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  • Minimum Age of Accepted Residents
  • Activities Onsite
  • Devotional Services Available
  • Indoor Common Areas
  • Meals Provided
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • Activities Offsite
  • Outdoor Common Areas
  • Beauty & Barber Services
  • Pets Allowed
  • No Smoking Allowed in Private Areas Indoors
  • No Smoking Allowed in Public Areas Indoors
  • Wheelchair Accessible Showers
  • Resident Parking Available

Customer Reviews

Solstice Plano

Meals are bad, Service is slow
No visible management
Unresponsive to residents request for nutritional food.
No TV in dining room

Family members having to provide nutritional food.

Management Unresponsive

Amanda Hawn

Local Representative

Hi, Tim. Thank you for sharing your concerns. Our Elevate dining experience brings a new standard to the innovative lifestyle Solstice Senior Living already provides to our residents on a daily basis. This program offers residents the opportunity to have a weekly meeting with the chef to discuss nutrition and dietary needs and adjust the menu as needed. Our executive director, Hope Bruner, would love to talk with you more about your concerns. You can give her a call at [removed]. We hope to hear from you soon.

Nice staff and great variety of activities. Found pricing high compared to another Senior community near by.

Amanda Hawn

Local Representative

Hello, and thank you for your feedback. We’re glad you enjoyed our team and our variety of Vibrant Life offerings. When comparing prices, please keep in mind that our rates include all of the amenities listed at [removed] Pricing also varies by floor plan, of which we have eight, and location within the community. We regularly work with residents and their families to meet budgeting needs as best we are able. All that is to say … if you’ve not already explored these options, we hope you’ll give us a chance to continue the conversation by phone or in person. Of course, we realize that we’re not a fit for every budget, and that’s OK. If you’re interested, our Director of Sales and Marketing, Amanda Hawn, can provide you with more details. You can reach her at [removed].

Beautiful facility, caring staff, size & location of apartments, pet friendly. Care available. Had lunch and the food was very good. We loved it.

High community involvement with a lot of activities to do

I ended up picking this facility because of the atmosphere. Everyone here is really happy and the staff members are outstanding. The facility actually let us has lunch here when we toured and the food is really good. The other reason is that you get a great quality of care for the price. All of the staff members have a really high community involvement and gets all of the residents engaged in activities. They have things like bingo, karaoke, painting, arts/crafts, and a full calendar of things to do. I would recommend this community.

Special Care Options.

We liked this community for my mom's care. We liked the staff who were always caring. The menu was good and she seems to like the good choices. They were always helpful to her needs.We would recommend this great community for outstanding care for the special care that we needed for my mom.

viewed augustb8, loved the staff , not impressed with the apartment's

Up until now things have been nice

The staff have been very helpful and gracious. The food is good and they do offer [removed] daily activities. Grace Healthcare is on site. They keep the community clean and it seems like a lovely place. The residents are very friendly. This community offered the amenities my loved one was looking for.

The people and the place is lovely. I will definitely consider this property. I was told the services start at 1600.00 but a small independent apt is 2200.00.

An Awkward Time

Since my parent moved in there has been many changes with the managers and chef. My main reason I choose this place was for the meals. Now parents find that the menu often is wrong or they are out of it. I have not noticed the community being dirty or having odors. It just seems very unorganized and it has been difficult convincing my parents to stay.

We had a great visit with Anita and really did like the facility. Anita answered all our questions, we toured the facility and we were very impressed. Still in the process of looking so did not make a decision.

Working Out Well For Me

Everything is working out pretty well for me here at this community. The community is very well maintained, they come and clean my room once a week. The staff is kind and helpful. I love the activities offered. The meals are amazing. Overall I really like it here and I would recommend it.

Attentive staff

This facility is a little dated, but still nice and they do a good job at keeping it clean. The staff is very attentive and compassionate. They always go out of their way to help us when we need something.

some of the nurses aren't aware of my father-in-laws medical needs

At Cottonwood Estates some of the nurses aren't aware of my father-in-laws medical needs, that is concerning. The facility is nice. They have a nice open atria. The staff is friendly. The facility is very clean. Some very minor things like the exterior needing some TLC could be improved. Other than that things are going well here.

