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  • Podiatrist Available
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Customer Reviews

This place is awesome!

My mother-in-law moved in against her will and after a small adjustment period, she loves it! She's involved in activities, field trips, and is making friends. It was just the care she needed to continue to live as independently as possible. Can't thank you and consultant [name removed] enough for your help!

Shawn Torrey

Local Representative

Wow, Lisa! Thank you so much for taking the time to rate The Mansion at Waterford five-stars. We know the struggle of transitioning to a Senior Living community, but we're ecstatic to hear that your mother-in-law is active in the community. We are incredibly lucky to have the team that we have to make all of the residents feel comfortable. If you need anything from us, please don't hesitate to reach out. You can reach us by phone, Facebook or in person. Thank you again, Lisa, and have a great rest of your day. Shawn - Digital Marketing

We really needed this to work out but there was no service after the sale. 3 hours to answer a call light.

3 hours to answer a call light. Seriously
We really needed this to work and it did not. Everyone was super nice at first. Once moved it, it was totally different.
There is no care available on weekends.
I would go check on mom and have to su

Shawn Torrey

Local Representative

Good evening, I hope your day is going well. My name is Shawn, and I work at the Milestone Support Center (located in Vancouver, WA). Thank you for taking the time to write this review and share your feedback. I want to personally apologize for the experience that you have had with this community. I will be sending this over to the community and regional leadership so they are made aware and can investigate. If you would like to provide any additional details about your experience, please send the community a private Facebook message. I can then send that to the appropriate individuals. Thank you again, and have a great rest of your day. Shawn - Digital Marketing

Excellent Care

This community is well staffed, has engaged management and some of the most diverse apartment sizes ive seen. from an efficiency to a penthouse suite...they are the real deal. They have a new management team that has been in assisted living in Oklahoma for years and they are working hard to improve services for their residents. My friend lives here and I visit often. The food is good and everyone seems happy to be there. I know they provide transportation certain days as well.

Shawn Torrey

Local Representative

Good evening Betty, thank you for taking the time to write this review and for rating The Mansion at Waterford five-stars. It is our mission to provide the best care to our residents in an atmosphere that's inviting and caring. We know that to accomplish these goals, it all starts with our leadership team. With the combined years of talent that our management team has, we know that they will do a great job. We also know how important food and amenities are to our residents, families, and visitors. Hearing that you enjoy the food and love the various apartment sizes lets us know that our hard work is paying off. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. You can reach us by sending a private message on Facebook, calling us, or by visiting in person. Thank you again, Betty, and have a great rest of your day. Shawn - Digital Marketing

My mother-in-law spent two months at the Mansion at Waterford Assisted Living. When she entered, we knew she was nearing the end of her life, and she was also receiving hospice care. I cannot say enough positive things about the staff, the level of compassion and care that she received during her time there. When you entrust your loved one into the care of strangers because you can no longer care for them, it is painfully difficult. I cannot say enough about empathy, kindness, gentleness, and genuine compassion displayed by all of the staff towards her as they helped her with basic activities, tended to her needs and worked seamlessly with the hospice staff to help us navigate the end of her life in a way that made sure her wishes were met when she finally left this world.

Shawn Torrey

Local Representative

Good afternoon, thank you for taking the time to write this review and rate The Mansion at Waterford five-stars. We first want to say that we are sorry about the passing of mother-in-law. Our condolence goes out to you and your family. We know that this type of transition can be challenging. Since we are well aware of the challenges, we can provide information, comfort, and a welcoming environment to help mitigate the difficulty of transitioning to our community. Having all the years of experience that our leadership team and staff have is what makes us able to help make the transition smoother. We are so happy to have you and your mother-in-law as a part of our community. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you need anything from us. Thank you again and have a great rest of your day. Shawn - Digital Marketing

Love it

My realtor suggested not scheduling a tour to check on staffing and availibilty and the mansion did not let us down. We toured on new years day. The food smelled really good and the receptionist was very sweet. We got to look at couple of different rooms with [name removed] who is perfect for touring and he offered for us to eat lunch and even gave us some nice gifts on our way out. There were three men moving family in and they said he was the main reason they moved their family in. This is the only place my sister and I will be bringing my parents to look when they move here. I gave a 4 star only because I did not see alot of nurses around.

