The Gables of Green Senior Living - Uniontown, OH

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Customer Reviews

Beautiful, but

I loved this place so much. The nursing staff took such good care of my dad. I’m so glad to say my dad is in great hands but I feel like it’s very overpriced for what we get and management is ruining it. Management has been working the staff short recently and on top of that I was passing by after visiting my dad and overheard someone in management ask a staff if all they did was stand around. things have seemed to go down hill there very fast. Used to be an immaculate facility I hope one day it gets better.


This place has the most fantastic food!


This place is great. My grandmother lived here and passed away here. The staff was kind, friendly and took care of my grandma. I am always thankful for the time we got to spend with her here.


I was very impressed by the beauty and the friendly atmosphere at first. My loved one was there and, while many of the staff were very friendly and helpful, there is one aide-[name removed]-that is allergic to work. I would walk in to visit my mom and my mom would tell me that she had been waiting to get help to the bathroom over 45 minutes (time and time again)! That aide would sit at the desk or eating or hiding in the nurses station or no where in sight when she was working my mother's section. I complained to the person they told me to go to which was the care coordinator, but to no avail. One of the aides told me she was disgusted with them and was turning in her notice and she was one of the hardworking aides! My mother has passed, but I went in to visit another resident recently and was shocked to find out that those two were still there. I am very disappointed and truly wish that the upper management will eliminate these aides from the building. I regret not going to the higher ups as I feared retaliation. I feel that I have to make this right now and know that the needs of others in the community are being properly cared for.


My first impression of this place was amazing. Gorgeous and amazing staff. Only to find out everything was only fueled by drama and money. It’s so upsetting to see my dad be treated like this by management and not to mention he got sick from the Norovirus twice within one year. Save money and do not put your parents in here.

Very nice new place. A place we would consider but wanted the option for more care.