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  • Activities Onsite
  • Devotional Services Available
  • Indoor Common Areas
  • Meals Provided
  • Aging in Place
  • Nurses on Staff
  • Podiatrist Available
  • Physical Therapy Available
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  • Speech Therapy Available
  • Complimentary Transportation
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  • Beauty & Barber Services
  • Pets Allowed
  • No Smoking Allowed in Private Areas Indoors
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  • Wheelchair Accessible Showers
  • Hospice Available
  • Respite Available
  • Resident Parking Available
  • Male Residents Accepted
  • Female Residents Only
  • Doctor on Call
  • Nurse on Call
  • Homecare Onsite
  • Dentist Available

Customer Reviews

Fantastic place. They'll work with you on the pricing.

A mix of new and old. Beautiful facility. Staff competent. Clean and well maintained. Lots of activities. One of my top choices.

Great visit! [Name removed] was very helpful and welcoming which really put my dad at ease!

Memory Care

Regency is a beautiful retirement community. They are truly caring and responsive. I have noticed that the aides in the memory care units have to not only care for my aunt (change, shower,assist) but also make plates for every meal, do laundry, activities and clean the rooms.
I have spoken to other family members who agree that with the amount we pay an activities person should be in the unit so that the aides have more time to focus on care. Also there is an unanimous question as to how is it hygienic for an aide to assist in changing a mess and switch to making plates?
The food is good though repetitive there are instant mash potatos every meal my aunt hates them, we have always mashed our potatos. When we first arrived there were 2 dinner choices and a big alternative menu. More recently it is just one meal and no choice other than the alternative menu.
Over all my aunt is happy here she loves the staff and though she can be confused at times she even acknowledges that the aides do entirely to much.
There is one aide [name removed] she has been there for over 10 yrs she is an older lady but very sweet she is very personal she talks to my aunt about her chickens this may sound strange but my aunt loves it and her. Keep up the great work [name removed] we appreciate you very much. (SOME ONE GIVE THIS LADY A RAISE)
I would highly reccomend Regency to anyone who asked.

The Memory Care is a joke - it's a glorified daycare center!

The Memory Care is a joke - it's a glorified daycare center!

There is no skilled training required, turn over on staff is very high, they expect the residents in the memory unit to push a button when they need help...umm if you have memory problems you will not remember to push a button for help. The closets are horrible (doors do not open all the way, there is no 'track' in the closet to easily move the clothes around, instead there are one inch wire framed spaces), the sinks in the bathrooms are not wheelchair accessible, the counter in the bathroom is not even accessible by the staff! There is no response to our concerns or complaints. The price continues to go up as they make upgrades to the facility. They need to upgrade the level of care!!! Moving my mom out after a year of horrible experiences.

Stay away!

DON'T GO HERE FOR INDEPENDENT LIVING. We just moved my mother out after only 7 months. It looks nice but they are rapidly cutting corners everywhere. The food is awful and repetitive, not like the demo meal. The few servers are very slow and don't take care of the residents. The staff doesn't even show common courtesy if someone is having trouble reaching a table or coughing, they won't even ask if you are ok. If you are not an early riser, expect to be constantly bothered as they check up on you. They are constantly calling at early hours even if you ask them not to. They have horrible communication so even if you tell them you won't be there, they call anyway. They nickel and dime you for everything. They make a lot of promises and NEVER follow through. They do nothing about complaints so don't bother. They are incredibly nosy and don't honor your wishes about when they can come in your unit, but don't actually make the residents feel safe.

The independent and assisted living areas were very nice, the areas with higher skilled nursing were dated. The gal we were touring with said they were planning on updating but did not know when. Knowing my mother may be in the more skilled area, we wanted to keep looking.

I think the Regency might be the one we need. they will be Medicaid certified in 3 months so my mom wouldn't have to move her. Everyone was exceptional and friendly.


Please don’t bring your family here. The place is completely understaffed and not safe.


