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Customer Reviews

Solstice Senior Living is a gem. We were impressed by the overall newness and maintenance of the gardens, building and units. Everyone was friendly, happy and optimistic. The activities calendar is packed with opportunities to socialize, exercise and go out into the community. The menu has a lot of variety, is very tasty and well balanced. I'm looking forward to moving our mother here.

My Mom really liked this property The rooms are one bedrooms with a balcony. Nice wide hallways and very friendly staffs. The residents were also very friendly and greeted my Mom and I as we toured the property.

Awesome Place!!

I have recently made the move into this community and so far I have no complaints of how things are going. My husband and I have a perfect apartment that has a balcony that over looks the beautiful courtyard. The staff have all been so wonderful to us and have really helped with the transition into this property. The food is amazing and the desserts are even better. Overall this place has been amazing and I would recommend it to anyone interested.

The Springs, a Great Place to Live.

We love it at The Springs of El Cajon and have always been comfortable here with the friendly people who made us feel so welcome. The food is excellent and the choices of selections are great, especially the desserts. We have been so busy getting settled in that we haven't joined many of the activities, but our observation is that they are interesting and enjoyed by those who do participate. I think we made a good choice in choosing The Springs.

Overall great place!!

My father has recently made the move into this community and so far we are pleased with how things are going for him. The staff have been very attentive to all of his needs and make sure to keep in good communication with the family about his care plan. He has had no complaints about the meals and is enjoying the activity program throughout the week with the other residents. Overall it has been a great place and I would recommend it to anyone.

I really liked it and [Removed] was very helpful
but My mom needs more care than they can provide (memory care)

I might have taken a second look at other communities if I had understood that this property was more in line with independent living and they don't have nursing staffing on the property. The grounds are very well cared for beautifully landscaped. The staff and the residents are happy. I've been told that the food is a little boring could use more options but what they have tasted good. They offer a variety of different activities and social events

I love it here

I like the staff and I feel safe living here. The community is very clean and well maintained. My apartment is nice and has a patio with a garden. The food is good, however they do have set meal times. I would rate this community higher if they had a more flexible meal schedule. They offer daily activities and the community is bright. This community is a good cost, has everything I need and I would highly recommend it.

Pricing, Location, and Room Is The Best For Us

I don't think my mom has settled in yet. The dining room has specific times that is difficult for her to make on time. The dinner is not great and lunch is okay. She has lost some weight since she has been there. She likes to do laundry on a regular basis and to go down to wash can become difficult. A few little things has to be fixed in the apartment since she has moved in and it has not been fixed yet.

Clean Community!!

I had a tour of this community for my father and I have no complaints of how things went. The staff where on time to our appointment and where professional throughout our visit. They just did not have much of an assisted living that my dad would have needed it was mostly independent living.

Great option for independent seniors.

This community is absolutely gorgeous! We didn't choose it because they do not offer the care my mother needs.

Beautiful place!

While my mother was at The Springs, she had a good experience overall. It was a smaller community with a more homelike feel to it, very clean. The only thing I would say we wish they had was 24-hour care available. I know it is independent living, but it would be nice if it was offered as well.

Good community

I love this place, I could live here myself. My friends moved here recently. I think they get the impression that their opinions don't matter but I don't know how opinionated they can be at times. Other than that they like the staff, the food and they are participated in activities. I have already recommended The Springs to a few people.

Clean, nice. Good area.

Very limited!

During my tour, I noticed that the food at this community was not very good. Also, the times to eat were very limited and they had assigned times. The staff was all friendly but it did not compare to other communities we toured.

Mother is happy!

So far, from my conversations with my mother I can tell she is adjusting well to the place. She sounds happy. She loves that she has her own place, with a balcony. They have bus rides to shopping centers and she has made friends. They have a common area and they provide meals. So far, it has been a positive experience for her.

Outstanding Care

I am happy with the care from this community. the staff are very nice nd very patient and caring to her needs. They offer activities, bingo and small road trips locally. The meals are nice and appealing. We were very happy with the size of the room and the community. We would highly recommend the care and value here for other families.

A nice place!

We had a good tour of this community. The staff we met were nice. They offer a lot of different activities. The community seemed clean. This community was a little farther away than the one we chose.

Happy Grandparents!!

I chose The Springs for my Grandparents who relocated to California. I looked at several places before I decided that The Springs would be a perfect fit to keep my grandparents happy and comfortable. Our overall experience with the staff, the move, and adjustment has been far better than we expected. My grandparents weren't quite sure what to expect and made this big move at the tender age of 90 and 92. They have really blossomed since being at the Springs and have enjoyed all that The Springs has to offer. My Grandmother says the food is delicious too and that was her biggest concern, as she has been a great cook for many years. I can't say enough good things about The Springs except, Thank you!

