Brookdale North Austin - Austin, TX

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  • Minimum Age of Accepted Residents
  • Activities Onsite
  • Devotional Services Available
  • Indoor Common Areas
  • Meals Provided
  • Aging in Place
  • Nurses on Staff
  • Podiatrist Available
  • Physical Therapy Available
  • Occupational Therapy Available
  • Speech Therapy Available
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Activities Offsite
  • Outdoor Common Areas
  • Beauty & Barber Services
  • Pets Allowed
  • No Smoking Allowed in Private Areas Indoors
  • No Smoking Allowed in Public Areas Indoors
  • Wheelchair Accessible Showers
  • Hospice Available
  • Respite Available
  • Resident Parking Available
  • Male Residents Accepted
  • Female Residents Only
  • Doctor on Call
  • Nurse on Call
  • Homecare Onsite
  • Dentist Available

Customer Reviews

Pleasant, clean. Staff seemed to know residents by first name. Lots of activities on the board.

I am changing my review left yesterday. I was disappointed that the Director was not available to take me on my tour and answer questions. She was never notified of a scheduled tour. A Memory Care Manager stepped into her place, taking me on the tour. He was delightful, [name removed]. Unfortunately, he could not answer many of my questions. The Director called today and was also delightful offering her apology for not being available to take me on a tour Sunday. I know now that the model shown to me "is" available, to include the upgrades that I LOVED but that were not offered in other apartments I was shown. Also, the med management is offered free with the base apt. rent! That is a $500 per person additional cost at other locations!

Very nice place but mom needs more help than this community can offer. She needs skilled nursing care.

A bit older of a building than we liked. Very small rooms.

Staff is nice and friendly

I think this facility is very good and my mom is happy and content here. The staff takes care of all of the residents really well. They are friendly and helpful and are very nice to my mom. They have programs Monday thru Saturday and offer activities like exercise classes and Tai Chi. I would recommend this community to other families.

A Nice Home

A medium sized facility with great, attentive staff and a welcoming feel to it. I thought it clean, but my sisters, who apparently have keener senses of smell than I did not give it the highest marks in that regard. Excellent ratio (one staffer to four residents) in the memory care unit. Fenced outdoor area in the courtyard adjoining the memory care unit feels too small, but the rest of the inside courtyard is spacious and pleasant. A charming community.

Very Nice Community, Tour Went Well

I had a very nice tour of this community. I toured it for my mother, and her needs. My tour went well, and everyone was kind. The community looked good from what I saw, and the staff was very friendly. I did find another community that worked with our budget better, but my tour of this facility was very nice.

Overall not bad

The assisted living caregivers at this community are nice. The office staff are great and helped us get my in laws into the community. We did not have a good experience in the memory care unit. They seemed understaffed and they did not take care of my mother in law for the short time she stayed there. They have a new physical therapy person and they were doing what they could to learn to job and care for the residents. The community is clean and when we left the community it was on a good note.

Wife Is Well

I'am pleased with my wife's move to this community. She is safe, and in good hands. Everything is working out well.

A tour for care for mom

We toured this community for the care for my mom.The chef has a good variety of meals. The environment clean and the environment is good. They do offer activities that are helpful for the residents. We would suggest that families tour this community for the care of a loved one.

I See Personal Care

They have been great and went above and beyond for my mom. The size of the community allows a personal touch and she sees the same staff members everyday.
It is still an adjustment for her and the staff have been trying. My experience with the staff has been great. They have been supportive with the things I have been asking for my mom's health issues. I like their support.
The community looks and smells clean, there is a lingering smell of flowers. They also have little happy hours for the residents.

Mom's great care

The care at this community. The staff are outstanding and caring to her needs. The menu is very nice We like knowing that she does like the meals that are served. We like that a doctor will come in to see her. I like that she is busy with the activities. We would highly recommend this community for the outstanding care and value

Friendly Staff!!

I had recently talked to this community about a possible living arrangement for my mother at this community. The staff where very helpful and made sure to answer any questions I had for them in detail. He was very kind with his words and knowledgeable in all of the information he offered. It was just not the right location for my mom in the end decision but I was thankful for there help.

