Concordia of Monroeville - Monroeville, PA

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Customer Reviews

Not a nice place

Most of the nurses are nice and actually like their job. 99% of the aides are horrible. Lazy, ALWAYS ON THEIR CELL PHONES while lights are going off !! When you ask for help or for something your treated like your interrupting something important they’re doing when they’re supposed to be caring for you !! When my friend was discharged, they wanted her to WAIT IN THE HALLWAY OR LOBBY for hours so they could clean the room so the next person could come in !!! Unbelievable. I don’t know how a place can run like that. The evening “supervisor” was a joke. Just stared at you when you asked a question and spent more time picking at her fingernails. Not someone who seems to know how to be in charge of all those peple. wouldn’t feel safe if my life was being looked after by her. There was a couple different supervisors on the day shift that were better, one was really nice and helpful and the other was t very nice at all.

Inadequate care

Wow, I really don’t know where to start. This is by far one of the worst run nursing homes out there. I have never been in a skilled care facility that every worker lacks compassion or empathy for any of the individuals there. If you ask for something ( and I mean anything) for your loved one , they always respond by saying that they are busy. The funny thing is most of the time they are sitting at the desk. This facility outwardly tells its patients that they are short staffed. That is not something that should be told to anyone nor should any individual need to worry about that. My loved one was not incontinent AT ALL, but Condordia would not take him to the bathroom ever so he became that way. The staff tries to appease you when presented with issues and nothing ever changes. Concordia is a horrible place. I would not send my dog there Please look elsewhere if you want decent care for your loved one.

Would not return.

My mother was extremely fond of the activities and raved about the activities director. However, response time in helping my mother out of the bathroom was extremely poor. Bathing times appeared allusive even though originally agreed upon. My mother often went 4 to 5 days without. Medical attention to colds was average at best. Nursing for other issues such as medications, etc. were good. Time response to most requests were very slow.

I would recommend taking a look at this community.

The staff are patient, however I am not fond of their policy to have her use a wheelchair to go downstairs when she is able to walk. The first and second floors of this community are nice. The third floor is skilled nursing and it seems more like a hospital. My mom was at this community prior to the new owners taking over and it is a much nicer and cleaner community. The assisted living is private pay only. My aunt likes the food and participates in some of the daily activities.