back to be heated.

The staff took good care of me and I have never had any complaints. I am trying to find out what is going on, but no one has come and spoke with me yet. My area and the community were never been dirty. The food was okay and I did enjoy it.

I love way that they respond to the family and my loved one. They are very understanding with the residents and the families. The community and my loved one’s room is always clean. I have not heard anything from them about any progression or updates.

I would recommend Villages Rehab and Nursing Center to anyone

Attempted to call about discharge, but no one answered. They do not get back to me in time. I haven't heard from a doctor or anyone since my loved one has been there.

Sometimes I have to clean my wife's room because things are not picked up. My wife said that fifty percent of the time the meals are good. I would like them to keep me informed on what is going on with my wife.

This is a beautiful community. It is a little hard to find, but we got here. The administrator has been super with us and even met us at the door when we first got there. I really can't thank them enough for their support. The nursing care is great and they excellent with my husband. The community was kept clean and tidy and I have never had any problems with it being dirty. They were really good about keeping me informed. The doctor was excellent with keeping me updated.

Everything has been great so far with the little bit I have seen. The place was extremely clean all the time. The food was excellent and I was kind of surprised about that.

They go by to see him more than any other place he has been to.

The rehab is great and they work with him twice a day and it is wonderful. He also likes the food.

The nurses were all kind and attentive to my husband. This community was excellent in cleanliness. My husband was not feeling good so his appetite was not good. The food was okay. They were excellent about keeping me updated.

This is the second time my husband has been at this rehab center and they have been great both times

The restroom wasn't always clean. Other than that, everything was great.

I’m wondering if they could provide him with more assistance at meal time to see if he needs help eating because his hands get very tired during

They have not reached out to me at all. I've spoken with staff members and I have to reach out to them instead of them reaching out to me. She needs a little more of people checking on her.

They don't give him enough therapy and it is few and far between. One therapist that he works with is very good. The staff is a little slow to get to him when he calls them for help. They can do a better job with keeping me informed.

They could have some improvement on how they communicate with me.

I came here because I have two friends that live here and they recommended it. The staff has been making sure they do what I need. The community can do a little better with cleaning the place. The food is good and they give enough portions. It is way better than hospital food. They could make improvements with communicating to me about what is going on

The staff is really friendly and kind to us. I found dirty clothes and food trays form days before left in my loved ones room. I have to tell someone before they get it removed. I have always had to go to them first when I wanted to know what was going on.

This is the third time that we have been here. I really do like the staff and the community. The therapy has been great and it is going really well. We love the speech therapy. The staff does a wonderful job with taking care of my loved one. The community is kept clean and but they can do a little better with the rooms. The food is nourishing and it is never really hot-hot, but he eats all of it. They need to get a special diet for people with the diabetes

Villages Rehab & Nursing Center id good, but they need more staff. They are under staffed and it shows when they are taking care of the residents. The community is always clean and the meals are fine

The therapy is going great and she is very pleased. I have seen that the trash cans are not regularly emptied. She said that she really does not like the food. She has been able to talk to the therapist.

The nurses are friendly but I don't think my loved one is even getting an update on her medications or progress.

The doctor never stops by. She has seen the doctor once in 3 weeks. They always send the PA. He’s a very nice guy and he gives me the impression that he knows more than the doctor. We have a friend that goes to our church and they also come here. My wife really needs the therapy so that she can walk. The therapist is phenomenal and my wife is walking. She was not walking before. She hates the meals here. At first, she had a problem that she did not want to eat. She said that a lot is frozen food and they just heat it up. One of the nurses got kind of huffy with us, but we got it resolved. The staff for the most part has been pretty darn good. One of the aides in particular is awesome. Everybody has been really courteous to us.

The therapy is very good. They really have not talked to me about his care, but they do let him know.

The TVs were going on all night and the room I was in, did not have a door. My wife had to bring me noise cancelling headphones. One of the aides and everyone else was very pleasant. We were not there for the recreational stuff, but it seemed very good from what we saw. The cleanliness was outstanding. They were very responsive to suggestions that we made about the courtyard area. We mentioned it could use some work and they were out there the next day- within 24 hours! I'm vegan and the staff made a huge effort to accommodate me. They have a great menu by the way. But, when someone is vegan they have more needs, and if you want a higher rating, I suggest you make more vegan food available.

I had an issue where my sister did not have her phone for over a week. I asked what was going on and they said that the phone did not work. I found out that they just did not put it where she could reach it. My sister loves her therapist and says that the therapy has been going great; they are very good with her. I have been having issues with the doctor coming in to see her

Everything is fine, except now I have a delay because the staff was late getting me to an appointment with my doctor. Now, I have to be here another month and I won’t be able to be home for Christmas. They are very, very good people. The staff has been great! Institutional cooking is not quite the same as on the outside, but the services are nice. They don't really give me any information. When I go to the doctors, they never tell me what is happening before I get there. I have asked how long would my rehab be and no one has told me.

