Legend Oaks Healthcare & Rehabilitation - Garland, TX

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From the Office

Our team of well versed professionals ( nurses, caregivers and clinicians) striveto be the skilled nursing facility of choice and we work in sync to continually build an unparralleled sense of community. Our warm-hearted and devoted staff persistently aims to exceed expectations and to make a positive change in the lives of those we serve by providing top notch service and care. You are the reason we are here, and you drive to us to perform to the highest possible level and beyond. We make sure each day that you spend with us will exceed your expectations and meet your caliber; we never forget that you are our valued guest, and the reason we are here!

Our expert therapy staff is the foundation of Legend Oaks Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center. Wth experienced expertise, our therapists create a customizable in-house therapy program for each patient to meet their individual and unique goals. They work with team members from other departments to facilitate the vision and perfect treatment plan for each patient. Our team is fully in-house meaning we do not hire outside contractors or agencies. This allows patients to have the same team working with them each day, and to seek just the right match between therapist and patient.

Our Interdisciplinary Care Team meets with you and and your family to develop a detailed, care plan to ensure your success. Each discipline asks questions to measure what unique service we can provide to meet your goals and objectives. Once a plan is in place, frequent updates are provided to improve the plan of care and ease any concerns.

While in our care, families can rest assured that their loved one will be well taken care of. Due to the continuity of our therapists and nurses care, a strong trust and rapport is built with our residents and patients.

  • Speech Therapy
  • Doctor on Call
  • 24 hour care
  • On-site physical therapy
  • Housekeeping provided
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • In-House Therapy Providers
  • Wound Care Physician
  • Memory Care Services
  • IV/Infusion Therapies

Customer Reviews

Don't care about the residents

My father has recently been there a few months and since his arrival the facility has lacked to give him proper hygiene care. There has been several times that we have asked to please shower based on their process (3 times a week) but the lower and higher staff seem to have the lack of care of experience to effectively do this small task. There has been other task where they have stated that they did shower my father but after speaking with my dad and taking pictures of his clothes it was very clear that they did not shower and forged the task. If they are being unethical about this, what are the other task they are not being forthcoming? Will write more soon!

Don't recommend

Very disappointed with the facility 😔my father is hospice with ending stage Alzimers he was put in Legend oaks for only 5 days had a very bad experience..
No one knows who [Removed] my fathers clothes, over [Removed] my father was dehydrated they don't check on them like they said they will... was with the same clothes on for 2day's....maintenance don't clean their own personal restroom I had to clean it.... they make fun of other patients I witnessed it with my own eyes.... then after my father being home I get a call from [Removed] that why did I put a bad review on Yelp because that's her reputation.. I told her it's my father who was the patient and went through hell with the lies... and she said we just tried to help you.... I don't recommend it at all ... don't fall for how nice the facility looks ...... I have been my father's caregiver for 1 yrs 24hr I know my father so good ...I even recorded my father just to have a proof of how he came back from Legend OAKS 😔

He's happy with it. He's been satisfied. He says they come quickly after he puts on his light.

I would recommend Legend Oaks Healthcare & Rehabilitation to a loved one.

It's wonderful and it's such an improvement to the place he was in before. He's doing a lot better and he seems much happier. The nursing care has been really good. I eat with him a lot and I feel the food is really good.

They were excellent and they did a wonderful job. The staff was wonderful. We had meals there and it was very good.

The whole atmosphere is nice. Everyone, from the directors down to the nursing staff, is involved with the residents. They really give personalized care. I like that the nurse’s station is next to the dining room. Everyone really cares about the residents. Anyone would be pleased with the place.

I would recommend them to a loved one!

They go above and beyond to get to know the family as well as the resident. They know us all on a first name basis and we know all their names. They are very prompt and call right away

They have enough staff and are taking good care of her. I've seen a difference in her since being there. It's been good.

They keep her motivated and inform her of her goals.

The care is fine, but they don't have enough staff.

They really need more help staffing wise.