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Do not go near this place

My Mom was taken back to the hospital last night. At San Remo the doctor had ordered a sonogram and x-ray on Wednesday night that was supposed to be done the next day and she wasn't allowed food or water until that was done. They kept telling the staff that they were on their way and never showed up Thursday or Friday. I got there after running errands for my parents yesterday a little after 4 to find they still hadn't shown up. Needless to say I was going to everyone there and one of the head nurses called the mobile tech company again and was on hold for 40 minutes before being hung up on. I knew the name of the doctor that visits at San Remo and was able to get the on-call number which thankfully it was the doctor that had ordered all of this to be done...he was shocked that she was not being taken care of and hadn't eaten or had water in two days. He needed to check into things and called me back within 15 minutes telling me that she was getting transported back to the hospital. When we got to the ER they did many tests and found a blood clot on her lungs which was making it difficult for her to breathe. We were able to get her into a room around 10 pm and is getting the medical treatment she needs to break up the clot. NEVER take your loved one to this place!

Worst facility there could ever be!

The worst possible experience we could have had! These [Removed] literally almost killed my father, and they have no idea of what they are doing! If my mother didn't walk in and hear my dad asperating, he would have died right there! Thank God my mom walked in!!!


DO NOT SEND YOUR LOVED ONES TO THIS FACILITY. My father was a patient at San Remo for two days. Unknown to us at the time that he was transferred there, the facility was not at all equipped to deal with his condition, but they accepted him nonetheless. There was no orientation of any kind upon arrival and my mom was left to figure everything out on her own. They didn't even have a room ready for him. Worst of all, the staff had not even read his chart or history. They had no idea about anything at all. My mom checked to made sure that they had his meds and his meds schedule before she left him for the night and they blatantly lied to her. The next day, he had not received any of his medication. This was incredibly dangerous because his meds are time sensitive and he has to have them on a schedule. When asked why he wasn't given them, they said that they were shorthanded and didn't have time to get to everyone. The next day, my mom arrived and a nurse was in my dad's room. Immediately, she heard him making a rattling choking sound. She panicked and asked what happened and the nurse just said, "Oh, he doesn't normally make that sound?" My mom called 911 because he was in distress and paramedics came and said that he had asphyxiated on his food. He was rushed to the hospital, had to stay for days in the ICU, and come to find out - San Remo staff had overdosed him on pain medication, making it impossible for him to swallow. He choked and asphyxiated. He was released from ICU only to catch an infection in the hospital and went back to ICU, where he passed away a couple of weeks later. When my mom tried to contact San Remo repeatedly to find out exactly what happened, she was never given a callback. Weeks later, someone from Caretex headquarters (who manages San Remo) called my mom to see how my dad was doing at San Remo and to survey her about their experience. They had absolutely no clue what had happened. They took a detailed report from her and never called her back, despite their claim that they would. My mom and aunt showed up to gather his things and no one was there, and the head nurse, who my mom had been trying to contact was mysteriously not there. The director of the facility has gotten several calls from us but does not call back. any patients there were complaining about not getting their meds as well. Do not be fooled by the nice facilities, this place is a [Removed] trap. The patients are [Removed] unless they have family there with them all day. My dad had complicated health issues and although San Remo is not the sole cause of his death, it definitely sent him on a trajectory that led to his end. I feel compelled to warn others so that no one else has to experience what we have.

San Remo is the place to be!!

I have had serious health problems in the past 10 years, but has been getting worse in the past 2 years. After hospitalization, I have frequently gone to an inpatient physical therapy facility. I have been admitted to San Remo many times, probably more than any other person. The staff is always happy to see me. They remember my name and actually care about me. The physical therapy is not so difficult that I can’t keep up.
Here at San Remo, everyone has their own comfortable room and bed. You pick out your choice of meals, which is actually good because they have a top chef.
Ladies there is a beauty shop with an awesome hairdresser. Nothing makes me feel better than clean hair.
They provide newspapers, magazines and books. They have a lot of activities. If you feel like getting out with friends or family that’s totally acceptable.
Most of all, I truly believe that the staff cares for their patients. From a smile on their face, help all day long, even when I’m not! They tell me that I’m going to get better especially when I don’t believe that I am!
I’m always relieved to be leaving the hospital and going to San Remo. I do so much better than just receiving physical therapy at home. I feel so safe here. I sleep much better knowing I’m cared for from the best staff ever. And, yes I have been to other treatment programs, but nothing compares to San Remo. It was the first inpatient therapy that I went to and it’ll be the only place if I have to receive this amount to care because the staff does care. And, in this world we all need help at some time in our lives.
And, the facility? It’s beautiful and perfectly maintained! It’s not unusual to see maintenance touching up paint, cleaning carpet and housekeeping coming to your room daily! There’s a beautiful courtyard and a few rooms to just sit, have coffee, read, etc. Its décor is very pretty with accents on Italy with comfortable sofas and chairs. It’s homey in a way that makes you feel comfortable. I think it’s just the right size with the ratio of nursing to patients perfect. I have found no flaws at San Remo. If you have had surgery and need more help than you would get at home, San Remo is the place to be!!

Terrible Experience

The care at this facility is terrible. My loved one went in for rehab and was given [removed] without notifying the family. My loved one thought it was "just a Tylenol." My loved one suffered a heart attack in San Remo, and it was not detected by the caregivers. I would not recommend this facility.

I do not recommend San Remo.

I do not recommend San Remo. It wasn't the cleanliness, but the level of care that was horrible. It may be one of the reasons my loved one passed away. They would let him get sores. They are very understaffed. My loved one declined when he was there, and when we moved him he started doing much better.

From the Community

San Remo is a one of a kind upscale community that offers transitional short term care following a hospital stay, as well as longer term care in a luxurious amenity-laden surrounding. Conveniently located across the street from the Methodist Richardson Medical Center on Shiloh Road, San Remo’s services include a comprehensive in-house rehabilitation program as well as around the clock medical support from a dedicated team of certified professionals.