Went by on Sunday. Too old and too far away.

The staff was friendly. Liked the idea of resident ambassadors. Price is still an issue at this point. Looking for a 1 bedroom around $1800. Most of these were $2200 or better. It was good for our first visit.

The staff has been on top of everything..

The staff has been really good. They are quick to fix any issues. My mother's air conditioner went out and they fixed it within an hour. The staff has been on top of everything. My mother is happy and I'm happy. Everything has been going really good. The Cottonwood Estates has been a very good experience. The staff is very accommodating. I would recommend this facility to anyone looking for a nice place.

very helpful

One day a week you have an aid that comes in and vacuums, dusts, takes out the trash, etc. This has been very helpful for me.

I shopped around a lot looking at different places and found Cottonwood Estates to be the best.

They have a few activities, but can improve a little in that area. They do not presently have an activities director, but they are interviewing and looking for one.

One of the reasons I chose this place is because if you go in not needing care but then your status changes and you need hospice, you can stay in the same room and don't have to move.

The food is very good also, and with a variety of options to accommodate different diets and requests.

I have just been here a short time and am still learning and meeting people, but so far everything has been great.

It was great. We really liked it.

It was great. We really liked it. The food is not so good. They serve really small portions. There's a lot of turn over's. People are being transferred all the time. The management is not very consistent. Other than that, It has been great. We really like the Cottonwood Estates. It's a really nice community. The facility is always very clean and everyone is very nice. The staff is nice and friendly as well.

So far it's okay

So far it's okay. The only thing is that the food isn't good. The first chef was great. There is a new chef but the food isn't as good. It has been a pretty good experience at the Cottonwood Estates.

Lots of Laughing & Loving to do yet, no matter our ages.

I love being here although I was SURE I was going to hate it. The management on site & staff have become the family I don't have.

I may have to move as my financial situation is a problem, but that does not detract from the home atmosphere.

Small glitches are few and fixed fast as well as happily.

The food issue is mostly personal taste and upset over "normal portions" of a balanced diet not being the personal taste of the residents or relatives who have cooked for themselves for decades.

The loving seniors who live in the past & the physically needy , many of whom are morbidly obese, make up the vast majority of complainants.

Differences of opinion ( white or wheat bread, cheddar or Parmesan cheese, attentive service or too slow) are the major complaints heard in the common areas & addressed at the monthly managers/residence meeting.

The primary complainants often do not attend the meeting or unfortunately do not sit up front where they can HEAR the meeting. Complaints are often muttered to those seated nearby instead of addressed to the managers who could form a correct answer.

I choose to enjoy my life at Holiday's Cottonwood. I have made friends & enjoy the activities. Always plenty to choose from to suit a variety of tastes. O quiet corners for some small groupings or deep thought, as needed. The rooms can be somewhere to sleep or your sanctuary as needed by different personalities.

The safety features are impressive. The management AND residents are all caring, concerned & friendly. If I have been "ignored", it's usually that I didn't hear them or vice versa. We all laugh about any silly thing we did.

There's a lot of laughing & loving to do, come join us at Cottonwood Estates.


Cottonwood was chosen by my parents as the best community for them. Their only major complaint is the menu and the inadequate amount of food. U have talked to many of the other residence and they all agree the food could be better.....especially supper. Ex: the egg salad sandwich had no condiments on it and LESS than 1 tablespoon of egg salad. Everyone does understand this is a Holiday directive as to how the meals are made and served. This has nothing to do with the fabulous mgrs. holiday might consider a one on one meeting with just residents. Residents are afraid if they complain it will either be taken out on them or on the managers. No complaints except 85% of the food. Breakfast: very seldom any meat. Why?? Please feel to contact me through this email.
Please know....the managers are NOT part if this problem. The managers are fantastic!! The hospital food which is prepared for 1000s is actually better than what Cottonwood is serving at this moment.