A New Season

Our overall experience with The Springs of El Cajon has been very good. The entire staff has been professional and very helpful and accommodating. My aunt, who will be moving in soon, is still in the process of selling her home and moving here from out-of-town. We are looking forward to having her close by us and getting to the point of her orientation at The Springs. I really like the idea of The Springs providing an ambassador that will help her transition into her new lifestyle. This should make her feel more at home. It is no small thing to lose a spouse and then downsize from a large home of 50 years. But her new home will come with much less responsibility and should free her up to do more things that she has always wanted to do, but could not until now.

The only negatives I have would be the parking and a décor facelift. It would be nice to have a small garage for her vehicle. That being said, there are carports available for a small fee. Even though many choose to live out their lives here and are elderly, the décor could use a more modern and fresh update. This seems to be a good and safe place to live a full life.

Once she actually starts living here we will be able to post and rate more. So far, so good.

Mom Is HAPPY !!!

Mom has lived at The Springs of El Cajon for only 3 weeks and has settled in nicely. She loves it there, which makes the family very happy. The staff is wonderful, friendly and kind. The apartments are spacious 1 bedrooms with nice balconies or patios (ground floor). Mom loves sitting out on her patio, enjoying the inner courtyard view. Food is OK, could be better (sometimes the entrées are cold, soups are straight out of cans), very few fresh vegetables. Therefore, the 4 star rating ... could be 5 star if the food were 5 star.

I was very happy here.

I was very happy here. It was a different set up than where we moved to, but we loved it. We have had many experiences with communities in the Holiday family, and have never been disappointed. Everything was clean and very nice. Everything was also in one building.

Five across the board!

The Springs is a really nice place. I have nothing but good things to say about it. I give them five across the board. I would recommend it. I don't have any issues and my mom really likes it.

My Suggestion Box

My first impression was a very good one. The warmth of not only the facility but from all the staff and the residence living there.

I cannot say enough about Dustin who was a pivotal part of our decision. His sincerity and reassurance that my cousin, was going to be in a safe and in a very caring environment. Dustin is amazing: I never see him without a smile on his face and a friendly "hello" to everyone - we love him.

I cannot say enough about The Springs of El Cajon and look forward to the time when I will take up residence there.

With all that said, there are just a couple small suggestions I would like to make:

It might be a good idea to bleach out the coffee cups periodically, the one I used the first time was badly stained therefore gave the appearance of being dirty.

Be sure the kitchen staff have a clean shirt or uniform daily especially when coming out to visit in the main dining hall.

When there is a spill on the carpet try to be sure it is cleaned right away in order to avoid a nasty stain, which has occurred.

Just Fine

All I can really say about The Springs of El Cajon facility right now is that the place is working out just fine for me and my loved one. The only complaint that I do have about the place is that the food there is horrible.


She is a pain to get along with, but it has nothing to do with the staff and everything to do with her. She can smoke in the room, which is rare, but of course she got caught smoking in the hall. There are a lot of nice people there, but unfortunately she does not get along with anyone. If she stays or goes, that's her decision, but all the times that I have visited I have been very happy with the people there. I would definitely recommend it.

It Just Works

I think they made us feel like it was a clean and safe environment. There were three meals a day and they did some light housekeeping, so that was really nice. It was in a conveniently located are for the family and it just seemed to work.

The Property Is Good

Well my family and I really liked the property of The Springs of El Cajon. We all really thought that the place was a good fit for my loved one to be staying at and it is definitely a top-rated facility.

Took the tour....very nice. A bit over the budget. Surprised about $3200 up front money. Distance a factor. Will keep on the list.

too many ants

So far things are going good at The Spring of El Cajon. I do think the property was built on an ant farm though. They have too many ants. The staff are handling it pretty well though. I really have only been here a month so I don't have too much to say on anything they could improve on.

New resident

Having toured several Independent retirement communities, I picked The Springs of El Cajon
for its proximity to Santee (my church is there),
the beautiful setting, the improved look of downtown El Cajon and the fee associated with residency. Although I have only been here three weeks, I have not been disappointed. The staff is excellent, the food is OK and the service is great.
I made the right choice.

it was lovely

I only toured The Springs of El Cajon so my experience is not based on having a loved one stay there, but from what I saw I was impressed. The place was very lovely and it was a good price. The only reason we ended up not choosing them is because the location was not convenient for us.

very good

My brother-in-law is staying at The Springs of El Cajon and they have been great. They have very good food. The staff has been so nice, and the place is very clean and well kept. He is 101 and is doing very well there. Everything is very very good.

so far

I am very impressed with the staff, both management and others. I already feel at home after only one week.

A new home awy from home

We have found a place for our 100 year old brother-in-law. It has been a hard time adjusting, but he knows now that the Springs is just right for him.
He is enjoying the meals & all that has been done to help him adjust.
He has said any little thing he needed help with they were
there in just a few minute to correct the problem.
His apartment for size & situation is just perfect for him.
We thank those at the Springs for all there help getting him settled.

trial stay at The Springs el cajon

We had planned to stay a week for a trial. We cut this short as it fell so far below our expectations

very flexible and easy to work with

We have had a very good experience with The Springs of El Cajon.