My sister and I toured 6 other senior living facilities in the Canton/ Green area. We had never heard of The Canton Regency, until my sisters friend said she moved her parents last month and couldn't be more pleased. I can say the sales approach was by far the biggest item that stood out at The Regency. They were so upfront and honest with us, giving us realistic expectations. The sales girl made us feel like we were always her priority not a bother. Customer service is exceptional. Everything is spotless and smells glorious. My parents rave about the food, and how many options they have available to them. My father said "for the first time in a long time I don't get the feeling I am not a bother, the staff is so accommodating and greets us with a smile each time we call." I couldn't be more happy with our decision. I encourage anyone looking to put The Regency at the top of your list, you won't be disappointed!!!!!


When the Canton Regency was first recommended to me from A Place for Mom, it was the most wonderful thing that they could do for me. My husband has been at another place and it was just not working out. He was becoming very angry, very despondent, and then one morning I sat down with a Place for Mom representative and he was so patient and considerate. I can’t say enough good about that company. I went to the Regency, I toured, I talked to [Removed](the one that talks to the people), [Removed] (the director), and [Removed] (the nurse that asses the prospective residents). They are all wonderful wonderful people. Ever since my husband has been there I have not hear anything negative. His whole personality has changed. He’s calmer he loves all the employees. This facility is more of a nursing home setting and it was hard for me to accept that he would need to be here. However, he was receiving the level of care that he needs and that’s why he is doing much better. You can come away from this place and you see the people there love their jobs. It is a pleasure to go there and I’m not one that enjoys going to places like this. I give them a high 5-Star rating in a heartbeat. I am just astounded of how happy my husband is here. I told my children; if and when I get to the same point I want to be placed there as well. That in itself should tell you how sold I am with this location. The staff team always has a smile on their faces. Right now they have the flu going on right now and typically the tenants would eat in their beautiful dining room, but as of now they deliver the food to the rooms. They have been so accommodating within the first month of him being there with what he can eat and what he can’t eat. Compared to the other place that he was in, if they were serving food that he couldn’t have he just wouldn’t eat vs. here they talk with him and say “Hey we’re having eggs. I know you can’t have eggs so what can I get for you?” It means a lot to the family on the outside that they are taking the time to get to know each person. It has been such a relief for me and it gives me a peace of mind to know that he is happy as he can be here. I haven’t seen him this way is a long time. He’s talking to the employees there and it does my heart good knowing that it’s adding joy to his life.

Great community

My parents have settled into their apt in the assisted living well, the staff has been great and they keep me informed about my patents. They enjoy going to the dining room and the food is good. There are a lot of amenities offered here for the residents who wish to take part and I would recommend taking the tour offered here as this has been a good fit for my parents.

If you leave get your furniture out too!

I was not satisfied with the care they provided for my wife when she was residing here at the Canton Regency. I was led to believe they she would be treated with care and compassion and that was not the case. The staff did not seem to be qualified to handle memory care residents. And if you have to move your loved one into another facility make sure you take their furniture out immediately because they will continue to charge you for the full stay. Even if they tell you to take your time and not worry about the furniture, you better worry, you are still being charged!

It's very welcoming here

My dad is having trouble with his transition at Canton Regency and the staff has been working with him and me, to get him up and moving and taking part in the activities they offer. He and I do go to the exercise room from time to time. Canton Regency is beautiful and my dad's room has everything that he needs it is kept nice and clean, and they are working on adding some more safety bars for him to use which has taken a little longer than I expected but they are still working on that. My dad doesn't like the food but I have tried it and it's not bad. I would recommend Canton Regency as it is a very welcoming place.

Wonderful Community

My mother is still taking some time to adjust to her move too this community. However I did feel very pleased with her move here, this is a great community. All the staff is great, they are very respectful towards their residents. They provide plenty of activities for the residents. A place for mom suggested a wonderful community, we are satisfied with all they have done for us, and I would recommend it.

Father Doing Great

My father is doing great with his move this community. He is safe, and in good hands. I'am pleased with everything they have done for us. He is receiving good care, and everything is working out very well. This is a community I would recommend to my friends, and family.

Great staff and atmosphere!

My parents moved into Canton Regency and they were able to get a large room in the memory care section. Something that impresses me is all the staff is very friendly and truly cares about the residents. It's a very nice and clean community as well.

Community is excellent, management not so good.

The Canton Regency overall is a very nice place. The nurses and staff in the community do an excellent job. We did experience a little difficulty in the management. We were not told all of the extra expenses until we were already moved in and signing the papers. We also experience a wait of two days before anyone called us back with an answer to a question. We have learned to just ask someone who works in the community for the help we need.