No one seemed to be in charge. However, the people that served the food were very nice. I had a couple of issues: he was there 2 days and no one gave him a shower. My son and I had to give him a shower. I was pleased with the progress my husband made in therapy. I just wandered why it was not 7 days a week. No one ever said good morning and there was no communication. The food was not good and the dining experience was not positive.

They said that I needed a private nurse if my mother was to be watched all the time. It was a very nice place, but they are not doing what they are supposed to do when she does not eat. She has no appetite and she does not eat much. If she falls they call me. I don't know if they are equipped for the task of taking care of Mom. They are all very nice and helpful. There are really great people working here.If she falls they call me every time.

From what I saw, the place looks decent. They don't even call me, I call them every day.

They do not have enough staff there to care for the residents. We have to hire someone to come in because they are understaffed just so my loved one gets the proper care. The therapy is good; she is very happy with it. There is a good nurse there. The other staff is very lazy and not attentive to the residents. They would just walk by you and say nothing. Or tell you that they are busy with something else. The food is okay, it is a little better than hospital. I don't like that the CNA's serve the food and they nurse the residents. They never get back to you about anything.

I did not have a good experience with this community. They ended up sending my loved one to the hospital due to improper care. The nurses were not helpful and when told I them things were wrong. They did not try to assist with the problem. The staff was not attentive at all and they have not been very good about taking care of my loved one. Not one person ever smiled here and they always were rude or too busy to help. The community was always dirty. When we have come to visit, there was a bag of someone else's dirty laundry on her dresser. It took them a whole day to be able to tell me that she had fallen and hurt herself

They are very bad with communication. The therapy has been good and they are the only people that have been keeping me informed. I have to always ask them what’s going on. If I did not call every day, I would not know what is going on.

One assistant nurse is the only hard worker. If she needs something, he does it right away. At least I have the peace of mind that someone is taking care of her. During my visits, I help her shower and do extra walking in the evening because no one helps her. The woman next door to her defecated on the floor. The feces was left on the floor for two days before someone came to clean it up. When the maintenance guy came in, I asked him why he hadn't cleaned the bathroom yet. He told me that he had to clean the dining room first. The guy is slow and he doesn't seem to understand priorities. The table service during meals is terrible. I have never seen anyone eating there when I have gone to visit during a meal. They never kept me informed. No one there even knows when her therapy will be. They let her sit around and not do anything while she waits and waits.

They have been very accommodating and helpful with any issues that arise. The rehab therapists have been very good in comparison to others. The staff does a very good job of keeping the community clean and they offer a nice variety of meals.

Her meals are healthy. There was some trouble with my mother's roommate. I notified the nurses and they got the problem resolved.

The staff has been nice and provides great care for my loved one. Although, no one really communicates with me regarding her health.

The community is great and the staff is wonderful. The nurses are so overly friendly; they treat you like they are your family. The staff is always cleaning! It feels like if I wear to step on the floor they would wipe my feet. The community offers a good variety of dishes for me to eat.

The rehab does not tell me anything at all. I have to go to them if I want any information on their progress.

All of the staff is nice, but the nurses need to communicate better. The CNA's have been great, they could be a little more quicker in responding to the call lights. The staff has been providing wonderful services for my husband. The nurses took a long time to figure out his medication. The meals could have more variety. The pastries are very dry

The staff has been very accommodating. However, the night staff has not been giving my loved one their medicines on time.

They have excellent rehab therapists. The nurses are hard to connect with but they are pretty busy. The community offers a variety of options for meals. The meals do lack seasoning. The staff does a good job of keeping my room nice and clean. Everyone is very nice and helpful.

Their rehab therapists went above and beyond. My loved one has been very well taken care of by the staff; they are fantastic. My loved ones' room is kept spotless and very well taken care of. My loved one is troubling and the staff has been very patient with them. The 'outside services/social services’ could be better, they are not very knowledgeable. We were not often able to get a hold of the staff. On the
occasions when I can get ahold of the staff, they have been very helpful.

Most of the employees are great, but there are some that are difficult to deal with.

The food needs a lot of improvement; my loved one is not pleased with the meals being served.

Overall, our loved one is doing well. There were items that were misplaced during transition from the hospital to rehab. Our loved one was left for over four hours without being checked on. The community doesn't seem to be clean to me. The whole place feels dingy and dark. It needs some attention to make the community seem brighter and cleaner.

Most of the staff is caring and friendly. The rehab therapists are very helpful and are excellent. If I initiate contact they do communicate well with me. The community is very beautiful and well kept. They have an on-call doctor and our loved one was not given medication for over a whole day. The on-call doctor did not come to help until a day later. I had to call a doctor to get it approved myself.There was no compassion from the evening/night nursing and staff team or the doctor on staff. I do recommend the rehab therapy but it depends on the level of care that your loved one needs. You do need to be involved and watch. A couple of bad nurses but most are very helpful. They were not compassionate with our loved one. My loved one called overnight for help and no one came during the entire night. Our loved one was shouting for help and still no one came. I found my loved one in the morning lying in urine.