A tour for care

We toured this community for my mom's care. We liked the staff and that they were able to answer my questions of care for what is offered. The menu was nice and the lunch I had was very good. The dining area is beautiful. They do have activities that are offered. We would recommend this community for families to tour for the care of a loved one

Best Decision Ever!

I am very happy with my choice for my Father. The staff is very friendly. The food is great and there is ALWAYS a party going on. My Father has really opened up and now he is exercising daily! I can not express enough gratitude for my new "family" at Brookdale North Austin.

Room for Some Improvements, but Overall a Nice Facility

For the most part my mother is doing pretty well here at this community. This is a nice community, but there is room for some improvements. The staff needs to be better at responding, and correcting our issues. They are kind, and friendly overall. It is still a work in progress for us at this community.

Not a good fit...

During my tour of the Brookdale Ridge, I noticed the place was just way too commercial for us. We wanted a more home-like environment. Also, they said they would not work with my mother and the level of care she needed. Not a good fit.

An ok community!

The staff have been pleasant and they keep me updated on my uncle's care. The food is fine and they keep the community clean. I do have an issue with the billing department. We have been charged with services that have not been approved. They have not been able to give us a breakdown of the charges. If they would have been honest with these charges up front we would not have chosen this community. I would recommend this community.

[Removed] was very nice and gave me good information on starting on obtaining Veteran's help. The place was a little messy as they are getting new carpet and new furniture in the next month. The lunch was alright-tilipia good, mashed potatoes a little cold, spice cake good.

We like this community!

This community is well taken care of. My friend likes the food and participates in some of the daily activities. The staff seem to be great. I would recommend this community.

Best of the Best!!

I am really enjoying how the staff is taking care of my mother. It makes me very happy to know she is in a place that offers friendly attentive staff. The community offers a variety of activities that my mother is participating in and enjoying such as puzzles, cards and even field trips. The meals are good but could defiantly use some improvement. Overall the community is kept very clean and well maintained i am pleased with our decision to choose this one.

I Heard It Is Not Good

The tour I had seemed depressing. It seemed like every aspect was like a nursing home. The room they showed me was tiny. The charges were a la carte for the care. I spoke to a family of a resident and they said since being there, they never had the same amount. Afterwards, I heard a few negative things about the place.
I did not choose them.

Community needs some attention!

This community is one step away from becoming the nightmare nursing home that you picture in your mind. The environment and staff were not pleasant or welcoming. The staff told me that upon death you have three days to move out. It felt so cold and rigid. The community is an older building and is maintained well.

A nice clean community!!!!

The staff are working with my Mother in law to ensure she is receiving the proper diet. They have answered all our questions and seem nice. They offer a wide variety of activities for the residents to enjoy. I like this community and I would recommend it.

Review based on two weeks in facility

Mom has been there two weeks. Pros - Most staff are friendly and helpful these first two weeks. Food is surprisingly good, Activities are encouraged. Residents are friendly.
Cons - Do not allow Medicare hospital bed rails. Want you to buy halo rails ($250 each). We would have not chosen this facility if we had been notified before signing papers. Not in papers signed outlining rules and policies. Only two attendants per shift evenings and weekends (estimate 100 residents). Sometimes ignore patient's calls (second shift the worst). Forget about someone coming in the five minutes they state. Care diminishes greatly on weekends (good luck on finding an attendant). Halls smell of grease near kitchen (they vent kitchen heat into the halls. No vents in bathrooms to take away smells. Two weeks and still don't have the free cable working.
I've listed lots of cons, but people need to know about them before they make a decision. However, Brookdale North Austin is one of the few more affordable places for loved ones. Choices are few if you are on a fixed income. Unfortunately, probably one of the best choices if you don't have a lot of money.

Though the staff is friendly and the services listed are good the actual follow through leaves much to be desired. Delivery of simple things such as the paper and meals are hit and miss. When the staff is confronted they are quick to fix the problem but things slide back fairly quickly. The biggest issue is lack of communication even on simple things. There is little information by the nursing and business staff even when asked on a bi-weekly basis.
Overall the place is clean, bright, and good on the surface. There is definite room for improvement in separate services and information to family members.