Awesome community

The minute I walked into Canton Regency I fell in love with the place. The staff is awesome!
We looked at many places for my parents in memory care and this was the best! The price is all additional cost for different levels of care.
My parents are adjusting well, enjoying the daily activities!

Nothing bad!

We feel that we made a great choice with this place. The people are good to my loved one. He likes the place and is getting adjusted. There really is nothing wrong about here.

Many thanks!!

I can't begin to thank everyone at the Regency for the wonderful care and concern for my great-aunt. She started out in Assisted Living, upgraded to Independent Living and then Special Care before she passed. Each division was wonderfully maintained, the food was very good and the staff meet all our needs. Not everyone agrees but everyone is different and people expect different things. It's called adapting to changes. My auntie had been widowed for many years and had no children of her own. She made many good friends and had a very good life here. The food was not always as she would prepare something but she was just so glad she didn't have to cook and received a nicely prepared, hot meal! She adjusted quite well and was lucky she didn't have restrictions on her diet. I wish I could reserve a room for myself!!!

I was told for my mother's safety, she could not stay in independent living and would need to be in their assisted living or memory care. When we walked into assisted living, EVERYONE was in a wheelchair or using a walker. My mother cares for herself and her home, does her laundry and walks 20 minutes each day. I find I cannot put her in this facility as I think her health - mental and physical - would decline more rapidly. I was, however, impressed by the new memory care unit but it is very expensive with lots of add-on costs and very few residients. I am looking for a place where my mom can have conversations with residents and make friends. This may be possible when their capacity increases.

would like feedback from the doctor

I would like to know when the doctor goes in to see my sister in law. We would like to get some type of feedback regarding her health when the doctor comes in to see her.

Not a good experience

We did not have a good experience at all with Canton Regency. My loved one lived here for quite a while, and although things started out nice enough they started taking quite a downturn and just did not improve. The aides that worked with the residents directly were nice people, but the management was unfriendly and difficult to work with. The food also got worse as things went on, they started serving a lot of pre-cooked and reheated food, which my loved one really did not enjoy.

Recent problems in Assisted Living

My father had been in Assisted Living here for five years and recently, it got so bad that we had to move him, despite how difficult it is to change at age 90.

First, there has been a lot of employee turnover. Management got rid of the terrific head nurse which had been there a long time and had a real personal feel for all the residence. The nurse who had been there longest quit then. The head nurse now is a woman who spends a lot of time talking about all [removed]. When families come to consult, she puts her shoes up on the desk in their faces. The long-standing receptionist left when she was required to answer the phone by saying, "How can I make your day?" and some man provided a lewd suggestion. (Employees are still required to answer the phone this way and are written up if they are caught not including it in their greeting.) The Activities Director, who was one of the best and one of the hardest workers is currently on disability leave. She started a choir that performed at least twice a year and had well-planned activities. The choir is gone, and on a recent outing, the residents arrived to find that the director hadn’t checked and the place was closed.

Previously, there were two executive directors, but one of them has been disappeared. Now nearly everything seems to be determined by one person, the current executive director. Her degree is in business from a propriety college, and yet, [removed]among others. For example, we had my father in the care of the Gerontology Department of the Cleveland Clinic, which asked the Regency to take my dad off Alzheimer's medication because after three months of testing, it was determined he did not have Alzheimer's. Their doctor doubled the medication, and the nurse informed me they did not have to take orders from the Cleveland Clinic. The Clinic said they had never had a residence refuse to co-operate with them before, but they instructed us in how to get a local doctor to give the orders, which we did. My dad did much better off medication that had nothing to do with his health.

The Clinic advised us repeatedly to find another place for my father, and by the time he left, there were at least two rooms empty in every hall. It used to always be full or nearly full capacity. Whereas at the Regency, nearly everyone was in a wheelchair and they kept trying to get my dad on a walker and to keep him from walking outside when his doctors had suggested he walk every day. Now he has 42 acres of nature paths to walk and lots of activities. And he is paying $1000 less a month.
I would note that the lowest level staff who did all the real work in cooking, cleaning, and assisting residents were all very sweet to my father and generally cheerful and kind which the nursing staff and administrators by and large were not. Management is the problem here.

