Stewart Family Type Home for Adults - Elmont, NY

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Customer Reviews

Heaven Sent

My step father has been at Stewart Family Type Home for about two months now, and it has been a great experience so far. The place is clean, the food is heathy, and the staff has been so willing to accommodate his needs. He can be a little tough, but they are very helpful and caring. They allowed him to bring his dog with him, even though they don’t typically allow pets. I love that they invite him into the kitchen occasionally because he loves to cook so much. They really do care about involving the residents. I would definitely recommend Stewart to others. It has been great for us so far.

Outstanding Care

I like the care with this community for my father. The staff is very nice and caring and helpful to his needs. The activities are good helpful for him. Everyone is patient. I like that the community. The room is large and has a lot of good sunlight. A peaceful community. We highly recommend this community for other families.