Holiday Retirement

Local Representative

Hi, I'm Katie, I work at Holiday Retirement's home office. First, thank you for your sincere feedback on Cottonwood Estates' meal service. Senior nutrition is something we take seriously, so if you feel as if your parents aren't getting their nutritional needs met, we definitely want to hear more about that. Please feel free to call [removed] to speak to someone in our Resident Relations department here at home office.

Thanks again,

comfortable and secure

I have actually been very impressed with Cottonwood Estates. They are very good to the people who live there. They are very laid back, and always there to help in any way they can. My mother is very comfortable and secure at Cottonwood Estates.

Moving away From Home

The other residents here are to get to know, but once you've been here a while, they let down the wall. It's my home and I treat as such and the managers are wonderful. If you find it's time to leave your home and move to a retirement home, I highly recommend Cottonwood Estates.

My father was only in Cottonwood Esta...

My father was only in Cottonwood Estates for 5 days before he fell and hit his head. While he was there, they were good to him. From there he had to seek further medical assistance. $2,300 was required up front, and no type of refund has been issued to us. They require a 30 day move out notice, but in this circumstance, there was no way for that to be done. I've called two dozen times to inquire about this, and each time they tell me that they're waiting on Corporate to respond. I called Corporate and never revive an answer. I leave voicemails, but have yet to receive a returned call. I don't expect a full refund because my father was there 5 days, but a call back concerning the situation shouldn't be too much to ask for.

My experience with Cottonwood Estates...

My experience with Cottonwood Estates has been good. My father was welcomed in, and is happy there. The staff are caring and very friendly. They make it a point to check on him and make sure he's comfortable. Overall we're satisfied with the services.

Doing well so far

Things have gone very well with Cottonwood Estates so far, I'd give them top marks across the board. They have a lot of activities to keep the residents entertained, the staff are very friendly, and the facility is clean and nice looking. I've also heard from my loved one that they do a good job with the food.

Toured and liked. Closest ...

Toured and liked. Closest to my house but high for all the services we'd need. Not sure she could manage on her own.

Did not have a good experience

We did not have a great experience with this community. I don't feel like they checked in on my loved one nearly often enough. They let her lay in her bed without checking in on her for nearly a day before they realized there was a problem. It was only after she didn't show up for a 4th straight meal that they investigated.

Holiday Retirement

Local Representative

We're sorry to hear about your experience. Cottonwood Estates is an independent living community, so we don't provide physical care or assistance. There's no sign-out sheet, but we do try to keep track of our residents, who are all welcome to come and go as they please. Giving them this freedom is something we value.

Although we do not provide care, each room is equipped with an emergency response system that we monitor 24/7.

I really, really like Cotto...

I really, really like Cottonwood, but I am not leaning towards Cottonwood. It's friendly and well-run, but I think I want access to more services.

Did not particularly care f...

Did not particularly care for dining room right in front. Brother was not impressed with management or facility. We will not be considering his location.

Sales rep. borderline comat...

Sales rep. borderline comatose when talking to us. Community too much like 'nursing home' Smelled funny.

Holiday Retirement

Local Representative

We value hiring people who are passionate about our communities, so we're disappointed to hear you had a poor experience with one of our employees. Cottonwood Estates is an independent living community, which means we don't provide health care, but our residents are welcome to obtain it from a provider of their choice. Our calendar is filled with enriching activities that keep our residents busy, and many of them are very independent. We are definitely not a nursing home, and we hope you'll come back to see and learn just how different from one we really are.

Not what we are looking for.

Not what we are looking for.

Great property and great location

The managers Charlie and Terry were very accommodating and helpful. The community property is well groomed and kept clean. The staff is friendly and they genuinely care about their residents. The social calendar is always filled with fun and interesting activities. The residents can do something different everyday.

Very rude

The sales person that I delt with there was extremely rude and unprofessional and I decided not to have anything to do with that property. He was basically not understanding and he lied to me about what would be provided. I caught him in a lie and asked him why he was lying to me and he basically just told me that they didn't need to have anything to do with us. I wouldn't recommend that property to anybody.

Holiday Retirement

Local Representative

We're terribly disappointed to hear you had a poor experience with one of our employees. Integrity is one of our core values, and we strive to provide an exceptional customer experience. That sales person is no longer with us.