Nice Place!!

I have no complaints of how things had went during my tour of this place. The staff where on time to our appointment and made sure to answer any questions I had for them in detail. i liked the open floor plan as well as many of the amenities they had for the residents. It was just no the right location in the end decision.

Very Disappointed In This Place.

I don't even see how things have gone terribly wrong here. My sister saw the house doctor he put her on medication that had not been approved by the family and now has made my sister worse. From my perspective, the facility is severely understaffed. But on the opposite side when I am there the aides are sitting down not doing anything. The housekeeping was doing a good job keeping my sister's room clean but now I am seeing that decline there was a smell or urine the other day when I was there. The food, in the beginning, was horrible but they changed department heads and things have improved as far as that department goes. Communication with anyone in the administration is very frustrating and not open or receptive. The situation has caused me great stress and anxiety .

Wonderful Tour of This Community

I had a wonderful tour of this community. Everything went very well. The community was very nice, and well maintained from what I saw. The staff I met was kind, and friendly. My questions were answered. It was a good experience, but I did find other community that suited our budget better.

Worth a second look

The Mansion at Waterford was one of several places suggested for me by A place for Mom, for my wife. I first steered away from consideration thinking that it's location on the edge of Nichols Hills and next to the Waterford Hotel put it out of reach of my working class budget. When my sister had to go into assisted living, however, I looked again as it was close to her familiar surroundings. I am glad I did. She is now living there and very happy.
It is reasonable in price after all, gives excellent value for the money and has a very friendly and helpful staff. More important it has the atmosphere of quality apartment or hotel in decor and facilities and none of the smell and sadness one often associates with nursing homes. Since I still have a wife to take care of, it is comforting to know my sister is being well taken care of and is enjoying her new friends.

Do Not Reccommend / DO NOT RECCOMMEND

Took my step dad .... after 3 months of searching .. wrong choice!
the very first day he moved in within 10 hours hs dog was kicked out. I went 2-3 times a day the first week because he had lived in the same house for over 50 years, the dog also lived at the residence his whole life. The very frirst time he opened the door = dog ran out, he got put out.
The very day after we moved into the Mansion At Waterford they posted a sign that bedrails are no longer allowed. My step dad is 78 with parkinsons (for 10 yrs) one of the need requirements are bedrails ... one of the reasons for placement were frequent falls, along with falling out of bed.
We just had the bed delivered and he was afraid to go to sleep cause he knew he would fall.. not to mention the time in responding to his press button that costs double life alert that we had./ i went up one night to take him an ice cream and he resorted to sleeping in the chair for fear of falling.
Acouple thousand later- new bigger bed... meanwhile everytime i went his mouth was dirty toilet FILTHY. The administrationion personel who worked there 2 wks prior when he moved in got fired, new personel never even introduced herself.
My step father told me he fell and it took them 4 hours to respond- that's when i went to administrator- and mentioned she wasn't very professional to not of introduced herself and how i would be removing my step dad /due to the conditions he was living in- his feet were so cracked he could hardly wald from dry skin.
They do not care for the elderly by no means only about how they are going to take their money

Katie McHale

Local Representative

Hi Misty,
We're sorry to hear that you had a negative experience at The Mansion at Waterford. Your feedback, along with others across multiple sites, have been sent to Executive Leadership for further review and investigation. Katie - Digital Marketing

Mom is Doing Great at this Community

My mother is doing great here at this community. Everything is working out very well, and I'am satisfied with all they have done for us. I know she is safe, and receiving good care. When I visit her room, and the community is nice, and clean. The staff is nice. They have activities available for the residents. I've tried some of the meals, and the food is pretty good. This is a lovely community, and I would recommend it.

Care for mom

I am happy with the care here for my mom. The staff are very nice and caring. This community has a good feeling and my mom likes the the meals and she is enjoying the activities that are offered to her here. We would recommend this community for the good care and value to other families.