This was an easier transition then we were concerned about. The only negative that we have is that the choice of food is somewhat limited. This is probably due to most residents have more dietary requirements then for our relative.


DO NOT PLACE YOUR LOVED ONES HERE!! I had both my parents here and it was a miserable experience for all. Staff is uneducated and frankly dangerous. Many items stolen from them. Did not know where Alzheimer patient was when I went to visit. Staff said they hadn't seen them in awhile, I found them finally in another client's empty bed, scared and frightened of staff. Med techs performed procedures they were unauthorized to do, ie pushed prolapse back up in client, left another client on floor because he keep falling, Alzheimer clients sat at dining tables for over an hour waiting on food several times, some med techs rough and uncaring. We had to request rooms be cleaned. Overall a terrible experience. Please look for another facility even if have to pay a bit more, it will be worth every penny not to have them there!!

Wish I had more time to be sure before asked to reveiw.

It is really too early to tell but I think that my friend will be happy at Brookdale. I would rather rate this later. I did appreciate A Home for Mom's help and am hoping this will be ther perfect place for Louise.

Caring Staff

Things are going very well for my mother here at Brookdale North Austin. She is really adjusting well with everything and the staff has been nothing helpful with helping her get settled. The community is well kept only issue I have is the landscaping could look better. They are wonderful people here they are very caring and very personable with you and willing to help in any way that they can. There is always something going on for the residents here. They have many activities like bingo and meet and greets and work out classes, it is very nice. My mother loves the food and I also enjoy it. I have already recommended this community to my family, and my grandmother is looking into moving here. Great experience so far for us.

My first experience with assisted living

They have been excellent in communication with me. I am a newby to assisted living. They have been so kind and caring to my mother. I can't say enough nice things about them. I was in a crisis and they did everything to make the transition happen. Thank you so much

Be careful

There were a few good nurses and staff at Brookdale but not enough to provide consistent care.

My father was able to get out twice on what was supposed to be a locked and secure memory unit. Any time any event happened with my father staff would call not so much to notify but to demand we explain how to handle the situation, like we were supposed to address any problems they had with my father.

My father was also hospitalized while there due to dehydration and low blood pressure, that should have been monitored by the nurses. Finally though my father was discharged to a hospital they refused to offer any of our money back, and there general attitude, especially of the director was rude and unfriendly. Acting as if my Dad's behavioral problems were a huge imposition on their facility when its exactly what we were paying them for and which they did a terrible job handling.

And the last straw was keeping the money that we paid for 12 days of service after discharge. Don't expect your loved ones to be encouraged to attend activities, have their medications adjusted or if they have any behavioral problems for the staff to have any skill at controlling behaviors.

housekeeping needs improving

Brookdale North Austin smells funny. They need more plug-ins or something to help with it. The housekeeping needs improving. Mom hordes cups and napkins. The housekeeper in charge of moms room says mom wont let her come in and clean. I told her she needs to go while she is eating or doing activities. It shouldn't take me coming to visit in order for them to clean her room. Other than that things are going well at this facility.

The place just felt dumpy. I couldn't possibly put mom here.

This place is wonderful. However there was a huge disconnect in communcation between the rehab facility my mother in law was in, her PCP, & Brookdale. This location is also not a Medicare partner. You have to arrange your own home health nurse if you need to. We unfortunately could not take advantage of the Brookdale openings at this time.

We have had some ups and down.

We have had some ups and down. It's going pretty good, but there have been a few glitches. Everyone is very friendly and talkative, but nobody gave me the same story about who was doing what, and itemizing what the charges are. They are very meticulous about the medications, and will only give them exactly what's on the direction. When I have called the director she gave me her home number, and she has always responded well. It's better than where she was, and the food is better. They have a chef and a choice. I think a lot of it is acclimating to the new needs, and us to the new patterns.


They had excellent customer service and were very responsive to all my questions. It is a very decent environment which we were very pleased with. I was well pleased with what they were able to offer, and they made sure we were aware of an upcoming special that we could take advantage of. It was a good experience and I would recommend Brookdale North Austin.

I toured the facility with Darlene. She mentioned she started there couple of months before.

My mom did not attend the facility. She is staying with my brother in Ft. Worth currently.