Since we left, we received a letter telling us that bills are going up 10% immediately in the middle of the year, which suggests financial problems to us. And communication problems. Apparently, they forgot we aren't even on their team any more.

For the most part, it has been just wonderful..

For the most part, it has been just wonderful. I'm happy that my mother is there. The only thing is that they have these planters with random objects in them. It looks terrible. My mother doesn't like them. It's just horrible. Other than that, everything else has been very good. The communication with the staff has been good. My mother has been here for one month. I can't rate the care services because it's not applicable.

really good

Wanda, the marketing manager at Canton Regency, is really good. Tanya as well. They have worked very well with us, especially with the situation we're having. (My mother was only there for a couple days and then had to go to the hospital.)

Mom has been here 4 years. Very nice Independent living. Needs memory care

very helpful

During my limited experience Canton Regency (my wife was only there two weeks) was very pleasant. They were very nice and went above and beyond to help in any way they could.

One thing I feel they could do to improve is that I have had difficulty figuring out how much I owe them, and they have not been very good at communicating this to me when I have inquired. Other than that it was a pleasant experience.

So far looks good

My parent entered the Canton Regency recently. I think it will be OK. The aids are all friendly and helpful and seem to get to people as quickly as possible. It is very clean and well kept. The food in assisted living is OK but not restaurant style. For now we are happy and my parent will stay.

My Mom visited Friday and a...

My Mom visited Friday and a scheduled a tour for my Uncle on Monday. Very nice.

Friendly and caring staff

Overall we've had a good experience with Canton Regency! It's a very clean, well kept community, and the staff have all seemed very caring and professional. They really take good care of the residents as well as the facility itself, they are very thorough! They also do a great job with the activities, there always seems to be plenty going on. They've got the place running like a well oiled machine, and it creates a comfortable and enjoyable environment for the residents.

Just ok

Regency meets basic needs, food is pretty good but not much fresh stuff like salads (FRESH, not out of a can). Only one security person on at night, noone at desk; rooms are spacious, clean, new carpet, and they pay for move-in. Fire security system goes off odd times and scares people to death, no generator for power outages. Many people who live here would never be considered independent outside of here. Some on oxygen, (see generator note), many on walkers, some wheelchairs. Nice that they take pets. Activities are good during week, not much on weekends or holidays. People are friendly but don't socialize that much. Monthly meetings for resident concerns. They say they will take care of issues, but don't always. Doors open all day, no sign-in or out, noone pays much attention to who is coming and going. Truly independence! Make sure thats what the person wants or needs.

My grandmother lives here i...

My grandmother lives here in independent living so I thought I would take a tour. I stepped in human feces on the way from independent living, to the assisted side. UGH! The secure care units are nice; but only studios. Every area we went to (independent, assisted and secured) smelled like pee. the head nurse for the secure area was VERY gentle and kind; however I just don't feel the connection to providing an active lifestyle within the secured section.

Has tubs! We took the tour with the d...

Has tubs! We took the tour with the director and was impressed.

From the Community

Kick off the good life at Canton Regency, an Independent Living community in Canton, Ohio, that offers weekly happy hours, courtesy transportation and some of the most desired amenities around. Our goal is to enrich the lives of our residents by providing an environment that is physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally stimulating. We also offer Assisted Living services in Canton, OH, and Special Care services to promote a continuum of care. From our thoughtfully designed studio, one- and two-bedroom floor plans to the world-class service and myriad recreational and social opportunities we offer, residents may just find that we have thought of everything. Apartment homes boast kitchens with full-sized appliances and individual climate controls for indoor comforts. We feature a full calendar of activities and social programs to offer our residents a rewarding, enriching lifestyle. Our community backs up to Marshlands Preserve, where many forms of wildlife can be spotted depending on the time of year. Residents also benefit from seasonal services including winter valet parking after exploring all of the dining, shopping and entertainment options Canton and its surrounding cities have to offer. Friendly and knowledgeable staff members are available 24 hours a day in case of any emergencies, as are nearby Mercy Medical Center and several national and local pharmacies.

Since 1990, Capital Senior Living has grown to become one of the largest senior living providers in the United States. With a goal of offering affordable housing and an enriched lifestyle to thousands of seniors, our dedicated team of professionals succeeds in providing quality care in each of our unique communities.