They are very flexible and easy to work with. They have a really good system of how they have independent care givers coming in to help out and every one of them does a great job. The facility itself is very nice as well.

They are doing good so far.

They are doing good so far.

very very friendly

The place there at The Springs of El Cajon is very clean, although there are a few places where there is a little bit of a faint smell.

My only complaint is that for doctors appointments, they only do it for two hours two days a week, and I think it should be four hours two days a week.

The people there are all very very friendly. They are always smiling, and always very helpful. It's been a great experience and I would highly recommend The Springs of El Cajon.

Nice Place but a little small.

This was one of the places we toured while we were searching around, and it was very nice. It was clean and the staff was friendly. The apartments themselves were a little smaller than what would have worked for my parents. They didn't have walk in closets or much room for storage, and my parents had already downsized once. Very nice place though.

Apartments are nicely laid ...

Apartments are nicely laid out. No assisted living. No buy in.

It's a pretty good place.

The pricing seemed to be about the same as other places, the meals for family and friends who come to join, seem a little pricey to me. The activities are the only things I am a little disappointed in, they don't have a lot of card and board games. The activities director says she is going to start some things, but it hasn't happened yet. The food has been terrific, but the noon day meal takes about two hours. They do the sheets and towels, but the laundry room is not open until after four, or on weekends. It would be nice if the meal plan was more like a restaurant, it just takes a long time. We chose them partly for the pricing, the other places we looked at had comparable pricing but for a smaller room, they were studios. It was comforting knowing that if her care needs progress, she wouldn't have to move.

I'm very satisfied with the job they ...

I'm very satisfied with the job they do here. The staff are all very friendly, helpful and caring. The facility itself is clean, well put together, and has some beautiful gardens. They are also priced much more competitively than some of the options I looked into.

Accommodating Management

That has been real well, unfortunately mom is not doing real well. We have trouble getting her to drink fluids, and she's getting dehydrated. I've been talking to management to get an agency or some facility that can go in and help more on a professional basis. Overall it is a great place but if we can't keep fluids and she keeps failing and she will have to move out and into more of a nursing facility. they are just lovely people. So friendly and so willing to work with whatever our needs are. As people get older they have problems doing something as simple as doing water. She is in the independent living, and my understanding is that it is independent with minimal assistance. They will help to a degree of assisting her, but when it gets to a point we would have to go into a nursing care.

I Want To Move There

At the time that I was looking they didn't have a studio available. As soon as they get one available I want to move there. The grounds were fantastic. I stopped and asked residents that I saw what they thought of the place and everyone was raving about how nice it was and how nice the personnel were.

I'm Very Happy Here

I'm very happy here. It's very clean. So far they can't get into my room to clean because I have so many boxes but everything else - the bathroom, the kitchen - is very clean. All of the staff are very nice. The food is very good. They seem to have quite an experienced staff and they seem to be well staffed. If somebody is sick there is somebody that will take over. They never say "well, that's not part of my job description."

I'm in independent living but they do have care people here. They bring them down to meal time and that's been more necessary lately because one of their elevators has completely conked out. They are volunteering to bring people down even for activities, not just meals. They help the people very much and seem to know people's names. They have a lot of variety for activities.

Too expensive and not very ...

Too expensive and not very nice.

Lovely management people. Even invit...

Lovely management people. Even invited us to their recent Casino Night. Haven't scheduled a visit yet.

From the Community

Solstice Senior Living provides a fulfilling, independent lifestyle in a welcoming environment.

Situated on beautiful grounds just outside of the beautiful San Diego Bay, you’ll love our elegant and graceful facilities and caring staff. Residents also enjoy being close to world-class healthcare, shopping, fine dining and all the excitement of one of the nation’s most picturesque cities.

Our all-inclusive month-to-month rent covers:
- Three delicious and nutritious chef-prepared meals from scratch
- A variety of enriching activities
- Weekly housekeeping and linen service
- Transportation
- Most utilities

Friends in 300 places
Solstice Senior Living offers our residents a one-of-a-kind travel program that invites you to stay up to seven nights per visit at most of our more than 300 independent living communities across the United States and Canada, where you’ll enjoy a comfortable guest room, all your meals, shuttle service, and participation in all programs and activities, at no additional expense.

Built with your comfort and safety in mind
Our easy-to-maneuver floor plans are ideal for seniors and all apartments have emergency pull cords. Our 24/7 dedicated live-in managers provide an additional level of comfort. We understand that each individual is unique and that needs may change over time. Solstice Senior Living does not provide any health care services. Residents are welcome to use outside home health care options that may enable them to continue enjoying life at our community.

Our live-in managers are dedicated to making your life with us a truly special experience, and we look forward to meeting you.

Call today to schedule your personal tour and learn more about joining our family!