Facilities like this start at 3,400.00 and then add the Level of Care plan. My mom would have had to pay the highest level $1,000.00 because of being in a wheelchair and [name removed] nursing home had her on so much insulin. The total price would be close to $4,400.00 and possibly higher. She did not have that kind of income to afford the facility.
We were NOT pleased with [name removed] at all. The Director of Nursing is a bad person. Brookdale North offered to take her there and work with her but in the end we did not go there.

Currently, Mom is not on the insulin and has lost weight and is walking with the 4 prong cane. This is a great outcome.

very welcoming

They were great at welcoming my grandmother in and making sure she felt at home.

One area where they could improve is the medical side. It took a good while for us to be able to finally meet with the nurse, and there have been some delays in her getting the medication that she needs.

Aside from that it has been a good experience.

I give them a zero, my first roommate was a nightmare.

I give them a zero, my first roommate was a nightmare. They finally moved me, but my family had to step in. The food was really greasy in the beginning, but they just a got a new chef and that has improved a little. The administration pretends to care but they don't. It's clean, they do have some outings. The daily staff is pretty friendly, but it hasn't been a great experience for me.

They have done pretty good, so far.

They have done pretty good, so far. There have been a few little things, but it's getting better. It was a little nicer and cleaner than some of the other places. It had a nice courtyard, and just a little more space.

This is the worst place I have ever lived


Staff is very friendly, with the possible exception of the director. It is generally clean, although I did see a roach in my dads room once. They seem to be understaffed. When my dad pushes a button for needing assistance, it can take up to half an hour. They definitely try. Any time I bring something to their attention they try to make improvements.

Looked like a nice place!

We toured this community when we were looking into care options for our loved one. I thought this was a very nice looking place overall. It also was a bit more expensive than other options we looked at, in terms of what you get for the price. This place was also a bit too "fancy" for my Dad, he wanted something a bit more comfortable and homey feeling

Nice but bigger than we wanted.

We toured here when we were looking around. My loved one didn't like the apartment complex look, but we thought it was very nice. The people were friendly. It was just a little bigger than my loved one wanted to handle.

Sarah was great. Enthusiast...

Sarah was great. Enthusiastic, knowledgeable, kind. Spent 1 1/2 hrs with us. The facility's focus on social vs medical aspects of living was appealing. Clean, bright, open. Several residents spoke with us, as well as staff. Offering a bridge loan while VA benefits essential.

Friendly Assisted Living

Emeritus seems to be a friendly well run assisted living home. We hope to have them provide the care that mom needs. She has only been there a few weeks. So far the staff has been helpful and attentive.

I love it!

I love it! They just raised the prices though. It is very clean. The staff is very friendly. They are very quick with their response. The one time we had a miscommunication they were able to resolve it right away. The food is excellent and he likes that they give him lots of fruit and vegetables. I would give them a five on the food.

Nice place - lots of activi...

Nice place - lots of activity when I was there - small rooms, but comfortable. This would not be a good fit for my mom - a bit above her price range

Not impressed

This place reminded me of what you think of when someone says "nursing home". It was just dark, and depressing feeling, and everything looked a bit dated. It was not on par with any of the other communities we looked at.

Nice looking place

This was one of the locations I toured while looking into places for my Mom. It was a nice clean looking place, and the staff were friendly. However, the atmosphere wasn't what I was looking for for my Mom. I wanted somewhere that would keep her active and social, and this place just didn't seem as lively as some others I visited. I was also looking specifically for somewhere that did not have specific dining times, as that type of eating schedule doesn't work for Mom.

It hasn't been great.

It hasn't been great. When she has had to go to the hospital and they don't accompany them to the hospital and she doesn't know where she is or how to get back. The hospital has to call me to find out where to send her back. I haven't eaten there but I think they feed them well. It was very clean and very nice looking from the outside and from the inside too. The staff was nice and polite. I don't think they were prepared for our situation. We told them up front about our situation and they kept telling us oh yeah that's not a problem. We started out at one price and two - three weeks later they told me that she took more care than they thought and raised the price more than 700 dollars.

