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Review of Rose Garden

Very good! The people are very attentive and show concern for her. She went to doctor today, and several people that were not even her nurses, knew about it! She had some therapy sessions, but they didn't allow any family members to watch. The staff were good and very cooperative, even the people that serve the food. All seem to be very concerned and attentive. She wasn't very happy about the food though. She didn't eat as well as she could have.

Review of Rose Garden

We are very pleased, the staff is friendly. It's very clean there, my mom likes it there. One of the directors and the social worker is very good! Many staff members are great, including the chef. Everybody there has been great! We are very impressed with the place. The only thing is we'd like them to give my mom healthier meals.

Review of Rose Garden

Everybody has been very nice and helpful. It's very clean. The food can be improved. The two male nurses on the floor have been doing a fantastic job. The aide has been great! They just need to get better food. The taste is horrible! I have to bring her food every night.

Review of Rose Garden

The atmosphere is nice. The food is different. It's not just plain old sandwiches. It's a whole meal. They're very nice and accommodating. The staff member who helps on the weekends is very nice. It's very clean.

Review of Rose Garden

It is very good. The staff seems very thoughtful and caring. The place is nice and clean and neat. She was at a different place I did not care for but here she is doing well. I saw her therapist was taking her back to her room. She was very caring for her. They are all very professional. It's very clean. The chef brought me lunch and it was very good. So far they are going out of their way to help her and I appreciate it.

Review of Rose Garden

There was only one alarm clock, which is on her roommates side. I had to bring one in for her. Very good and helpful. It wasn't clear where my mother was supposed to be. She had some issues with her lunch yesterday. She ordered one thing and she got something else that she doesn't even like, the lady said they were out of chicken. But they resolved it. Otherwise everything was good. The manager was very helpful with getting that resolved and assuring her that it won't happen again.

Review of Rose Garden

Their service has been excellent. I would definitely recommend Rose Garden. The communication has been very good and we had our first meeting last Wednesday.

Review of Rose Garden

Everybody is so nice there compared to a time she was there previously. We love the rooms. There is great improvement. They need a new rug in the hallway. She is very hard to please with eating. They are trying very hard to please her with their meals. The nurses are forthcoming.

Review of Rose Garden

It has been wonderful! My loved one is doing very well in therapy. Everything is clean. He has not enjoyed the food so far, but it's possible that has to do with his diet and condition.

Review of Rose Garden

I would give them a 5 PLUS out of 5, easily! It was a good welcome and fantastic stay. The staff are awesome and professional. The kitchen and staff are all very friendly. She looked forward to all the meals. I visited everyday and got updates there and information about when she will be ready for discharge.

Review of Rose Garden

They are on top of everything. All the staff are really great. I feel very lucky that she is there. The only thing is when my mom came in, I think they could have given a little more information in the admission packet. My mom tells me how it's going and we get a report. In rehab, they push her but not to the point where she can't be pushed. Her meals are good. Communication from the facility is getting better - I'd like to get her latest bloodwork.

Review of Rose Garden

My loved one wasn't told anything upon arrival about procedures. In general, though, they are good about informing me about her care. Sometimes the staff doesn't introduce themselves upon entering. Also, the food is cold and the tea is cold. Sometimes they take her food away before she's done with it.

Very Disappointed Not 5 Stars

I chose Rose Garden for my beloved husband because it had a 5 star rating . I don't know how it got this rating as I was very disappointed.. I was there from 8 am to 8 pm every day for two months and saw a lot that was not to my liking.
Help was below average in care and attitude also had to be after them to keep him clean.
Rehab dept sorry to say I do not have one good word for them and that is what he was there for\n He needed a lot of help and they just gave up on him and showed no compassion . I will not recommend Rose Garden to anyone....I took him home after two months . I had live in help who did more for him and cost was much cheaper I gave it 1 1/2 stars because food was good and they had good activities

We moved my mother-in-law and father-in-law to Rose Garden after a poor experience elsewhere. They finally feel safe and cared for. The entire staff take pride in their work, are friendly, and communicate well with each other and our family. The rooms are so spacious, bright, and comfortable. We are very happy we took steps to make this change! They are truly receiving excellent care that will help them reach their goal for more independence.

I couldn't even find anything wrong if I wanted to. They are excellent and they are the best. I do the emergency alarms for all the nursing homes and I'm in the medical field this place is the best. The food was good and the other residents like it too when I asked. Every single department kept me informed with everything.

It’s been really great.

Everything was excellent. The nutritionist was excellent with her. If it were up to me I would have kept her there. I was very impressed and pleased with every aspect. They provided a more personalized experience compared to most "chain' senior living places. The chef came out and spoke to her so she would eat. I was there every day and the nurses we always open and helpful with me.

Everything was always very clean. Never any problems with that. Dad really did like the food he would even ask for seconds. Dad is a very good eater. They were very good about getting in touch with me when I needed to know what was going on

The staff is friendly and the facility is very clean. Very clean facility. The meals are very good. Their communication isn't perfect.

They were absolutely wonderful. I can’t say enough about the place. They treated my husband like a king. They are wonderful people I've never seen such caring people. Everyone was so kind to my husband

He's been there for about a week, they have activities but he chooses not to participate. He is well cared for comfort wise and medically. They have a very attentive and helpful staff. He hasn't complained about the meals he just seems indifferent. They call a couple times a week to follow-up and let us know how things are going. He's been there before and they are very good about following up after discharge.

