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Customer Reviews


Facility is seriously understaffed and has high rate of turnover. Management is not maintaining property.

Short term stay was very good

My husband spent 4 months at this facility but has now returned home. Staff is extremely friendly and welcoming. He enjoyed the food and gained weight! His room had a shared bath which made it a great value for the money, but made for some uncomfortable moments. The man sharing the bathroom needed far more care than my husband and it wasn't necessarily fair to my husband who generally used the public restrooms. But we were grateful for the opportunity to use this room.

The facility is very clean and well appointed with lots of living spaces outside of the rooms where you can spend time. His room had west facing windows and the AC could not keep up in the hot Texas summer so the blinds and curtains were closed 100% of the time which made for a dark room. Towards the end of the stay the AC froze over and needed to be replaced. Everything was fine after that so apparently the inadequate AC was the issue the entire time.

Activities are okay, the activity director left during the stay so others filled in.

The staff is friendly if a little unorganized. To get answers you need to talk to the receptionists that basically function as ombudsmen. I feel like there should be one person you can go to for any concern or question you have, whether it be nursing, maintenance, etc. There was significant management turnover so hopefully things will improve. Admission and discharge days should be better organized. Wouldn't hesitate to return there or recommend to others.

Definitely needs work

Before my mom settled in with the Isle at Cedar Ridge, we checked out at least a dozen other communities. For the price, you get a nicely sized room. However, the response time of the aids is horrendous. For about 5 days, they were without a call system so no one was able to call for an aid if they needed to, and my mom has to have help doing personal things, so it makes it difficult to really get anything done. They have a high turnover rate for their nurses as well. The day we moved my mom in, there was a head nurse that, 2 weeks later, was gone and replaced with someone new. The food isn’t bad but it’s very salty and since my mom has been there, her feet have been swelling. I talked with the director about it and they said they serve only low-sodium foods but the proof shows otherwise. They have things like music programs to keep everyone busy and the activities director is very nice and easy to talk with. Housekeeping is amazing, the laundry is done at least 3 times a week and everything is always really clean. Overall, this isn’t a horrible facility. If they could just get some things fixed, like the response time, this place would be great.

Nursing Care Need Improvement, But Mom Is Doing Well Overall

My mother is doing well since her move to this community. I do feel she is safe, but at this moment I'am not satisfied with the nursing care. They have a high turn over rate with their care givers. They need to hire better quality care givers. There is room for improvement in the nursing care they provide. Other that those issues everything else is going well. My mother has adjusted well to this community, and she fits in quite well. They have an amazing activities director, they have lovely activities, and entertainment. The dining experience is awesome, and the food is great. The lady's at the front desk are excellent. This is a nice community, hopefully they can pick up the slack with their nursing care.

I toured this community for the care for my husband. I did not like that the community was dark and seemed depressing. The other residents did not seem happy and they were not happy. They did not have a friendly atmosphere. The rooms were very small. This is a beautiful community, but just not what we wanted.

This is the right place!

My loved one's stay at The isle is going great! The staff is friendly and the facility is well maintained. Though my loved one doesn't like to participate too much in activities, plenty are offered at this facility. This really feels like the right place for my loved one!

Community Tour

I toured this community for my mom. I was not happy that they kept the community very dark inside. My mom likes the opend windows. The staff was nice, but this was not a good fit for my mom.

Higher Care

It was a higher care facility. I think it was assisted living type B. We didn't feel like there was a lot of activity with the residents and our mother was more cognitively advanced than they seemed to be.