Emeritus Senior Living

Local Representative

Thank you for your feedback. It is not our policy to go to the hospital with the resident. However, we do keep in touch with the hospital on the resident's progress.

We had a complicated situation with this resident and do not feel the family had told us the entire story upon move in.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. We wish you the best in finding your family a home.

As of today I would give them a 2, th...

As of today I would give them a 2, they overdosed my mom on her medication, she had to go back to the hospital and she's back to where she was a year ago. Before this happened they were great, but even before they overdosed her I notcied little things like when you talk to upper management they say she's great but when you talk to the people who actually care for her and see her they're the ones who really tell you what's going on and they told me one of her vitamins wasn't the right dosage. What happened was the ran out of her medication and they didnt tell me. The only way I found out was I noticied there were some things wrong with her personality, if they had taken the time to call me and tell me what was going on and did their research on the medication this could have been avoided. This is the palce we can afford and she enjoyed being there and made friends. Everybody seemed nice enough and the facility is very clean, they said they were going to educate everyone who handles her medication and make sure they get the shipment for it a week before they run out.

Do Not Go Here

The staff here is really rude. When you are first looking into the community they are really friendly and make you feel like they will bend over backwards to make it as best as they can. But once you sign the contract and move in everything goes out the window and they do not help at all. When we call and ask for him they say he isn't around but when we ask them to let him know to call us they say "Sure if we see him we will let him know." They do not work with the families. Once they get them in they don't care and the families are stuck doing all the work. Paying about $2,600 and have yet to see any services that they said they would provide and this does not include any of the therapies. We would not recommend them to anyone at all. If you do not have the time to be there everyday and take care of your loved one then this is not the place.

Jeff Yeager

Local Representative

We are sorry you feel we are not living up to your expectations. The individuals at Emeritus at North Austin work every day to improve and enhance the lives of our residents – and their family members – and do so with great skill and compassion. Our residents tell us every day how appreciative they are of the care and attention they receive from our staff. Here is just a sample of the reviews we’ve received [removed] [removed] We encourage you to speak with our Executive Director about your concerns. If you would like to share your comments confidentially, you may do that through Ethics First, which you can reach at [removed]

28 March 2013. This was an ...

28 March 2013. This was an older property that served one purpose at the beginning - probably nursing/rehab. Ceilings low and hazy lighting. MC section is a U-shaped section where secure doors have obviously been installed, yet don't each the ceiling. Because the space doesn't loop, I don't expect it to encourage residents to walk. Dining room doubles as activity area and is small. I didn't see any much exercise time on the schedule. Not clear if they have a MC section Director. Very little color and most wall/door writing was small. Not much staff/resident interaction energy.

The community manager was very unders...

The community manager was very understanding of my situation. She's from Colorado where they have very nice assisted living facilites. Emeritus was an older facility. They can provide furniture. No bath tub. Full bath in each room. Van to take residents on outings, doctor visits, etc.Fee for escorting. Laundry done seperately.

Includes 3 meals, housekeeping, laund...

Includes 3 meals, housekeeping, laundry service, emergency response pendant, activities, utilities.

Very nice and friendly.

Very nice and friendly.

Toured and liked it...the Director ha...

Toured and liked it...the Director has been very sweet and also offered a grooming for our dog while Mom and I had lunch.

Okay place. seems small and teh resid...

Okay place. seems small and teh residents seemed unhappy.

One of the best choices for us so far...

One of the best choices for us so far. Roommate option is affordable, the residence is very nice and the staff have been great as well.

From the Community

We offer a home and cheerful smiles from our professional staff who greet you everyday.
Our caring staff offers the assistance you need while respecting your independence.

Our peaceful setting with a beautiful large courtyard, restaurant style dining experience, activities and beautiful setting combine
to create a wonderful living environment everyday. Our genuine caring staff, home style meals, daily
activities add to our residents' experience. They will tell you they appreciate all the options while
living at a Brookdale Senior Living community.

The sense of community is all around you when you become part of the Brookdale family. Through special events, activities, clubs and ongoing cultural enrichment programs, we offer unlimited opportunities for you to get to know other residents and us. Call to set up an appointment for a tour because we would be delighted to show you our home.

Our Family is Committed to Yours.