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  • On-site physical therapy
  • Occupational Therapy Available
  • Speech Therapy
  • Skilled Nursing
  • Pain Management

Customer Reviews

Review of Willow Springs Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center

I am very happy with the facility so far. I feel good having my mother there and know that she is being taken care of. The staff is exceptional, very friendly, and just overall there to help! The therapy services are great here! The staff has brought me such a feeling of security. They really go out of their way to do a good job for their patients! Oh my gosh - the place is phenomenal! It is so well kept and beautiful. I really do not have anything to complain about in any way. The only suggestion I have would be to maybe have a more clear schedule in terms of when the therapy takes place.

Review of Willow Springs Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center

My aunt was at the facility for a short time while she was passing away. I was very pleased with the care from this facility.

Review of Willow Springs Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center

It's wonderful. They make my husband get up and about even when he does not want to and that is wonderful. The girls in the rehab center are amazing. The staff are right on target and call me back immediately. The nurses are very patient with him and come when he needs them. The facility is very nice. My husband made friends with the cleaning lady, she is a good cleaning lady.

Review of Willow Springs Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center

Their management and the administrator talked with me and they were efficient. The rehab is very good. The therapist came up with an individualized plan for my husband. The social worker was fantastic and the administrator was very good. He was happy with the food. Some of the help was not that good though. Some of the staff was very friendly and some not so good or friendly.

Review of Willow Springs Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center

As far as care it's great, but I'm not able to compare it to anything else. The staff care is very good and they're very friendly. The nurses are very cooperative at the desk. He is eating very well and accepting. They do a great job there. They're very good about communication with me.

Review of Willow Springs Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center

It's pretty good. The gals at the desk are lovely and a couple of guys push the wheelchair. It's clean, very clean. Some odors but you can't help that. The floors and bathrooms are clean. The meals are pretty good.

Review of Willow Springs Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center

The staff is caring and diligent! They are very good. The food is horrible though, it's the worst!

Review of Willow Springs Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center

The care is wonderful, people is wonderful. It's hard to get information, though I know they are busy. The food is not great. The therapy seems good. There are a few nurses and aides that are my favorites so far. The meals are not tasty. The meat is dry and it's sometimes not hot.

Review of Willow Springs Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center

The response time is an issue and hospital food is better. They are friendly but may be understaffed. They say hello and greet me. Quality and selection of the meals could be improved. I am supposed to get call, maybe admin did get in touch with me about her plan, I had to go down there and give instructions for what she needed. They reference the hospital paperwork but that doesn't say what all is going with that person.

Not warm enough

We toured the Willow Springs Rehabilitation And Healthcare Center. We were looking for a place for our loved one for a brief respite stay. The staff was friendly and gave us a tour of the facility. It was a very sterile and cold. We were looking for a community with a warmer and inviting atmosphere.

I did more therapy than some of the others did.

The staff was fantastic. I couldn't praise them enough. Everybody was just awesome. The people were very helpful and respectful. They started a lunch program where you can go in to order and that was great. The food was hotter and served better. I think that they should have all their meals in the cafeteria. That was when it was served the best.

I think the nurses and staff here do a great job. The food is sometimes a little cold, but they try!

We were referred to them by someone and she said it's a wonderful place. I'm very happy with it. I like to hear about what a good job they do from other people and based on my experience I will be recommending them. They are so wonderful. They do an excellent job. I am very pleased

The place is beautiful. Everyone is so helpful and professional.

Overall, the attentiveness is pretty good. They have therapy every day. The atmosphere is nice and bright. Any time she rings her bell, they are there promptly. They do have options there if you don't like what is on the menu

It's been really good. It's working out well. I am definitely satisfied with the therapy. Everyone here is very happy and very upbeat. I had a consultation with them last week and they gave me a number I can call anytime if I have questions, which I appreciated.

They are very good and have taken great care of my mother.

I would recommend Willow Springs Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center to a loved one.

They are pretty good people. I thought it was a good experience.

The chow could improve; she is the last one to get fed so her food is always cold.

They lack in communication..

It’s a beautiful place! They're very good at keeping my husband and I informed

The aides are great and the nurses are okay. Since we've been there, we've been pleasantly surprised. They took good care of her so far. The people there are very friendly. Some days the meals are okay. If you go to the dining room, it's a better experience because you get more options. It seems the coordination between things needs work.

She would go to therapy in the morning but they didn't have someone to walk with her in the afternoon. She was on very low sodium diet and sometimes they wouldn't accommodate those dietary restrictions.

I would recommend Willow Springs Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center to a friend. The aides are doing a good job.

The majority of the staff has been great, they have been accommodating and are helping my dad adjust. The place is very clean and very lovely.

I would recommend this Rehab because it is the best option in the area. My loved one receives food that is cold and that it lacks in taste.

The therapy is helping and we think that it is excellent. This is a very clean community.

They call me all of the time. I have an appointment today with the social worker. I would recommend Willow Springs Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center to a friend

I have nothing bad that I can say about this community or the staff. The rehab is good, but he is not progressing with it. They are all good and worthy of their jobs. It’s always clean. The food is good. I have had no complaints. I am always there so I always know what is going on

They always keep me informed; they tell me everything. I wouldn't eat the food myself.

They are really good with my wife. The therapy is going good. The staff is always right there when she hits the alarm. The maintenance is slow about fixing things. The window in my wife's room was broken and they taped it. Then a week later, they still had not fixed it. They do keep the community clean. They call all the time we know everything that we need to know.

The therapy is going good my brother says and he likes it. The staff is great and I think sometimes they get stressed. It takes them a while to answer the bells for the residents sometimes. They are very good, however, their biggest trouble is that they don't communicate enough or even at all. Everybody has been really nice, they’re not bad. It is very clean. My brother thinks the meals are terrible. He says they have no flavor and he can't chew it and the coffee is really, really bad. We bring him food and coffee so that he will eat.

The staff is very nice; they always answer all of my questions. My loved one has a few complaints, but the main one is that she hates the food. She doesn't want any of it. We just got here, but if I have an issue they're very helpful.

The last time was horrible, they had a lot of construction. Now we are very impressed this time around. It’s very warm, clean, and friendly. It looks more like it should have the first time

The staff was really nice and friendly. The community was not always kept clean to my standards; it could be better. The food and the kitchen need a lot of work. The food is horrible. The food is cold and there is no variety.

From the Community

Willow Springs is a 5-star, Defiency-Free Subacute Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing Center located in Central NJ delivering unparalleled short-term and long term care in a newly renovated comfortable setting.

We take great pride in our skilled nursing staff who provide 24/7 skilled nursing care with compassion and professionalism. Our nursing staff is skilled in both subacute care and long-term care.

We complement our exemplary Nursing care with our exceptional Orthopedic and Cardiac Rehabilitation programs. Our team of dedicated and highly trained clinicians provide you with expert rehabilitative care focused on accelerated your recovery, assisting you in achieving optimal health, managing stress effectively, restoring work-life balance, increased daily life productivity, and overall participation in daily life.