Nationwide benefits but not worth it for us

The guy there was real nice, but it was the community fee. It was like 2500 bucks, but they offered some other stuff with it. I can see that place working for other people, it's a Holiday, so it's nationwide. I could see the advantage of being nationwide; you're already paying the rent here, so you could go stay at another one for a weeks or two if you wanted and you wouldn't have to pay more to stay there. That just wasn't worth the 2500 bucks to us.

Didn't get 24 hour care

It was a very nice place and she was comfortable there until she got sick. The surroundings, the cleanliness of the area, the housekeepers, all of that was wonderful, they helped me find renatl insurance and the office managers were really helpful with everything, even the food was good. When she got to cottonwood things didnt go that well because the 24 hour care that i thought we were getting turned out to be aids and not RNs. The RNs were supposidly on call but when I called them i got their voicemail and the hours they were working. When she had gotten sick no one had called to tell me, when she returned they gave her medications and they said she wasn't taking them but I don't think anybody was giving them to her. Something didn't go right.

Some Big Issues

For the amount of money, I think the whole facility should be handicapped and it's not. My father has a hard time getting off the toilet and there are only a few apartments witht they high stools and they've told him that they can't replace it because of the plumbing. Also the chair is the dining room are low and they have wheel on them. They're very nice chairs but they're not good for my father. It's a big issue. Also, we are paying for Gracie Home Health to manage my father's medicines and once when we went to pick him up he told us he only had 1 diabetic strip left. I'm not sure if it was my father or them but they're supposed to be keeping up with his medicine.

The place is clean and the people are nice and everything but the toilet and the cost and diabetic strips are big issues for us.

Great Community

We looked at several communities in our area and Cottonwood Estates really was the most impressive. They offer a wide variety of care services without having to go into assisted living. The location is also really convenient.

Perfect for MOM.

Thanks to "A Place for Mom" we were introduced to this property. As soon as we pulled up to the front door mother said "this is a gorgeous place". Cottonwood seems to have everything mother was looking for in a new home. A door that went directly outside to her beautiful patio, a walkway around the facility on those days she wanted to take a stroll, friendly management and residents and hopefully enough activities to keep her busy every day. She'll be moving in within the next two weeks and is looking forward to her new adventure in Texas.

Visited - Like everything about it. R...

Visited - Like everything about it. Reasonably priced.

One of the leading 3 options - have v...

One of the leading 3 options - have visited twice. Will look to have lunch there this week or next

old, but nice, room spacious, but lim...

old, but nice, room spacious, but limited closet space and no additional storage available

ate lunch, very nice and down to eart...

ate lunch, very nice and down to earth people, large dining room, have openings, not new but kept up nicely, food was good-small portions

Very rude. Also over priced. Older di...

Very rude. Also over priced. Older dining room, but seemed clean. Did not invite us back for any reason.

From the Community

Solstice Senior Living provides a fulfilling, independent lifestyle in a welcoming environment.

Nestled in a quiet corner of Plano on beautifully landscaped grounds, you’ll love the graceful elegance of our facilities. Residents also enjoy the convenience of being close to dining, hospitals, shopping and wonderful entertainment.

Our all-inclusive month-to-month rent covers:
- Three delicious and nutritious chef-prepared meals from scratch
- A variety of enriching activities
- Weekly housekeeping and linen service
- Transportation
- Most utilities

Friends in 300 places
Solstice Senior Living offers our residents a one-of-a-kind travel program that invites you to stay up to seven nights per visit at most of our more than 300 independent living communities across the United States and Canada, where you’ll enjoy a comfortable guest room, all your meals, shuttle service, and participation in all programs and activities, at no additional expense.

Built with your comfort and safety in mind
Our easy-to-maneuver floor plans are ideal for seniors and all apartments have emergency pull cords. Our 24/7 dedicated live-in managers provide an additional level of comfort. We understand that each individual is unique and that needs may change over time. Solstice Senior Living does not provide any health care services. Residents are welcome to use outside home health care options that may enable them to continue enjoying life at our community.

Call today to schedule your personal tour and learn more about joining our family!