Fountainview Care Center - Lakewood Township, NJ

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  • Doctor on Call
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Wound Care Physician
  • Special Diets: Organic
  • Dialysis Onsite
  • Laundry Service / Dry Cleaning
  • Multilingual Staff
  • Respiratory Therapist
  • IV/Infusion Therapies
  • Complimentary Transportation

Customer Reviews

Review of Fountainview Care Center

There's a lot Spanish speaking staff so my loved one very much likes that. The staff are all good!

Review of Fountainview Care Center

The rehab services are excellent! I would like even more therapy for my loved one. They are good about keeping me informed, we have a meeting planned.

Review of Fountainview Care Center

Everybody there is really helpful. If she needed anything, they made sure they gave it to her, and made sure she was happy. They helped her get to full strength. Everything is clean. The meals are alright, I know she would much rather have different.

Review of Fountainview Care Center

Everybody is polite. It is just great. I can sleep at night knowing he is in good hands.

Review of Fountainview Care Center

They were very nice and helpful. I'd recommend Fountainview!

Review of Fountainview Care Center

My loved one is very happy and they are very nice. He is satisfied they are doing the very best for him. This is good for me and takes stress off me. I could not help my loved one, but he is being taken good care of by all of them. The facility is very clean, and he is not complaining about the food. I think the communication is very good and I can call if I need anything. My loved one lets me know that he is pleased with what is happening. They have contacted me through family.

Review of Fountainview Care Center

The receiving nurse was very helpful getting things set up for my loved one and they did not expect her back to the hospital. There was a discrepancy for her diet and they changed and it was straightened out.

Review of Fountainview Care Center

They do a really good job. They are very friendly and very happy. The food is not flavorful or presentable, though.

Review of Fountainview Care Center

It seems to be good. They are taking care of my mom, and the nurses are very attentive to her in particular. She likes the food there. They have been really good.

Review of Fountainview Care Center

Overall I'd recommend Fountainview. My loved one said the meals are okay. The communication is fair, but I have not heard much from them.

I would recommend Fountainview Care Center to a friend or loved one.

They have been good so far. His progress in rehab therapy has been slow but he's doing much better!

From what I've seen, it’s okay. They're always cleaning when I visit, they're always out polishing.

It has certainly been a positive experience. Everyone takes very good care of my husband! My only concern is if they serve fish, its dry and he can’t swallow it.

My loved one wasn't there for very long but I was comfortable with the care he received. The staff was friendly and the facility was clean and kept up well. My loved one said there weren't many choices but the food was good.

When the food comes, I think he is the last one. It always comes cold, not warm. It's almost half an hour from the beginning of meals being served until he gets his meal. But the food is good. The staff is always late. The nurses are busy giving other patients their medication so he has to wait.

When I was leaving, the receptionist treated me very dirty. I was not happy with her. The nurses were alright.

When my father was told that he could not stay at home, I had to quickly find somewhere for him. I had heard a review about Fountainview and it was horrible, but we still went anyway. When we walked in we felt the warmth and the welcoming feeling right away! Dad felt comfortable here and that was all that mattered to us. Everybody was just fabulous with Dad. I was disappointed with the doctor on staff. The doctor did not see him except for twice. We had a meeting and the doctor should have been there and he did not show up. The food was okay it wasn't great. The secretary was fabulous the social worker was okay as well. They always listened to what I had to say.

My husband wanted to go home and said that he did not like it. I was very happy with the place. The therapy was excellent and it really helped my husband for as long as he would do it.

We really like this community and the staff here. The aides do a good job and everyone is very friendly and willing to help. We have weekly conference calls to keep me updated about my loved one.

The staff was so friendly and nice. They did an awesome job about keeping everything neat and nice. The food was bad; both the quality and the quantity is just bad. They fed my loved one too little and it had no flavor. They were absolutely fantastic with keeping me informed with any updates that I needed to know

My only complaint about this place is the staff does not do much on weekends. They call it ‘staff improvement weekend’. They don't get him out of bed during the weekends. My loved one has stayed at this Rehab center previously, and I find the therapists are much more compassionate this time around.

My only complaint was that they're sending her home already; it’s only been about a week. She didn't even get a chance to build strength. The therapist said she has to come home and said she is medically cleared. They also said Medicare is not paying for more time. She shakes a lot when she’s drinking. She needs to build more upper body strength before she goes home. I asked them if she could stay until the 10th to see if in another week she could build more strength. The nurses at this facility noticed more than the nurses at the hospital. Everyone is friendly and they are trying. The cleanliness has improved a lot since the last time we were there. The food has improved a lot. The residents seem very happy, and the aides are very nice. The nurses were good; they answered all of my questions.

From the Community

The journey to wellness begins at FountainView. After you or your loved one has been hospitalized for an illness, injury or surgery, our care center will help you get back to your normal life. Founded in 1995, Fountainview Care Center is a state-of-the-art community with private and semi-private rooms that allow our residents to be in a home-like environment.