A great place!!

The staff at The Mansion at Waterford have been very friendly and accommodating. My mother is adjusting very well. No place is perfect, but they do a very good job. They have a lot of wonderful activities available for when my mother is ready to join.

I liked the Mansion ... and would feel comfortable with my dad staying here, if he chooses to stay in OKC.

The location is good. The staff seems good ... and I believe that 99% of OKIEs are good people that would take good care of my dad.

I would really like him close to me in Dallas, though. Winter weather is a travel issue.

Good care

I am no longer at this community, but I did like being there. The staff was nice. I was happy with the room that I had. I did get involved with the activities like bingo and church activities . They offer church services. I was happy here and would recommend this community to other families.

Friendly staff !!

The staff have all been very kind to my loved one, they always are checking on her to make sure she is comfortable and that her needs are being met. The dinning experience is wonderful as well as the tasty meals they provide. Overall this is a great community and I have no complaints.

3 Star Review

Having moved my loved one from a living center that was an awful place, I was hoping this community would be my answer for excellent care services for my loved one. I chose this community for the location and convenience so I can stop by on a regular basis to visit.. I am challenged daily and have come to realize that if you are not there everyday checking and double checking the care they get, you may as well take care of them yourself. It appears this community is lacking in some of the more important things I had hoped would be different. My concern is the ratio of caretakers to residents as it appears to have lower staffing on weekends. Concerned that either there is a lack of knowledge or communication within the staff on resident specific needs, especially when it comes to medication and medication administering as there have been issues on several occasions. Having to ask several times again and again to get the inclusive services offered in the contract. I do not know if the nutritious meals are healthy as there are no nutritional facts are on the menu, specifically salt and sugar per serving. I am hoping this is just a phase this community is going thru. I am giving them the benefit of the doubt to correct all the issues. Some of these are getting better already, but until I see a significant change I would suggest asking lots of questions, meet with the caretakers. Plan on spending time making sure you know exactly what the care for your loved one will be receiving, not just on paper but in real life, everyday hands on care. Plan on visiting your loved one often!
I can say that all the staff are all friendly and make you feel very welcome. The facility is beautiful and well maintained.

Very Pleased

My mother really likes it here at The Mansion at Waterford. She is really happy, she has made friends, attends the different activities they have to offer. I have a piece of mind while she is at The Mansion. The staff is wonderful and take very good care of the residents. We love it.

It's Okay to be a Squeaky Wheel

I vetted quite a few facilities before I chose The Mansion. I particularly liked the fact that it is about 3 minutes from my house and that it is an all-inclusive price rather than point-based. I also liked the atmosphere, it was clean and everyone seemed very friendly.

However, we didn't get off to a very good start. The day after I moved her in, I told them I needed to pick her up at 10 a.m. for a new doctor appointment. She was still in her pjs and hadn't eaten breakfast when I arrived, and the staff said that she "didn't know she was there." Seriously?

Other issues I had basically had to do with inattentiveness and lack of communication. She wasn't on a bathing schedule for a couple of weeks, I couldn't get answers about whether or not they would get her prescriptions filled by a company that took her insurance (come to find out they do not . . . you have to use who they chose), getting physical therapy services ( I thought they were working on this and come to find out, it was my responsibility to find and arrange . . . it took them over a month to tell me this), Mom was taking most of her meals in her room, wouldn't dress or go down to any activities and often times I would find cold, uneaten food still in the container in her room.

HOWEVER once I had an opportunity to meet with the Director and Nurse and discuss her care plan, there has been noticeable improvement. I think the moral of the story is that no matter where you place your loved one, it is important to stay involved, ask questions and to bring any concerns to the facility's attention.

I am pleased to report that Mom is acclimating nicely and that she they are being more attentive to her needs.

Excellent care

Things are going very well and your organization is wonderful. I mean it. You guys have been a lifesaver to me. I am having a little trouble with the frontline staff. They are the people who answer the phones when family members call, etc. They are not friendly, polite, or caring. Otherwise, she is getting excellent care and most importantly, she is happy there.