I would like the staff to help me better adjust and to become more comfortable with my surroundings. Communication between staff and me has become my biggest issue that needs improvement. My meals could also be healthier and less salty.

Sometimes they are giving him medications that he doesn't need. When he arrived the hospital did not transfer the information needed. The rehab therapists are not focusing on his complete therapy when he needs more assistance with overall mobility. The Night nurse had a poor attitude with him but most of the nurses have a great attitude. Almost a week has gone by and no one has come clean by to clean his room, they definitely need some assistance in this area.

Debbie Brazill

Local Representative

I am sorry you have had some issues. Many times housekeeping comes in when the room is empty so they do not disturb the patients. We will be happy to reconcile your med list from home to the one received from the hospital, also, we can schedule a meeting with the therapists to better meet your needs. We appreciate your feedback!

The staff is not keeping a sponge at night like we had told them. At night, they don't check up on her and she wakes up with bathroom accidents. The caregivers were not taking care of my mom. My mom has called me to ask if I can come take her to the bathroom. She has been getting bed sores because she is not moving and I have to change her and take care of her hygiene. The morning nurses are doing a good job but the night nurses are not. The nurses do give her the necessary medicines that she needs.

When my loved one is sleeping he is distracted many times during his nap. It would be nice if they could put a sign where housekeeping could come back later.

He mainly see's one assisted nurse and she is wonderful. They don't communicate with us; it's hard for us to say anything. Also, the food is not good.

The nurses have not been taking my husband a shower like they should have.

They are unaware of the care needs of my loved one and did not realize what they were capable of. There are No therapy services over the weekends. I don't know who the therapists are, I have not been able to meet them. They serve large meals and the food was very good. The peas had a strange flavor and nobody at the table ate it. I have not met that many of the staff but all of the kitchen staff were very friendly. They could not do enough to help out with the dining hall and in my loved ones room.

The staff needs better communication, when a patient arrives it would be nice if they provide information about the rehab center. She is not participating in activities but if the staff encouraged her to a level of comfort she might want to participate. I have not met any nurses or doctors since visiting her.

She is very happy at Villages Rehab. They have given her a little bit of freedom to get around and out of bed. The staff has kept me updated with her needs. I am very impressed with how nicely kept the facility is. She does not like the food. They do offer alternatives, but she has not enjoyed the food. But they did get her to enjoy some of the activities.

The staff is slow on responding.

The nurses are nice and answer all of my questions. I have to go every night and get information for my father. He needs the staff to help him get involved in activities that he is able to do, not just have him sit in his chair looking down all day. At the moment, he hasn't been engaging in any.

The food is cold when served and lacks seasoning.

[They need] more aides available, mostly when patients are weak and need assistance. Soft foods should be available and better and more frequent cleaning.

I think that this is a wonderful place. Everybody has a smile and is kind.

The staff is very attentive.

Excellent, we feel very comfortable with him there. Wes was Fantastic. We never saw a nurse in his room, but one CNA is excellent, we did not like the other CNA. Once he was given food that was too hot and he could not eat the meal. This concerned me as well as not a lot of variety.

He has been so happy with Villages Rehab and Nursing. When we arrived it was beautiful and clean. They do a great job of keeping me informed. My husband has called me every single day to tell me how great the food is. I have not heard my husband laugh so much in the past 2 years; they offer music and socialize with others.

They have been very easy to talk to and it is easy to connect with the doctors. They have semi-private rooms but they have a wall down the middle of the room which provides privacy. They offer a hair salon, bingo and have ice cream socials.

It's beautiful. He raves about the meals and says they are really good.

Some really easy things were good but a lot was completely ignored. My sister goes to visit in the morning and I go in afternoon. My mother was in there for a week and had not been bathed and wasn't given anything to wash her hands with. She was given water once to wash her hands before any meals. I had to go in today and talked to the nursing director. My sister and I go every day and night and the doctor says that every day she needs to get the boot off and cleaned and it is not at all taken care of. There wasn't any attention given to her with the bathroom. We told the nurse's aide and she told us that she had to do other stuff. She wasn't engaged or encouraged to do any of the activities. She didn't feel like going out but nobody ever brought it up. They haven't talked to her about a discharge planning process and we had to instigate the conversation.

The rehab services are great, but my mother refuses to use them. My mother is diabetic, but they feed her anything without catering to her needs. The nutritionist advised the patients choose what they would like to eat. The food is very bad, and it's not nutritious.

The facility is top notch. As far as upper management they were above average, the problem is with the lower level workers. Trying to get a hold of someone there was hard. And I would spend an hour and a half trying to get in touch with someone. He didn't get much information about the discharge planning process and there was a lot of confusion.