The beginning was a little rocky for my loved one at first but the staff did a really great job at making sure the issues where solved and everything was taken care of. Great communication. The meals could use some improvement; he does not seem to like them very much and has often complained.

Most of the staff was terrific. The supervisor was not the best. It was always spotless. It was okay; we brought most of her meals. I choose them after I went through an entire list of places. They were best for us. Kudos to the doctor for finding the issue.

My dad is doing really well with their rehab team. The nursing staff is great but the aides could be available and more attentive. It’s difficult to track them down. The housekeeping team is wonderful and stays on top of cleaning his room. He doesn't like breakfast but enjoys all the others meals. He really likes oatmeal in the morning and sometimes they rotate cereal into the menu schedule. I've had to call a few times to see how things are going and get updates

The only comment is that they have one visitor bathroom for the whole entire ground floor. When I went to use the bathroom there was a line. Other than that, the place is clean and well maintained. All week long my wife did not have therapy and no one knew she was supposed to have it. This morning they came to put her in therapy and forgot she was there. The food is very well prepared.

This community has been great. The food is really not the problem, she just does not eat that well. They do an okay job with letting me know what's going.

My mom got the flu when she was there, then her lungs got worse. I was concerned they were not checking her lungs every day. I had to ask them to do an x- ray of her lungs and they found out she had pneumonia. The food was not fresh and there were not many options. My mother did not enjoy the food. I went in for a family meeting and the nurses would call me periodically to inform me of my mother's progress.

The people seemed very nice. She participated in 2 therapy sessions and that is remarkable because her old assisted living place could not get her to. From what I observed they went above and beyond in taking care of my mother. They were very good, I was out of town and they did their part in keeping me informed.

I highly recommend them. They have bingo at night; they read to them from the newspaper and have movie nights. Couple night they seemed under staff, could use some on call people to work so they won’t be short. There were some good nurses I appreciate. They can improve on providing staff with uniforms. The attendee could have a name tag and use some type of uniforms. Name tags that can identify the type of employee they are would be helpful to know who you are talking with. The dining room is well kept. They could focus on the diets of residents. She was on a low-sodium meal plan. They had snacks and treat time with juice, cookies, and pieces of cake at night and in the afternoon, which was great. They never turn you away from the kitchen. I could eat there for $5 and get a restaurant quality meal. Mike the dietitian was excellent and focused on trying to give proper meals and came to visit mom to make sure it was what she wanted. He is personable. They kept me well informed through my own efforts, they did not reject my questions.

The nurses in the day shift were more attentive than the night shift nurses. The medical equipment they have is failing. My loved ones needs weren't meet adequately. They should have paid more attention to his medical needs. Some of the rehab staff at the rehab had him walking with an oxygen tank that was empty. I always had to follow up with the nurses to get information. The meals were repetitive

Kelly Zeitler

Local Representative

We, thank you for your feedback as we are constantly striving for 100% satisfaction.
Your experience is the only one that counts. I would encourage any family member to voice their observations during their stay to any one in Administration.
We can be very successful in correcting a wrong and "shining a light" on any problem, and correcting it immediately. We recognize it is " not your job"; however, we are here to serve. I, as the Administrator, want the best for you and yours. My cell number is on my business card. Do not hesitate to call.

The Rose Garden had a positive atmosphere.

The Rose Garden had a positive atmosphere.

The atmosphere is very positive and the nurses are very attentive. The rehab therapy is going good they work very well with my loved one. I get together with some of the staff and the family once a week and we get to discuss the progress that my loved one is making.

I have had a few of my loved ones live at this community. The staff and community are very helpful. One of the nurses has taken care of my mother like she was her own. The community keeps me well informed about my loved ones needs and also how she is progressing. The community is always kept clean and neat. Kevin is great a great activities director. The community also held a car show that my loved one and family loved.

My mother was very comfortable there. The nurses were great!

Everyone has had a favorable experience. The help offered is competent. They are kind and very nice.

From the Office

We are privately owned and operated and we take pride in treating all our residents like family. Rose Garden is decorated in a classic style that feels familiar and comfortable for our residents, and has plenty of spaces to rest and socialize in comfort. Our airy living room with high ceilings is filled with sunlight through the day and is a pleasant place to pass the time reading or sitting at our baby grand piano. Our food is of the highest quality - our culinary department is run by a chef who comes us to with experience working in several upscale restaurants, and uses his creativity to deliver healthy, nutritious and delicious meals. Our Cardiac Care program was created to ensure positive outcomes to meet the post-acute needs of cardiac patients recovering from surgery of coping with a multitude of chronic cardiac conditions.We offer all aspects of appropriately rigorous physical, occupational, and speech therapy tailored to your needs and available seven days a week, twice daily. In the Rehabilitation Department at Rose Garden, you and your therapist will establish a trusted and trusting relationship as you relearn how to successfully navigate your world.
We practice "The Rose Garden Way" and welcome all our patients to a home-like setting where they can get the very best care in a personal setting. We welcome family members to visit at any time.
Rose Garden is an integral part of the Toms River, NJ community. Our new facility opened in May, 2005, and has often been referred to as “The Fine Hotel of Healthcare.” We are known for our devoted, highly professional staff, our vigilance to the needs of our guests and their families, and our unwavering commitment to providing the best care in the best environment. We promote and are dedicated to the core values of respect, courtesy, honesty, excellent service, and a commitment to a job well done; and we pride ourselves on our ability to listen carefully and with a full heart to respond with kindness and care.