Going well

Things seem to be going well at The Mansion at Waterford. She had a little adjustment time, but she seems to be settled in now and she is participating in activities and getting used to things there.

communication and observance need improving

At The Mansion at Waterford there are some issues with the care. Their communication and observance need improving. They need more staff. They cant provide quality care with the amount of staff they have. So I have hired an outside caregiver since she needs more care and a companion. Their rates are so low though that we can afford to, which is nice. There is nothing so major here that we would move her. We are staying here.

Could Not Be Better

I don't know that they can do anything better than they do. They take good care of my mom, they are very polite. there is nothing but five's it's an incredible place, the value is unreal. It could not be better.

They Take An Interest

I think they really take an interest in the individual themselves, like getting to know their names and that kind of thing. In the dining room they paired my dad with other men so he could make friends and I was impressed with that.

We are very happy with them.

We are very happy with them. They serve a lot of casseroles, but I have eaten there, and it was good. The staff is friendly and it's clean. Their care was rated one of the best in our area. I also liked that it was close to where I work.


Everyone was helpful and friendly. However, my dad said it sometimes took 20 - 30 minutes for someone to come when he pushed the call button.

So far, so good

We are only 2 weeks in, so I don't have too much to go on, but so far, so good. We have had some wrinkles we've had to work on but the staff has been cooperative with that. I'm sure there's always a few things to sort out at the beginning. At this, we are happy.

I think overall we were pleased.

I think overall we were pleased. I think there were some communication issues, between different shifts. It took quite a while to get a bathing schedule set up, it was not developed or carried out, right at the beginning. There were some difficulty with her diet issues communicated to everybody. They offered a lot of things for entertainment and activities. Some of the staff were less energetic than others, but we never had any real problems with the staff. I felt like they were lacking in the dietary area with those on a special diet. I was really happy with the medicine delivery system, and the people that took care of the majority of her daily care, were excellent, very energetic and pleasant. I have recommended them to a friend so I do think they did a good job.

Friendly staff

I like that my mom has her own apartment. We didn't find any other places like that. When we toured the facility, the staff was very friendly and it seemed nice there.

I really think they are doing a pretty good job.

It's clean and the staff is friendly. The food seems to be good. They seem to be pretty attentive. One thing I don't really like, is that on Saturday and Sunday they don't have housekeepers, or anyone taking care of the rooms. I really liked the overall feeling. I really think they are doing a pretty good job.

Elegant, but had some issues.

This was one of the places we looked at while we were touring. While we liked that it was elegant, and that they had a flat rate, it sort of smelled, and the floors creaked. My loved one also did not like the idea of an elevator, and the public restroom they had there was disgusting. I liked that they had a lot of different floor plans to choose from, and Bill was really friendly. It was also a little further away than we wanted to be.

Very Thankful

After many years of resisting a move to assisted living, my grandmother finally decided to try The Mansions. She moved into the memory care unit as the symptoms of her Alzheimer's and Dementia were being amplified by depression. Through the structured activities, the loving staff and the feeling of security my grandmother experienced her fears eased and her symptoms have quieted. She was able to move over to Assisted Living after a two week evaluation. The difference in her personality during that two week period was remarkable. My grandmother has become very social, began eating regularly again and even participating in the exercise classes. She continues to visit friends she made in memory care and enjoys nurturing those friends. The care team and the activities director have the highest gratitude from our family. The entire staff has made her feel so welcome. We just can't thank them enough. Our experience at The Mansions has far exceeded our expectations.

So far I really don't have any concerns.

So far I really don't have any concerns. The weekend and night staff have had an issue or two. It's clean, and the food is what I would call pretty good, it's a whole lot better than I thought it would be. They have a beauty shop there, that she really enjoys. I like that it never smells.

Affordable, well kept facility

She has been there for a couple of weeks, can't properly rate care and activities.

The price was within what we could afford budgetwise.

The most important consideration was affordability.

The building is really well kept; everything is kept up very nicely.

