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Nursing care and Rehab Services are great.

Unhappy Daughter

The one star is only for the therapist's and a handful of nurses.[removed] My father has ALS a disease which destroys your nervous system. The disease is fast progressing, physically you become a vegetable but sadly you maintain mental clarity. There is no cure. After a hospital visit he was admitted at Waterford for rehab with my understanding from [removed] in admissions that he would be transferred to the nursing facility upstairs afterwards. A week before he's 90th day at the facility for therapy, that mind you he didn't receive everyday, I sat with {removed] to discuss my fathers plan for discharge. She explained that my father was able to walk more then 10 feet and ambulate in he's wheelchair. REALLY?!! I demanded to speak to the therapists. Who were they getting this info from? The therapists clearly stated that my father "cannot" do any of those things! [removed] still insisted he was ok to go to an ALF. After visiting a few ALF's guess what, no one would take him because HE CANNOT WALK! So back to square one, this was one day before he's discharge date! Since [removed] was on vacation, [removed] took over saying to look at nursing homes, that [removed] said they would take him. Friday comes around and I have [removed] & [removed] the admin calling me at least 50 times saying that my father must leave the facility, to make up my mind on what to do with him. I talk to [removed] and she says that [removed] will no longer be taking my father in. When I get to Waterford I'm angry and frustrated but keep my cool since I have anxiety issues of my own. I see my dad, like a child, sitting in the office. When I enter he's room he's bed is undone with all he's belongings put into boxes. Ok I have three daughters of my own, I work plus I'm my fathers only family. Waterford knows I cannot provide adequate care but since my back was literally against the wall I tell Belkis since you guys give me no other option I'm taking him back to he's apartment and we'll figure it out. [removed] hands me the discharge papers and said she'd have a home health agency send out an hha and therapist to help. [removed] from the agency calls me that night to say they cannot provide care because he is a liability for them in he's condition, that he needs 24 hour care and even if they could it would only be for 2 hours twice a week. I take off work to care for my father as best I could and continue my search for a nursing home but guess what no one will take him since Medicare only provides 100 days of therapy and Waterford used up 90 days now to find a Medicaid long term bed anywhere without the Medicare is a nightmare, no one will take him. [removed]