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Customer Reviews

You do not want to place your loved ones in this facility read the reviews and you can see that it ain't worth of a [Removed].

Tanner Humm

Local Representative

Dear Cowboy,

We are disappointed to hear that our facility did not live up to your expectations. We strive to continually improve our patient care and overall customer service experience. Senior Care Beltline believes every patient and resident should be treated with the dignity and respect they deserve while receiving the clinical care that meets their needs. We hope in the future that you give us another shot. Take care!


Tanner Humm
Corporate Communications Specialist

Stay Away from this dump

This place is the worst possible place you could send a loved one they are filthy and disgusting.. The employees treat the patients like trash and would rather not be there and it shows in everyway possible.. They make rules then of course dont uphold their end of anything.They are horrible [removed] patients into unneccessay procedures to keep them there to colloect the money from Social Security. They are not only [removed] but just down right horrible people

Apathetic - No Personal Care

My mother was a resident for 2/years, with me overlooking mistakes, no personal care, stopped therapy, no activity with my other. I visited a lot and started seeing, that they would get her out of bed in her chair; only feed her meals and then just leave her to sit in her chair all day. The activities director always said she was keeping mother involved in their activities, which I never happened to EVER walk in and see this occur. I recently asked for a Care Plan Meeting, ONLY, the activities and social workers staff members showed up for the meeting; no one else attended. The same day, they told me mother fell; she slipped out of bed...but she was okay. When I checked mom, the had extensive bruising on her face/cheek bone and her hip bone/very bad and her shoulder complained of hurting. They were not going to discuss or remedy the fact that she slipped out of bed and is now bruised... it just went back to normal, feed her and that was it. I repeatedly asked for a MAT to be placed by her bed, lower her bed when occupied AND finally requested Xrays; to make sure she had no fractures. I TOOK MOTHER OUT OF SENIOR CARE ON DECEMBER 7th and I AM SO HAPPY THAT I DID. She is currently in a facility where they CARE ABOUT THEIR PATIENTS!!!

Can't Recommend

My sister was here for 1 year. At first I was impressed, but eventually moved her because she was not receiving proper care. The facility I moved her to found she had CDIF and it was so bad it looks weeks of isolation and antibiotics to get her back to normal. Although there are good things about the facility, I can not in good conscience recommend Senior Care Beltline.