My mother seems to be settling and contented. She thinks she is in her apartment.

The location is not too far from my house and the homes of my siblings; within eight miles. It's in a nicer area.

Nice Place & People

The Mansion is a very nice facility, with nice admin and caregivers. Plenty of activities, nice outdoor area, plenty of nice indoor areas as well.
My only concern is the medicine ordering. Occasionally, some of the residents run out of their individual meds. Perhaps more attention should be paid to timely ordering of the prescriptions.
Some of the residents complain about the food, but elderly people are usually very picky and set in what they want to eat. It'd be difficult to please all the residents all the time!

For the most part, I'd give them an A, just concerned about the attention paid to the med ordering.

I would give the office personnel a zero!

The caregivers were all very friendly, I would give them 5 for friendliness, but the people in the offices are another story. I would give the office personnel a zero! Up until lately things have been good. I don't understand what happened. He never liked the food, he called it slop, a lot of them do. They said they had an activities director that would come every day and get him, invite him to join, and they never did that. We are the one who deal with everything, if they have a question they should call us. We have been in the process of finding a new community. Bill Murr, who is the sales director, or some similar position, I never have met him, called the new place and talked to their sales director, and asked if the new room was ready. He told her he wanted to get us out early. They want to move someone in sooner than we were planning to move. He made a comment that if we could be out by the 15th they can move the new person in on the 16th. This doesn't seem right, I thought they would need to paint and clean the carpet and whatnot. After going around me to check with the new community, I was asked if I could arrange to move him early. I already had the movers set up and scheduled, this was not really possible for us. Bill then offered to refund us for every day we left early. We weren't able to make it happen by the fifteenth, but did arrange to move sooner. When he heard that it wouldn't be when he wanted, he said we don't give refunds he said it is just too bad that you changed things and are moving early. I never thought of getting money back until they offered it. If they tell you something like this get it in writing.

We definitely had some problems with ...

We definitely had some problems with The Mansion. We liked the location, and when we first moved here, everything was fine. However, slowly things started falling apart. The care services were not acceptable and my loved one was even getting hurt here. We were paying more money for less care here, and for worse conditions. Needless to say, this did not work out.

5 stars Were we staying in...

5 stars Were we staying in OKC we would consider this 1st.

I would choose this facility for myself.

Very helpful, courteous, and straightforward. The staff is responsive as needs arise. They did everything that they could to ease my Mom's transition to assisted living. Everything went according to plan. Plus, the location is great - nearby shopping and entertainment center. Especially impressed with their willingness to take Mom to medical appointments as needed. She says that she feels very safe there.

Some of the staff could be more helpful.

This is for the memory care area. Some of the staff could be more helpful. The food is good I would give it a four. The care is not quite as intimate or personalized as I would hope, and the caregivers don't take much initiative. Small things that could be taken care of quickly and easily, will be sent down the chain of command. I feel like I don't see much genuine concern, they don't call and tell me when she is out of things, or if something is going on. I don't feel very comfortable with the place. It is a beautiful building inside and out. I am just so surprised. We were so impressed by how clean and beautifully decorated it was. I just don't feel like the nursing staff has been treating them right.

Pricey with details taken c...

Pricey with details taken care of beautiful place

Mom likes it here

It's all very well maintained. It's a lovely place. At the time, my mother was going for respite care but we liked it so well we just decided to stay. My mother loves it. She loves the bingo. She's hard to please but she likes the food maybe 60/40. I don't think it's the food, I think it's her because everytime I've eated there it's been great.

I had a small problem with the care. When they took her medication chart from the previous place they didn't get it entered into the computer correctly. I have to check on that.

From the Community

Assisted Living at The Mansion at Waterford is designed for senior adults who wish to maintain their independent lifestyle but may need some additional assistance to do so. Memory Care at The Mansion at Waterford, our goal is to provide the highest quality of life for each of our residents. Private and semi-private apartments are available. Our memory care (Alzheimer's) neighborhood is dedicated to our philosophy of social, psychological, spiritual, and physical well-being of every individual.